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And Your Point Is? featured a variety of dance theater works interspersed with humorous monologues of a more-or-less autobiographical nature by Debra Landau.  Original music by Earl Moeller and Ron Sunsinger.  Choreography by Debra Landau in cooperation with cast. Text for "Affinities" written by Jeff Hartzer. "Ikebana" choreographed by Susan Hamilton and Debra Landau. Text and movement for "I Remember" created collaboratively by Adam King, Debra Landau, and Jill Pribyl. Aerial apparatus for "Apparently ..." and "Time After Time" constructed by Debra Landau.  Lighting and technical design by Jeff Benham. Performers: Susan Hamilton, Kira Jones, Adam King, Debra Landau, Jan Lee, Lise Prewitt, Jill Pribyl, Annie Schroeder, Serena Wadsworth, and Brenda Yeager.

Touch presented a collection of true stories from the lives of Debra Landau, Jan Lee, and Jill Pribyl.   Original sound design by Robin Owen, subsequently adapted by Carla Barlow.  Scripted, choreographed, and performed by Debra, Jan, and Jill. Ann L. Ryan of the Albuquerque Journal wrote, "Landau, Lee and Pribyl have a fine grasp of what storytelling is for -- to teach, to heal and to laugh. Physically, the show looks great. The dancing is traditional and original, and always accessible."

The Serpent's Tale was our first attempt to illustrate the creation of the world and the events in the Garden of Eden as told in the Book of Genesis, but from the Serpent's point of view. Original music performed live by Earl Moeller and Shakytown. Projected videoscapes created by Steina Vasulka and Bruce Hamilton. Choreography by Debra Landau with Susan Hamilton and cast. Narration by Debra Landau. Dancers: Don Halquist (as Adam), Susan Hamilton (as Eve), Debra Landau (as the Serpent), Lise Prewitt, Kim Vetter, and Brenda Yeager. Additional original music by Ron Sunsinger and Jin Hi Kim. Set and lighting design by Jeff Benham with "trapeze" Tree of Life by Debra Landau. We plan to expand and re-stage this one!

By the Twos: Dance and Theater for the Next Millennium presented experimental collaborations in dance theater in coordination with an innovative visual art exhibition. Created and performed by Debra Landau, Jill Pribyl, Kristen Loree, and Light Motion, the Seattle-based abled-disabled company of Charlene Curtiss and Joanne Petroff. Original music performed by Earl Moeller and Shakytown. Additional original music by Michael Cava. Kristen Loree's opera without words composed by Stuart Saunders Smith. Sound design for Jill Pribyl's "Scream" arranged by Carla Barlow. Lighting and technical design by Jeff Benham. Included premiere of "Spiderwoman" in aerial rubber apparatus by Debra Landau. Light Motion residency underwritten by Very Special Arts New Mexico. (See artwork inspired by the show.)

In Our Wildest Dreams is the second full-length production performed by Debra Landau, Jan Lee, and Jill Pribyl with Carla Barlow. This amalgam of dreams of women about women was written by Albuquerque playwright Lisa Jordan. It was after this show that the above trio plus one named themselves Sugarbush Dance Theater. Jennifer Noyer of the Albuquerque Journal wrote, "[Wildest Dreams] floated gently from one dream to another, suggesting all kinds of Jungian and Freudian associations, yet maintaining a constant hold on comedic reality.  [The production] was delicate, witty, insightful and highly entertaining."

Las Palomas: StoryDancing was a unique collaboration of choreographer Debra Landau, storyteller Teresa Pijoan, and musician Sherilyn Welton illustrating folk tales from around the world. Teresa adapted text for a European tale of a baby bird, an Afro-Caribbean story of a stepmother, and a Tewa (Pueblo Indian) telling of the creation and emergence of people on earth. Sherilyn composed all music on cello and harp with the dancers on percussion instruments. Flamenco choreography by Sara de la Luz of Flamenco del Encanto. Dancers: Sarah Bennett, Robert Hayden, Linda Johnson-Gallegos, Adam King, Debra Landau, and Sarah Reinhardt. Costumes and masks by Aleita Dianne. Lighting by Jeff Benham.  Rehearsal space provided by Keshet Dance Company.

Metamorphosis was a structured improvisation celebrating the opening of the Santa Fe Art Institute. Choreography by Linda Johnson, Debra Landau, and Sarah Reinhardt utilized short stilts and Jeff Benham's set design build into the Institute's entranceway. Music performed live by Earl Moeller and The Grinders with guest Stuart Smith.


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