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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
695 Dead, 180 Hurt in Iraq Bridge Stampede ...Bush orders oil released from our private label stockpiles. New Orleans completely flooded out...

For giggles in this surreal time, check out...Backwards Bush dot com .

What an odd morning dawning on the world. As the young Grace Slick said before launching into an electric morning song at Woodstock: Believe me, It's the new dawn. [And speaking of woodstockades: singer and hairy headed Art is Garfunked with second maryjane arrest in Woodstock, NY this week.]

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Wake of the Flood


You know it is baaaad. It sure looks baaaad. I am very thankful tonight for a dry bed, lights, air conditioning, and this handy dandy computer being alive and well. When the Hell are the BLOGGERS of New Orleans going to get back online so we can really know the truth behind Katrina's wake of the flood which grows worse by the second...?

By the way, is it just me or do the powers that be seem to lately 'have it in' for the RED STATES..?

And with the SUPER DOME blown wide open and filled with all the folks too poor to get out of town, when and how will the New Orleans Saints come marching in???...You know the big bucks will save their season for the NFL's actual real season comes very soon to a channel near you. While the poor folks rob the stores for fresh water...the NFL lives...Aah...America loves its Saints, Hurricanes, Dolphins, and Jaguars...

It is hard to be funny about the surrealism of the current hell that is the new torn open armpit of America strewn with broken blood vessels of oil, gas, snakes and sewage with dead bodies floating along the mighty Mississippi. It is the worst disaster in US history and all I can think about is that song...


If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break,
When The Levee Breaks I'll have no place to stay.

Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,
Got what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home,
Oh, well, oh, well, oh, well.

Don't it make you feel bad
When you're tryin' to find your way home,
You don't know which way to go?
If you're goin' down South
They got no work to do,
If you don't know about Chicago.

Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good,
Now, cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good,
When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.

All last night sat on the levee and moaned,
Thinkin' about me baby and my happy home.
Going, going to Chicago... Going to Chicago... Sorry but I can't take you...
Going down... going down now... going down....

Speaking of Red States...Tornados in England were unheard of until this week. Ironic or is this another cataclysmic sign of the apocalypse brought on by our current Presidential Administration with cohort Captain Tony Blair?

And rumor has it that Karl Rove has a girlfriend. Amazing how much sewage bilge comes up on Uncle Karl just by Googling,"karl rove girlfriend"... It is Fabulous news for Uncle Slick that all eyes and ears and prayers are going out this week for those left behind in this horribly bad Wake of the Flood fresh chaos.

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Monday, August 29, 2005
Bless me Father, it has been too long since I wroteth anything here...

As Hurricane Katrina plows northward through the dikes and levies into the very heart of Amerika, it is one heck of a gorgeous Sky Blue Sky kind of day here in the mile high desert of New Mexico. For now at least, there are no gusty winds...just some breaking ones...

THIS JUST IN from a reader:
DOUG THOMPSON has written an amazing article at Capital Hill Blue dot com. The article is an extensive reportage on the recently increasing Obscene Tirades of DUH PRES [ Warning this administration loves obscene words...Praise the forgiving Lord-Ah-mighty.]
_In his article, Thompson states:
While President George W. Bush travels around the country in a last-ditch effort to sell his Iraq war, White House aides scramble frantically behind the scenes to hide the dark mood of an increasingly angry leader who unleashes obscenity-filled outbursts at anyone who dares disagree with him.
_"I'm not meeting again with that goddamned bitch," Bush screamed at aides who suggested he meet again with Cindy Sheehan, the war-protesting mother whose son died in Iraq. "She can go to hell as far as I'm concerned!"
_Polls show a vast majority of Americans now believe the war was a mistake and most doubt the President's honesty...DUH PRES was recently quoted as saying: "Who gives a flying fuck what the polls say," Bush screamed at a recent strategy meeting. "I'm the President and I'll do whatever I goddamned please. They don't know shit."
_A medical doctor says theseoutbursts are all-too-typical of an alcoholic who is still in denial:"The pattern of blame and denial, which recovering alcoholics work so hard to break, seems to be ingrained in the alcoholic personality; it's rarely limited to his or her drinking," he says. "The habit of placing blame and denying responsibility is so prevalent in George W. Bush's personal history that it is apparently triggered by even the mildest threat."

[A recovering drug addict and alcoholic is THE MAN who runs our country...Praise the Lord and pass the potatoes please. Is this anyway to run an wonder so many hurricanes, tornados and natural disaster/wake up calls are bending down upon us all these days....Not to mention oil prices, injured AND dead soldiers/civilians.]

Newsweek's Conventional Wisdom this week condemns DUH PRES with this THUMBS DOWN comment: His "9/11 link" pro-war offensive is getting offensive...What he's selling, America ain't buying. [ Bravo! Stupid unpatriotic communist rag, Newsweek. What are they thinking?]

In not-quite-so-fresh-newz...
Pat Robertson is old newz already...What would Jesus do about the assasination plans for Venezulan President, Hugo Chavez, anyway?

