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Friday, March 31, 2006
TGIF...A New 'Freshchaos Eye Candy' section has been added to our Googling Stars webpage. Have at it , and happy Last Day of March...Will 'the madness' ever end or has it all just begun??

Today's Surreal Headlines:__In Mexico, Bush Emphasizes Border Security
__Three Earthquakes Level Iranian Villages
__Rice Concedes 'Tactical Errors' in Iraq
__Former DeLay Aide Pleads Guilty
__Cries for Help Edited Out of 9/11 Tapes
__Delphi Asks Court to Void Union Contracts

Fresh Chaos Momentary Song Lyrics:...TGIF

Until My Dying Day

Now I know your secret
I promise that I'll keep it
So confidentially
Between just you and me, I'll never leak it

I'm the specialist
I know you can't resist
I'll bypass your alarm
No need to twist my arm, I insist

If you're looking for a war
There's a market for betrayal
Don't ask me what I saw
Y'know my secrets not for sale
Don't ask me what I heard
Y'know I promised not to say
I said I'd never breathe a word
Until my dying day

Well seeing is believing
No use in your deceiving
For now I know it's true
It's you that holds the clue, I'll be leaving

Now I've got to say goodbye
You understand I have to fly
When you get the third degree
And the truth don't set you free, You've got to lie

If you're looking for a war
There's a market for betrayal
Don't ask me what I saw
Y'know my secrets not for sale
Don't ask me what I heard
Y'know I promised not to say
I said I'd never breathe a word
Until my dying day


(This timely tune is from their Very Greatest Hits available by clicking our 'Your Music dot com thingee' over on your right. Treat yourself; only 5.99 with free shipping...I'm hooked.)

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Shocking snewz, JUSTin: "Mexican President Vicente Fox has treated Bushman and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to an hour-long tour of the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza before they began two days of snorkeling amid spring breakers in Can do--Can Coon." [ There goes that Mayan neighborhood; Cozumel/Cancun beware more hurricanes on the way this fall! Bring on the Cirque de Soleil suntan lotion. Hey, Te-Cah-tay's good. Oh yeah, sorry; Duh Pres is an Alcoholics Anon. kind of dude...No Cervezas for Meester SenYor Bushmannah.]

It's not on Google yet but there's a story (reported by Martin Salazar) in the Albuquerque Journal that should be go gaga internationally...This week, Attorney with-not-so-much-Merit Bennett, made a comment before the state Supreme Court that went something like this according to the ABQJournal: ...if a non-Indian is in the casino parking lot and "an Indian scalps them, you can't go into state court." Nice Gape, dude. If an Indian raped, murdered, pillaged, or stole land from that guy (or gal) walking through the Casino parking lot, that would be different. But SCALPING the guy or gal, well you can't take that to the state court at all.

If you're gay and you're married clap your hands...If you're gay and you want to get married, Forget Massachusetts.

Question of the momento...Am I the only person on the planet who thinks that you'd be ABSOLUTELY INSANE to use a VONAGE internet phoneline system if the people who make Vonage systems LIKE THEIR OWN trademarked advertising theme song jingle??? I wouldn't let our Bunnytown Bunnies use VONAGE. Doo dooo dooo dee dooo tweeeeedle deeeeeeee doooo whoppers. Burgers, fries, but not that song (if you can call it a 'song').

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Catch a trailer for Sharon Stonage's next great adventure in crotch shots, Basically Instinctive Part Deux.

As owner operator of this weblog and or a Per formance Venue in the high Desert [ ] I have gotten onto many unusual email lists (some good and freshly chaotic, some not so much)...Out of the Blue blue windows of our sky blue sky, this note from one, Mat Calahan, arrived in my inbox today...
Mat Calahan's Tour Summary

Back from the Front I can say with confidence that there are many who share the views expressed in 'The Trouble With Music'. [ ah, not sure exactly what this is-an article he wrote perhaps? Cool name for a band? ] Although a whirlwind tour through a country as vast as the US cannot possibly be expected to alter popular consciousness in any significant way, it certainly convinced me that a lot of folks already know they are being force-fed a diet of sonic fast food and want no part of it. Furthermore, virtually everyone connected
this with a much broader societal malaise.

In the course of 19 talks in 20 days I found that people are eager to identify the causes of their discontent and find ways to change the current state of affairs. As regards music, millions are seeking alternative means of creating healthy relations with something they love and know they need. The fact that alternative
means are necessary is an indictment of the domination of most media by mega-corporations with an anti-musical agenda.

From NYU to Oberlin, from Saginaw Valley to New Mexico State, I found students and teachers seriously
questioning the damage done to social life by this degradation of public space. Even at Stanford Law
School, where my ideas might be unwelcome, there were those who recognize that the present situation is unsustainable. Something has to give. This not only reflects popular distaste with the
tuneful trivia that floods the airwaves. It is a far more profound questioning of the way things are.

