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CORNER WINDOW by Jeff Hartzer
#002: February, 2007

Arcing Toward Spring

“All the leaves are GONE and the skies are grey...”
Driving down Second Street from Bridge to way down South is not the most scenic of South Valley routes. We were cruising that railroad track road on a search for the last of the Sand Hills and Snow Geese. As the fisherman says, "Ya’ll shoulda been here yesterday." Today, the birds are going, going, gone... Just yesterday, they were in full swarm mode flying magic vees circling up and singing their blue sky dream.

With chances for more snow and rain, teevee football games and the Holidays are long gone. We are into that long mid-winter’s stretch to Spring. This is the time of year for teachers to teach and students to grow weary of learning. Time for workouts at indoor gyms, for laundry and all those normal things that go on unending in that day to day way. Time to re-arrange our iTune playlists, organize the camping gear in the basement, maybe organize the pantry and put in some new bright shelf paper. Or not.

There is time now to move slowly, to consider things, to go deeper and take a look beneath the surface. Don’t let winter get you down. Watch for the changing constellations at night. Orion makes way for the Big Dipper. Spring brings "break-out growth" with sudden changes, thunderstorms, and lightning. Time now to ENJOY the goes within Winter time. Take a good hot soak in the tub. Rest easy. Football is out, NBA and NCAA basketball is IN. Go Suns and Tarheels! Finish off all of those Valentine chocolates. Not too late to write a note and send it snail mail (buy a stamp; skip e-mail for a day!) to an out-of-town friend.

Have you ridden the Rail Runner yet? It will be fun to watch the progress of our spanking new South Valley Train Station being constructed at Rio Bravo and Second Street. Getting our very own South Valley station says a lot about the future of the Valley. Hey, speaking of going deeper, here’s something to consider: The shiny new Rail Runner stations beat the socks off the Downtown Amtrack Station. The "Amshack" continues to be an eyesore and a hardship for train passengers who disembark twice a day right in front of the gleaming new Greyhound Station. Arriving from places like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle, these passengers/tourists are certainly not getting a welcoming view of the High Desert. We will watch, wait, and see how the future of transportation in the high desert unfolds. Will Spring herald the completion of the Isleta S.W. Project? (Spring 2010 that is... Just kidding; I hope.)

Continuing our Second Street cruise, we muse on midwinter and Chocolate Valentine Groundhogs. Is anticipation of Spring better than Spring itself? Is skiing on President’s Day better than buying Sale Items? Can you play with your old Lincoln Logs on Lincoln’s birthday or should you spend that day reading up on Black History month? Which heating bill will be highest, January's or February’s? Why are there only 28 days this month? Does dressing in layers really keep you warmer? Was "Bare Trees" the best Fleetwood Mac album? Are there more crows in the world or ravens? Go, Raven Wrestlers, go! Should you feed a cold or starve a fever or both? And why do the best coughing and cold remedies taste the worst? March Madness comes soon.

Now on Second Street it is time pick up some delicious El Modelo take out before we head home on this Midwinter’s Day.

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Jeff Hartzer, MEd. presents a unique view of poetry as a magical gift waiting to be opened . Jeff is a poet, writer, teacher, and the Executive Director of the AirDance ArtSpace. ( 1-505-842-9418).

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