And NOOOOOO...LANCE ARMPIT did illegal drugs? ...Say it ain't so, FRENCHIES, or we'll go back to eatin' them Freedom Fries.

Morning After Pill without Prescription decision much for 'abortion by pill' being available at Wallie World without your parents or boyfriend knowing about it.

Native American activist, Russell Means, tossed from Flight. Abuse alleged...It's the ponytails.

_A 76 year old 'New Mexican citizen' who is now legally entitled to take his gun to Wal*Mart (in concealed fashion) killed a man who was knifing his ex-wife behind the deli counter. Apparently you can also bring your KNIFE to Wal*Mart as well... Hurray for Concealed Weapons . Read all about this 'local' story in this wire report found in theWashington Post.
_This follows by only a week, the shooting of five people by one crazy guy here in Albuquerque. The crazy man's name is John Hyde and he looks like the cross of Darth Vadar and John Clease; thus our aka for him as 'Darth Clease'.
_And several weeks behind the shooting down of a Sherriff's helicopter by an ex-marine here in our mile high city. You just gotta love guns and crazy people . It seems that the war-agitated state of mind our whole country is all about FIGHT OR FLIGHT? CAKE or DEATH? We seem hell-bent on killing the shit our of ourselves. And grossness abounds!

By the way, DARTH CLEASE who is accused of gunning down five people, including two Albuquerque police officers, may have killed them all because he thought he was being chased by vegetarians upset with him for eating meat...No court documents allege this 'fact'.

Old snewz: Well, Hunter S. got his wish. They finally did it...Fare thee well God Speed and so on and so forth to DR. GONZO-RIFFIC...HUNTER S. THOMPSON BLASTS OFF!!

In other newz of dying folks ...August Wilson is Dying...aren't we all?

Read about the Attack of the Gator Dumpers!

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS...Our very own US TROOPS' GET GRAVESTONE CHOICES. It's about's about's all about the really sick and tired and just plain B-U-S-H-E-D human race?

Sad but true...Now, even YOU can RENT A NEGRO...

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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Happy Birthday yesterday to David Chappelle wherever the hell he is...When you gonna get your black ass and funny self back on tv???

Now a Peruvian plane crashes...THE SKY IS FALLING.
Here comes Hurricane Katrina which formed Wednesday morning in the Bahamas is hitting Florida as we speak...Hang onto your hats and undies. Surf's up...again!

You heard of these guys? I heard "Jesus almost loved me, but he missed"
today...very funny song...

Pat Robertson speaks in tongues of INSANITY...glad to see the old master of the squinty-eyed-prayer request go under deep into the tar pits.

LIL' KIM has new cd coming out the same week she'll be headibng to JAIL for a year and a day for perjury Way to go... Beee-otch!!

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Monday, August 22, 2005
Membersghip costs for the National Geographic Society have risen in recent years; but it was well worth the extra 50 cent for thier insightfulltwo night special called 'INSIDE 911', plus Ground Zero' (of 911). From the start, very gripping and well-edited historical background of just how far back 'the evilness' goes and begs the question what would have happened if the Bush family hadn't/didn't have such an incestuously lengthy relationship with the Family Saud. Or if anyone had really listened to all that Osama and his mama were proclaiming to the world for YEARS.

2,973 died on 9-11-01...How many Iraqis/Americans have died while Osama lives on...?

A senior Republican senator said yesterday that the United States needs to craft an exit strategy because its continued presence has created a potential Vietnam. Read more aboutwhat CHUCK HAGELthe second-ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a prospective presidential candidate in 2008 had to say...

Global Ed Project...Go Ed. Go Global, Ed.

Just In from a reader who resides near the northward flowing St. John's River of North Florida, some global warming observations along with literary musings :It's hotter than Satan could want it here, and the river is filled with an algae bloom; no water sports in this town this week. A woman died last week from flesh-eating bacteria she picked up in the river. On the river in Mandarin... I almost retched when I got out of the car as the stench from the algae in the river was overpowering...Inlets and coves are bright green and yellow, and, unlike earlier in the summer when we were getting gully washers every afternoon, we haven't had any rain for some time.

Just finished Mark Helprin's novel Refiner's Fire; he is undoubtedly one of the best
novelists of the 20th century. When I finished Helprin's book I decided to just indulge in pure literary pleasure, so I'm rereading Austen's Emma; what a delight.
Ah the joys of summer and algae bloom.

Well the GOLD STAR MOTHER of a deceased son has gone home to be with her recently stroked out mother but her new CRAWFORD-ville STAND-IN is none other than JOAN BAEZ.
By the way not to miss the action, the DUH PRES athletic supporters have also set up camp on the dirt roads of C-ville now. Including the DOVE HUNNTING BUFFOON who like s to shooot his gun in the air and the FOUR WHEELIN' BUFFOON who likes to crush symbolic white crosses placed in the green grass of the Texas landscape to remind us of the other sons and daughters who are no longer with us.
Can't we all just get along ; maybe sing a song or two while blowin' in the dusty winds that may exist?

