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"New & improved" series #3: The Envelope!



The Envelope is made of Galvanized Aluminum (aka: 'Galvalum'). New Mexico Metal Systems brought in a steel structured building in pieces from its maker in texas and re-assembled it with the new 'envelope' to complete the NEW structure with the OLD 1930's original Church building.

New stucco was added throughout the structure as well. We were able to save a design on the California Mission style walls of the old church. A large door was added to the Aerial Dance Black Box Theater portion of the building to facilitate loading in/out for performances .The door also provides an indoor/outdoor feel to the theater. Performers and audiences alike can take full advantage of the unusually pleasant (and relatively 'bug-free') high desert environment.

There is a public bus stop in front of the AirDance ArtSpace. This series of pictures concludes with a view from across Isleta Boulevard SW on the building's west side. The AirDance ArtSpace is fully accessible .



















































digital photography ©2003 Jeff Hartzer


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