The society that produces and promotes such large quantities of sonic garbage is a society at war with itself. The divisions and conflicts may simmer beneath the surface or may burst out into the open but they are always there and increasing in intensity. The growing awareness that something better is desireable and possible encourages me to continue.
Mat Callahan

With so much else the USA seems to be doing wrong these days, I am glad sonic garbage is a topic to be discussed as well...Here, here.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Well Sirs, and Madames, somewhere out there in the world there is a full solar eclipse going on, on this, the day of the New Moon and old man, Jack Abramoff, Gets Almost 6 Years in Prison!! Coincidence or chaos? Only you and Jack can decide. Stocks soar today. Guess the interest rates and another decade of war ain't so bad after all. Duh Pres Bushman be ah snorklin' today in Cancoonville.

And talk about SURREAL PILLOWS...last night to see Steven Colbert dance the dance with Heck of a Job Michael Brown was an orange blossom dee-light.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
SNEWSflash:Caspar Weinberger, Reagan's Defense Secretary, moves on to the heavenly pastures...and stocks take a beating with that new interest rate guy waving bright red inflationary flags.

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Not so Ruby Tuesday: Bolten to Replace Card As Chief of Staff Infection...A shake up in the Big House; and, today the Fed may or may not hike Interesting rates...We enter the Dark of the Moon before tomorrow's New moon complete with a solar eclipse...The mighty DOWager is a bit down in the mouth so far today.

Meanwhile that James Olmos HBO move-eye WALK OUT seems to have brought life to the immigrants and students this week who are walking out all over the place en masse. Now why can't DEMOCRATS organize like that? Walk Abouters are organized into FRENCH chaos today aussie. Mad as Hell in Mosque country too. The whole world's a stageand a staging for apocalypse now or later this week.

And with all aflutter in the world, DUH PRES is off midweek to CANCUN for a bit of snorkling and a walk out on to the beach with Mexico's chief snorkle meister, Presidente Vincente. Tired of the Madness...wish I was in Cancun or hurricane re-building Cozumel. And you?

Oh yeah, the Northeast is supposedly due for a heck-of-a Big Hurricane . Whoo Hoo...It could happen in three months (but not tomorrow).

Worried yet? Well, here's a very blunt assessment ofthe situation in Iraq.

Have a nice day and beware the dark of our ever-mooning pres-i-dent. [Note to self: His hair has certainly turned into a cream-cheesey moon-like substance and color.]

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Monday, March 27, 2006
Create your own SIMPSON's characterDOH!!!...Cool, Mon.

Washington State goes for the big slogan, SayWA...Smooth move Exxlaxx. Waaaa?

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JUSTin:Leon Russell Concert Review by an esteemed reader:

The Brother from another Planet landed at Albuquerque's historic El Rey Theatre this past Saturday night, and treated the audience to a rock & roll revival show. On this night, Leon turned 65 years young, and I do mean young. He proved that you're never too old to rock & roll, and the many audience members of his generation were ready, willing , and able to prove it, too.
Backed up by a crackerjack band, Leon weaved through the great American songbook, covering standards such as "Nighttime,"  "Daddy Sang Bass,"Georgia on My Song," "Papa was a Rolling Stone," "Rolling in my Sweet Babys' Arm," (a tip of the hat to Buck Owens-who just left the planet this past week), as well as many of his greats such as "Delta Lady," "Hummingbird," "Song for You,".  He rocked out with "Jumpin' Jack Flash", "Roll over Beethoven,"  weaving them together effortlessly.

The energy was non-stop,  with everyone grinning and dancing throughout the set. We were just amazed at his energy, and the way he played the keyboards was delightful, too. He had just the right touch with his playing, filling in with delicate trilling and exquisite chording. His whole group was tight, but they really had a swing going on with the music, too. We were amazed and delighted throughout the whole set.  No going-through-the-motions with his performance, he brings his rich history in popular music with him on the stage, and gives the songs a freshness and energy which left lasting memories for all, and eager expectations for his next visit to this planet. Be sure to see him when he rolls/lands into your town, you'll get your socks rocked off, and you'll see that age is nothing but a number!  Long live Leon!

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Saturday, March 25, 2006
JUSTin a reader writes:.
__I can't resist a comment on Der Leader's latest ramblings.  I saw in the newspaper yesterday the report about his press conference , including some quotes. He was quoted as saying "Nobody likes beheadings",  which I'm sure is true.  It's taken out of context, so I can only speculate what else he said during that part of his statement.  The following is what I would guess to be the complete part of that portion of the press conference...
  __ "It's hard to look at the TV news these days, and not be upset with what you see on a daily basis.  I mean, nobody likes beheadings, especially those who have been beheaded, or those about to be beheaded. It's pretty obvious, isn't it?  Look, war is hard work, and you're going to spill some milk while getting the job done. It's a tough business fighting these terrorists, let me tell you. We will win this thing, I'm sure of it, or I wouldn't be doing this. We can't be dispersuaded from our mission, and I will not be deterred from it just because of a handful of beheadings."
   __Does that sound like something Crazy George would say?  By the way, there is/was a fan called Crazy George who would rouse up the home crowd at KC Chiefs games, looking and acting beserk while banging on his drum and running all over the place. Where are you now, Crazy George?

A Hotlink:
__"Iraq: The Musical"! Plus Ms. Huffington.