Blowing in the Wind

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?
Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they're forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

How many times must a man look up
Before he can see the sky?
Yes, 'n' how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
Yes, 'n' how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

How many years can a mountain exist
Before it's washed to the sea?
Yes, 'n' how many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free?
Yes, 'n' how many times can a man turn his head,
Pretending he just doesn't see?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Bob Dylan...
Leapin' Yarmulkes!!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005
Strike Under Way...Northwest Airlines and its mechanic's union are not able to come to an agreement, and the workers have gone on strike. It's the American Way even in these moving toward NON-UNION times...Will Captain Crawford step up like Cowboy Reagonomical Pres.-man did and bust the strikers ??? Or will DUH PRES keep on keepin' on whackin' them weeds and war protestee Mom's and Pop's on the hiways of Texas? Oh wait...this is the weekend LANCE ARMSTRONG is tooling around with DUH PRES. Sorry how could he do anything else but vacation...maybe strum a campfire tune with Sheryl Crow-wo-man.

FOUR MORE YEARS in Iraq in the U.S. Army's agenda of 'plans'. Gas prices may hit $140. a barrel by then, but who cares as we also may ALL be DEAD from the IRANIAN Nuclear holocaust. Talk about your WMD's...

HE's BACK from Aneurism City Neil Young is alive and well and platying the Nashville Scene. Thank the Rock Gods. Blessed Be. Here's more on Neil and a new movie/album called, Prairie Wind.

JUST in and ADDED... a comments section...I know most weblogs have had this for years. I find it odd to look down at five million entries with COMMENT ZERO staring you in the face and have resisted adding this thing-a-ma-bob. It is there/here now...We'll see how it goes and even if it works at all...
Yours in CHAOS,

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Friday, August 19, 2005
A horrific week in Albuquerque ends with tonight's full moon...8 people were murdered in Albuquerque this week... Five of them last night; two of those were Albuquerque Police Department officers, both of whom came out of retirement to work the streets of our Wild Wild Western High Desert city.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005
_And Mercury points us forward toward the fall with Orion flying the nightsky and all things turning inward soon...
_The Gaza Strip not the place to be this week, nor Iraq, nor Afghanistan, nor the filling/gas/service station...Life is changing on so many levels, on so may waves, rolling in threes toward our shores. Even the high desert is like the ocean late at night when all is flat horizon to horizon and the stars shione over the mesas.
_Crazy times getting crazier day by day. Crazy times call for silence sometimes.
_You can only laugh at ther surrealism of Jon Stewart's Daily Show or else 'we'd all go insane' as Jimmy Parrothead sez. Good luck and safety to you where ever you find yourself this day. Or maybe you can't find yourself which is a problem for most Americans these days. Americans prefer the group efforts of war and football teams and that illusive individuality of eagles flying alone above the morass justt don't really fit into the mainstream of apple pie and machine guns fired from the hands of the murderers or men on the streets of time passing by ever so quickly.
No wonder Hunter Thompson took the long train into the night with angels and all the devilement of death. Give me Christ or give me Hiroshima. Take the high road; the low. Just go man go.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Steve Earle played to a sell out crowd at the renovated Lobo Theater (now a Church) last night in Albuquerque. His new wife , Allison Moorer opened the show and joined him for a few numbers.

It was an acoustic show and there were no Bushie-corps' waiting out front for the sell out house of Liberals in attendance. Stevie spoke of the current Union debacles, the Civil War, caol mining, Nashville, and the whole hisitory of Wars for/by the Rich...All in all it musically/historically was an educationally complete evening for the mellow left-winged crowd.

Some STEVE quotes of record/note:
_"I am a Recovering Folksinger".
_"Democracy is supposed to off set the fact that money is power...if our Democracy is at war, as a part of that Democracy, my spirit is hurt by being a part of going to war."
_"Manifest Destiny just might be the ultimate revisionist bullshit philosophy in life."
_"Soldiers do not make policy, the rich do and the rich do not go to war."
_"All wars are fought for the bottomline: money."

He sang his Rich Man's War 'hit' and a funny diddy (but no long P Diddy) /ditty of a song about Condi Condi Condi...Condoleeeza...Rice. 'Oh Condi won't you come out tonight...'

It was a good night for all but like watching Bill Maher's latest HBO show, CALL ME SWISS , at this point I remain B-U-S-H-E-D at the simple unfairness of our current state of affairs with us against the whole world. There is just TOO MUCH wrong right now and it seems impossible to fight on to change anything.

In odd local has been determined that a back-from-the-war USMC man in Albuquerque (technically he's a RIO RANCHO resident, home to Intel) is now accused of shooting down our County Sheriff's helicopter recently. One more reason not to train our men and woman to be killers. It is like turning a good dog into a BAD DOG...They can't get enough of it. War inside of us all doesn't turn on or off with a switch once it is ignited. Hey there's a helicopter...let's shoot it. Whathesmuck?

JUST in:Zambelli arranges fireworks display for Hunter Thompson's last hurrah...

Mac iBOOK Laptop Sale Causes Massive CHAOS...

Madonna breaks ribs...BUMMER...

