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Debra Landau is the founder and Artistic Director of AirDance New Mexico. Even before completing her BFA in Dance and Theatre at the University of New Mexico, Debra danced for renowned choreographers Tim Wengerd, Nora Reynolds, Sonya Bezubka, and J. Parker Copley. She was Principal with the Bill Evans Dance Company for several years and worked as an Artist-in-Residence throughout New Mexico. Along the way she delved into the aerial arts and created works with the 500 Second Street Performance Gallery, Sugarbush Dance Theater, and others. Her “Latent Circus Stage” eventually led to creation of the AirDance ArtSpace with husband Jeff Hartzer. Debra is a Certified Movement Analyst and a Registered Movement Therapist. (She thanks Joanna Furgal for the lovely photography and a year of prednisone for her unusually round face!)
Joanna Furgal has been studying the aerial arts for 8 years and teaching for six. She has been a member of AirDance NM since 2011. Her performance background began in theatre and film and then expanded to include aerial dance. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and enjoys challenging people's perceptions of what they can and can't do. She is grateful to be the Program Manager of AirDance New Mexico and loves to help people of all abilities get off the ground and into the air.  Join her for one of AirDance's exciting aerial classes or contact her for private and small group lessons and unleash your inner aerial artist!





Monica Demarco graduated from the University of New Mexico with degrees in Piano Performance and Theory/Composition. She loves creating and working in the wide open sky and desert atmosphere of New Mexico. Her work is widely varied in content and style and her compositions have won numerous awards. She enjoys collaboration with different artistic disciplines, including dance, theatre and visual art. Monica owns the Vivace Music Piano Studio in Albuquerque. Her creative endeavors include her work with Ya Ya Boom, The Red Elvises, Milche de la Machina, the hip hop noise band Bigawatt, and the string quartet The Venus Rings. Currently she is working solo under the name Cthulha and as a bassist in the band Chicharra. Monica is the Music Director for AirDance New Mexico, as well as one of its choreographers and aerialists.


Christina Cavaleri has been with AirDance New Mexico since 2012 and is one of our primary instructors of the aerial arts. She is an avid doer of hobbies including stilting, juggling, and salsa dancing. Christina is also a writer, is licensed to practice law in two states, and was awarded a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy some time ago. Christina lives with a Lhasa Apso with a bad attitude and a collection of poetry, mostly by Mary Oliver.





Zachary Sears has been dancing with AirDance New Mexico since 2013. He has studied theatre and dance at the University of New Mexico. For Zachary, dancing is a life-long dream come true. He is very grateful for the opportunity to dance, to create, and most recently to teach with AirDance! He has been assistant teaching the children’s classes since 2016.
Cortney Baca joined AirDance New Mexico in fall 2016. A long time dancer and musical theater performer, she has been staging original choreography and performing dance from her home state of New Mexico to the Baltimore/D.C. metro area and back. Cortney studied dance and theatre at New Mexico State University and moved to the East Coast in 2008 where she taught dance and musical theatre while performing in small productions in the amazing arts culture there. Moving back to her home state and to Albuquerque, she started studying the aerial arts here with AirDance in 2015. Taking a lifelong love of dance into the air opened up a whole new world. Cortney hopes to one day be the oldest aerialist alive and still flying!





Tasha Books is a committed student of creative movement. Born a congenital amputee, she did not identify the beauty of her own physicality until much later, though she was drawn to the performing arts at a young age. Seeds of interest in the aerial arts were sown on the trapeze of her childhood swing set. When she’s not dancing, Tasha teaches vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) and writes about her experience with what choreographer Heidi Latsky calls a “surprising body” and the potential in disability. See her blog, OneArmGirl.
Amy Bourque joined AirDance New Mexico in 2013. She is also a member of Mother Road Theatre Company. A graduate of the University of New Mexico with degrees in Theatre and Sign Language Interpreting, Amy is grateful for any chance she gets to perform and encourages everyone to see as much live performance as possible. In addition to contributing choreography and performance, Amy provides a wealth of knowledge of the technical side of theater to her work with AirDance.







Diana Delgado is a performance artist. She loves exploration with site specific, durational, and large morphing, stretchy bag performance. She is a member of Tricklock Theater Company and works with Emerge to organize events to promote the arts. Diana is the visionary behind "So this is Art," an ongoing group performance piece that uses zucchini and shrimps. She also collaborates with other local artists such as D.R.Y. M.T.N, Graft Collective, and 'Man or Triangle.' Diana studied clown work and theater and has a B.A. in Fine Art. Most recently she has been performing on stilts and in surreal pieces that may include sausage rolls. She is an expert in hair care and loves her dog, mayoral candidate Mila.
Gina Marie Shorten has been dancing for over 20 years and uses this foundation to create, expand, and explore traditional dance forms, such as Contemporary, Ballet, Urban, Capoeira, and West African with acrobatics, stilts, aerials, and physical theatre as site-specific works. Gina Shorten is a performer with Nemcatacoa Teatro, street and experimental theatre, performing throughout Colombia, bringing her most recently to work and tour with Alariete of Guadalajara, Mexico. Gina is currently a teaching artist with the National Hispanic Cultural Center, AirDance New Mexico, and ABQ Circus Arts. Gina is grateful to be co-creating and performing with AirDance since fall 2016.





Kristen Woods met an Israeli man after second-ever fabrics class who told her, “Circus is addicting. I quit my whole life to study circus. Do be careful.” Kristen did not take his advice and now gets sad and sore if she doesn’t teach her weekly fabrics class, train with her friends, or do some weird performance art gig. She is driven to share the magic of circus with the whole community of Albuquerque. Kristen joined AirDance fall 2016.

Founding company members: 2011/early 2012:

Katy Bowen Andersen, Missy Auge, Joshua Burgess, Morgan Harris Burman, Joanna Furgal, Daniel Garcia, Megan Jarmosevich, Debra Landau, Amanda Machon (not pictured), Lena Armstrong Strober (not pictured)

Other company members who have contributed ever so much before moving on to other places and things:

Kristen Allard, Hiram Camp, Guadalupe Chavez, Dara Minkin, Tasha Williams

Many, many thanks to all the fabulous musicians who have composed music for us and performed with us!

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