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Friday, March 24, 2006
SNEWSFLASH: For those who believe in such things as this, The Planet Mercury goes DIRECT later today. In general, Mercury rules thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information and all means of communication, commerce and transportation. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their minds or their wits: writers and orators, commentators and critics, gossips and spin doctors, tricksters and thieves. Praise ZEUS. Go forward, oh ye Winged Messenger...

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Spring Breakage: Princess Cruises is flying more than 2,600 passengers home with full refunds this weekend aftera fire broke out aboard a giant ship, leaving a Georgia man dead and eleven other people injured.

An advertisement with Richard Nixon's mugshot in the New Yorker simply states:
Learn to Spot concealed emotions. I'm intrigued.

Catch the latest antics of Steven Colbert.

The madness...Last night's CBS coverage of the NCAA move to'the elite eight' whatever, the 'final fourthdoms' was pretty exhilarating even for a short dude like myself...DUKE GOES DOWN and the West Virginia Mountaineers have their glory stolen right out from under/over them in last quarter seconds...Photo finishes all the way continued with UCLA over the insulin-fired-up-Gonzaga-ites. A night of insanity. No wonder it's called Yeah, March Madness.

Whatever happened to that Katmandu Nepalese Buddha child named, Ram Bahadur Banjan, who disappeared while meditating beside a tree (where he'd been doing same for YEARS!!) ??? Was he eaten by tigers or did his 'spot' become too crowded with noisey touristras?

In case you were wondering: Here are the TOP TEN "mean cities" toward the homeless, as ranked by the National Coalition for the Homeless:
1. Sarasota, Fla.
2. Lawrence, Kan.
3. Little Rock
4. Atlanta
5. Las Vegas
6. Dallas
7. Houston
8. San Juan, Puerto Rico
9. Santa Monica, Calif.
10. Flagstaff, Ariz.

GOT CONFUSION? If not,look at these Budget Deficit projections 2005-2014...or better yet don't.

Hope you caught the Iraq Army General Georges Sada (who served with Saddam) on Jon Stuart's Daily Show this week. Historically hysterically scary. Why him? He was promoting a new book called, Saddam's Secrets.


Not bummed out enough yet?? Here's the perfect website for your very own up to the second, IRAQ CASUALTY COUNT.

Another sign of the TRICKSTER that points to the Apocalypse or at the very least is another clue that just maybe the world is turned upside down and inside out during these 2006, Year of the Dog, Ides of Marcheth...Wily Coyote Caught in New York City After 2-Day Chase.

Want to wander back to times when people fought for their beliefs a little harder than today...then watch James Edward Olmos' production on HBO called, WALKOUT. Or don't bother; watch LOST instead.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006
FRESHCHAOS potpourri: [ Many of these were passed our way by astute readers like yourself! ]

__Get the latest Soprano's snewz: Who's in charge if Tony isn't? . Sunday's episode is to be called 'MAYHAM'.

__Check out this humorist's column called, The Andy Borowitz Report. For Thursday March 23 , he reports that : CHENEY INVITES HELEN THOMAS ON HUNTING TRIP...Effort to Reach Out to White House Press Corps, Observers Say...In what Washington insiders believe is an attempt to mend fences with an increasingly contentious White House press corps, Vice President Dick Cheney today invited veteran journalist Helen Thomas on a quail-hunting trip to Texas. Geeze Louigeeze.

__Here's an article that gives some added insight to the recent riots in France, as well as the same ol' "blame the Jews" mentality that always seems to come up when there's economic trouble. I know there is great concern in Europe about demographic changes, especially in France and Germany, that will lead to more racial/cultural divisions and conflicts.

__Coming to the planet you live on...March 29th...a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. We're all gonna die.

__Wednesday was WORLD WATER DAY!! The link points out factoids like these:1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, including 42 percent of all sub-Saharan Africans. And, As of 2005, 4,700 people died on average every day - mostly children under the age of 5 - due to lack of potable water. And this one's a killer:1.5 million barrels of crude oil are required to produce the 2.7 million tons of plastic used to bottle water annually.

__Germany has a lot of skeletons in its historical closet and talking about them can be ticklish. One in particular makes younger Germans fidget. The popularity of David Hasselhoff is simply impossible to explain.

__A reader writes: I wanted to pass this article along to both of you, as Art Buchwald has always been a favorite of mine. One of the very first political humorists that I can remember, he always had an impish sense-of-humor in his columns, and he's even funnier in person, making the rounds on talk shows for many years. As you'll see, he lives in the world of humor until the very end, with no regrets, and with much gladness that he has had this life. When his time finally comes, we all should give a toast, and tell a joke or funny story, in his honor...
Catch: A Visit with Art Buchwald

__Finally, TOM WOLFE is always an interesting topic.

__Calling a censure resolution "needless partisanship,"DUH PRES is challenging Democrats to go into the November midterm elections in opposition to eavesdropping on suspected terrorists. "They ought to stand up and say, 'The tools we're using to protect the American people should not be used,'".

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As the IDES of March pass with the Madness of's a bunny tale fresh off the wires...