New Zealander on rabbit sex charge...GROSS and DISGUSTING...

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Today the Planet Mercury Moves its ass out of RETROGRADE...if communications and winged feet have been a problem for you recently things should move forward now...

BREAKING WINDS: _Earthquake Rattles Japan, Prompts Tsunami Warning...
_17 Spanish Troops Killed In Chopper Crash In Afghanistan
_Plane Crashes In Western Venezuela With 152 On Board...An air official says a plane has crashed in western Venezuela with 152 passengers on board.[make that a big FOUR plane crashes recently]

White House Hires First Female Head Chef...Well, blow me down, they just love black people in the Bush administration...

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Monday, August 15, 2005
For the very latest POET'S CORNER online by Jeff Hartzer click HERE COMES ORION. For more on the Albuquerque Poetry Slam Scene, read on, MacDuff...

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Coming in an earlier entry I mentioned 'waves come in threes' with regard to disaster or good luck. Sadly yesterday, a third passenger airliner crashed with loss of all on board in Greece. After 91101, the skies have been relatively 'disaster free' ; alas not so in recent weeks. Our prayers and condolences go out to those who have lost relatives on board Helios Airways Flight ZU522.

Good snewz/Bad snewz:
NORTH KOREA agrees to keep their nukes to a minimum while IRAN who has had the NUKES a cookin' since way before the WMD IRAQ WWII fiasco started, has UPPED their sudden NEED FOR NUKES in all of their awesome glory. IRAN is becoming more like the USA every day.

Our local Mayorial Election comes up on October 4th which is also the date this year for one of the most holy High Holidays of the Jewish faithful...Rosh Hashana...Good For You, Albuquerque...Oops, I've done it again.

DUH PRES's polls are sliding down like swolen boxer shorts again...And this week LANCE ARMSTRONG will fight his way through the growing number of 'driveway protestors' in Crawford-ville to join the DUH PRES on his Mountain Bike for a ride or two around the specially desgined at tax payer expense bike trails on the Crawford Spread. Watch out for the ants and cow patties Lance.

Crawford wildman redneck neighbor shoots gun in sky to scare off them protesters!!! For the latest on all Crawford events see: BOO MAN TRIBUNE...which is an innerestin' online piece of journalistic genius or something.

By the way WHERE'S SHERYL gonna be? Playing bridge with LAURA? Or is Laura holding things down in D.C.? And what about UNCLE KARL...Karl Roving Hands is truly the INVISIBLE MAN of late.

The National Poetry Slam held this past week in Albuquerque was a smashing success for the City and for the Slamming Poeticals...And for the HOME TEAM who won the whole she-bang to the boos of a few in the audience when their first place award was announced. Good For You, Albuquerque.
Here's the COMPLETE SLAMMER STORY just in::
Albuquerque Wins 2005 National Poetry Slam

DATELINE ALBUQUERQUE-Saturday, August 13, 2005 four teams competed for the 2005 National Poetry Slam Championship. Albuquerque, NM won with Charlotte, NC in second place and a tie between Fort Worth, TX and Hollywood, CA for third place. The first competition was for the individual championship. The Indy title was tied and shared by Janean Livingston from Fort Worth, TX and Anis Mojgani from Portland, OR. The winners received a trophy and a cash prize. The winning team won $2,000...The tensions were high at the 4-hour sold out show at the Kiva Auditorium in the Albuquerque Convention Center with an audience attendance of 2,300.

The 2005 Albuquerque team is city champion Hakim Bellamy, 3-time Team ABQ member Carlos Contreras, 2-time Team ABQ member Cuffee, 7-time Team ABQ member Kenn Rodriguez, and Eseme Vaandrager. High School Senior Vaandrager was unable to compete due to the 18-year-old competition age limit, but she was able to perform the final poem of the evening...Kenn Rodriguez said, “It’s amazing, to perform in a venue like the Kiva, where so many great artists have performed, and to win there for the city, state and region. This is the first time a Southwestern team has won the championship, and representing Albuquerque is a great honor.”

Rodriguez said, “Every team is special in its own way, and this accomplishment sets us apart, but we are standing on the shoulders of the Albuquerque community and the 9 Albuquerque teams that have come before us.” ...For the first time, the championship was live broadcast on Albuquerque’s public radio station KUNM 89.9 FM...More than 450 poets from 75 teams competed over the four days. Each year poets come together for this part festival, part convention, and part competition as poets compete for the title of National Poetry Slam Champion and perform at open mikes and themed readings during the day and late night...Slam is the competitive art of performance poetry with a large dose of show and large dose of audience participation. All judges are selected randomly from the audience. For more information about the slam please visit: Poetry Slam.

And don't forget to check in on Jeff Hartzer's Poet's Corner online from time to time.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005
Just in:Have you heard that the number of soldiers killed in Iraq is not 1,800 but 9,500 due to the military only reporting death IN IRAQ, not deaths of those wounded, evacuated to Germany, and then dying there? Is this urban legend? Write in if you know the scoop...(Your comments typed in at the left side of this page are always appreciated).

