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Monday, February 27, 2006
So we've been at the tail end of a 'Dark of the Moon' with things in Iraq looking extraordinarily bleak and all going to might expect on this Monday that Wall Street would implode but's in the green and rising its little golf course flag high over the eighteenth grren. So Happy New Moon as we rapidly move toward FAT TUESDAY and the end of the Month of Love and chocolate.

Still time to buy a HUMMER...(or any over three ton vehicle for that matter)...yes you still get a $25,000 USD tax break at the outset of purchase and a huge depreciation on tax years afterward...Now if you buy a HYBRID car whadda ya get? Huh, huh? Tell me, tell me!...A one time tax break of $3,105.

Addiction to oil solved, baby. By the way..those HUMMER tax benefits don't apply to those of you with spinning wheels and a large flat screen HDTV living in shacks with a GIGANTIC Humvee out gots to use da ting for biz-ness. So sell dee crack from da doh of da car.

High Desert Weather Snewz Shortz: All trees are blossoming out...NO winter to speak of...Only one small snow flurry at Freshchaos HQ that disappeared instantly...One piss poor rain in October...One brief shower in November...Literally thas eet. Today, ALL fires including cookouts ('barbeques' they call them here) are banned in county rural areas. Can't even smoke a cigarette outside in the rural counties (though how they enforce that one is a mystery)...If there was ever a season for the whole 'bosque' (woods along Rio Grande River) to burn up this is it , unfolding now...Probably a good time for one of those CONTROLLED BURNS by the Forestry Service like the one they did a few years back in Los Alamos.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006
So you write a letter to a local FREE weekly paper (Albuquerque's Alibi) complaining about the Pres-i-dent. You happen to work as a nurse at the VA Hospital and the VA's Office of Information Security impounds your computer at work, scrutinizes the hard drive, and returns it the next day and 'rumor' is that you are reported to the FBI...Well Siree, Ms. Laura Berg did all of the above and got nothing but hassle for her efforts at speaking out against DUH PRES...

Meet Ms. Berg and listen to her band play next Saturday night at Albuquerque's AirDance ArtSpace...To read Laura's complete story, click this link:
Accused of SEDITION. [Scroll down a bit after you get there.]

Happy is she who dares courageously to defend what she loves.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006
An upcoming Albuquerque Event:
SATURDAY MARCH 4th at the Airdance ArtSpace
7:00-10:30 pm (doors open at 6 p.m.)
$5 donation at the door, please pay more if you can!!

A Music Extravaganza to benefit the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (ACLU-NM) and
the Albuquerque PEACE & JUSTICE CENTER in support of ACLU-NM's case representing the VA Nurse accused of sedition.

Music provided by: TATHATA- ("suchness" in Sanskrit)- music for ecstatic dance & evolving planetary consciousness, in reverence for the earth and each other ...along with The LOST TRIBES OF MARDIS GRAS- Brazilian Samba & Afro Caribbean, percussion-driven music...All ages welcome! We will have firedancers, face painting, chair massage, & networking and information tables.
Please bring pot luck refreshments and beverages to share (and own plates and silverware of you can)...

For more information or to volunteer to help in with networking tables, massage, face painting, set up or take down, please call Kimi or IO at (505) 268-7303.

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Posey Sentenced As Child; Will Be Released At 21
A judge has sentenced Cody Posey as a juvenile in the deaths of his father, stepmother and stepsister.

