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Aquila Arts LLC is happy to present a place of honor, love, and respect for what is the most unknown and most incredible breed of dog on the planet: the working dog from Belgium, the schipperke.

Jeff Hartzer and Debra Landau began their journey with schipperkes after losing their adopted/rescued Dalmatian Tulsa to throat cancer. Although not fans of pet store puppies, while mourning the loss of Tulsa they went looking and found the cutest puppy ever at Clark's Pet Emporium in Albuquerque. The problem was she was at a pet store and cost almost $300. She was a schipperke. Fascinated, Debra and Jeff read a great deal about the breed and added schipperkes to their wish list.

Within a year Jeff's habit of scanning the classifieds yielded an advertisement for a free schipperke. Jeff spoke to a very nice woman who noted that he was the first person to call who was familiar with the schipperke breed. Indeed he was and on Mother's day of 1993, Jeff and Debra adopted Skipper, the namesake of Skippertown.

While at the fantastic Schipperke Roundup monikered SRY2K in Roundup, Montana during the summer of 2000, Jeff and Debra adopted Melanie, a four-year-old Schip rescued from South Dakota and brought to SRY2K aboard the good ship Hope, or rather the RV of the good person Hope, who captained her vessel all the way from Florida through South Dakota for SRY2K. A video of the dramatic rescue raid on The Pet Planet in Yankton, South Dakota was downright horrifying. Melanie's "puppy mill" recovery has been a remarkable feat. And, by the way, did you know that Schipperke feet smell like Fritos?

Aquila Arts LLC welcomes you now to Skippertown, home to Skipper, Melanie, Joplin (our non-schip defender of Schips), and a myriad of binkying bunnies (see also BunnytownUSA).


Debra Landau

New Mexico Deb with Miss Melanie


The forever friendly Skipdip



The SRY2K Gallery...

If you missed the summer 2ooo Schipperstock in Roundup, Montana, then you don't want to miss the gallery of photographs from SRY2K . See Schipperkes and their owners who came from all over these United Schipperke States and Canada to this event.

There were demonstrations of Search and Rescue Schips and Agility, great food, camping, and the delightful company of our gracious hosts at the lovely Oleo Ranch in Montana.

Thankfully we were in and out of there before the rest of Montana's summer became the Firestorm from Hell. Schipfriends were made, names became faces, and tail-less buttwags were had by all.

My wife and I drove all the way to Montana and all we brought back was Melanie, the world's greatest schip rescue! Thanks to the efforts of Sandy and Hope for giving us Miss Mellie.


Our favorite non-schip of all time has to be Tulsa the Dalmatian...a rescue and a joy and a god dog for sure.





The Amazing Joplino



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