Built on a Dredged Up Lot -- 4162 McGirts Blvd. (Circa 1963)



Joe Hartzer Views the Ortega River Overlooking a 'Sprigged' Yard of River Sand



Joe and Dorothy Hartzer with Jonathan P. Hartzer



Jonathan and Jeff Hartzer with Graham's Boat Yard in Background



huckins yacht,yachting magazine

When a Huckins' Yacht passed our river home, you just knew it was a Huckins.

Glad to catch the Huckins Yacht Corporation on the cover of Yachting Magazine.

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Birthday Party Fun with Tom Rodgers, Jeff Hartzer, Raymond Roberts, Mark Hallukah,

Kenneth Kuder, Donnie Baker, Ricky Nooney, and Bill Walton



A Birthday Football Game Beside the Ortega River



Team Photograph of The Ortega Roaches (we played a daily football game at Bettes Circle Park).

Tom Rodgers, Jeff Hartzer with Jonathan Hartzer, Ray Roberts, Bill Walton, Kenny Kuder, & Donnie Baker


Joe Hartzer Original Oil Painting of the View From 4162 McGirts Boulevard



Lee Adams has Joe Hartzer model for the Sears Lunchroom Jean Ribault Mural

Emily Retherford Lisska interviews Lynn Corley about the mural depicting the landing of French explorer Jean Ribault at the mouth of what is now the St. Johns River. The large painting by famed artist Lee Adams is being restored as part of the 450th anniversary celebration of Ribault's landing.


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Marguerite Corcoran, Joe Hartzer, Sophie Mitchell, Dorothy Hartzer



Jekyll Island Georgia Weekend Away

It on this trip to lovely Jekyll Island, that Mom, Dad, and I boarded a tourist train for a look around the beachside community. We looked up from the motorized train to see a boy crash through the glass door of his motel...Years later, images of that young boy on vacation rushing to see Mother Ocean, still haunts me; I wrote a poem about the incident...


Jekyll Island
is a place
on the coast of Georgia
The Atlantic Ocean rolls blue there

Jekyll Island
is the place
where I first saw the boy
The boy who broke through glass

The boy I see run through glass
has screams silenced by distance
He wears bright red blood for a face
That boy is in a hurry to see mother ocean

The boy I see run through glass
knows the pain of breaking through
that mad rush of joy
the distance of mothers

The boy I see run through glass
shatters my sense of peace
That boy teaches me the separation of paths
That boy will never be held back again

The boy I see run through glass
breaks the thin-skinned wall
That boy reaches through to his feelings
That boy breathes the ocean in his blood

The boy I see run through glass
makes a premature leap
That boy is scarred for life
The boy I see run through glass
is stronger than hell

Jeff Hartzer
©1984, 2013

From FLAMINGOS Jeff Hartzer's 18 poem soundscape cd + booklet




Jeff and Jonathan Hartzer out on the dock with Roosevelt Bridge in Background




Dorothy & Jonathan Hartzer With Jeff Hartzer's First Car -- a Chevy Vega



Channel 17 Reporter, Jonathan Hartzer and His Cameraman



Thank You For Maintaining the Dignity of Old Ortega



Jacksonville Fire Department Station 14 -- Located at 4242 Herschel Street


Find more about Weather in Jacksonville, FL

Find more about Weather in Jacksonville, FL


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