Ah-Nold is having a streak of bad luck in Cal-eee-fornication-ville. But whadidya expectorate...? He's an actor (though not much of one) not a genius...not even a near-genius...If Californians were stupid enuff to elect him then they take their grains of salt with their tequila and if Amerika was stupid enuff to elect DUH PRES (or did we elect him?), then we take our salty killing fields as they come...

Speaking of fields ...the Texas fields of Crawford town are filling up with protestors. Hurray for the Gold Star mother of one dead HERO soldier. If DUH PRES had only spoken to her right away perhaps the big stew wouldn't have boiled over like it is now...

Is the only good hero a dead one? Here's to hoping NOT. And here's to bringing in busloads of eco-touristras to Crawford's crossroads to watch DUH PRES drive his big white Ford Truck to the market on the dusty back roads of his fiftieth five week VACATION.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005
Not so FRESH anymore, chaos is still to be found in the unreleased but much espoused new song Sweet Neo Con by the Rolling Stones...If you haven't heard a thousand times already hear are the offensive lyrics:

"You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite.
You call yourself a patriot.
Well, I think you're full of shit!
How come you're so wrong, my sweet neo-con. "

The old bones tour begins soon and hopefully you can arrange to see them live and in person when they come somewhere near you. Here is a listing of all the cities currently confirmed as being part of the last TOUR E-V-E-R of Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ron [plus: Brian Jones' ghost and Bill Wyman in spirit , as he retired in '93 to battle throat cancer].

In other musac snewz: I really am not a new fan of the Willlie Nelson phenomena spurred on by his role in the DUKES movie and a new cd [COUNTRY MAN ] sporting a ganga leaf. His reggae and Willie voice just don't work out the way they might have should (southern speak). Too much Willie not 'nuff reggae in my opinion. [these 'pro Willie' comments JUST in: The best cut on Countryman is "Worried Man" with Toots and the Maytals. A fine song...First two are the worst of the lot.  Harder they come is ok. Sitting in Limbo , Darkness on the face of the earth, I've just Destroyed the World,  You Left me a longlonglong long time ago, I Guess I've Come to Live Here...all grow on you with repeated listening.] I'll have to give it another listen or three.

Stay tuned for a new REGGAE RASTA cd by SINEAD O'CONNER...seems to be the latest thing... IS YOU A neo-con OR rasta-con? Ms. or the Rev. Sinead O'Conner now embraces the embraces the Rastafarian faith...

Sheryl Crow now sings for LANCE in new soon to be released cd called WILDFLOWERS. Something odd about that couple: Sheryl and Lance. Don't quite get it but I am working on it. Naw... I just let go 'working on it'.

Looks like IRENE is NOT coming but instead VEERING...Beware.

More from the God Squad: Bishop ban targets pro-abortion, gay rights politicians...

Courtney Love tests positive as DOPE...Check in at the official Ms. Love site.

Later this week the infamous Steve Earle is a comin' to 'burqueville thanks to our local new and improving AMP Concerts. Got tix in hand should be a revolutionary evening for sure. It is said that Michael Moore once said that if he was a rock star, he'd be Steve Earle. So be it.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005
Albuquerque's Public Schools are back in session today. Is the whole world moving faster and faster as it nears its 'apocalypse later' ? Another Pre-Season NFL game is on tonight months before we can turn off the air-conditioner ( or as we call 'em here: swamp coolers). Soon Xmas items will grace the halls of Wallie World ... AAAHHH make it stop.

Just in: Sad but true:  'Duh Pres' speaks English ...or doesn't.

More 'burque snewz:...THE NATIONAL POETRY SLAM CONTEST is shaking and hollerin' right now here in the high desert...For updates see National Poetry Slam. Slam baby, slam.

And an avid reader of freshchaosdotcom has a new COON cat named 'Omar'...Our reader notes: WARNING! Please do NOT associate this feline with any extremist groups excepting large, tufted and furry, racoonish tabby cats who are very friendly and loving. Otherwise, he might hunt you down as that is his natural inclination.

OMAR cougarish coon cat

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Hotlinks and Ham, Just in:

I can not say enough good things about a website brought to my attention by an alert reader...It is called the SMIRKING CHIMP dot com. Don't forget to view our own 'smirking chimps' at Bush-Monkey Comparisons...

Looks like more change is coming...

The latest 'Big Bang' in information-sharing is free, and its flagship already gets more traffic than the New York Times and USA Today combined: Meet the 'wiki.' Wiki-mania

Bringing along some mo' ino from Cyberspace... Apparently, birdwatchers are now a national security concern for the Bunker Boys in DC. What's next? Backyard astronomers tracking satellites with their telescopes...?

I saw a bizarre move yesterday that teared me up at odd times about my, underneath it all, being a 'southerner'...Undoubtedly, this movie is not on dvd yet or ever...Saw it at a small ART theater (one of few left in Abq.)...The movie is called Searching for The Wrong-Eyed Jesus by Andrew Douglas [2004]. It is a Hunter Thompsonesque voyage through the poor white backwaters and swamps of the South. Definately a trip off the Interstates. Well worth supporting your local ART theater for a viewing.

