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The AirDance ArtSpace is host to the POETS' NIGHT OUT series which originated with a contest held in conjunction with The South Valley Ink's POET'S CORNER . now available online.

for a complete index for all issues of the POET'S CORNER check in at the Main Stage of the online Poet's Corner.

To visit Jeff Hartzer's weblog, click:

Written by Jeff Hartzer , The Poet's Corner appears monthly in Albuquerque's South Valley Ink.







2006 Events History

Does not include private receptions


Femme-o-lition Derby

Novemember 11th

Two shows: 7pm and 9:30 pm

tickets available at the door on night of show...$15.00

femmeolition derby

details at




Our twelfth POET'S NIGHT OUT on Saturday, March 11 th, 2006 concluded our series for this season.It was a very special TRIPLE HEADER NIGHT featuring... Gary Brower, E.A.'Tony' Mares, & Todd Moore with an 'Open Mic'

Gary L. Brower holds a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri at Columbia.A specialist in Hispanic Literature, especially of Latin America, he has published numerous essays on writers such as Octavio Paz, Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo, Juan Carlos Onetti, Manoel Bandeira, Ernesto Sabato, Ezequiel Martinez Estrada & others, in various academic journals. He has also written two books on the impact of Japanese haiku on western poetry: THE HAIKU IN LATIN AMERICAN POETRY (Ann Arbor, MI, University Micro) & AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF HAIKU IN WESTERN LANGUAGES (Metuchen, NJ, Scarecrow Press). His poetry (& translations from Hispanic poetry) have been published in magazines such as PUERTO DEL SOL, THE POETRY BAG, PUT POEMS, TANSY, COTTONWOOD REVIEW, NEW AMERICA, ANN ARBOR REVIEW, NEW MEXICO MAGAZINE, MUNDUS ARTIUM, 10.5 ARTS MAGAZINE, THE SIGNPOST & CENTRAL AVENUE. Retired, he is currently a member of the board of directors of the Duende Poetry Series of Placitas and is preparing a collection of poetry for publication. He lives in Placitas, NM.

Todd Moore has had more than a hundred chapbooks and books published since 1976.  His work is featured in THE OUTLAW BIBLE OF AMERICAN POETRY, Thunders Mouth Press.  He coined the term Noir Poetry and his best known work is DILLINGER, a long poem about the Depression Era outlaw, John Dillinger.  Critics have hailed DILLINGER, an ongoing work in progress, as "hypnotic when read, cinematic in scope."  A new section of DILLINGER is due out from Spankstra Press, Spring 2006.

E. A. 'Tony' Mares is Professor Emeritus of English, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he taught in the Creative Writing Program. His poems have appeared in numerous local, national, and international publications. His most recent book is the critically acclaimed With The Eyes Of A Raptor, Wings Press (San Antonio, Texas,2004). Forthcoming from Wings Press, fall 2006, is his translation of Angel González book, Casi Toda La Música (Almost All The Music). While teaching at the University of New Mexico, Mr. Mares had his first experiences with networks. He founded and directed the first university internet outreach program in the United States for high school and adult writers, The Writers’ Inn. This program encouraged a network of young writers to develop their writing skills by placing them in immediate contact with University-based, professional writers. Earlier in his career, Mr. Mares’s research and publications reinvigorated the study of Padre Antonio José Martinez of Taos, a key figure in New Mexican and Southwestern history. His two books, (editor) Padre Martinez; New Perspectives From Taos (Taos: Millicent Rogers Museum, 1988) and his one-man performance play based on Padre Antonio José Martínez of Taos, I Returned and Saw Under the Sun (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1989) are key works in recent Martinez historiography.





An SRO crowd gathered for fun and a Music Extravaganza to benefit the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (ACLU-NM) and the Albuquerque PEACE & JUSTICE CENTER in support of ACLU-NM's case representing the Veteran's Adminsitration vs. a Nurse accused of 'sedition' for her letter critical of George W. Bush published in Albuquerue's ALIBI .Music was provided by: TATHATA and The LOST TRIBES OF MARDIS GRAS, who presented Brazilian Samba & Afro Caribbean sound with percussion-driven music.



POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Adam Rubinstein presented us with an hour long amazing journey with his narrative poem (a whole story book) of a journey through the heartland and coast to coast of Adam's own American wastelands. 'It was pure theater', said one audience member.

Regarding Adam: Internationally renowned latino poet Martín Espada has said reading Adam's poetry has gotten him high. He seemed serious about it at the time. In the fall of 2004, he toured across the US, and now lives in Albuquerque, where he plans to stay until about January 2007. He entertains himself as the Editor-in-Chief and Art Director of Destructible Heart Press, which he founded in mid-2000, and as a counter-jockey at the Hollywood Video on Juan Tabo. Visit Adam's amazingly awesome small press website called, The Destructible Heart .


Femme-O-Lition Derby: Saturday, February 11th, 2006

A SOLD OUT Cabaret Evening Featured Aerial acts, Acrobatics, Spoken Word, Amazing Musicians, Aerial Burlesque and more...

Who: Produced and Curated by September Smith
Starring: Amanda Rich- Vivacious Versifier!
Santa Fe Women’s Slam Collective- Spellbinding Slam Team
Hotrod- Stupendous Spoken Word
Janda- Bad-ass Breakdancer
Kiki Luv- Fierce Femme-Fatale
Rain Anya- Breathtaking Burlesque
Rosie- Amazing Acrobatics
Sasha- Extraordinary Ecdysiast
Stormy- Titillating Torchsongs
Velour- Astonishing Aerialist
& September Smith-Cunning Curator, and High-Flying Hooligan!

About The Femme-O-lition Derby: The Femme-O-lition Derby is a cabaret night curated and produced by New Mexico’s own burlesque bombshell September Smith, The Femme-O-liton Derby aims to showcase the talent of hot, smart, bad-ass, funny, tough,heartbreaking, poignant, strong, sexy and powerful women. We are poets, formally trained opera singers, circus
performers, hip-hop artists, break dancers, burlesque artists and story tellers, and we will take your truck rally of high-femme mayhem! A variety show where you will pay for the whole seat but you’ll only use the edge!

About September Smith:September Smith is a circus burlesque performer now based in Santa Fe who has been performing nationally since 2003. Her aerial, burlesque, and acrobatic performances have been seen at The Sunshine Theatre in
Albuquerque, at Viva Las Vegas in Nevada, at the Femininity Conference in Seattle, WA; and at Madam Marachino’s House of Burlesque in San Francisco. A member of the now defunct Lonely Hearts Burlesque Troupe, she also has been a featured artist at LISP, a monthly queer/trans cabaret in Santa Fe, at various
cabaret shows at Wise Fool New Mexico; Bust at the Armory for the Arts, The 94 Rock morning show and the Alibi Cabaret Fetish Show at the Launchpad. She also made an appearance with the Fluffgirl Burlesque Troupe at the Launchpad. Currently September is gearing up to share her aerial burlesque audacity with the Sex Workers Art Show in late February/March on the Eastern leg of their national tour.


POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, January 21st, 2006

A great time was had by all who attended an all-ages traditional poetry reading featuring Lisa Gill & Mitch Rayes with the e1emental orkestra featuring Mike Balistreri on bass, Mark Weaver on tuba, and Jon Baldwin on cornet.

Regarding Poets Lisa Gill and Mitch Rayes:They havebeen working together since 1995 when Mitch coordinated a run of poetry and music shows at Back Door Music and Lisa created the first Poet’s Diner to celebrate 100 Years of anorexia on this continent. They have collaborated on projects ranging from the Albuquerque Poetry Festival and the Odd Fest to basement anthologies, broadsides, and the inanely prayerful sound compilation Dalai Lama Throat Clearings which appears on the Albuzerque vol. 14 cd. They both regularly perform with the elemental orkestra and are currently in cahoots working on Caput Nili, Lisa’s one woman show about violence, which will feature music by Mitch and premiere in March 2006.

