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Thursday, August 31, 2006
The Jax. Jags just beat the Atlanta Falkonies 21-17...not a bad start of the PRE-season for the Jaggies...Too bad it doesn't count for anything. Praise the Lord for the new Apple Widgets that allow us to stay even more plugged into cyberspacialness. An 'ESPN Scores' widgie is my latest one; can you tell?

I was instructed yesterday by a modern day guru on the art of breathing in and out of one nostril at a time. Though I had some of my own preconceived notions regarding same, when I stuck this earplug into my right nostril and all of my breaths began to come in and go out of my LEFT nostril...well doggone it if I didn't begin to feel a bit BLU-ISH...

Jeff Hartzer, single nostril breath
It's just that easy...

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Burning Questions: What blew over most quickly...that almost Hurricane Ernie or Snakes on a Plame? er Plane?

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__Best Email of the new millennium: The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated"...this cogent email was received by hundreds of Radio Snack employees this week. Former ones, that is.
__The new NM Bowl of Trix is coming to the University of NM Stadium on December 23rd this year for the first time ever. Enough gringos and others have moved here to open up a bowl game. The game will feature a Westren Athletic Conference team vs. a Mountain West Conference team. Tix are 23 and 30. buckos.
__NM Agricuturals (aka: The Aggies) look forward this football season to ending their burden of being the Nation's longest Div. I-A Losers...(they have a current losing streak of 13 games lost). They take on Southeastern Louisiana in tonight's season opener.
__Love that Global Warming: Typhoon Ioke is going to completely submerge the WWII famous-island of Wake this evening. All residents (mostly USA military) have been evacuated to Hawaii. Ioke is a Cat 5. drenching rains expectorated in NC and Puerto Vallarta will be lucky to survive a huge Mexican coastline hurricane heading its way.
__Check out: Fact totums , the new move-eye about Chaz Bukowski.
__Best neighborhood gift: a 40 mm. shell given to kids by a Bakersfield, Ca. man. Neighborhood man handed out the military shell which then EXPLODED killing two kids and injuring others. Way to go, Dude. Sounds like the ocean as my head blows off listening to the shell.
__BORN TO FAILURE: Regarding that Kentuck airline fiasco...Kentucky FAA controller gets only two hours sleep night of crash...also he or she was alone in the tower...also pilots initially boarded and started the wrong plane begfore boarding the fated to crash one.
__Apocalypse tomorrow:Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez wants to build a new world with Syria that will be 'free of U.S. domination'. Oh yeah, he also vows to 'dig the grave of U.S. imperialism'.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Old Kentucky has a plane crash .

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
ERNESTO blows toward Hurricane Status.

Surprise, Surprise: Iran defies U.N.

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Friday, August 25, 2006
Blogger dot com down for most of the's the end of the world as we know it fo shure.

TGIF: do NOT apply to forehead.
__Bonjour! Today in 1718, hundreds of colonists from France arrived in Louisiana. Little did they know.
__Two black police officers on holiday were severely beaten on the Jersey Shore this week in what's determined to be a 'hate crime'... Is this where we stand on racism in the new millennium?
__DYLAN not DEAD. His new album is out next week called MODERN TIMES. He is on this month's Rollingstone Cover as well. The album premiers on XM Satellite radio on 8/ the sto, 8/29.
__New boss not same as...Bruce and wife are rumored to be separating at the seams.Say it ain't so Brucie.
__You knew it had to there is a digital camera out (Samsung SCHa990) , that comes with a phone!
__Several stories on teevee and newsprint now attest to the fact that PROTEST MUSIC has gone MAINSTREAM ! Save the Dixie Chicks! And catch all the lyrics to Neil Young's latest cd online at : LIVING WITH WAR LYRICS ; all the songs...on one page. Con-ven-i-ent !!
__Upwards of 80 military recruiters have been caught up in abuse charges by recruitees (100 females and 3 males)...Hey, if you want to 'join up', you have to 'sex up' with me first, my dear. Jesus Christ ! GO VOLUNTEER USA military. How soon is the DRAFT to return?
__SEMPER FI: the USMC will soon begin to order thousands of its troops back to active duty...this to be the first INVOLUNTARY RECALL since the 'early daze' of Iraq War II. Simply Fly Mo-Fo...a snafu of the big kind.
__Seems it is easier to START a war than to judge the outcome: just ask Israel or ah, the United Snakes. Is Nasrallah the new Hero?
__FREE 100 postcards at sizzler sale at Vista Print.
__BETTER THAN PLUTO>>>ANOTHER BACKWARD SUNSPOT: Evidence continues to mount that the next solar cycle is beginning. When one solar cycle gives way to another, the magnetic poles of sunspots reverse polarity. For the second time in less than a month, such a "backward sunspot" has appeared--and this time it's a big one. Get the full story with images at Space Weather
__MORNING PLANETS: If you find yourself awake before dawn this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday, dash outside and look east. Venus and Saturn are having a close encounter. The two planets will be stationed just half-a-degree apart in the rosy glow of the rising sun. Suggestion: Take your binoculars out with you. Venus is intense, but Saturn is easily lost in the brightening dawn. Binoculars help, and both planets can be seen at once through typical optics. Visit Space Weather for sky maps.