The Presidential visit yesterday (if only for 90 minutes in our fair city) does remind me of the awesome power the leader of our country carries (whether a Republican or Democrat) with him wherever the goes. I am reminded of a poem I wrote upon seeing Ronald Reagan up close and personal smiling and waving to the angry crowd I stood in, on a grey day in Tacoma, Washington back in the hey daze of the 80's...

Refrain for the Corporate Puppet
(on the occasion of President Reagan's Tacoma visit)

Say a prayer for the limousined man
Say a prayer for the incubated man
The man looking backward
The man laughing at the crowd

Say a prayer for the red-faced ferrets riding limos
Say a prayer for the hospitality kitchens of the world
Street cornered and hungry factory girls and boys
Easy targets for limousined string pullers

Say a prayer for Presidents
who swing on cowboy boots
who laugh red-faced behind steel glass visions
from inside enormous embryonic cars
flown in fromthe capitals of the world

Say a prayer for the limousined man
so important he needs a gunship
to chop open the sky
wherever he goes
with Greyhounds of Press and soldiers
and televisions and all of us waiting

Jeff Hartzer
© 2005

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Peter Jennings a Prince Di?

I am awestruck by how saddened on many levels I was to learn about Peter Jennings passing. I can only equate his death in an odd way to the shock and awe of Princess Di's sudden death playoff in the back of a speeding car in that dark Paris tunnel. Certainly I knew neither of these 'beautiful people' nor was in any way related but somehow overly saddened by their passing as a big loss.

To watch the 'ABC World News with PJ' special broadcast last night left me in a deadened space just moments before ABC went to the first preseason Monday Night Football game. Somehow the blather of the NFL announcers for the Bears-Dolphins game just never took hold for me. I found myself drifting toward Larry King Live where he interviewed Baba WahWah, Dan Rather and Tom (the greatest ever generation's) Brokaw (who by the way appropriately was speaking live from his Montana ranch and got blown away in a Nor'wester while talking halfway through the show).

I genuinely LIKED Peter Jennings. I also LIKED Princess Diana. Both were (or seemed to be) genuine sincere and of course larger than life. Their beauty increased with age and noteworthiness. They were stars in a dark-starred world. My itchy throat today makes me wonder if I too have lung cancer...nah...but their deaths do bring out the fact that sure as shootin' we all gonna be DEAD one day and the way things are going in the world...that day may be sooner than later. Just in: the widow of SUPERMAN also has lung cancer!)

Happy Nagasaki 60th Anniversary . That 'Greatest Gen Ever' sure played havoc with that mountainous city. Trinity, Hiroshima, and Nagaski anniversaries all give me pause as they say. As well they should. As the son of a decorated U.S.Marine Corps pilot who flew over Pelilu, Iwo Jima, and all the other big names of the Pacific Theater in his C-47, I grew tired of hearing just how awful the Japanese were. My father until his death hated them. How the Greatest Generation left WWII to go sell insurance and to eventually watch Bonanza on their spankin' color tv sets without passing on a bit of hatred and angst to their kids is beyond me.

And they also may be the most tight-wadded-post-depression era Generation Ever as that generation dies off they stand to leave baby bombers the biggest inheritances of all time. Both of my folks are in never Never Land and I only wish their lives had been a bit more happy whilst they had them. When you die, you should die with your hands open, not clinched tight in fear and resentments.

My father would have appreciated and loved to have watched the infrared camera view of the Space Shuttle landing from many miles above our planet early this morning LIVE on the NASA channel. My father did give me a deep appreciation for life on the flightdeck...


The Rolling Oldsters got NEW VIGOR according to the Drudge Mudge.

A link from the All-time champion in the "Too much time on my hands" category...And this just in: The times, they-are-a-changin'.

Speakin' of never lands...Michael J's jurors are getting moments of fame by re-nigging on their own decisions of innocence for the Man-Child. It's enough to make me even more B_U_S_H_E_D.

And yes our Commander in Chief was in our high desert burg yesterday for 90 minutes to sign a glorified energy bill giving tax breaks to oil companis for drilling where-ever when-ever. Go energy bills. DUH PREZ never left the Kirtland Air Force Base here which is adjacent to the Albuqueuerque Sunport and Sandia Labs Test Facilities. Probably didn't even have any green chile for lunch that I know of. Too hurried to get back over to Crawford for his Texas Chili (much different than NM style chile) and cow sex or whatever he does on all of his 'vacations'.

Y2K repeat? Will the coming of four additional daylight savings weeks cause major computer glitches when the new energy bill brings on fake daylight and extended darkness??

In passing news...will it be discovered just why Britain's loudest voice of protest against the WMD War, Former British Secretary Robin Cook who quit Blairs' cabinet to protest the war, 'collapsed and died' in rural Scottish Mountains...What caused his 'collapse'...Natural causes or otherwise...BIG QUESTION MARKS here.

Steve Earl is coming to our town this week...Here are the lyrics to one of his only 'hit songs'...Sadly this 'Rich Man's War' is far from being over...

