Skippertown Glossary

We meagerly apply words to find further meaning deep within

our schipperkes' current "activity roster."

Jeff Hartzer & Debra Landau

Proprietors of Skippertown and proud parentals to Melanie, Jordan, and Skipper


Basic Terminology:

LBD = Little Black Devil or Little Belgian Darling. (Usually the first.)

The Three Schippeteers = the High Desert Trio of Skipper, Melanie, & Jordan. Their rallying cry is "All for one and many biscuits for all!"

Slave = the human on which an LBD relies. Some misguided folks use the term "dog owner."



Air-biter or gator dog = Skipper "smiling" how happy he is to see you.

Belly up = a sign that all is well and good and an invitation for belly rubs. Looks hilarious on Jordan and perfectly balanced on Melanie.

The Barometer = Skipper displaying his uncanny ability to accurately predict the weather and forecast it through mystifying mood shifts.

The Bitch = She around whom the world revolves. Also the one to get if you want the job done right! (See kill the rat.)

The Chase = Skipper's fave workout, starting with a catch-me-if-you-can stance followed by a chase around the all-doors-open circuit of the house.

Cheweez soccer = a game Jordan will suddenly play with a rawhide chew for no discernable reason. Games usually traverse several rooms in the house.

Contact dog = Jordan channeling non-schip predecessor Joplin. Must establish maximum dog body to human body contact while lounging and sleeping. Best if LBD can really lean into the slave.

The CTs = Cheweez Tremons: the schippeteers jonesing for rawhides.

Frito feet = the smell of schip paw pads, oddly similar to a certain snack food.

Froggy doggy or flying dog = a schip relaxing with belly to the ground, front legs stretched out, and hips wide open, allowing inner thighs to lie against the ground.

Goat dog = Jordan perched atop the recliner as if he were a mountain goat surveying his terrain high in the Rockies. (See also tree dog.)

Happy feet = a combination of stamping, spinning, tapping, and an overall inability to keep still. Usually occurs in waves throughout the day!

Jordan Pollack = Jordan as abstract artist. He arranges trash of varying hues in temporary collages pleasing to LBDs, but somehow not to the slaves.

Kill the rat = a game of taking a stuffed toy and whipping it overhead and against the ground as practice for what Miss Mellie considers a serious vocation. (She has a variety of species kills on her scorecard.)

Miss Melanie

The Great Jordano




NASCAR = ecstatic sprinting in an ovoid and/or figure eight pattern, featuring a tucked butt and a huge smile. Often preceded by Happy Feet.

O Sole Biscuit = Skipper's heartwrenching song, pleading to be in the company of his beloved biscuit once again. Often brought home with some Skipperdance and the skillful backup of the other schippeteers.

Pattycake = adorable waving of front paws in the air while balanced on hind feet. High degree of cuteness known to melt hardest of slave hearts.

Pogo dog = Jordan "walking" and hopping up and down like a pogo stick when following a human with food.

Skipperdance = Skipper's Ode to Biscuits: rapid tapping and stamping with repeated head arcs pointing to the biscuit area, often accompanied by his unique song stylings. (See O Sole Biscuit.)

Scootch = Jordan's rather incredible ability to stay in a seated position while moving forward. (Derived from combination of skitter and scoot.)

Schipnic = a gathering of schipperkes and their slaves for LBD antics, socializing, food, photographs, and gales of laughter.

Schipperizing = the training of humans by the schippeteers to think and act in a more appropriate (i.e. schipperke) manner. (Sort of the opposite of anthropomorphizing, attributing human qualities to animals.)

The Tara speech = Miss Mellie's telepathic acting career highlight. With those big, brown eyes she abandons her Gone With the Wind namesake and takes on Miss Scarlett: "I just canÕt think about that today. IÕll think about that tomorrow!"

Trash addiction = the inability to leave a trashcan upright and unexplored. (See also Jordan Pollack.)

Tree dog = Melanie perched atop the couch as if she were a leopard lounging in a tree.

The Wheedler = originally Miss Mellie, but now also her protege Jordan. Should a slave be so bold as to stop petting a schippeteer, the LBD will maneuver in a variety of ways to get the slave back on track.

Yoga dog = Mellie performing her Sun/Heater Salutation ritual, which entails various moves performed around the Belly Upsana centerpiece.