Lisa Gill is the author of Red as a Lotus: Letters to a Dead Trappist, one hundred sonnets dedicated to ThomasMerton.Her next book of poems, Mortar & Pestle, is based on medicinal herbs and forthcoming from New Rivers Press in the fall of 2006. She has performed widely, from the Seattle Poetry Festival to the Taos Poetry Circus. She currently publishes the broadside KE5TRA [Sound Literature] in conjunction with th3 e1emental orke5tra’s monthly Poetry-n-Jazz gig at Out Ch’Yonda.
She lives and writes in Moriarty, New Mexico.

Mitch Rayes was born in Detroit. For years he worked as a professional outfitter inthe jungles of Chiapas. During the 90s he was influential in the developing Albuquerque poetry scene as a founder of the poetry non-profit Flaming Tongues, as editor of the Tongue newsletter. (See )

the e1emental orkestra consists of a dozen or so of New Mexico's finest improvising musicians. Frequently performing with poets, painters, dancers, and other performance artists, their spontaneously-composed music ranges from calming to rousing, imperceptible to booming, trance-like to dissonant, beaty to beatless.







2005 Events History

Does not include private receptions


POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, November 19th, 2005

An all-ages traditional poetry reading featured the astonishingly ALWAYS HERE NOW poet, Larry Goodell .

__Keith Wilson: He is a master poet.

__Ricardo Sanchez: He enunciates a poetics of madness and joy, of celebration and realization -- and the words seem to dance from him. Everything becomes a work of poetical art, very political in its sense of the power and magic of language.

__Jimmy Santiago Baca: Every literary red-light he runs, sandal'd foot to the gas pedal, caring little for the handkerchief muffled-over-mouth crowd opinions. He howls and luxuriates in the coyote yelp, he returns to the reader the gift of happiness and vibrancy he infuses his language with. Page after page the marvelous poetry displays both grandeur of spirit and courageous heart.

__Robert Creeley: Larry Goodell talks a truth in terms that grab you by the ears andgive you a good shake....No poet is more particular to the wild outside and inside vastnesses of New Mexico, where Cabeza de Vaca got truly lost and D.H. Lawrence equally found. Put bluntly, Larry Goodell has been the only alternative to the Atomic Energy Commission for years and years now, and this book is a veritable blast.

__Margaret Randall: Larry Goodell is a poet of conscience and an exciting performer of humanity. This long overdue collection, poems of the eighties, reminds us we need to honor the work of honest men like this poet in our midst!__Gene Frumkin: Almost anything can get into his poems. He apparently has taken Charles Olson at his word: Don't categorize experience, just let it happen. Goodell's poems really are kinetic, they are fragments of energy; they move. The experience Goodell writes about in a particular poem does not end; it is not summed up; it is invaded by other suggestions, other experiences; it goes on.


POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

An all-ages traditional poetry reading featuring Albuquerque's Tom Harter with an 'Open Mic' (Musicians are welcome as well as poets/writers) .

__Tom Harter has been a life-long poet, who has read in many Houston, TX venues. Active in the Houston poetry and political scenes for twenty years, he was the sponsor, founder, and host of two poetry workshops, The Writers' Forum and Meta-4, which, together, 'corrupted' the Houston poetry scene for ten years.

__Influences upon his work included William Blake, Dylan Thomas, and the San Francisco Beat poets, as well as the minimalist and surrealist movements. His own style is that of a surreal imagist with a dark twist. Listeners should pay particular attention to the rhythms of the breath as he reads.


POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, September 24, 2005

An all-ages traditional poetry reading featured Albuquerque's David Bachelor and Ms. Lou Liberty .


It was SRO (standing Room Only) for an amazing night of revelry at the Femme-O-Lition Derby ( Saturday, July 23, 2005 ) for a Cabaret Evening Featuring Aerial acts, Acrobatics, Spoken Word, Fire Dancing, Amazing Musicians, Aerial Burlesque and more...Contact info:


POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, June 18 th, 2005

An all-ages traditional poetry reading featuring Santa Fe's Debbi Brody and Albuquerque's Teresa Gallion with an 'Open Mic' took place on: Saturday, June 18th, 2005


A Performance Celebration was presented by the Rio Grande Educational Collaborative which included about 200 children and parents in attendance. it was a marvelous event, called, It's Time to Celebrate YOUR CHILD!