Now, here's all the slang / abbreviations you ever want to know

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Monday, February 20, 2006
JUSTin from our readers:

RE: Bonnie Raitt in Albuquerque:
As an opening act, Paul Brady had to win over a very loyal audience of Bonnies', and he did it with talent, humor, and grace. Just a man and his guitar, and many good songs. He joked with the crowd about how dry it was, and how gracious we were. His songs were political(at one point, he commented that the "Irish invented politics, and the Americans invented corportations.", then proceeded to sing about the corporations' impact on Ireland.), along with songs of lost love and being on the road. He has a strong voice which conveyed the message of his songs very well. By the end of his set, the audience wanted him back for another song, but we somehow knew that he would be back later, and he was...
   Whenever you hear the phrase "you're not getting older, you're getting better", it's often said as an overused cliché', usually at birthday celebrations. Well, this phrase is so very true of Raitt, whose voice is better than ever, with her choice of songs close to perfect on this night.  Being a noted player of slide guitar, she played clear and sharp, with piercing notes that rung throughout the evening.   Her songs of emotion and strength resonated well with the audience, who responded just as strongly to new songs such as "I Will Not Be Broken." (Perhaps a song for our times?)  Her band is so very good, always hitting the right notes. Along with her humor,  she was also graceful in her comments on aging and being free of alcohol.  Also, she is POLITICAL, and we thank her for that!  Like Neil and Willie, her tour bus is fueled by bio-diesel, and she stressed the importance of supporting the local environmental movement. Several groups were represented out in the main lobby, including the NM Wilderness Alliance.
  Paul Brady joined her for a couple of songs, and they made beautiful music together. It turns out that she has recorded some of his songs, so there was a connection. One song in particular really hit the mark, a three-part harmony that was so exquisite it made the audience swoon.
  Her life has not been an easy one, and that is reflected in her songs. Despite the difficult times, she has prevailed with grace, beauty of spirit, and a lot of heart. That's real inspiration for all of us.

RE: Cody Posey Trial:
You wrote the Albuquerque Journal asking for information about how to lend your support to Cody Posey. There is a Mercy for Cody Posey petition you can sign at Petition Online . You might also contact Bobbi Bartlett in Alamogordo, 505-257-6144, regarding a rally Monday morning on behalf of Cody in front of the courthouse there. Also, if you visit this website, you will find information about writing a letter of support to Cody's defense attorney, Gary Mitchell, that can be forwarded to Judge Counts during the sentencing hearing.

RE:Hunter S. Thompson:
Hunter S. Thompson was 67 when he shot himself to death Feb. 20,2005 in his home in Woody Creek, apparently despondent over health problems. Anita Thompson said she decided to offer the photo on GONZO STORE in response to fans who have written her asking the anniversary.

Arlo Guthrie live in Jax., Fl.:
Well, I survived Arlo (on night of State of the Oniion) w/o mishaps at the Florida Theater in downtown car knows its way home.
He put on a 2 1/2 show with old and new songs including Alice's Restaurant. This 40 yr Garbage Trail tour. Also a lot of his rambling quirky anti-Bush, anti-war musings and folksy ruminations. This while Bush wanked on the state of the onion. With white hair and
beard, Arlo still looks like Arlo with a lot of weight and longhair added on. Old crowd with a few teens stuck in. No 20's, 30's, or 40's. I felt young. Arlo is 58 and younger than Dylan (he did couple off Dylan songs too). A nice entertaining evening in the fab old art deco venue. Great sound and acoustics.

Happy DUH PRES DAY and first year anniversary of HST's demise.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006
We recently saw a most incredible move-eye that you won't see getting much OSCAR time due to the subject matter...Starring Nicolas Cage (FYI: his latest dvd, The Weatherman, comes out this week), Jared Leto, Bridget Moynahan, and Ethan Hawke, the LORD OF WAR is nothing short of extraordinary, from beginning to end. Filmed in an extraordinary manner with extraordinary acting and extraordinary subject content it is simply extraordinarily great. OK. Add this to 'Birdy', and 'Adaptation' as way up there in the Cage arenas of weirdly fine and emotionally moving movies sure to be lost in the 'awards' silliness.

BREAKING WINDS: it has now been 8 days without Dick Cheney shooting anyone.
Bring on the Daytuna 500,Olympic fevers, and ever closer March to Madnesses.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Last night was a treat: took in The Wailers at Albuquerque's Sunshine Theater. Very nice to move the old bones around with some great natural rhythms.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Better late than not at all... DICK TAKES FULL BLAME for shooting his 78 year old buddy.

