POET'S CORNER by Jeff Hartzer
#026: July, 2006


Monsoon Sally, guess you’d better grow those veggies now.
Monsoon Sally, now baby, guess you’d better grow those veggies now.
It’s been rainin’ all over town...
Now its time for those seeds to pop up out of the ground!
All you wanna do is run in the rain, Sally.
It’s rainin’ Sally, rainin’.

The month of July has come to us full bloom with blessed rainfall. Not so blessed to those whose yards or roads have washed out, but the rest of us praise the gods for the sweet southerly blowing showers. It is simply amazing how little rain there is in a DROUGHT. And it would seem that, for now at least, the drought is over.

The dry and dusty and windy days of Spring are my least favorite “weather factor” of the high desert and this year the Spring winds went on way too long without any moisture to speak of. In his song, “The End,” one time Albuquerque resident Jim Morrison wrote:
All the children are insane/Waiting for the summer rain
I have wondered if Jim Morrison perhaps wrote those lines with memories of his high desert times. It seems to me that tensions in our city have lessened since the coming of the rain. Can’t do much for the price of gas, the war in Iraq, or the construction on Isleta, but the rains have come and there has been a release of some sort within us all with the falling rain. Surely there are plenty of hot times left in summertime but this recent break in the drought has been a truly pleasurable and so much needed godsend.

Though in the midst of summer vacations and festivals, the hours of daylight are already shortening as the world in this hemisphere moves us slightly turning toward Autumn in many respects. It is indeed a time for Monsoon Sally’s veggies to break on through the soil’s now moist surface and GROW rapidly with all that summertime has to offer. Full blown sunlight and a fast-growing time now carry us all onward on the paths we began in Spring. Whatever you “planted” in your life last April should be zooming to its fruition now, readying itself for a final harvest in the months to come.

With all things growing and moving full steam ahead, are there things in your life that seem outmoded and need to be left behind? My wife recently noticed that two of my favorite tee shirts had become torn and frayed (to put it mildly). Though I love those comfy shirts (and my wife), her jokes reached a high point that encouraged me to throw them out. They were in too bad shape to be given to a thrift store. There is a point when “recycling” isn’t enough; sometimes the trash can is the only answer. When most of our backyard tree branches are filled with summer foliage, the dead limbs stick out and call for pruning. It is time to let the “greenery” live and to cut away the old, brown “deadwood” of our lives.

With Wallie World already stocking school supplies, it’s clear that seasons are changing. So enjoy your mid-summer fun and use that sunscreen at the pool or lake. Soccer’s World Cup is far behind and America’s televised football season is quickly coming. Time for another call to Monsoon Sally ... Guess you’d better grow those veggies, now!

These long days spent outside in the sunshine won’t last forever!

Jeff Hartzer copyright 2006




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