As 1994 became 1995 Jeff announced the need for a rabbit.
Rusty the rabbit
Jorma the rabbit
Bunnies go way back for us.
Debra and bunny

Deb is a rabbit in Chinese Astrology and long ago housed a runaway bunny in her outdoor playhouse. Jeff was a toddler bunny in the May Fete.

Jeff fenced part of the backyard and adapted a television console into an expansive hutch. Then a cigar-smoking German writer came to realize that his rabbit Wolfgang was tired of traveling the book circuit. Wolfgang was a beige Rex who looked exactly like the Velveteen Rabbit. Jeff named him Pedro Willie Wolfy Harvey Munchbutt. Deb called him Pedro Conejo. Petey was home. There was a picture in the newspaper of a rabbit needing rescue and Petey got a hutchmate.

Two bunnies kissing over dinner

Our options: adopt only male rabbits or one large snake for population control. Thus ... the Gay Buck Bunny Farm!
During our cement phase of property renovation we replaced the chicken wire fence with a wall, complete with carriage lamps. Our friend Earl declared that Bunnytown needed a passageway, a la the St. Louis Arch.
Bunnytown under a rainbow

All the rabbits in a circle
Ladies and gentlemen, please place your tray tables in their upright and locked positions. The Captain has indicated our approach to Bunnytown, population: 8. Jeff and Earl planted a garden of doors. The bunnies assisting in excavation, ecstatic over the additional shade. BunnyTown blossomed into our 1% for the Arts "Home" Program, forever a work in progress. The bunnies accept every change, knowing that everything has its perfect place.

Jeff Hartzer

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