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The NYC Blackout from Space...



Ever since the first flight I took on a Constellation, I have been hooked on flying. That trip was a sad one because it took me from my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida to John's Hopkins Hospital where I had my tonsils removed and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of less than a year.That flight however, saved my life. Reminds me of the night I flew on the Life Guard One helicopter in Albuquerque when I worked at our state's busiest ER many years later.

Helicopters had a place in my life. My mother wrote a story called, Heli the Helicopter for me when I was little and very sick. I got an award once from my mother and father for 'not biting my nails'....it was a ride on a helicopter. I used to teach poetry classes where i opened things up with a remote control helicopter. Poetry and flight is fun and wide open but there are some basic rules that make it all easier, more fun, and much safer to explore your fantasies with.

I love Jimmy Buffett's sea plane. I went fishing once in Boca Raton , Florida where sea planes pull up to the docks in the backyard of rich folks. I knew I had seen a really big yacht once in Monico when I noiticed the helicopter sitting on the aft decks.

My father was a pilot for the USMC in WWII. I hope to expand the FLIGHT DECK with scans of his pictures taken casually out the window by his co-pilot as they flew over Iwo Jima., Pelilu and other 'horribly famous' South Pacific islands. though he flew a 'transport plane...a real workhorse the C-47...he received the Navy's Flying Cross and other awards for his efforts. It was at flight school in Jacksonville that he met my mother and yes, I was a result of that!He survived the BIG WAR . My best friend's father died when he flew his open cockpit plane upside down over the field at an air show in North Caroilina and plowed into the ground.

I always had a lot of model planes as a kid. I hung them on strings and they flew through many a night mission in my bedroom. My mother collected limoge china thingees...me, I collect little metal planes. My wife gave me a flight on a glider here in New Mexico. I want to do a hot air balloon as well and Albuquerque is THE place for that.


My wife dances through the air on a trapeze. Her company AirDance New Mexico is worth a look . One must remember that the best fliers are also the well-grounded ones!

I am distressed as we all are by the ingenius use of airliners to attack our country on September 11th, 2001. This website page is devoted to the joys of FLIGHT. It is a work in progress. I hope you will return.

Jeff Hartzer...November 6th, 2001.








My dad flew one of these in WWII. My brother took this photo at an air show at the Naval Air station in Jacksonville, Florida.

Pelicans are the penultimate in flight. I took this photo at Atlantic Beach Florida one of my very favorite places on earth.



Kashwingooo. Go Kitty. Fly high little Mouse.




The Jefferson Airplane still speaks to me. This was the cover photo of After Bathing at Baxter's.



Treetop Flyer 
By Stephen Stills

I could be a rambler from the Seven Dials 
I don't pay taxes 'cause I never file 
I don't do bid'ness that don't make me smile 
I love my aeroplane 'cause she's got style 

I'm a treetop flyer 
Treetop flyer 

I fly any cargo that you can pay to run 
The bush league pilots, 
they just can't get the job done 
You've got to fly down the canyon, 
don't never see the sun 
There's no such thing as an easy run 

I'm a treetop flyer 
Treetop flyer 

I fly low, I'm in high demand 
Go 15 feet over the Rio Grande 
I blow the mesquite right up off the sand 
I'm seldon seen, 'specially when I land 

I'm a treetop flyer 
Born survivor 

Now people been askin' me 
where'd you learn to fly
that way 
Was over in Vietnam, chasin' the NVA 
The government taught me, and they taught me right 
Stay down below the treeline and you'll be alright 

I'm a treetop flyer 
Born survivor 

So I'm comin' home, I'm runnin' low and fast 
Promised my woman this is gonna be my last 
I get the ship down, I tie her fast 
And then some old boy wakes up, and he says, 
"Hey son,
wanna make some fast cash?" 

I'm a treetop flyer 

Well there's things I am 
And there's things I am not 
Yes I'm a smuggler and I could get shot 
I ain't gonna die, I ain't going to get caught 
You see I'm a flying fool, and this aeroplane is,
whoo, hot 

I'm a treetop flyer 
Born survivor 
Workin' alone 

on Stills Alone [1991] - Stills, Stephen 
on Daylight Again Video [1983] - Crosby, Stills & Nash




There is no comic as great as Calvin and Hobb's.

An amazing site of up to the minute flight paths of commercial airliners across the USA. It is called FLIGHTVIEW.com.



Jeff Hartzer wearing a B-52 Flight Jacket...oooh.



I took this photo of a Secret Service helicopter patrolling for GW BUSH's visit to Albuquerque.



This shot of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band speaks to me of the red tail hawks so prevalent in my home state of Florida. As does the band.






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