Added here June 2014, four great classroom pictures from Ortega School sent in by Flo Ingram Hunter.

First Grade 1953-54 with Mrs. Nora Harilee


Fourth Grade 1955-56 with Mrs.Catherine Howell


Sixth Grade 1956-57 with Mrs. Naomi Scatterday


Sixth Grade 1957-58 with Mrs. Gladys Roddenberry (and yes, she was related to Gene Roddenberry.)


A video tribute to Mrs. Anne Poidevant, a big part of Ortega School histoire.



Second Grade Reading Group at Ortega Elementary School, 1959-1960. — with Jean Hamilton, Carolyn Burlingame, Helen ?, Anne McClow and Jan Guthrie--photo courtesy Jan Baumgartner Strickland


Mrs. Marie McElvey's First Grade Class at Ortega Elementary School

From front row back and on around:
Alan Lindell, Betsy Bramlet, Kathy Roddenberry, Betsy Baldwin, Lynn Pruitt, Betty Shelly, Trudy Trammell, Harriet Collee, ? ? , Mary Dee Guthrie,
Vernon Chaucee, ? ? , Robbie Rivers, John Seales, Chip Tousey, Ricky Nooney, Donnie Baker, ? ?,
Lola ?, Mark Hallukah, Paul Pavelka, Jeff Hartzer, ? ?, Kenny Kuder, Mrs. McElveyn


I loved the big fat crayons of elementary school and I loved the quiet time naps...I wrote a poem about that called, "FLOORS"...


In early grades,
especially first and second,
I liked lying on the floor and napping.
The floor was water-heated
and crayons would melt
if you left them there.

There was a contour to the floor,
a flattened shape one could breathe into.
It was a comfort to nap with other children
and a genuinely safe time to rest
with a person, the teacher,
awakening you at a regular time.
There was no idea of intrusion.

There was safety in floors,
water-heated, with blankets,
and we all melted like crayons
into that dusty, pinkish floor
not unlike the floors of heaven
on a good day.

Jeff Hartzer--from FLAMINGOS

©1984, 2013

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2nd Lt. Jeff Hartzer



Going Home

Meant leaving Ms. Whitelaw's 6th Grade class at Ortega Elementary School fifteen minutes early to don my white shoulder/waist School Boy Patrol belt and badge; grabbing my shiny shellack bamboo pole with red flag attached, heading out to the bike shed in the afternoon sun behind the cafeteria, and cruising on my Schwinn 3 speed to my post on Baltic Avenue where soon girls and boys would cross streets with my best attentions.

My command post view at Corinthian and Baltic includes Braden's Pharmacy, Burlingame's grocery store, my barbershop and a lot of pretty girls with curly hair. Spanish moss hangs ghostlike from the low slung branches of ancient live oaks and pines. Mockingbirds call out and down the hot asphaltc of Baltic Avenue come girls and boys laughing in the sun.

In cicada twilight, waving red flagged poles in the air overhead loud calls from post to post eventually out to me blocks away from Ortega School yelling, "Knock---Off!". Then it was time for going home where my daily dose of Leave it to Beaver would be consumed with peanut butter cookies, cold milk and my dog, Bodger at my side tail-waggingly on the ready, for crumbs.

Jeff Hartzer




Miss Melba Funderburke--Grade 5 Christmas Season

Jeff Hartzer



donnie baker,m walter ware,dickie hutchinson

6th Grade "Graduation Party" at Timuquana Country Club

Donnie Baker, Walter Ware, Dickie Hutchinson



jeff hartzer,Gilchrest Berg,Steve Rosenbloom,Kenny Kuderimmy Mock,

6th Grade "Graduation Party" at Timuquana Country Club

Jeff Hartzer, Gilchrest Berg, Steve Rosenbloom, Jimmy Mock, Kenny Kuder


Find more about Weather in Jacksonville, FL

Find more about Weather in Jacksonville, FL

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