Jeff Hartzer as May Fete Bunny





George Gretton as Captain Hook in the May Fete.


Kathy Wilkerson Ghelerter standing in front of the family's 1954 Chevy, either before or after being a butterfly in the May Fete.


May Fete - Good Shepherd Church — Rosanne Beard Ennis with Andrea Theim, Agnes Towers Morrissey, Thomasina Ulmer, Caroline Dean, Rosanne Beard Ennis, Robin, Pam Brown Hemmer, Karen Stiefel McGarity, Linda Watkins, Jennifer Yelverton Bartlet and Patty Pavelka.


Ash Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Jeff Hartzer





Jeff Hartzer and Tim Tyler

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May Fete and Willowbranch Park

Did Ortegans have a little bit of Spring Feverish Pagan Ritual Festivities in mind when the May Fete was created? Seems like school carnivals and outdoor family gatherings were even more fun 'back in the day'.

Willowbranch Park was the site of much happiness in my childhood. It also held the greatest of 'classic' public libraries, Willowbranch Library. My love for reading was grown and nourished with trips to that old and uniquely smelling library. Ditto trips to the Jacksonville Children's Museum for art classes and adventures on the actual helicopter parked under live oaks out front.

I am not sure how I ended up in a cute BUNNY costume for this particular May Fete, but it is ironic that in our present day, backyard (Albuquerque, N.M. ), I have created and maintained an outdoor bunny garden complete with outsider/found art and of course, live rabbits...!

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Check out Bunnytown.com

Jeff Hartzer

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Find more about Weather in Jacksonville, FL

Find more about Weather in Jacksonville, FL



"Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now…"  
from Bob Dylan's "My Back Pages"

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