JUSTin: THE LATEST RAGE=> online video sites
__BEST SITE=> Enjoy U-tube-otomy ! If you are lucky, catch the new indie Chi-town band, OK GO, dancing to their own beats.
__MORE video SITES=>
__Google Vids
__Yahoo Vids
__Stickam Vids
__Shozu Vids
__Revver Vids
__TVblinkx Vids
__Democracy Vids
__Grouper Vids
__iFilm Vids
__Veoh Vids

__Check the latest on tropical depressions and other STORM UPDATES at:


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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Happy Birthday to Dave Chappell born this day in 1973...And way back in the year 79 on this day, Mount Vesuvius erupted, killing approximately 20,000 people. The cities of Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum were buried in volcanic ash. What a day as we move on with a waxing new moon toward the new dawn of fall, football, and the ever present anniversaries of Twin Tower blows and Katrina woes.

And now, here's a disaster to take everyone's breath away . Ooh baby.

This week marks the 21st anniversary of the daring duo, JeffnDeb's arrival into the Enchanted Land of New Mexico. Much water has flowed under our many bridges since 1985. This is a time for us ( and perhaps you, too) to look around and see where we are just now, before moving into fall. Here's a recent meditation I wrote on this subject...I call it: EXPECT DELAYS: why the hell not?

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bush in New Orleans
Heck of a Job...

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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Lyric for a Sunday afternoon as 'the turn' toward a new season flits by like a butterfly on the leaves of change and the broken branches of luv...I was so much older then; I'm younger than that now. I wish.

Speakin' of fogies...Joe Lieberman is calling for Rumsfeld to Quit .

Best rained out Albuquerque Concert: Ziggy & assorted Marleys Friday night...Another two inches of rain (in as many hours) at Freshchaos HQ caused our 'tour bus' to remain parked. Fortunately, our soggy bottom lawn seats are part of the double luv package for another World Class Reggae Event later this month...Reggae Sunsplash . Hope the sun be a shinin' fo dat un.

Another show that took a little walkin' in the rain to get to was Saturday's appearance of the electric celtic band featuring vocals by Albuquerque's Laura Berg (or as her adoring fans know her, IO ). Their band is called, the Saiorse Band .

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Saturday, August 19, 2006
GOOD OLD DAZE:>On this day in 1692, five women and a clergyman were executed after being convicted of witchcraft in Salem, MA.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006
JUSTin from: , AURORA WATCH: An explosion on the sun yesterday (Aug. 16) hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth. The approaching cloud could spark a geomagnetic storm when it arrives, probably on August 18th. Sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

Visit their Aurora Gallery

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Warrantless Wiretapping Unconstitutional ... DOH! In other snewz today: A bomb mistakenly dropped by a U.S.-led coalition aircraft killed 10 police officers in eastern Afghanistan...Honk! Scream! GAPE!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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Arrest in JonBenet Ramsey case made.

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Uncle Cheneyhead came to eat lunch and pimp photographs taken with his holiness at the Jinglebob Land and Livestock Company Ranch yesterday. Meanwhile, just miles away, HATCH, N.M. floods and both the town center and the chile crop were severely damaged. When it rains, it cheney's these days.

Will Dems be stopped at the gates by old lady greeters: Wal-Mart vs. Democrats !? The battles rage...Always.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Does a Fake Snewz Crackdown mean less of 'The Daily Show' and more truth in advertising?

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SNAKES ALIVE and on a plane. Say it ain't so.

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I spent a long time today at the 'AAA Travel Desk' trying to arrange a snorkeling adventure somewhere in paradise for later this year...While at this Triple A travel desk, we surfed the web looking through flights and hotels and then I pointed the travel adviser in the direction of her desk top screen filled up with AAA DENIED ACCESS!! Get off this site immediately or you will burn in Hell!! And (presumably) you will be fired : BANNED from Triple A!! This has to be a high note for the adventures of Capn' Chaos and crew. No triptics allowed.

