Head Mistresses of Bartram Miss Lula Miller and Miss Olga Pratt



The Bartram School

Named for William Bartram, Jacksonville's Bartram School for Girls has a storied history especially for generations of Old Ortega girls. The school was bought and became a 'campus' for The Bolles School.Bartram was the female counterpart to Bolles for many decades. My mother and many of her cohorts attended Bartram. As a boy I was hauled off to many a play or activity at Bartram. For many years, I understood (incorrectly) that I would one day attend Bartram and be schooled by Miss Pratt and Miss Miller.

I did in fact, know and love many of the Bartram girls and my memories are replete with fun adventures like sunrise Ponte Vedra Beach happenings at the well; water skiing, sailing and crewing for Mrs. Lashley, long time Latin teacher at Bartram; dating a boarding student named Cherie and having escorted weekend visits on the Bartram campus; watching for the passing of the blue Bartram bus with Bartram Bunnies on board and later listening to Jim Morrison's line in The End about the blue bus which in truth had nothing to do with Bartram but at the time was another mystery of The Doors mystique...The blue bus is callin' us...Meet me at the back of the blue bus...Surely, having lived in Florida before proceeding to Albuquerque and beyond, Jim Morrison must have written those lyrics thinking of the Bartram bus!

My mother commisioned famed artist and father of Bartram graduates, Lee Adams, to paint a watercolor of Bartram's Ixia a gorgeous flower. The painting hung for a time, until the official takeover by the Bolles School which despite 'saving' Bartram in many ways, infuriated my mother so much she drove over one day and removed the painting.

Here's to reviving many Bartram memories..

Jeff Hartzer



My first day of 8th grade at Bartram, 1965-1966. That's one of those awful blue uniforms!
Kathy Wilkerson Ghelerter


Rosanne Beard Ennis, Terri Hand, Deborah Knauer, and friends on the Bartram School campus.


bartram bolles class of 1969,

Bartram School's Class of 1969

[Names listed as they were in 1969]

TOP: Linda Milks, Palmer Lane, Connie Tyler, Carol Gibbons, Camille Adams, Windy Williams, Mary Ann Osborn, Frances Masterson, Ann Bryan

THIRD: Kathy Burnette, Trudy Trammell, Louise Sherley, Lynn Clapp, Adrienne Burghauser, Dorothy Skinner, Mary Pruitt, Tina Workman, Elizabeth (Biba) Jones

SECOND:Rosalie Friedlin, Betsy Bedell, Debbie Russell, Cheri Waters, Susan Hirsig, Marsha Hutchinson, Barbara Wilson

FRONT: Mindy Lind, Virginia Conley, Claudia Raffone, Cecily Chambers, DeedeeMcIntyre, Sherry White


Find more about Weather in Jacksonville, FL

Find more about Weather in Jacksonville, FL


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