AirDance New Mexico

Flying low over the high desert



Dara Minkin and Amy Bourque on our aerial cube,
from our November 2013 sold-out show, Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Photo by Guadalupe Chavez


AirDance New Mexico is a company of multi-disciplinary artists who collaborate with each other to create exciting and innovative performances, featuring their critically acclaimed aerial dances and multi-media movement theater works. Under the artistic direction of Debra Landau, AirDance productions incorporate trapezes, aerial fabric, swings, hoops, aerial cube, and invented apparatus and interactive sets, created from a variety of materials. Performances often feature original music and scripts. AirDance New Mexico seeks to entertain as it explores our lives and dreams and reveals hidden aspects of our cultural psyche. After a long hiatus, AirDance New Mexico relaunched in 2011 to the delight of New Mexicans of all ages. In addition to our shows, we also offer classes and workshops in the aerial arts at our home, the AirDance ArtSpace.


Presented May 2-4, 2014 at the AirDance ArtSpace

Katy Andersen, Christina Cavaleri, and Joanna Furgal

Our last show may have been our best ever and featured 9 aerialists performing on aerial hoop, trapeze, aerial fabric, and our special aerial cube to original music by Monica Demarco, Casey Mraz, Ryan Sciarrotta, and Stuart Smith. Be sure to catch our next show, slated for November!

Email: AirDance New Mexico




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(10 weeks; no classes July 3-9)

AirDance New Mexico Summer 2014 classes

at the AirDance ArtSpace, 3030 Isleta Blvd. S.W.

Mixed-Aerial Classes for Adults and older Teens*
Mondays, 6-7 pm, starting June 2nd (no class July 9th)
Instruction on trapeze, lyra (aerial hoop), silks (aerial fabric)
Open to all experience leves; drop-ins welcome

Aerial Fabric Lab for Adults and older Teens*
Wednesdays, 6-7 pm, starting June 4th (no class July 9th)
An ongoing class concentrating on skill building and strengthening specific to silks
Students need not have previous experience with aerial fabric

*No registration required. Inquire about suitability for minors. A liability waiver must by signed for each participant. To purchase class cards in advance and to view our cancellation and refund policy, please see registration page here.

$15/single class; $65 for 5-class card; $120 for 10-class card
Class cards are not restricted to a particular class
during the summer session and may be shared.

For the youngsters, we have ...

Mixed-Aerial Classes for Children and Adolescents (ages 8-14)
Saturdays, 1:30-2:45 pm, starting June 7th (no class July 5th)
Instruction in trapeze, lyra (aerial hoop), and aerial fabric
$15/single class; $65 for 5 classes; $120 for all 10 classes (Need not pay for entire summer session.)
Registration required. Click here for registration information and to prepay via PayPal.

and something new for our experienced students ...

Junior Company Training Sessions†
Days and times to be determined with participants. (Summer schedule may differ from school-year schedule.)
For adolescent and teen students of AirDance New Mexico interested in creating an original performance
Ongoing commitment highly encouraged. (Rates above apply; various payment arrangements available.)

†Registration required for classes and trainings for minors. Junior company training restricted to experienced aerial students. Contact us for more information.

* * *

What should I wear to AirDance classes?
The aerial arts present clothing limitations. We recommend flexible, body-hugging clothing that will stay in place when hanging upside down. Clothing should have NO hard fasteners or decorations (zippers, snaps, rhinestones, etc.). Torso should be fully covered. Good to have thighs and knees covered for trapeze and lyra (hoop), although not essential. Long or capri leggings recommended for fabric (silks). Supportive undergarments are strongly recommended for males, especially for working on the silks. We ask that you remove all jewelry, especially for fabric, and secure long hair away from your face. Please have fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed for fabric work. (Wow, those silks are really demanding!)

