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AirDance New Mexico is a collaborative performance company which presents innovative theatrical shows with a special emphasis on the aerial arts. The company's unique shows are created and performed cooperatively by artists from different disciplines and cultures, operating under the shared belief and practice that collaborative expressions make for performance works that can actually change the world, even as they entertain. The company seeks to motivate audiences to act along the lines of peace and cooperation among peoples and the conservation of local and global ecology.

Educational offerings with the company emphasize cooperation among individuals and creative exploration of the interior and exterior worlds of the mover. Special attention is placed on strength arising from the inside out and balancing ease and functionality of movement with fluidity and expression. Classes and workshops are conducted in a fun and informal atmosphere with a sharp eye for safety and healthy applications of biomechanics.

The diverse and multi-talented artists of AirDance New Mexico are trained in aerial arts, dance, theater arts, music, literary arts, various other circus arts, and visual, photographic, and filmic arts. They aim to create works that redefine our environment, highlighting the meeting places and complimentary aspects of our different cultures and artistic expressions. The company endeavors to envelop audiences in surroundings that are familiar and yet presented in ways that reveal hidden motivations of our collective psyche.

AirDance New Mexico is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization. AirDance New Mexico does not discriminate based on ethnicity, race, ability, disability, size, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, or heritage.

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AirDance New Mexico was incorporated in 2011 by Artistic Director Debra Landau, a small but eager board of directors, and a group of aerialists (including Program Manager Joanna Furgal) interested in presenting shows of substance combining aerial circus arts with dance and theater. Over the next few years, AirDance New Mexico built a solid core and started teaching workshops and then weekly classes in aerial arts and other movement techniques for children and adults, as well as special offerings for area schools and other local populations. With the addition of a portable rig a couple years ago, the company has opened up an Outreach Program, offering low and no-cost shows to communities and populations at a variety of venues.

The Senior Company (also known as the Airheads) is comprised of several adult multi-disciplinary artists who collaborate with each other to produce at least two fully produced shows annually in their home, the AirDance ArtSpace. Productions incorporate a variety of aerial apparatus and interactive sets and technlogies. Modeled after the Senior Company, the AirDance New Mexico Junior Company (aka The Flying Monkeys) was formed in late 2014 and debuted in March 2015 with a fully produced show of their devising. The two companies combine forces now and again for shows both big and not-so-big, at home and on the road. Performances feature original music, often specifically crafted for the choreography and performed live by local composers.

Currently, AirDance New Mexico offers classes for adults and for children as young as 8 years of age. AirDance instructors enjoy the challenge of adapting aerial techniques to special populations, including people with various disabilities, whenever possible. Please inquire about any potential student or group with special needs or considerations. Instructors are trained in multiple movement disciplines, are fully insured, and are certified in First Aid and CPR. In addition to the 4 annual shows put on by the Senior and Junior Companies, AirDance New Mexico produces Spring and Winter Showcases and Community Art Fairs so that their students may astound their friends and families with their artistic feats and come together with the community in a spirit of supportive and expressive fun.

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Contact us:

AirDance New Mexico
P.O. Box 25892
Albuquerque, NM 87125-0892
(505) 842-9418

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AirDance New Mexico's Home: The AirDance ArtSpace

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