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Jeff Hartzer's latest POET'S CORNER article entitled,Well-Kept Secrets is now available online.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Man Shot By Dick Cheney Has 'Minor' Heart Attack

Doctors say some of the birdshot that Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally fired at a fellow hunter over the weekend has lodged in the man's heart, causing a minor heart attack.
BUT HE'S FINE. This is a MINOR Thing. Kind of like a minor shotgun pellet spray...MINOR HEART ATTACK...

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Monday, February 13, 2006
A reader writes:Go to theFamily Watchdog website...Then enter your street  will show a "house" in the middle of the map, that's your house... all the little colored boxes are registered Sex Offenders... click on them and you get a  name, address & picture of the person along with his crime...Pretty amazing  and scary...It shows you where they live in proximity to your home and local schools. 

Shark Frenzy Closes Australian Beaches and Peter Benchley has been eaten by the JAWS of DEATH.

Another Reader writes:There's a new book by and about Spalding Gray, the peculiar writer and performer whose body washed up in the East River last year, raises questions it cannot answer. It is called: An Interrupted Life.

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In Search of Danny Quail

Where were you when you first heard the news about JFK getting shot? Where were you for the BLIZZARD of 2006? What were you doing when you first heard that our country's NRA loving Vice President sprayed a frail old man with a shotgun blast?

If you were like me, maybe you were wondering why were these good old boys out shooting when they should've been praying to Jesus in a Church? And then, you learn that the shooting didn't happen on Full Moon Sunday but rather that it happened 24 hours earlier on a green sky Saturday Afternoon.

Love those Secret Service boys for keeping this HUGE National Secret hidden away from all of us regular citizens in the scrublands of Coastal Texass. Now, if I had shot someone with my shot gun (which I don't have), I'd be arrested first and questions asked later, minutes later.

Wall Street is down this Monday morning. Are we scared yet Corporate Amerika? Is our Veep really a gun toting madman on the lam or just another old fart with a shotgun and a load of Men in Black Suits to clean up his messes?

Cheney's spokesWOman states in a news release that the VP's Office did NOT tell reporters about the ac-ci-dent Saturday because they were deferring to Katharine Armstrong to handle the 'announcement' (a baby shower?- or a shotgun pellet shower?) of what happened on her property Ms. A. called the local paper [ Corpus Christi's Caller-Times ] about the little ac-ci-dent 24 hours later on SUNDAY.

I watched my 2 millionth episode of COPS late last night. This gripping episode showed a horribly mangled body lying in a Miami street. Then cuts to the COPS knocking on the door of an elderly woman who has a bloodied Caddy in her driveway. Grandma had smashed into this woman then driven home to 'put her feet up' hoping Scarlet-like that all would just GO AWAY if she had a toddy and good night's rest. She'll have one of the coloreds wash the car in the a.m. The VEEP and MS.Armstrong must have been thinking along similar lines to not allow this story to take a leak until 24 hours after the blood ran dry. Mr. VEEP's blood alcohol levels would be settled out by then, he would have gotten a nice sleep and would appear back in snowed in DC-ville, happy as an old coot with DUH PRES to sit on his knee.

DUDE, this story isn't going to go away! When was the last time a Pres/VEEP shot anyone while in office or out for that matter's way back there in the books of Histoire....back when dueling was still in common practice for a Man's Honor. Shotguns were not just for the sake of blasting the crap out of little ole Danny Quail. You couldn't even have pitched this story to Hollywood...It is going to be a highlight for tonight's (and many other nights) Daily Show, Colbert Show, Letterman, Conan O, Leno, and SNL. How can THEY make this go away?

And the Repubs will be SPINNIN' ... The old guy is FINE. Still has both eyes...looks like he had a case opf chicken pox (ah, NOT BIRD POX; ...make that Measles). Besides he's on Medicaid.Besides if the old guy kicks it this week, all the better for our Social Security fundage.

