POET'S CORNER by Jeff Hartzer
#015: August, 2005

Here Comes Orion

The late summer sky has been alive recently with the Capricornid and Perseid meteor showers. Space shuttles and space stations too have been circling overhead. Now in the East Southeast sky comes the rise of the winter constellation, Orion, complete with his hunter’s belt of stars and Sirius the dog star. It is an umistakable sign that our seasons are moving from summer to autumn.

‘Back to school’ sales precede the actual entry of our kids back into their ‘school routines’ and already pre-season football games are showing up on our tv screens. It has been a hot and long summer with hurricanes, wildfires and a seemingly endless Iraq War II pounding away at our pyshches. Perhaps a change of seasons is a good thing. I may be in the minority but I favor winter over summer. And autumn in New Mexico can’t be beat.

Summertime is a time for fast growth on both a personall level and in the garden. If you look back to may or June, you may see many changes that have occurred over the summer for you and your families. Some physical, some mental but change and growth have nevertheless been noticed. Now it is a time to begin to let go the things we no longer need. Gather up your Yard Sale signs and clean out the attics and garages to clear the way to ‘be inside’ for winter.

Meanwhile the mad rush of joy to be found at Cliff’s Amusement Park, an evening fireworks show at Isotopes Park, a last minute tram ride, camping trip, or vacation to ‘anywhere but here’ might all be in order as winter time is coming to a store near you!

Try a summertime poem or two in your journals. Write about the things of summer...How I spent my summer vacation is a tried, trite, and true story line and a good trick erven for adult writers to get the pen moving. Hummingbirds come and go in summer, the joys of gardening too are worthy of a poem or journal entry. Maybe you attended the recent National Poetry Slam held here in Albuquerque and wrote a few lines of verse yourself while in attendance. Or took in an evening concert at the Zoo or Journal Pavilion.

Perhaps this summer brought you the sad loss of a loved one or the new birth of a child or grandchild. All is worthy of a journal entry to mark your life passages. Even the grieving of summer coming to an end could be a poem. Recall now in your journals the details of a vacation to a new place or a fantasy vacation you’d like to have taken this summer. Take out the family album and add the new pictures you took then write about your memories of recent times passed.

Jeff Hartzer copyright 2005

[This Press release sent in by "DonMcIver Blue Dragon Slam Master"]

Albuquerque Wins 2005 National Poetry Slam Championship

ALBUQUERQUE-Saturday, August 13, 2005 four teams competed for the 2005 National Poetry Slam Championship. Albuquerque, NM won with Charlotte, NC in second place and a tie between Fort Worth, TX and Hollywood, CA for third place. The first competition was for the individual championship. The Indy Championship title was tied and shared by Janean Livingston from Fort Worth, TX and Anis Mojgani from Portland, OR. The winners received a trophy and a cash prize. The winning team won $2,00The tensions were high at the 4-hour sold out show at the Kiva Auditorium in the Albuquerque Convention Center with an audience attendance of 2,300.

The 2005 Albuquerque team is city champion Hakim Bellamy, 3-time Team ABQ member Carlos Contreras, 2-time Team ABQ member Cuffee, 7-time Team ABQ member Kenn Rodriguez, and Eseme Vaandrager. High School Senior Vaandrager was unable to compete due to the 18-year-old competition age limit, but she was able to perform the final poem of the evening.Kenn Rodriguez said, “It’s amazing, to perform in a venue like the Kiva, where so many great artists have performed, and to win there for the city, state and region. This is the first time a Southwestern team has won the championship, and representing Albuquerque is a great honor.”Rodriguez said, “Every team is special in its own way, and this accomplishment sets us apart, but we are standing on the shoulders of the Albuquerque community and the 9 Albuquerque teams that have come before us.”

For the first time, the championship was live broadcast on Albuquerque’s public radio station KUNM 89.9 FM. More than 450 poets from 75 teams competed over the four days. Each year poets come together for this part festival, part convention, and part competition as poets compete for the title of National Poetry Slam Champion and perform at open mikes and themed readings during the day and late night. Slam is the competitive art of performance poetry with a large dose of show and large dose of audience participation. All judges are selected randomly from the audience. For more information about the slam please visit:






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