"Do you ever talk to the bunnies?"
"Sure...Hey Bunnies..."
"Do they ever talk back to you?"
"Occasionally, there's a 'magic bunny'..."

Television reporter, Bill Wood and Jeff Hartzer (aka The Bunny God) discuss the merits of BunnytownUSA in a 'Postcard from Bunnytown' as seen on Albuquerque's KRQE television station...

bunnytown bunnie
Bliss Bunny finds a home.

This obviously IS a 'magic bunny' and, as a Bunnytown give-away rabbit, he found a good home.

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The End of the World
It is good to hear from readers on occasion if only to tell you you said something IMPOSSIBLY WRONG in one of your blog entries. I mentioned that I had seen Patsy Cline whilst in my Cumberland Plateau of college days at Sewanee [University of the South]...Indeed I was wrong.

Can't help but wonder if you are confusing a few fabulous female country singers. Patsy Cline died in 1963 [ in a horrendous airplane crash] . Perhaps you are thinking Tammy Wynette who had a huge hit with DIVORCE about the time we were in college. Or maybe you were in college way before me which means you must be very smart or very old.

Although both smart and very old, the person I really DID see at the Grande Olde Opry House in Nashburg was NOT Patsy Cline but rather the dan and dapper Ms. SKEETER DAVIS, known for many things but especially for her version of 'The End of the World'. Would that she could only sing it again today as the world is much closer to doing itself in as evidenced by our Pres-i-dent's ravings this week in particular. Has DUH PRES gone completely INSANE?

Many pardons to the fans of Patsy Cline and Skeeter Davis.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Fresh Chaos Bytes:Actual Bumpersticker seen on the great North Amerikan highways: Guns don't shoot people, CHENEY DOES...

57% say President Butch's War Not Worth It in a Washington Post poll. And the other 43% say what? 65% in a Newsweek poll disapprove of President Butch's handling of the war.

On the last day of winter, 2319 men and woman have died serving in the war at the beckoning of President Butch.

On the second day of spring, there is less potable water, less electricity , less gas for cars or houses, less oil for heating, less security than one two or three years ago in Iraq. What a war...what a President this Butch guy is. What a fuckup we all as Americans are a part of. proud of yourselves, Patriots?

Headline: Leak in Alaska pipeline could have been prevented. So what else is new.? Truly it is just depressing to reads this stupid FRESHCHAOS website. TOO MUCH CHAOS, so little time.

In case you were wondering, the last Phantom jet of Vietnam era flew its last soiree last week.

Hotlinks sent in by readers:
__Somehow, this story has'nt popped up yet:Say it ain't so, Amazon
__Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey,it's in the DNA
__Yet another voice rises up against the insanity of Bush.

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Monday, March 20, 2006
Three years at war this First Day of Spring; three more years with DUH PRES. It is a painfully sad state that our country finds itself in...

Finally saw Neil Young in the Jonathan Demme movie Heart of Gold. It is a wonderful movie if you feel like 'attending a concert'. Great sound and stage work by Mr. Demme. YOU ARE THERE for an astonishing Neil Young concert. This very different from Neil's latest time out with 'Greendale'. It was a touchingly 'shared time' with my main shaman man Neil, while he is still wandering alive and well on the planet. Don't wait on the DVD, go to a theater and see this one.

It was a special treat for me to see the Ryman Auditorium in such good use. I attended college two hours east of Nashville in Sewanee,Tennesse. They used to let you in FREE after intermission to the Grand Olde Opry on Saturday nights It was a fun weekender. I saw Patsy Cline there once. May never go there agin' so this movie version has to do for now.

Check out this graphic comparison of Las Vegas style slot machines to electronic voting machines.

Here's how 'Pop' sounded Before It Popped.

For all the latest dangers of wireless, towers, etc. particularly in the state of New Mexico, check out this blog called Wireless Action. I am very saddened to learn that CHIMAYO (the Lourdes of the Southwest) of all places has a big fat tower emanating waves of microbursting wirelessness. Thanks to a reader for passing this link onto us and for this kind message.... I learned of FreshChaos whilst navigating the high seas of New Mexico blogdom. I'm happy that you are serving up your chaos fresh, as we see more than enough stale chaos in my neck of the woods. Keep doing what you do.

A friend and I took in the so-called, BLACK WOODSTOCK last week. Issac Hayes was the main performer along with Albert King, Rufus and Carla Thomas, the Staple Singers, the Emotions, and the Barkays in 1972 concert seven years after the Watts' riots. Plus there are a number of interviewed moments of then little known comic, Richard Pryor. My friend comments: [The concert film WATTSTAX] is quite the time capsule, and it is so striking to realize how little has changed with  race relations in the US. Also, the music was so energetic and powerful, rich with emotion and conviction.  I made it a point to listen to more from the Stax catalog today, and I enjoyed hearing those singers and bands again. It all made me wonder how far we are today from more 'riots' with the huge masses of unemployed and unhappy folks across our nation. No matter anyone's color. A lot of folks are 'mad as hell' just too 'weighed down' to riot as yet. In PARIS, they aren't so bogged down of late; riots aplenty en francais.