SPEAKIN' OF SPIN...New Mexico's most loyal Bush fan, Rep. HEATHER WILSON , actually is GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN according to FOXY Snewz's, Julie Banderas, in her stance opposing White Hourse 'domestic surveillance'. This is the first time in millenniums that I have even closely agreed with sweet Heather. She was on a multitude of TV broadcasts and Pago UNO of the NY TIMES...Thanks now to a certain leader of our country who freakin' shot an old man with his shotgun, Heather's break from the Republican Spinning Wheels will now go to page 22. Or as these things go, the VEEP'S story may go to page 22. Nah. It's just too good. And by keeping the PRESS at bay, they'll come a knockin' now.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006
with his shotgun...!!

Some say Nixon was the Bigger Dick but old Mr. Cheneyhead has pulled a pretty big Bonafidably Bonerriffic, Honk! Scream! GAPING GONZO's AWAY!! on this one.

Where's the Secret Service when you need some secret service like hiding the cocktails, cleaning up the blood, and most importantly keeping the PRESS CORPS at bay.
What was the VEEP'S blood alcohol level? We'll never know.
Can we blame this on Good Ole Jack Daniels or maybe on the FULL MOON?
Nah...just blame the man who pulled the trigger without a care for anyone on the planet but for himself...
It's just the Dick Meister taking time off from his nephew, DUH PRES.

KA-BOOM...oops...GEESH...I mean...G A P E O N Mister Vice President .

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Saturday, February 11, 2006
More (UN-related to DUH Pres-i-dent) SIGNS OF THE APOCALYPSE:
__A human VOODOO head Found in luggage .
__ GREASE IGNITES a small town furor!
__Even 'Football Snewz' is crazed today... Al Michaels traded in for a RABBIT.
__RABBITHOLE: a play about grief. Interesting title choice.
__Teenager arrested after dead baby found in her backpack .
__ABC's World Snewz Tonight co-anchor, Elizabeth Vargas expecting.
__ GRRLZ CRUSHING CARS dot com . HUGO Girls. And smash that Vega too while yer at tit!
__The author of GINGERMAN gets very old, gingerly? Check out 'The G Man' at your neighborhood Liberry. It is a great read.

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Friday, February 10, 2006
JUSTin from our readers:
__Today, the Jonathan Demme movie entitled, HEART OF GOLD appears in selected theaters. Here's a link to the NYTIMES review of
__Here's a link which offers a fine summation of the life and times of Joe McCarthy , related to the movie "Good Night..."    It is a very good overview, even offfering up details that were new to me. As the author is British, he may be forgiven for one factual slip-up. (Truman did'nt lose in 1952, he chose not to run. Stevenson was the nominee for the DEMS that year.)
__Employee Of CIA is...
Accused In Thefts His defense attorney will try to find a national security angle for the trial. Still looking for weapons of mass destruction?
__News from way beyond the Outer Limits... NASA Telescope Spots Mega Solar Systems

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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Now here's a great headline...Hezbollah Leader to Bush: 'Shut Up'! No, you shut up...

Cartoonish Rioting in the streets worldwide, folks are starving, Avian Flu spreads, hantavirus cases on rise, we're globally warmed right now, all kinds of sheet like stuff is hitting many fans, and Wall Street is UP. Whoo Hoo...You gotta love this country.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
HOTlinks JUSTin:
__Rollingstones Speak Out
__More stuff from cyberspace.
__Bombay TV
__Heavy Petting of dogs and cats that is...

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Monday, February 06, 2006
Day After Yesterday
Fans of the bluish Seattle Seahawks may have awakenbed today with the feeling that WE WUZ ROBBED but otherwise it was a fine old Super Bowl and hard to believe it was the fortieth. The Rollingstones were like awesome dudes . THE MAN controllling the time delay device only bleeped the word COCK from "Rough Justice" and a reference to a woman's sexual sway over a dead man in "Start Me Up"...otherwise the Mick Jagger Show was perfect.