Saturday, May 21st, 2005 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Performance Schedule:

9:00_Breakfast Reception

9:45 _Armijo, Atrisco and Valle Vista elementary school performances

10:45_Kit Carson and Los Padillas elementary school, Ernie Pyle Middle School performances

11:45_Eugene Field and Navajo elementary school performances


POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Friday, April 29 th, 2005

Jeff Hartzer and Debra Landau wowed the crowd with poetry AND Trapeze


An AMP Dance Party with Drum Drum

Saturday, April 8th, 2005 8 PM

Music and Dance from Papua New Guinea



POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, March 19th, 2005

An all-ages traditional poetry reading featuring Albuquerque's Dale Harris and friends...Jennifer Frank, and Maria Leyba.


POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, Febraury 27th, 2005

An all-ages traditional poetry reading featuring Albuquerque's David Bachelor.


POET'S NIGHT OUT ::: Saturday, January 29th, 2005

An all-ages traditional poetry reading featuring Albuquerque's Don McIver and Roswell's Ann Applegarth







2004 Events History

Does not include private receptions


POET'S NIGHT OUT:::November 12,2004

Our first ever POET'S NIGHT OUT was very well attended. prizes were awarded to the six members of the Winner's Circle sponsored by the South Valley Ink.View the POET'S CORNER Gallery of Photographs for more details.

Prince Diabate :::November 13,2004

Internationally known Kora player Prince Diabaté performed to a SELL OUT crowd. For a gallery of the show click: Prince Diabaté Dance Party.


SOUL EXPRESS Ecstatic Dance Workshop


1 p.m. until 4 p.m.

1pm-EXPLORING THOUGH MOVEMENT-a guided meditation to connect and move from our authentic selves
2pm-SHARING YOU DIVINE VOICE-improvisational vocalizing directly from your heart
3-4pm DANCE

This event is part of our Community Building Week-end...

Soul Express is an ecstatic, free-style dance group in Albuquerque, NM.
Our plan is to generate interest to continue a regular weekly, two-hour DANCE. This will consist of a warm-up, and invocation and possible short exercise, followed by an hour of self-directed movement and sound, closing with a share back circle and announcements
Visit for more information.



SATURDAY, AUGUST 21,2004 & SUNDAY, AUGUST 22,2004...

Linda Rodeck , Action Theater performer and teacher held a high energy weekend of skill building for physical improvisational theater. This workshop focused on the fundamentals of Action Theater ...Performers and non-performers alike built confidence, tapped into deeper reserves of creativity, and experienced the joy of living in the moment.

Visit their website at www.action for more information.




8am - 5 pm

Latinos for America and Democracy for America held a Campaign Management Training at our space. Both KUNM and TV Channel 4 noted the event.

This one day seminar was an opportunity to learn how to manage a local campaign, to increase skills as a volunteer leader,to connect with candidates, and to develop action plans for the 2004 campaign.

Further info:Latinos for America


Dr.Miles Nelson

A Springtime 'Evening with Dr. Miles Nelson', who ran against Richard Romero and Heather Wilson for Congress, was a Free event with music by Mariachi Nuevo Sonida . It was a powerful night for the Miles Nelson campaign and a proud night for us to host 'The Rally in the Valley' with the very fine music of a truly traditionally great band.


Skumbaag Reunion Show

March 20, 2004

See a Gallery of the show




Open House

January 31, 2004


Good times were had by all who attended the our open house (January 31,2004).

After three years of renovations, the Open House brought us the joys of a parking lot filled to capacity; no left over fresh shrimp (note to self: MORE cocktail sauce next time!) and a 6300 square foot facility ALIVE with shiny happy people having fun on a Saturday night.

Along with trapeze demonstrations and a bit of "Bus Poetry , our guest artists, the delightful Buddha Betties, seen here with adoring fans, performed extraordinarily...


Children of all ages enjoy them Betties!


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