PEARL JAM is the name of a new album appearing on the music horizon this May 2nd by the band PEARL JAM (ah, who else?). A single produced on the album is to be called, WORLDWIDE SUICIDE. Can't wait. Go Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder, et al!!

Ditto...GO LADY LOBOS!! Today they take on Baylor in Round Two of the Madness.

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Cheney's got a gun

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Saturday, March 18, 2006
Undoubtedly upset with the third anniversary of the shockingly aweful Iraq War II, a lot of folks called in sick this week. A reader in Jacksonville, Florida while grieving the tragic and ridiculously aweful war, took some time to send in this photograph of the war going on on the courts of the Jacksonville Veterans' Memorial Colesium...Many thanks to our loyal reader for this photograph of the Real Action in our homelands this week/month...We have so much TV and so little time; glad our reader took time to watch the action in Real Time and to document his adventures.

NCAA Jacksonville

Here's the 'documentation' of the above photograph:

Jacksonville Rounds One and Two, March 16 & 18 by Raoul Dook

Jacksonville may not be the heart of Gator territory, but it could be its spleen. Imagine almost 14,000 redneck football fans draped in blue and orange trapped indoors most of Thursday and all afternoon into the early evening Saturday. Sure there was one section of LSU purple and gold crazies for 2 games, another noisy, if odd Texas Aggies group and of course a sort of weird black and yellow UW-Milwaukee half section. The Gators silenced the loud “USA! USA!” chants of South Alabama and they went home early as did Syracuse. The Orange looked helpless as did Gerry McNamara with a torn groin. It hurt to watch him try to play. Oklahoma just looked hapless with a big fat white guy at center. Why did Iona even bother to make the trip? While the Gaels did have cheerleaders and an ugly mascot named Killian, they were the only team without a pep band. That left a bunch of empty seats under one of the baskets.

Gators sat everywhere else. The actual team looked pretty impressive on their way to the Sweet Sixteen. The Gators are young (mostly sophs), lean and fast. They love to run. Joachim Noah can lead the fast break and often does. While his hairdo looks strange, he can dunk like crazy and looks a little crazy as well. Corey Brewer knocked 5 treys after being knocked down silly early in
Saturday’s easy win over UW-Milwaukee. Al Horford looks tough in the paint. Adrian Moss pulls down rebounds like a wild animal and Chris Richards actually appears to be a wild beast. While point man Taurean Green can drill from outside, a bad ham sandwich slowed him down in the first game and foul trouble hampered him in the second. Lee Humphreys can nail 3’s and did in the first game. The Gator nation good ol’ guys sitting next me called “our white boy.” Indeed, the African-American players on the court easily outnumbered the few black fans present. Billy Donovan has the Gators playing together and they may be for real.

If the Florida Gators make it to the Final Four, they can be dangerous. They overpowered and overran both USA and the surprising Milwaukee Panthers. Of course, even the faithful Rowdy Reptiles wait them to collapse as they did after winning 19 in row over pathetic opponents. Then they lost convincingly to Tennessee and twice to South Carolina before winning the SEC tourney for a second straight year. Georgetown awaits. Will the Gators explode or implode?

The most interesting game of the six had to be the last one. LSU Center Glen “Baby” Davis is a huge guy with a soft touch. He made the Tigers fun to watch. Think a bigger (both wider and higher) Charles Barkley. They looked to blow out A&M with an early lead, but soon the Aggies caught up. While the Gator fans dribbled out of the arena, the game slowed to A&M’s snail’s pace. Tied at the half, LSU barely survived by sinking a trey in the waning seconds to win by one with the score in the 50’s. Steve Lavin has the Tigers going to the Final Four. Uh, Redick, the Landlord and Coach Rat may not agree with him.

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Friday, March 17, 2006
Momentary Hotlinks: Sent in by our readers...
__Psychics to try contacting Lennon in TV seance. They may get in touch with Harry Houdini before Lennon.
__More info on the Military Industrial Complex. Ike is rolling over in his grave.

Say, if you've got $65.00 and you are in the high desert come 4/11 (as opposed to 9/11), you too can see Uncle Bob Dylan performing live with Merle in the concretus excretus Tingley Rodeo Dome in Albuquerque. I might pay that to see Meryl Streep. But not in Tingley Coliseum.

GO IRISH!! according to our mornin' dewed newspaper, "Irish is among the top-five ancestries in every state but two: NEW MEXICO and HAWAII". Irish is the leading ancestry in LIVE FREE or DIE HARD NEW HAMPSHIRE Delaware-"We're in DELAWARE?", and Massachusetts.

GO TARJAIT!! The real story is emerging on DUH PRES's top domestic policy maker's gaffing gape of stealing from a TARGET Store in his hometown neighborhood. The DUDE, Claude Allen, is Black, a 'credentialed conservative' (first politico job was for Jessie Helms), a BORN-AGIN' CHRIS-TEE-YAN, and a 45 year old virgin lawyer.

