POET'S CORNER by Jeff Hartzer
#011: April 2005

April is ‘National Poetry Month’

What that means is not exactly clear to me. Ted Kooser, winner of this year's Pulitzer Prize for poetry, has been appointed to a second one-year term as the U.S. poet laureate and undoubtedly he will make many Poetry Month presentations. Cherry blossoms are blooming in our Nations Capitol; nature is coming out of hiding. Spring is springing and word is that all of this inspires POETS to be POETS moreso than the on those starry dark nights of winter.

Spring may be a time for poets to wander aimlessly and create lovely ditties to their beloveds. In Albuququerue however, April brings gusty winds with tumbling tumble weeds and often the urge to simply stay inside. It is a time to blow out the cobwebs of winter. Take out those old sticks, stones, and memories of the past and burn them with the piles of tumbleweeds and dead grasses. Ironically this year there are so many weeds growing you can’t find the ‘dead’ grasses much less ‘burn them’ . The end of a three year drought.heralds less of a fire danger and promises more of an allergy season for most.

So what can you do with a POETRY MONTH? Journal a bit about this past winter, maybe. Was it a good ‘goes within ‘ time for you? Did you learn anything from your losses or gains? Are you ready yet for the fast growth of Spring and summer? Are there new habits, new friends, new vistas in your future? Spring pushes us out of our dark caves and inwardly urges us to try new paths. This is a good thing even though we FEAR CHANGE.

Maybe it is the simple idea that there is more light in our days now or that nothing good is on the TV ; no sports left but golf and baseball and baseball is more fun when watched in person than on the tube. Go Isotopes!!...take in a game and bring along a journal. Write down the converstaions you hear, try to describe the catch of a ball or a hit to left field. What smells are there? Bring binoculars and describe some person far away who is lost in their own litttle world. Watch how thay laugh or talk; make up a story poem about them. Are they happy families who are soon to have a new baby? What’s their story?

Go outside and try writing about the sound of the wind in the new green leaves. Putting words to what you see, hear, feel is not so easy. Let thoughts come in and see where they lead you. If you could get on a plane for a Spring Break, where would it be and what would you do there? And with whom? Write memories of your parents in Springtime. Honor their lives with some written thoughts. Mother’s Day is soon too. Spring is a time when neighbors come out of there houses with happy sounds, gun shots, firecrackers and ice cream trucks blaring. It is all part of the season of emergence. No wonder it is National Poetry Month. There are so many moments to capture in words. It is a time for birth and still too, a time for death. We are never far from either at any season of the year. So be ready with pen and paper to report on what you are experiencing this Spring.

POET'S NIGHT OUT continues to be a hit at the AirDance ArtSpace . Our fifth one is on FRIDAY APRIL 29th and with Debra Landau on her flying trapeze and Jeff Hartzer as featured poet. It promises to be an unusual event, fun for all ages at the smoke and alcohol free AirDance ArtSpace. Doors Open at 7 p.m. for OPEN MIC sign-ins.Cost is $5.00

Jeff Hartzer
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Jeff Hartzer, MEd. presents a unique view of poetry as a magical gift waiting to be opened . Jeff is a poet, writer, teacher, and the Executive Director of the AirDance ArtSpace. ( 1-505-842-9418).

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