Jefferson Starship



Albuquerque, New Mexico

February 2003

digital photography

Jeff Hartzer


Stella Blue Cafe

3001 E. Central ( Route 66)

Albuquerue, N.M. 87106




The Jefferson Starship landed at Albuquerque's Stella Blue in the midst of the midst of a heavy snowfall. Featuring an intimate performance by Paul Kantner, Slick Aguilar, Diana Mangano, and Chris Smith, it was a show of life changing fresh chaos!

memorable Kantner quotes...

"I can't possibly do this song without more vodka."

"Never give booze to the guitar player - only drugs."

"You have to e-nun-ci-ate!"


Some of the songs they played...

Good Shepherd, We Can Be Together, Wooden Ships, Sunrise, Lather, Starship, Volunteers, Let's Go Together, Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?, The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil/The House of Pooneil Corners, Triad, The Other Side of This Life.

They did not play Caroline, Miracles, or Jane.

Praise Jesus! It was a Kantner - not Balin - Starship evening. Crown of Creation would have been nice.


Wave goodbye to Amerika.

Say Hello to the Garden...

You gotta let go you know

or else you stay.

No Man is an Island,

He's a Peninsula!

get psychadelasized...









































































































































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