Rich Man's War

Jimmy joined the army ‘cause he had no place to go
There ain’t nobody hirin’
‘round here since all the jobs went
down to Mexico
Reckoned that he’d learn himself a trade maybe see the world
Move to the city someday and marry a black haired girl
Somebody somewhere had another plan
Now he’s got a rifle in his hand
Rollin’ into Baghdad wonderin’ how he got this far
Just another poor boy off to fight a rich man’s war

Bobby had an eagle and a flag tattooed on his arm
Red white and blue to the bone when he landed in Kandahar
Left behind a pretty young wife and a baby girl
A stack of overdue bills and went off to save the world
Been a year now and he’s still there
Chasin’ ghosts in the thin dry air
Meanwhile back at home the finance company took his car
Just another poor boy off to fight a rich man’s war

When will we ever learn
When will we ever see
We stand up and take our turn
And keep tellin’ ourselves we’re free

Ali was the second son of a second son
Grew up in Gaza throwing bottles and rocks when the tanks would come
Ain’t nothin’ else to do around here just a game children play
Somethin’ ‘bout livin’ in fear all your life makes you hard that way

He answered when he got the call
Wrapped himself in death and praised Allah
A fat man in a new Mercedes drove him to the door
Just another poor boy off to fight a rich man’s war


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Monday, August 08, 2005
Space Shuttle Discovery will return the orbiter to normal flight operations for another day... The next opportunity is at 5:07 a.m. EDT Tuesday. There are several opportunities to land tomorrow, including two at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and two at Edwards Air Force Base in California...

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Monday Morning Jolts:
Peter Jennings dies of cancerand there's a rain delay on the shuttle landing...

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Sunday, August 07, 2005
Happy 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima's Demise
For a quick trip to New Mexico's Trinity Site's 60th anniversary of the first Atom Bomb Test visit our gallery at Trinity Site...

For more fun here's a story about A Young Man who Died in Iraq...'He didn't know it, but as a small town southerner he was being trained for his death since early childhood.'

Or click to read this story about the Great and Wonderful Mister MEL GIBSON who has been asked to Stage Christ's Crucifixion...Maybe Mel could re-enact the Christians in the Lions Den, using real lions, and NOT using computer generated ones. Go Mel!

Thought Foodage: Why is it that we only seem to believe the negative things people say about us , no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary?
And...why do we let the one thing we don't have, affect how we feel about all the the things we do have?

Set your VCR/Tivo's for tonight's space shuttle flight's return to planet earth...The NASA (live with no commentary) is Channel 376 on Directtv...FREETV coverage begins at 4 a.m. Eastern...Happy trails astronauticals.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005
I am a Uniter, Not a Divider...G.W.Bush

In one of the oddest latest casualties of Iraq War II, two marines die by drowning out in the desert storms.

Bush's latest dis-Approval Polls show things are teeter-tottering a bit for Duh Prez. He may've passed his recent physical but his looks have aged more than even the heart-attacked Billie Clinton or Jimmy Carter. There are White Hairs aplenty for our current man not in the White House but out there on his fiftieth Crawford-Town vacation.

Not to be outdone in the TERROR WARS, old terror standby, BELFAST, hit the headlines this week with the injuring of forty police in new Belfast Riots . GO IRISH.

Eat KAKE, beans, or FROGS. Another fascinating story from the Intelligently Designed State of Kansas. Complete with a video feed of a frog in a green bean can. Yum.

A reader recommends this particular site made for those who have time to download actual video footage from an astounding variety of topics (not XXX but news stories)...This link takes you to video scenes from Iraq War II aptly entitled, War Zone Video...It is a pretty amazing site all around, especially if you have a fast internet connection. there are other topics as well.

Albuquerque is NUMERO DOS in the latest Hispanic Magazine's TOP 10 Cities for Hispanics. Good for You, Albuquerque. Who's Numero UNO? Coming in first and foremost is the great city of...Austin, Texas.

Today's local headlines are from the 'High Desert Twilight Zone'...Body in Ditch Second in a Row. Way to go #2 City for Hispanics to abide in. Maybe Albuquerque should be number 2.

al-Zawahiri makes new threats against England and the USA...Here is the complete text of a video-d statement from Mister Z...Rivers of Blood.

Here's a withering critique of Intelligent Design. Simply withering like a snake that crawled out of the Garden of Eden.

It's NOT HBO, IT'S SHOWTIME and the promising new (way out there) comedy series WEEDS makes me wish it was HBO, as we can't afford S-time and Hblow too. Is this a sign of the coming Apocalypse...a show about Ganga in these rightsided times? Is the see-saw changing its weighted side to the left? Undoubtedly the character selling WEED to suburbians will be struck by lightning or get AIDS or something more horrific. And you can't even buy the new reggae 'Original' Willie Nelson CD as it sports a fine WEED leaf on the cover at Wallie World. No, they have to modify it for the Wallie Customers (who might try to smoke the cd in their cd burners???)

