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Our Wish List

Just like every other non-profit organization, we are quite fond of monetary donations (see below), but we also are very happy to receive donations of people's precious time and STUFF! Listed here are just a few things on our wish list. Please contact us if you have any of the following - or other items you believe we might be able to use - that you would like to donate to us. Thank you!

Label maker

Wood and plywood

Carpet scraps

Working large casters

Large drawer-style organizers

White boards and easels

Various materials (for costumes, etc.)

Paint (of all kinds) and various art supplies

Office supplies (paper, pens, folders, etc.)

Theatrical lighting instruments

Panel mats and landing mats

Folding tables

Lavalier microphones



AirDance New Mexico is a nonprofit organization. Many of you are familiar with our low-cost aerial arts classes for children and adults. Many more of you are fans of our similarly low-priced shows by our junior and senior companies. But did you know that we also offer workshops and performances at little or no cost to area schools, senior living facilities, and other worthy groups? In order to continue doing what we do, to expand our outreach efforts, and to continue to raise the bar artistically (and sometimes literally), we are dependent on donations. Click on the DONATE button below to contribute the amount of your choice through PayPal with your PayPal account or with a credit or debit card. AirDance New Mexico is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Your donation is deductible from your income taxes to the extent allowed by law. Thank you!

 AirDance New Mexico is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

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HIGH FLYING FIVES CAMPAIGN, December 2016-January 2017: Our first-ever online donation campaign was a success! Took a little longer than we thought, but we met our $750 goal to fund our Outreach Program, mostly in small donations of $5-$25. Many thanks to all our fabulous High Five givers!!


2016 and the 5-year plan/happy accident

April 2016 marked the 5-year anniversary of AirDance New Mexico, Inc., when Artistic Director Debra Landau and (now) Program Manager Joanna Furgal started the company that has taken over their lives! It started with a few crazy aerialists, some apparatus, a great space, and a fevered dream or two. In 2013 tax-exemption finally found its way to our little nonprofit. Meanwhile, the occasional workshop grew into ongoing classes for children and adults, special guest workshops, and showcases for all. We established a Junior Company (because one company just wasn't enough work) and they started producing shows on their own and in collaboration with the Senior Company in 2015. We invested in a big, beautiful aerial rig so that we could bring our special brand of entertainment to area schools, parks, senior living facilities, and be part of benefits here, there, and over yonder. All according to plan. OK, so not all of it ...

In 2016 we produced 6 shows at the AirDance ArtSpace and participated in a number of other performances and benefits with partners both local and national. We also added classes to our roster, including a second children's class (yay!), and sponsored workshops taught by guests from around the globe. Behind the scenes we continued to enhance technical aspects and to solidify our Outreach Program. This year we were also able to offer a couple scholarships to our younger students in our kids classes.

2016 shows at the AirDance ArtSpace:

Junior Company: Dreamflights and HeroQuest

Senior Company: Masque Aspect and This Above All

Showcases: On the Fly and On the Flip Side

Workshops with special guests:

Paper Doll Militia (US and Scotland)

Caitlyn Larsson (Australia)

Gina Shorten and Nicolas Cifuentes (Colombia)

2016 partners: United Way of Central New Mexico, Graft Gallery (Mouthpiece exhibit), Mark Pardo (Do Hair Do Good benefit), Weekly Alibi, and Heidi Latsky Dance (OnDisplay Global)

 AirDance New Mexico is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

People, Programs, Products

When you make a donation to AirDance New Mexico, where does your money go? We are a true non-profit. None of our current programs are financially self-sustaining. Because we like to keep our prices low and affordable to the most people, offering additional discounts and scholarships to those in need when we can, we depend on monetary donations to foot the bills.


Teachers/Artists: Teaching staff*, Technical artists (e.g. designers), Performers*

Scholarships: For kids' classes and Junior Company

Other personnel*: Administrative staff, Volunteer coordinator


Outreach: These efforts demand some of everything: administration, rehearsal, travel, ...

Performances: Costumes, publicity, lighting, music, props, etc.

Education: Continuing education and Guest artists


Aerial needs: apparatus, rigging, mats, etc.

Theatrical needs: risers, chairs, lighting, audio equipment, etc.

Other stuff: rent, office supplies, wi-fi, merch ...

*Currently, all administrative work is 100% volunteer. Teaching staff donate their time in part. Performing aerialists donate their services in full and are occasionally given non-monetary compensation, usually in the form of discounted special guest workshops. We hope to change this in the future!

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Contact us:

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