His ruse was quite good...he would buy something, take it to his car outside, go back into Target, and re-fill his bag with the same item and head for returns (God, I hate the Return Aisle anywhere-although Tarjait's is one of friendliest skies for returning stuff- I once returned a huge, muddied, and grossly mis-formed, GIANT tent after it had gathered up a damn full of water and dumped it all over us all night long on a camping trip...No problemo on the Tarjait return. I had the receipt and wet tent in its original wrapper/box.)

OK so he got caught and was given a misdemeanor ticket, released, and sent home. Then an investigation ensued showing that he had done this a few hundred times (beginning the same month that he purchased a $958,000 home on his $161,000 taxpayer-paid salary. Why are BORN-AGIN'S so upset at the sins of others? And why do we have a born agin' cocaine snortin' alcoholic running our country with a mad cow shootin' Veep's knee to sit on? And Jesus, what a petty thing for a highly paid Republican to get arrested for. HA...! HA...!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
-Voltaire, philosopher (1694-1778)

Nothing quite so absurd as the following snewz:Congress pushed the ceiling on the national debt to nearly $9 trillionThursday... The House approved $92 billion in new money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for relief along the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast. The Senate adopted a $2.8 trillion budget blueprint that anticipates deficits greater than $350 billion for both this year and next. The spending blueprint, approved 51-49, little resembles President Bush's proposal last month for the budget year that begins Oct. 1.

To the disappointment of budget hawks, the Senate's measure would break Bush's proposed caps on spending for programs such as education, low-income heating subsidies and health research. All told, senators endorsed more than $16 billion in increases above Bush's proposed $873 billion cap on spending appropriated by Congress each year. Vice President Dick Cheney was on hand for a possible tie-breaking shotgun blast, but that proved unnecessary.

A the Year of the Dog unfolds, I am reminded of the Shelley Wu website page that cites the following: The year of the Yang (+) Dog teaches the lessons of watchfulness, defense of the weak and fair play. International justice will be the order of the year. Causes, protests and the righting of wrongs defines Dog years. Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.

Perhaps this coming weekend anniversary of shock and awe ironically combined with this week's big Operation Swarmer-the largest offensive since the beginning of Iraq War II-, we can hope for International justice and the Righting of wrongs to come about soon in this crazy world where to buy gas for your car becomes a gamble from week to week (a losing gamble this week due to chaos in Nigeria apparently). Where our own citizens are jobless, healthcareless, homeless, and fire, wind, and rain storms are thrown at us from the mighty hand of the almighty storm maker on a daily basis. Storm on Wayne...Storm on Garth.

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Not enough MADNESS?
__Last Tuesday there was a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE...aah...
We are all equally screwed by Health Care providers these days according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Well, that's just great. All this time I thought white male republicans got better service than democratic black females. I was wrong.
__GOOGLE must turn over records of its users to the U.S. Justice department. I have googled myself several thousand times in the last hour. I hope this isn't a problem.
__CARBON DIOXIDE has climbed to a record 381 parts per million last year while you were driving in your hydrogen powered vehicle.That reading is up 2.6 parts per million. Jesus. And this while nearly all of Texas is on fire thus eating away further holes in the ozone. Mary and Joseph.
__With LESS THAN 1000 DAYS until Election 2008, should we CENSURE DUH PRES?

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Get your NCAA Bracket here.

Three years ago this weekend...SHOCK AND AWE...began our journey to end the world. Such a short sweet war it has been for DUH PRES and his cronies. And all of us who are paying now and forever for those beautiful explosions seen on international tv screens. Wow! Ka-boom. Oh yeah. There it goes again. Take me higher. Go USA.

HOTLINKS sent in by our readers:
__In 4,000 years what will archaeologists think of my LPs?
__O'Connor Decries Republican Attacks on Courts
__Top ten lists appear to be endless.
__The ultimate SPAM!
__More on South Park's CHEF quits his job.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Spring is when we break out of our shells and plumage forth through the hard soils of frozen winter time. For me, this is always a true struggle. I like the dark days of winter when the windows are closed to the noise of neighbors and there are long hours of television to while away the hours ever marching to our deaths and resurrections. I can hide behind the glow of this eMac and type nonsense for hours at a time.

These last two weeks, however, all I have wanted to do is to climb into a cave and escape the howling high desert winds outside. Fortunately, there aren't miles of grasslands ablaze outside our Albuquerque FRESHCHAOS HQ like in our neighboring state of Texas. New Mexico lost 92,000 acres to wildfires two days ago and that ain't nada in comparison to the woes of Texas. I would snicker at the problems of our 'Presidential State' except there ( so far ) have been no fires in Crawford and the price of oats this summer is going to explode with the cost of steak for our meat loving cattle men and women. All that seemingly 'valueless' grassland is eaten by cattle on good days. And all that barrenly burnt land is going to head us into DUSTBOWL 2006...

