Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

A Vacation Gallery - Autumn 2006

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Bonaire sailing


Please share our autumn '06 'vacation gallery' of the unique island of Bonaire. These photographs capture a bit of the magic at least from our perspective. Bonaire is truly a Divers' Paradise and so much more.


Debra Landau Jeff Hartzer

Debra Landau & Jeff Hartzer

Atop Bonaire's Donkey Sanctuary Skytower


Parrots Galore!


Bonaire Osprey

An early morning Osprey...


bonaire flag

Flag of Bonaire

Bonaire is a small, 112 square miles, Dutch island just 50 miles north of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. Lightly inhabited, it is a quiet destination where visitors appreciate the natural environment. It's desert-like landscape is home to abundant is a birdwatchers heaven. But its real claim-to-fame is diving, and it is the reason most people visit. The entire island is surrounded by a protected marine park which offers underwater splendor.

Bonaire is a part of the Netherlands Antilles . Together with Aruba and Curaçao it forms a group referred to as the ABC islands of the Leeward Antilles. While Papiamento, English and Spanish are commonly spoken, the official language is Dutch. In 2004 the population was estimated at 10,185 inhabitants. Bonaire is served by Flamingo International Airport.

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Everywhere you go,

You always take the weather with you.

Jimmy Buffett

Jeff Hartzer, donkeys, Bonaire

Relax; it's BONAIRE !


Our thanks to Wayne at SCUBAWORLDTRAVEL for arranging our journey.


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A look at Bonaire's History

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Our Main Gallery below consists of these segments:


Flamingos Gone Wild !

Sea-Salt Flats

Kralendijk: Amsterdam it's NOT

Map of Bonaire

Save the Donkeys !

Leapin' Lizards

Diver's Paradise

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Jeff Hartzer




Our early arrival at Bonaire's Flamingo Airport , got us into our rental truck by sunrise. We took a spin around the northern half of the island where we saw Flamingos , Parrots, Donkeys, and the shoreline before we hit our condominium with all the modern amenities.


Today's bait is fresh-caught.




Flamingos Gone Wild !

Bonaire is truly A DIVERS'S PARADISE...But it is so much more. The Wildlife is breathtaking. Flamingos in the wild are way cooler than at the zoo.







NOT a Flamingo!


 RIP: Pink Flamingo, 1957-2006


A Flamingo eggshell!!





Our sea level hacienda .





Sea-Salt Flats


Bonaire exports salt crystals desalinated from the sea. It has an abundant supply of  FRESH WATER which comes from the desalination process. The salt flats are also home to abundant wildlife. Windmills too. Love those Dutchmen and ladies. Oddly, you can not buy sea salt crystals at local stores.
















Renting a vehicle on Bonaire is a must in order to tour the island's open beaches with free parking and to snorkle, swim, or scuba the many 'dive spots' marked on stones.




Kralendijk: Amsterdam it's not




Bonaire's largest metropolis is Kralendijk. There are no Amsterdam-like red light zones or marijuana dens. The not so big berg is as laid back as the rest of the island. Many paved roads surround the island and main city. Driving is so laid back, on our return to Albuquerque, I had to 'wake myself up' to the realities of chaotic traffic back in the US of A.



Intrepid Travelers






City Pier a popular nightdive spot.



Flamingo Airport







Map of Bonaire, N.A.

Bonaire map




























Bonaire's Leapin' Lizards



Off to see the lizard ...












Hey, nice lizards.


Bonaire: Divers' Paradise







Ready, Set ...

Don't need no SCUBA gear here.









Den Laman Restaurant & Bar





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