Contact AirDance New Mexico, Inc.:
Click to e-mail AirDance New Mexico
Phone: (505)842-9418


AirDance New Mexico

at the AirDance ArtSpace in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Dancers Josh Burgess and Morgan Harris in "Over Easy" from the show, FEAR OF FALLING, at the AirDanceArtSpace, February 2012.


"Salvador's Mustache" from the show, UP AGAINST THE WALL, presented at the AirDance ArtSpace, April 2011. Dancers (left to right): Katy Bowen, Missy Juarez, Debra Landau, Joshua Burgess, and Joanna Furgal.


"The Swimming Hole" from FEAR OF FALLING. Dancers (left to right): Daniel Garcia, Megan Jarmosevich, Morgan Harris, Josh Burgess, Katy Bowen, Joanna Furgal, Missy Juarez

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Just a little of our press ...

Feature story about show, Fear of Falling, in the UNM Daily Lobo, "Free Form Falling" (2/2/12)

KUNM "Performance New Mexico" interview Spencer Beckwith and Debra Landau (aired 2/9/12)

2012 Arts/Dance in Review "Audiences Heard the Dance, Saw the Music" Albuquerque Journal (12/30/2012)

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Debra Landau

Debra Landau performs Spiderwoman in Albuquerque's KIMO Theater

"A circus [of] trapezes, trampolines and ropes. Monologues on everything from spitting to religion. Live rock music and videotapes. Are you thinking modern dance? Dancer/choreographer Debra Landau could change your mind about the art form."

Anthony DellaFlora, The Albuquerque Journal



AirDance New Mexico on You Tube



Donations to AirDance New Mexico of all shapes and sizes are gratefully accepted at any time!

For more information:

AirDance New Mexico, Inc.
P.O. Box 25892
Albuquerque, NM 87125-0892
(505) 842-9418

Click to e-mail AirDance New Mexico

Donor Levels

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About AirDance New Mexico

"Landau is one of those rare artists who can combine voice quality and dance in a mutually enhancing harmony. Affinities, done to a rich and moving text by Jeff Hartzer, demonstrated her ability to fulfill verbal images with movement sub-text."

Jennifer Noyer, The Albuquerque Journal

"Debra Landau [is] Apollonian grace."

John Gwynn, The New Mexican

"Shaman's Death, an air dance on a trapeze, allows the dancer/choreographer freedom to explore air itself as a metaphor . . . and evoked images of transformation. [The trapeze's] magical powers seemed to free the dancer to glide, soar and explore her body's placement in the world-space of the theater."

Jennifer Noyer, The Albuquerque Journal

"Debra Landau was compelling in her sinister, sinuous role . . . Ikebana had a . . . soothing, meditative quality, with gentle movements that culminated in striking, sculptural poses."

Beth Bradley, The New Mexican

"Her wonderful expressiveness added . . . personality and depth to [the] monologue."

John Mandes, The Albuquerque Tribune

"Apparently used a single rope suspended from above the stage which divided into two strands midway down in space. The dancer rose serenely from the floor . . . and projected an almost supernatural presence."

Jennifer Noyer, The Albuquerque Journal

"A dancer who adds a bit of the circus to her performance."

Dave Brown, KGGM/KRQE TV, Albuquerque

"In many ways Landau confronts the mental barriers that restrict physical movement."

Jennifer Gubrud, The Daily Lobo

AirDance New Mexico recommends C and H Productions for all your video production needs. Excellent service! Fabulous result!

We also recommend New Mexico Dancewear for quality dance clothing and dance shoes!





AirDance New Mexico is in residence at the AirDance ArtSpace. Originally a church built in the 1930s, the ArtSpace has been renovated to include an intimate black-box-style theatrical performance space with beautiful, sprung oak floors and ceiling beams for rigging aerial apparatus, sets, etc. The building also has meeting spaces, including a foyer and a Green Room. It is accessible to all.

AirDance ArtSpace

phone: 505.842.9418


airdance artspace

AirDance ArtSpace Theater/Performance Space

photo ©2004 by Anthony Richardson


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