More Signs of DOOM: This week's Weather Channel's 'Tornado Week' gets interrupted by LIVE TIME TORNADO reports. An early season of 'death from above' is upon us. The whole world seems doomed by fire and wind and Mother Earth shaking to be free from us all. Tornado Week last night (Yes, I am a reality tee vee fan of chaos and tragedy) showed the oddball destruction of last year's (it was only four months ago) weird NOVEMBER tornado. And thanks to the crime rise in Houston and the news that shows DUH PRES well aware of levees and damns set to explode, KATRINA Newz has not gone away; and, this year's Hurricane Season promises to be another whopper (officially begins JUNE first- 3 months or so to go). Seems like we are set to go for three bad season's in a row hurricane wise.TRULY there's just SO much chaos and so little time to write about it all while hiding from the blowing and breaking winds of New Mexico's high desert early Spring.

Odd tidbits of Fresh Chaos:
__In a Sad but True Stroy...The reigning MISS DEAF TEXAS was struck by a train and died this week. HONK!!
__All those Alabama church fires (yes, this isn't exactly 'FRESH' chaos anymore) were set by college students as Pranks Gone Wild. Jesus.
__The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland admitted that currently 102 Irish Priests (just in Dublin alone) are suspected of abusing children...HAPPY ST. PRIESTLY PENIS week.
__Isaac Hayes is quitting his role as CHEF on "South Park" because of its take on religion (does South Park have a single 'take' on religion?) Hayes is a, yes, you guessed it, a SCIENTOLOGIST. Jesus. Mary. Joseph. Damnit CARTMAN!!
__200 riders of a train in India may or may not be 'hostages'...Reports are in that rebels are holding the train load of folks. This story merits continuing coverage but may get lost to more important things like THE SOPRANOS which opened in an AMAZINGLY GREAT episode. What a surprise to see Tony lying on the floor dialing in 911 for himself. Will TONY SOPRANO be the first to die in the new season? Will they find out what happened to those 200 East Indians on that train? Only time and next Sunday night will tell.
__RE: MILOSEVIC'S heart attack...real or imagined...natural or caused by influx of drugs and booze to his prison cell? And who cares anyway; what's the latest on MILLA????
__ROLLINGSTONE MAGAZINE rocks China...The first international edition of RS Mag hit the streets recently with a Chinese Edition. I always said music can save the world. This may be a sign that the Apocalypse is delayed for a few more weeks.

FRESHCHAOS Movie Quote of the Moment: Our reporters recently viewed the Modern Day Millie, Patricia Arquette, in a NON-Medium sort of movie entitled, "Goodbye Lover" with scenes that won't be shown on Monday night Tee Vee...The movie drags a bit until Ellen DeGeneres shows up as a dry and very cynical detective...Here's our Quote of the Moment spoken mostly by Ms. De's character:
How do you wakeup every day being so doggone cynical?

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Monday, March 13, 2006
To read the March Issue of The Poet's Corner by Jeff Hartzer, click MARCH MADNESS.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Laura Berg who appeared with her band TATHATA at Albuquerque's AirDance ArtSpace on March 4th, 2006 is on the COVER of our local ALIBI this week...She tells her story of the whole accusation of SEDITION fiasco caused by the Alibi publishing her 'Letter to the Editor'. What was the topic you ask? The horrible job our Pres-i-dent is doing/has done/will do. Click the image below to read her story.

Laura Berg
Laura Berg

Click this link to see a short digital gallery of photographs taken of TATHATA at the AirDance ArtSpace.

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What a heart breaker for the NM Lobos Men today as they lose by one point to a team (UNLV) that was behind the whole game until the moment it counted most. Sorry dudes but the year is over for the NM Lobos. The wo-men still have a shot at going to the dance but the madness is just plain insanity for the men. For more click the Go Lobos! logo...

Other Snewz:Get the latest on the countdown to Sunday Night's RETURN of the SOPRANOS...Or check out this February 2006 report from the executive branch investigates and discusses the federal government response to Hurricane Katrina.The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned.

Sopranos begins March 12

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
The GOOD...NEIL YOUNG was on the Daily Show tonight!! The BAD...UNM's Lady Lobos lose their chance of winning the Mountain West Conference today. Undoubtedly, they have lost their chance at NCAA bid as well...or not? This season's Lady Lobos have done much better than their male counterparts, so this snewz does not bode well. Male Lobo roundballers up tomorrow for their big shot at it all starting with a MWC win (they must win ALL next three games to do anything further down the road to MADNESS). Go Lobotomies.

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Dana Reeve, the wife of the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve, has died of
lung cancer and breast cancer haunts the lovely Sheryl Crow. Meanwhile, the great and wonderful YANNI spent a night in jail for battery. A high school teacher goes on leave after comparing Bush-man to Hitler and all is not well in this crazy old world as the Patriot Act makes it into its part two. And VERMONT town votes to IMPEACH BUSH. Go folks of NEWFANE, VT. LIVE FREE or move to New Hampshire.

Poor ole Bush-boy didn't fare well in Snewzweek's 'Conventional Wisdom' this week either. Hell, he hasn't done well there for months...Thumb's down with this comment: On ports,Iraq and Katrina, even many Republicans are challenging his competence. Have fun in India. He did, Pakistan too.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Be the first on your block to get a free bumpersticker...
Just send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to :
Fresh Chaos
P.O. Box 25892
Albuquerque, N.M., 87125

Hurry, supplies are limited...