One of my favorite advertisements was 'the lamb streaker' for Budweiser; also, the Budweiser horses helping out a young colt to pull the beer wagon out of the barn. I'm a sucker for animals, what can I say? The jackasses and monkeys shown in an 'office space' advertisement for 'Career Builder dot com' also tickled my animal nature. other than the always d-u-m-b Pro bowl in Hawaii's vacation zone, we now begin another long year to the next televised foo-ball game.

Mixed bags of FRESH CHAOS...
__Weirdo TV Advertisements: you don't need a super cereal bowl half time to find weirdo commercials...How about this new plague of commercials for ASBESTOS POISONING: what's that all about? Veterans snorted up asbestos overseas? On Navy Bases? In the South Pacific? At Wal*Mart? Where, when, how?...and why so many advertisements about an apparent Congressional bill?

__Then there's the new series (either nationally shown or regionally in 'border states-getting a lot of airplay here in New Mexico-) for the BORDER PATROL. There are several variations and they all sound like SNL comedy sketches...Are you MAN enough for the Border Patrol? If so we PROTECT AMERIKA , join today. Think I'll pass. BTW: there is a move in New Mexico to disband several National Guard units to save money. Seems an odd time to do this on many levels.

__Thin Green Line: a study commissioned by the Pentagon concludes that the Army is dangerously overstretched in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ah, this is no surprise. Bring back the draft boys and girls. See how popular war can really be.

__More than a dozen millionaires have left money behind to THEMSELVES in the hope the cryogenics can restore them to life in the future and their interest on savings by that time will put them 'over the top'. Dying to save/make money...? I'll pass.

__Florida Police have ceased using BLACK FIGURED TARGETS to prevent any references to shooting at Blacks. Now that's thinking ahead.

__Republicans disagree on current States of the Onion...visit this Republican website called My Party Too for a taste of inner party angst.

__Last Friday's ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT, finally showed the actual tape of the gravely injured news broadcaster and his photojournalist...If you were expecting to be swept up in blood, gore, and 'the horror' were rudely disappointed by film clips that showed glitches in the tape and then simply go black....So, is EMBEDDED JOURNALISM worth the lives of newsmen and women? Is THIS WAR ITSELF worth the lives of men and women?

Has our Nation improved since the start of the war some three years ago? Do you feel safer and more secure? Are you one of the thousands who are now out of a job? Do you have kids that will be faced with a losing economy and a horrendously polluted planet with violently weird weather for their lifetimes? There has to be a better way than IRAQ WAR II to move forward in this New Millennium.

__Our United States Budget Deficit will rise at least to $337 billion U.S. Dollars this year and is predicted to actually exceed $400 billion. Pretty astonishing.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006
Soup Bowl Sunday do l you know where your local bomber is?
Interpol warns today that a mastermind of the USS Cole bombing is among 24 people who have escaped from a prison in Yemen.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006
USA not the #1 Most Hated Country for the moment...Thousands of Syrians enraged by caricatures of Islam's revered prophet torched the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus today...In Gaza, Palestinians marched through the streets, storming European buildings and burning German and Danish flags. Protesters smashed the windows of the German cultural center and threw stones at the European Commission building...Iraqis rallying by the hundreds demanded an apology from the European Union, and the leader of the Palestinian group Hamas called the cartoons "an unforgivable insult" that merited punishment by death.

Sorry L-A-N-C-E, but the days of wine and roses with Sheryl Crowage are out the window. This match up seemed weird and freshly chaotic in a bad way from the get go.

They have caught the Gay Basher of Boston but what about those burnt churches in 'Bama?

Go SEAHAWKS...already a death by shooting mars the mood in party central's DEE-troit.
From all of here at, have a pleasant tomorrow on the USA's biggest HOLIDAY without Jesus, Mary, Joseph, or Green fir trees. Go STEELERS...No, the birds, no. GO Halftime commercialisms. Yeah. that's the ticket.

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Friday, February 03, 2006
Today is D DAY for a computer virus to hatch or so they say...this Mac is still cranking out the Fresh Chaos as fast as I can type which ain't too fast.

