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Trapeze: [French] a horizontal bar hanging by two ropes and free to swing

Trapeze/Aerial Adventures: [AirDance] a flying good time you'll never forget



Debra Landau

Dancer, choreographer, movement educator, and movement therapist Debra Landau offers low-flying AERIAL ADVENTURES for children ages 7-17 and for adults, as well as for special needs populations. These workshops may be for birthday parties, as a fun and unusual outing for a group of friends, or as an introduction to an exciting fitness regime.

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AERIAL ADVENTURES start with a warmup and moves quickly to a variety of movements under and over the bar. Participants should wear clothing that does not restrict movement and has little to no hard fasteners, such as buttons or zippers. Clothing should be appropriate for hanging upside down. Participants will be barefoot. 




Oh-Ma-God; I'm up in the air...





While Debra will do her best to conduct a safe workshop (and maintain her perfect safety record), low-flying trapeze is a physically taxing and slightly risky activity. Minor bruising from work on the bar and ropes, as well as minor dizziness from spinning are not uncommon. Participants are encouraged to eat a light meal an hour or two before the workshop.




It's just that easy.



Whoo Hoo. Take my picture!







And the crowd goes wild.




AERIAL ADVENTURES occur at the AirDance ArtSpace,

located at 3030 Isleta  Blvd. SW; easily accessible from I-25, traveling west across the river on Rio Bravo to Isleta Blvd. (See maps and directions  )

If interested in organizing an adventure for a minimum of 6 individuals, contact Ms. Landau by e-mail  or call (505)842-9418.

We will do our best to arrange an adventure to fit your budget.




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