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Sunday, March 05, 2006
With an ensemble cast and apparently a car wreck, the Oscar for the Best movie of 2005 goes to CRASH leaving behind broken cowboys to sing the blues. The hit of the evening was Jon Stewart who pulled off his hysteric/historic OSCAR night with amazing aplumb. Nice gape by Jennifer Garner skating across the floor to the microphone obnviously pulled ahead by the bouncing weight of her convenient cleavage forming breastaculars. This was the first only Oscar Night where I actually watched (almost) the whole thing thanks to Mr. Stewart's fine company. Bravo Sir Jon.

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JUSTin from a reader:
Iraq:the Musical.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006
BIG DOINGS TONIGHT at Albuquerque's AirDance ArtSpace.Two bands and a lot of fun to raise fundage for the ACLU and Albuquerque Peace and Justice Center...Why the hub bub...It's all about the freedom to express an opinion and not get the boots of your orifices by The Man with no Plan, Stan.

Yesterday Laura Berg was interviewed by Amy Goodman on PBS. Tonight Ms. Berg will sing her heart out with her new band mates [Tathata...each time I say that I sound like Cartman! TAthaTAAAA!!] and shake hands with those of us who stand in her shadow of free speech rights.

Some notes JUSTin from our readers::I am being interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now on THURS AM MARCH 4th, taped live at KNME in ALBQ early AM, broadcast live to the east coast and her cable show. In ALBQ the radio show will air at KUNM at 4. I think the interview would be available on her website afterwards, in some form. Send your love and blessings for me to speak well on the part of all us, and tune in if you can!! [Blessings of all the right kinds of FRESHCHAOS to you Ms. Berg.]

And this: Hi everyone. Just a quick update about the Rock for our Rights show this Saturday night at the AirDance ArtSpace. First off - you can find more info about the show and about the civil liberties case on the blogsite - just scroll down a little bit. [ooh, we do love links to us...]

Second - and SUPER exciting - I just heard our very own Io (aka Laura Berg) talking about this case on Democracy Now! This show is broadcast worldwide and Amy Goodman is here in Albuquerque right now and wanted to share this story with the world. Io gave a great interview and powerfully spoke her piece about the importance of free expression, and the chilling effects that are happening now. Radical Self-Expression is one of the core values of Burning Man, and I know this issue is important to many of you on this list, so I wanted to give you the heads-up so you can tune in and hear the interview yourself.

Speaking truth to power takes immense courage, and Io is a local hero. I hope to see a bunch of you out there celebrating with her this Saturday night!
New Mexico Regional Burning Man Contact

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Bless me Father for I have sinned...It has been days since my last BLOG...There truly is just so much chaos and so little time. I am at a loss of where to begin on today's worldwide situation of impending doom and dark chaos. Each momant seems more APOCALYPTIC than the one that just passed.

This past week our Enchanted Land's Republican HEATHER WILSON was on Bill Maher and did a good job of it (hurts to say that-she's truly a smart cookie with lots of soft dough). She is running against our State's Attorney General, Patricia Madrid, this fall. Ms.Wilson has been sitting on the middle fingered fence post for the last few months and making quite a name for herself going against the W drainspout.

She is still a wolf enjoying her polyester suits. The current King of the Enchanted Land, Bill Richardson, met with DUH PRES earlier in the week before W went off for some curried rice in the land of British and now US IMPERIALISM where we've gained friends through having those secret secrets to THE BOMB. Bill then went off to New hampshire to help a Democrat up for election, and maybe for some future political reason. Maybe just to see some snow as it has been lacking here in our state all winter.

Quickie FRESHCHAOS Snewz Bitz:
__L WORD: If you have ever wanted to smell like a lesbian now you can...just order up Showtime's new perfume product entitled 'L'. Why not a perfume with a fragrance for the show 'WEEDS' ?
__Bush Approval Rating Lower than Ever...what else is new? Idiots still might elect him today. Why? I don't know anymore. Am I discouraged, yes.
__Not a good week for Deputies...Barney Fife and Marshall Dillon's Deputy both bit the heavenly dust. Dennis Weaver was also known for playing the role of a New Mexican 'deputy' on the tube.
__33 months to go before the first election since 1952 without an incumbent running for office of President or Vice Peep. It will be the second election in 28 years without a BUSH, unless Jeb steps up soon.
__My favorite dude of all time, Neil Young, has had his anciently aged face in every magazine on the planet in the last few weeks for the new Jonathan Demme movie about the man, his plan, his music. The world fears he may die soon apparently. He certainly almost did. He was even in the 'Sunday paper' magazine...Playboy, Newsweek, Esquire, Interview, ad infinitums and rolaids. GO NEIL.
__Famous drop outs: Bill Gates- Harvard,1977...Karl Rove- Utah,1973...Ted Turner- Brown,1960...Steve Jobs- Reed,1976...Woody Allen- NYU,1958...David Geffen- Univ. of Texas at Austin,1965. Just thought you should know.
__"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees..." except fopr that recent video release showing DUH PRES and a whole room of his cronies discussing same...Time to hit the road to India.
__Casualites on our side for the current war on terror (including injuries) now number OVER 25,000 United States soldiers.

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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