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Monday, August 14, 2006
Japan Tanker Spills 1.4M Gallons of Oil .

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It's HALFTIME for Lebanon and Israel. And of course, DUH PRES has to All-American-ly DECLARE A WINNER . Lots more losers than winners here and across the globe.

Heavy Metal gets a makeover called PROTEST MUSIC (some would debate the losse term 'music').

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Over two inches of rain at Fresh Chaos HQ in three hours yesterday evening...power out and hail thrashes summer tree leaves. At the time we were at a soon to be Rained Out Isotopes game...Not exactly singing in the rain but we here in high desert can't get enough rain. Some folks living on dirt rtaods would disagree. Local tv coverage at : .

"These are the best of times...and ah...the worst e-v-e-r of times." Peace in the middle east side of Michigan...enjoy, batboy.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Jeff Hartzer's 27th POET'S CORNER monthly is online now at EXPECT DELAYS: why the hell not?

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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Cindy Sheehan Hospitalized for hunger strike complications in whacko WACO.

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Friday, August 11, 2006
Oops,Geesh, was retorted right here [see below] that you could no longer bring iPods,laptops or snakes onto a plane. While snakes are still verboten, you can bring iPods and lapdances. Download the official the latest TSA government doc. called: Permitted_Prohibited Facts for guidelines. Continue to leave your handy dandy boxcutters at home.

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Potpourri: CODE RED
__Typhoon Blows China.
__Just not enough fresh chaos around today. There's one simple way to make the next few weeks of your life easier: Let go of all the things you can't control. Yes, this is easier said than done, but once you start to make the effort, you will immediately get a taste of the freedom it brings.
__What's that Noise in the Fresh Chaos HQ hood? Yes. It's NO NOISE..the Albuquerque Pubic Schools are back in session. Praise HeySus.
__Quote of the week: F##king Jews...! Smell the dry Gibson. Save a cocktail onion or two.
__Tina Fey to drop off the SNL bandwagon. A loss for next season.
__Forget about that lovely week's London vacation trip for fall. In again: car travel...Out: Air travel?
__'Tis the End of the World says Kurt Vonnegut in latest Rollingstoned Magazine. Does it take a rocket scientist? He began his career as a PR guy for G.E. Love that glass house on Slaughterhouse fifteen.
__The Rolling Stones streak out on a tour sponsored by RADIO SHACK. What's wrong with that picture? Closets site to high desert is lovely El Paso. Might have to el pass-oh.
__NO LAPTOPS, iPODS, or SNAKES allowed on planes anymore. What about YOGURT? No water either except for carry on bodily fluids caged in skin Hey, can your caged pet get water in baggage? 'Tis good news for carpal tunnel victims forced to take flight-time-off from their Blackberries and stare out the wenders. Or read...nooo! Say it ain't so.
__NEIL YOUNG to release NINE new videos of his LIVING WITH be downstreamed eventually at NeilYoungdotCom .
__KORN comes to 'burqueville and we hope no one will DIE at their concert as one dude did in Atlanta on July 30th. After all , it's their FAMILY VALUES TOUR. Can't wait.
__THE WHO have released an EP ('Wire & Glass') currently available only in Europe. Two suggested downloads: Pick up the Peace & We Got A Hit!.
__And now a word from our sponsor DULCOLAX STOOL SOFTENER...Thank you, Elsa Pataky.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006
NEW SUNSPOT: A large and beautiful new sunspot is emerging from the sun's eastern limb. So far it poses no threat for Earth-directed solar flares, but this could change. The spot is growing fast and turning toward Earth. Visit for images and updates.

PERSEID FIREBALLS: With the Moon glaring in the background, this weekend's Perseid meteor shower is supposed to be a dud. But maybe it won't be so bad after all. Observers have been seeing some bright, early Perseids beaming through the moonlight. One such fireball is featured on today's edition of along with a 2006 Perseid observing calendar and links to meteor radars.

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JUSTin from our Senior Political Analyst, Capn' Soybean:
Well, ol' Holy Joe went down in defeat last night, but he's not leaving his Senate seat without a fight.† There are a lot of different schools of thought regarding its' effect on the November election.† It has the potential of making the Democrats internal divisions regarding the war the issue that gets attention, rather than the war itself.† This hasn't been helped by the posturings of prominent Democrats who have wanted it both ways with the war. The GOP also has internal divisions about the war, but it doesn't appear to be a deep division, aside from the occasional comment from Sen. Hagel. Establishment Dems/DC Dems are openly worried that the party will come off as "soft" by the time November comes around, also November 2008, so they wanted Jive Talkin' Joe to win.

