AirDance New Mexico


An Interview with Artistic Director Debra Landau

Why is collaboration so important in the company?

For us cooperative development of an idea is part of the process from start to finish. By combining the many talents of the people in our company, we have the opportunity to create unique, multi-dimensional works that attend to all the senses. This process also challenges our egos, and we believe that to be a good thing. I believe living well with each other should be an integral part of our daily lives and should be reflected in our work.


What kind of source material do you use?

Sometimes our work can be hard to categorize, because of our use of aerial apparatus and interactive sets and because we draw on many styles. In addition to Modern dance AirDance productions have combined works patterned after Asian theater, such as the medieval Noh and the post-WWII Butoh, with modern American and European techniques of Contact Improvisation and the Grotowski Method. We have featured Flamenco and drawn on folk dances from peoples all over the world. We have often been inspired by the works of visual and literary artists and by the movements of nature and animals. I’m not sure anything is off limits as source material for us.


Would you describe what it is like to fly?

It’s harder than it looks. Flying forces one to strengthen inner and outer connections. At the same time, being freed from the ground and interacting with gravity in a fuller way can be euphoric: flying as reality instead of fantasy! It can change how one looks at the world and oneself. Flying challenges one’s control issues, as it is always somewhat unpredictable. Any aerial apparatus is an improvisation partner for me. When I touch down I have a deeper appreciation for the stability that friction with the earth provides.


Why AirDance New Mexico?

Although we may joke about our “Land of Enchantment,” the truth is that New Mexico is a magical and sometimes difficult place and all of us feel a strong connection with this unique land. For me the high desert inspires flight.


What is in the future for AirDance?

Upon completion of Phase I of the renovation of the AirDance ArtSpace, we will present original and evocative productions "at home" and around the world through both touring live performances and distribution of videotapes of works produced for the small screen. We are developing classes and workshops providing instruction in our various interests, both as distinct forms and in combination, including a program in which people with physical disabilities will dance with aerial apparatus.

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