BunnytownUSA : 09.09.10

Many folks have noticed that BunnytownUSA in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been around since late in that last millennium. They ask, "So, what does it look like NOW?"

NOW is only here for...see...it's gone already...but here is a gallery of shots taken by the self-proclaimed, BUNNY GOD, Jeff Hartzer on September 09, 2010.

The only constant at BunnytownUSA is change. As Garth Algar once said, "We fear change." Be that as it may, Bunny Rabbits react well to change, hence their prolific creativeness.

Long Live Bunnies and BunnytownUSA. Here's what it looked like both by day and night at BunnytownUSA on September 9th, 2010...

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photography copyright and courtesy Aquila Arts LLC 2010