It would have put the activists/bloggers/nutters back in their place for a while, or get involved in other races/causes where they couldn't cause as much "damage"† to the centrist-leaning Party. I even read some references to the "McGovernites" coming back from the dead to wreack havoc on the party again. Some Clintonistas (such as Lanny Davis) have openly compared some of the activists who were against the Lieb Man as being Joe McCarthy-like in their dislike towards him, base on his closeness to the Bush Man. So, it has the potential to be a problem if the GOP exploit it successfully.† The problem for the GOP is keeping their vulnerable candidates separated from Bush & the War, and that ain't easy, folks. Having the early fundraisers w/Bush, as Heather Wilson (Abq.Congressional District) did, is the best strategy to take.†As long as the voters percieve the Democrats being split on the war, they won't be†able to utilize it as an issue FULLY. It really will come down to†the quality of the candidates and their campaigns, without it being a clear† national referendum on the†War. The Democrats should not be ordering drapes and furniture for their new offices just yet.
Joltin' Joe can still win re-election in November, as the GOP has an ineffectual candidate linked to a scandal. From the numbers I've seen, last nights' election was not a big turnout, so there was a sizable majority that didn't vote in Conn. Lamont could turn out to be a one-issue candidate, and running twice will not be helpful.† LiebMan can run against him as a "rich boy" political greenhorn who has shown little interest in civic affairs, running on his own dime.† Long time between now and November.

Capn' Soybean continues:
I saw Al Gores' movie the other night, and it does lay out the evidence and arguments about global warming very well. For anyone who has not been keeping up on the issue of global warming, it will be a good primer, and maybe even startling, too.† The movie may be†a little heavy on the "Gore" for some tastes, but don't let that get in the way of its' overall message, which is the need for major changes in our way of life to begin reversing the effects of world-wide warming.† Even Pat Robertson acknowledges the reality of our situation now, so more and more people are getting the message.† A companion piece to this movie would be "Who killed the Electric Car", which is also playing right now.

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Unsers Busted on Unser Blvd. in Albuqueuqreue. Also see Local tv coverage .

Emergency THREAT LEVEL for airlines to Orange Dayglow.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
This is the coolest thing since American Fries...BUSH FLASH . Even if you love the Bushie and his crew, you gotta see this. It is a beautiful Flash program.


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Alliteration Spotted: Massive Manatee ...manipulates mighty Mudson Miver.

Jumping STURGEON whacks jet skier...It weighed 138 pounds.

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Bush Lieberman kiss
It's the kiss of death from
Mr. Bush-finger

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Blackhawk Down! And that Full Moon Fever keeps on a comin'.

60 % of Americans now OPPOSE Iraq War II (or WWIII?).

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Lieberman Loses ; vows Independence!

While it's not exactly 'fresh chaos', fyi: We have a Julius Bauer Victorian upright piano with bench for sale (in Albuquerque, N.M.).

JUSTin: a reader writes...Keep up the great work on your site.† It remains a favorite year after year. This delightful note comes from a reader with an equally delightful website below for a hopping good visit>>>

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman Site Explodes in cyberspace. Destroyed by hmmm?
ATTENTION KIDS OF ALL AGES- Check Out the Official Guide to Israeli-American Playground Dispute Resolution .

Stephen Colbert: AN EXPERT on everything...The full moon is coming...The full moon is coming...

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Monday, August 07, 2006
WHY FRESH CHAOS? Why long hours online with dubious webpage postings? Well, like a Shark if I am not moving creatively, I might die. And, occasionally there's a positive RESPONSE like this one that makes it all worthwhile:
"Thanks so much for these N. Young living with war lyrics! I'm hearing impaired and can't hear them through the music. Just went to see CSN&Y concer in CA. I'm deeply moved--Friend (vietnam era vet)"

And another reader comments:
"Well, "Mad Bomber" Dendahl is alive and well, I see [see Freshchaos entry below].† Diplomatically-speaking, he can be a provocative political figure from time to time.† Of course, the GOP wants a big turnout of the BASE to head off major losses in Novermber. Smokin' Joe is gonna go tomorrow in Conneticut, though may†rise from the Demo Dead as an Independent, with help from the not-so-clandestine GOP. Say it ain't so, Joe!† (yes, 'fraid so, kiddo)†† Sure is shaping up to be another carpet bombing kind of election. Meanwhile, the KISS Army is marching on the R&R Hall of Fame to demand inclusion of the face-painted Fab Four in the hallowed Hall. Will it happen?† Stay tuned...