Entertainment Weekly which I now get for free (and glad it is FREE) thanks to (see right column advertisement), is pretty lame but according to them and they should know, MONKEYS are the IN thing for 2006....see our very own BUSH MONKEY COMPARISONS. By the way if you 'google that' we come in at #3 on the Bush Monkey Comparisons scale. Whoo hoo.

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It's 12:21 p.m., do you know where your President is...? According to the sound of sirens and Secret Service copters buzzing around our town, he is boarding Air Force One at the Albuquerque Sunport...Bon Voyage to DUH PRES. Hope you and Ms. Laura enjoyed the cheese enchiladas with RED chile (don't you know a Texan would choose the Red over the Green?) last night at El Pinto Restaurant.

BREAKING WINDS: Floating Bodies Seen After Egyptian Ship Carrying 1,300 Sinks...The head of Egypt's maritime authority says a passenger ship missing in the Red Sea has sunk.

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USPS Asleep at the Wheel

The Albuquerque Journal has been running stories by Paul Logan on the horrendous service offered to both business and home address Postal patrons in the Albuquerque area and indeed across our entire state of New Mexico. This morning a story by Mr. Logan discusses taking this matter up with our State Legislators.

Our FRESHCHAOS HQ is located within one mile of new Mexico's largest Postal Office. You would think that our mail delivery would be 'A+ supreme'. Alas and alack, we too have fallen victim to a midwinter of going out to get your mail as late as 7:30 p.m. I complained about this long ago (before it 'made the papers' and the USPS rate increased). Having once served as a Rural Carrier here in New Mexico, I know how things work/don't work.

I am glad to say that our Mail Carrier has done a much better job recently but not before the USPS sent out an administrator to 'check things' somewhat NON-discretely from across the street from us. I was able to nonchalantly take this photgraph from our front yard. I offered the photograph shown below to the AbqJournal but they wouldn't respond to my emails...So I will 'publish' this funny yet INSANELY GREAT, digital shot right-cheer...I call this ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. Click picture for a larger view:

Postal Worker Asleep at the Wheel
photo© Jeff Hartzer 2006

JUSTin our readers' write:

__Today's thought:
We now live in a country where the government can have a woman arrested and jailed because they don't like the shirt she is wearing and they are afraid of what she might do. She was an unarmed guest, by invitation, at the capital and her only message is that people must learn to live in peace. Our government living in terror of the message of peace carried by one mother. I, for one, rise to stand beside her, I will not quietly surrender my country's freedoms.

__More about: the Chinese New Year...ah, Happy Wang?
This year is year of the dog. Yes, Chinese people do eat dog. As China has grown more prosperous in the last twenty years, it has become fashionable for city dwellers to keep dainty little pet dogs. On the other hand, some people in the suburbs and the country raise “meat dogs” to be slaughtered and eaten.

Those people who were born in the year of the dog (such as 1946, 1958, 1970, and 1982) are considered honest, loquacious, and selfless. The Chinese dog say “wang”, not “woof, woof” or “arf”.  “wang” also means “flourish” in Chinese. So I hope everyone will thrive in this new year of the dog.

__A very good friend of FRESHCHAOS writes:[We] got away to Americus. GA. last weekend and attended Jimmy Carter's Sunday School class in Plains. He spent about 30 minutes talking about the Middle East before he started his lesson. A really remarkable person! [ Holy Guano-mole Batman! Pass the Peanuts and Prayerbooks. ]

__America's Most Loathesome...

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Thursday, February 02, 2006
Bush in Albuquerque
Moments earlier today, we were driving West on Interstate 40 noticing that the Eastbound lanes were completely empty and that cops were perched on the overpasses checking for snipers, when the deafening sound of the dark-chocolate-brown-huge-assed Secret Service helicopter came overhead flying at about a thousand feet over the highway...