Coming in THREES...a second JET CRASH has killed at least 19 off the Sicilian coast on a flight from Italy. What's next?? Hopefully, not the Space Shuttle.

Meanwhile, the hurried up rescue of Russian Submariners is underway and Eastern China braces against a typhoon while NOAA says the Bulk of This Season's Storms Are Still to Come ...

The Winter Constellation ORION is now visible in our early morning sky...WINTER is coming!!!

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Friday, August 05, 2005
TGIF!...If you felt down in the dumpy slumpies yesterday it might have been the Dark of the Moon doing a number on you...So today (or tonight) enjoy moving forward again with the NEW moon toenail's sliver in the sky...

Some hot links and ham:

New energy probe may harm sea life...

Shuttle commander sees wide environmental damage...

Roberts Donated Help to Gay Rights Case...

Hormones in water blamed as more men seek breast reduction...

This oughtta knock Iraq off the front page...Giant 'Blue Bird' On Roof Upsets Neighborhood...

Holy Wonderbra, Batman!  What will happen next?
Lawd, have mercy!

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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Sometimes I wonder
What I'm gonna do
There ain't no cure
For the summertime blues...

W must have those 'summertime blues' as he is hard at rest on his ranch in Crawford, Texas for the fifieth vacation of his five year term as Duh Prez. That medical exam he had this week must have taken its toll. Maybe he has diarrhea or something. Five weeks of v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n....nice perk. Frankly though, you can have all of Crawford, Texas for as long as you like.

Speakin' of Duh Prez, here's some sad but true and not so FRESH chaos from March 03, 2005 in case you may have missed it...

The Walking Eagle
_President Bush was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nationin Arizona. He spoke for almost an hour on his future plans for increasing every Native American's standard of living.
_Although the President was vague on the details of his plan, he seemed most enthusiastic about his future ideas for helping his "red brothers". At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes presented the President with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name - Walking Eagle. The proud President then departed in his motorcade, waving to the crowds.
_A news reporter later inquired of the group of chiefs about how they came to select the new name given to the President. They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird so full of manure it can no longer fly.

Today's ABQ. weather bulletin: Strong, gusty east winds with gusts as high as 45 mph are expected from this afternoon to shortly after midnight...Drivers of vans, campers, trailers, and other high-profile vehicles [like the Oscar meyer Weiner Mobile?] should stay alert to the danger of these winds. Strong gusts and sudden cross winds may cause loss of vehicle control.AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH...GUSTY WINDS...MAY in fact do EXIST.

A great surfer band called, the Mermen, asks/begs for your help in re-cooping their equipment losses. They truly are one of America's finest surf bands and they are adrift just now...THE MERMEN REQEST AID!!

A new book reveals Jimi Hendrix used Gay Ruse to avoid 'Nam

Martha Stewart has to wear her foot jewelry for three more weeks due to an infraction of here House Arrest rules. Bummer in the summer. Now, here's a story you'll find to be of Interest...

500 poets...4 days...3 minutes...ABQ hosts National Poetry Slam August 10-13,2005...Go Poets...

Lightning has killed MORE USA Boy Scouts in Utah...What's up with all the Boy Scout natural disasters this summer?

Here's a story from Las Vegas Iraq veteran carrying an assault rifle on his way to buy beer killed a woman and wounded a man in an alley. Assault rifles and beer are not a good combo. Same might be said for attending a stupid War.

ATKINS GOES DOWN...the low carb crazy days are over...Dr. Robert C. Atkin's Company, ATKINS NUTRITRIONALS has filed for Chapter 11 bancruptcy. Ouch.

And today's Wall Street Report is also way down in the hole...Duh Prez is on vacation...whatdayaexpectorate?

Stevie Nick's under the stars...It was a summer night to remember this week, when Stevie Nicks came to the outdoor amphitheater, the Journal Pavilion of Albuquerque. Watching the sun go down over the mesas and watching the city lights twinkle on under the stars, while she sang 'Stop Dragging My Heart Around' was a kick . Sitting in the luxurious lawn section was also pleasant. Go Stevie. Glad to see you are back on track after re-hab and a long life as the Rockin' Rollin' Goddess/Deva/Shaman-Wo-Man that you are.

FINALLY...I have been wanting to use the super groovy Satellite Maps at Google and have been told over and over that my current browser sucks and won't work here...Well, today I downloaded a new-fangled browser called FIREFOX that works for Mac OSX Users at Google...Ooh baby, I can see you in your backyard with super satellite vision now..!!

Click for a FREE FIREFOX download.
Click for a Satellite View of the Planet at Google's Maps...

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Monday, August 01, 2005
Breaking Winds:
_Bolton is in like Flynn. Go U.N. go.
_The Rolling Stones are bringing out the dead on a new record due out September 6th...It's called A BIGGER BANG and will be their first studio album in eight years...
_Echinacea (or purple coneflower) does nothing,nada, zippo to prevent or cure the common cold according to recenly released studies.
_And lest we forget...THE WAR ON TERROR IS OVER...We are now into the GLOBAL STRUGGLE AGAINST EXTREMISM.

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