In the larger scheme of things, with the environment, Iraq, and a myriad of other concerns, it would seem that folks would march about these issues [ as opposed tpo KISS ]. But, it does come down to a sense of powerlessness that people have, and maybe they can change this one situation, no matter how unimportant an"issue"† it may be.† For a lot of fans, it would give them and the band the "respect"†or recognition that was never accorded by the rock establishment, even though it shouldn't matter."

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Saturday, August 05, 2006
In a copyrighted story by Politics Writer, Jeff Jones, New Mexico's largest newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal , reports today that New Mexican Republican governor candidate John Dendahl said public school teachers (some 21,000 of them) skimp on basics because they are too busy teaching the "three S'só sexuality, self-esteem and socialism." Dendahl, in a telephone interview with the Journal on Friday, said he believes "most of the teachers in schools are of a socialist inclination," adding that "they do indeed brainwash children against the capitalist system."

Insanity. Our nation makes it so hard TO BE a teacher and then always seems to BLAME the teacher in the classroom for the ills of a corrupted system plagued now by the idiocy of the NO CHILD nor teacher left behind in the big fat mess that is Pubic Edjeekashion. We here at FreshChaos would simply like use a dick cheney expression in expressing our regards for Mr. Dendahl...F##K YOU, Mr. Dendahl. Thank you very much. We have left the building.

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Yes, they are still listening...

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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Today's Disappointments:
__On this day in 1492, Christopher Columbus left Spain with three ships. The voyage would lead him (disappointingly ?) NOT to where he thought he was going. Perhaps this week, we are all setting sail for whatever Autumn may bring us.

__Bush fat and healthy and still Duh Pres; Condo Leesa still bobbles when she walks.

__NOLA in same shape as tropical storm CHRIS thinks about becoming 'CANE numero uno...

__Miami Vice the move-eye...Love COPS, The Wire, Sopranos...And I really tried to forget my intense enjoyment of the Don and Cheech tv series but it was hard to do. This new movie is mostly not even filmed in Miami. No flash, no splash...less than zero sense of humor. Grainy darkness with nightsky helicopter scenes cool enough for a bit or two bits, but a little bit of Miami sunshine would've been sweetnees to the burnt pan of popcorn on the stove.

Reading about the shootings (literal ones) and the difficulties in the film production was interesting prior to seeing the movie. Shots were fired; folks hurt. Dark dangers of filming in crime ridden neighborhoods (not in Miami-surprise)...Jaime Fox refusing to film after the gunshots until they moved the sets back to L.A. What's up with Jaime (Uncle Ray) Fox's hairline. Real or shaved to those squared proportions?

Colin Farrell pretty cool bearded pirate sort of Crockett. One or two cool BMW's that get seriously wounded by gunfire (felt more for the car damage than for the actor damage). Same director and similar shoot was done in the dark grainy movie "Collateral"...I am all for dimly lit digital grit but gritty digital is still gritty.

The soundtrack is 'toughly' good...Buy that and skip the move-eye. Better yet, download a song or two and skip it all. Ten thumbs down on this not so vicey "Miami Vice" disappointment.


__CHOCOLATE...The average person in the United States eats 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of chocolate every year! Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from? Enter the amazing world of chocolate . [O.K. not so disappointing that I will give it up soon.]

__Our HIGH DESERT WEATHER is momentarily perhaps the Best in the Nation...As the East Coast bakes, we bask under blue skies and a dry cool and breezy 80 degrees as the sun begins to head westerly downwards. South Africans are facing a seriously harsh winter with snow and flooding. Weather kills globally, Warming Globally or not. We're all gonna die. And that will be by car crashes or lightning strikes sooner than by SHARK WEEK attacks. Only about 44 more (fairly disappointing) hours to go on Discovery's Big Week of sharkie sharks.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
What's that Smell? It's I-Am-Not-A-Bigot-Mel.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
IT'S SHARK WEEK, can football be far behind???

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Albuquerque Downpour >>> Between 4 p.m. yesterday and 4 a.m. today, we received two full inches of rain at FreshchChaos HQ. Indeed, the high desert drought is ov-ah for now anywho.

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