Then we saw about thirty five PAIRS of motorcycle cops zooming eastward followed by flashing red and blue lighted State Trooper cruisers (which in our state really do -thank you Thelma and Louise- look like Nazis!) and behind them four SWAT vehicles...And yes, finally the shiny Caddy limo for DUH PRES of the United States of America appeared and at which, from the other side of the Interstate, I happily saluted with my Proud to be American middle finger!! Whoo Hoo!

I haven't felt so PATRIOTIC since waving a protest sign at old Ronald Reagan in Tacoma, Washington. Ahhh. It takes me back to a kinder, gentler, machine gunned time even before the Father of DUH PRES took us to Iraq for that first big fun war.

Refrain for the Corporate Puppet
(on the occasion of President Reagan's Tacoma visit)

Say a prayer for the limousined man
Say a prayer for the incubated man
The man looking backward
The man laughing at the crowd

Say a prayer for the red-faced ferrets riding limos
Say a prayer for the hospitality kitchens of the world
Street cornered and hungry factory girls and boys
Easy targets for limousined string pullers

Say a prayer for Presidents
who swing on cowboy boots
who laugh red-faced behind steel glass visions
from inside enormous embryonic cars
flown in fromthe capitals of the world

Say a prayer for the limousined man
so important he needs a gunship
to chop open the sky
wherever he goes
with Greyhounds of Press and soldiers
and televisions and all of us waiting

Jeff Hartzer

I was so much older then I'm younger than that now...

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Jeff Hartzer stands with Lawrence Ferlingetti
The Atlantic Center for the Arts, 1984

Here's a digital gallery of photgraphs I made of George W. Bush's first visit to Albuquerque just days before the world turned on 9/11/2001...BUSH IN BARELAS.

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What's that smell? Oh yeah, the President is in town today. None of his speeches will be open to General Public or Admiral Poor Boy. A speech at the Intel plant in Rio Rancho and at Kirtland Air Force Base are on tap. A restful night spent sleeping here in the High Desert tonight with a TGIF send-off tomorrow.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
She came from New Mexico, postal employee Jennifer Sanmarco, that is. The worst mass murder EVER by a female, now seven dead , caused by a woman from the Land of Enchantment. When we make the Nationwide News, it is mostly for the worst kind of scenario (like five milion DWI deaths a week) or the weidest news EVER (like the RUNAWAY BRIDE who made her now historic phone call from a pay phone less than a mile from FRESHCHAOS HQ.).

Last night, I got (easily and conveniently) distracted and missed the State of Chaos speech. Damnit all. So too, did Cindy Sheehan who was tossed out on her (insert body part) for wearing a black tee shirt inscibed with big white letters/numerals stating the fairly current Iraq War II death toll. Got to say, it was not exactly proper attire for the more Formal Function. Illegal though? Nah.

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It was on this day back in 2003, that in my opinion the awe-full Iraq War II began over the skies of Texas...I wrote about it then calling my piece Our First Seven...To me these were the first casulties of a war that sadly will not end. For those First Seven the war ended this day 2003.

Our First Seven

To see fear falling across wide open western skies...
To hear Colin talk through
the histrionics of a powerpoint war
I feel a fear of the world outside
I know a fear for the world inside
and I am unsure
what to do.
To do
to do...
Is there nothing to do ?
Nothing to do but to think and pray
about a piece of STYROFOAM strong enough
to knock us from the atmospheric sky
falling in flames white, blue, orange
at Mach 18 from two hundred thousand feet.
a piece of STYROFOAM
strong enough
to end it all
for our first seven.
Fear lives this day
Fear and war go
hand in hand
arm and arm.
Fear goes to war
speaking a sadness with goosebumps
Fear is a great mobilizer...
When the fear gives way
to buttons pushed
and masks laid down in blood,
will we think then of the first seven to fall?
No war is so casual
as to be without casualties...
When the hard times of war
take the next seven
and the next,
will soldiers die as sky soldier astronauts
tripped up by styrofoam
down into the fiery plunges
of a sky blue sky?
Will we so honor the first seven soldiers to go...
I am scared for our nation
under many Gods tonight.

© 2003-06
Jeff Hartzer

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