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Sunday, July 31, 2005
More meteors
With the dark/new moon on this coming Thursday, comes a great time to watch the PERSEID METEOR showers...they will be at peak intensity flow on August the 12th. Eyes Skyward...

Steven Boccho's OVER THEREpremiered last week and was a bust in this writer's opinion. Fails to 'take any sides' which just by its content it sort of does but sort of doesn't. it is loaded with cursing and al gore but is somehow empty in presentation...Maybe this week's episode will climb out of Vietnam Era cliches and get into more character development. Wait, it makes the current Iraq War II seem like Vietnam? Huh...Well that is saying something...On the other hand, FX's Rescue Me builds with each episode. A good second season underway now on Tuesday nights.Even if in re-runs, my favorite show of all at the moment remains to be MEDIUM. It shows on FREETV no less, peacock Networks...Monday Night Chaos at its best.

HEY HEY, PAULA...Here's the man who claims to have brought W to Jesus, complete with word-for-word narrative. You just never know what you'll find on the Web...Praise the Lord! 

Just In: from Kansas...

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Saturday, July 30, 2005
Hot LINKS and pancakes:
'Beautiful' Web site is only skin deep...

Here's a butterfly map of America's green space...

A Museum plans to Let Naked People in Free!! We're so THERE. Cooler too.

Get-chure fresh...'BURN BABY BURN' HOT SAUCE!!

SEE LUCY the Elephant dot com...

For a true taste of the Mississippi blues visit JES DA BLUES dot com...

Visit Space Weather dot com...

And speaking of space...don't miss the current CAPRICORNID METEOR SHOWER going on now at a night sky near you...Just look to the SOUTH around midnight for what they are calling a 'weak stream of yellow meteor showers'. Golden showers in the sky..? Ooh. Way to go, you old Capricornian Goat Meteor guy. This offer good now through early August only (only a few more nights to go), so hurry on outside tonight for a look-see.

And what about those sandy storms blowing in from the Sahara over the Floreedah skies? Go Earth. Major Tom has lost Ground Control.

Watching the Space Shuttle Blast off on the NASA channel was a big hit in our living commercials and no commentators commenting. Now... if only they could just SUPER GLUE that foam on better!!

The BOY SCOUTS of Amerika experience even more FRESH chaos at the National Jamboree in Bowling Green, Virginia...First a bunch of guys fry to death on a electric pole in sight of trusty scout onlookers; and now, hundreds swelter and fall to the ground in HEATED a-n-t-i-c-p-a-t-i-o-n of seeing THE Head Scout himself, George W.See how to BE NOT PREPARED...

ACHTUNG>>>> The War on Terrorism is over...We are now full steam ahead into the GLOBAL STRUGGLE AGAINST EXTREMISM. Note any changes please.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN at work: Apparently the 'responsible' thing to do when your 13 year old daughter's 22 year old rapist/lover gets her pregnant is to wait until she hits 14 then, give them both a Greyhound ticket to KANSAS where they can legally marry. A dot com for's one called Age of Consent dot com/Kansas.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Links and sausage just in:

_The message is clear -climate change- is affecting our ecosystem, and critically endangered species like gorillas and pandas are inperil. The longer we wait, the more grave the consequences become. Urge the Senate to address global warming by passing the Climate
Stewardship act

_Japanese develop a 'female' android...

An asteroid
is headed our way...Great just when I thought It was safe to emerge from the deep trenches of

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Monday, July 25, 2005
GOOD VIBES for All Comers

Not your mother's NEWSWEEK...Not only is Uncle Karl on the cover but this week's Newsweek has a large article on VIBRATORS which have apparently moved from darkened drawersr into the into the Amerikan Mainstream. Turning the pages with my usual Newsweek-ish alacrity, the sudden site of a clitoral stimulator was a striking jolt...All my Roman Catholic bound up guilt inside my cranium yelled loudly to turn the page. But wait...OOH. Bright blue and curved so shapely as to touch all the sensitive areas of a woman at once...hmmm...There it was...right there in the KARL ROVE ISSUE...

Conventional Wisdom from the same issue of Newsweek sez this about the Prez...Old CW: I'll fire anyone involved in the leak.New CW: Whoops! I can't fire my architect! Holy Moley!

Not your Father's morning paper...Our local morning newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal ran a story in the Health and Fitness pages featuring full color photographs of a new PILL CAM that can be swallowed...The M2A pill cam thern takes pictures at the rate of two per second of your intestinal and other bodily functions...The article shows a delighted Hispanic girl who has just ingested the so-called M2A pill cam. The small device is made by Given Imaging...

Delightful images of intestinal fortitude don't jive well with morning Cheerios...and FYI: how does this product get its catchy name?...Well Sirs and Madames, it is named the M2A pill cam because it does just that...goes in your Mouth and goes (2) out your Anus...aah soo.

In an attempt at kindness for the poor teenager (Veronica) who is shown smilingly happy after having gulped down the delicious Mouth to ANUS PILLCAM, the article is careful to include (NOT VERONICA'S) under detailed photographs...I bet she can't wait to show her friends this article at High School come fall. After all, 'No Press is Bad Press'.

Her friends might say something like:
"Hey Veronica, I TOTALLY saw your duodenum in the paper."
"Too bad you can't read, douchebag...That wasn't MY duodenum!"
"Well, maybe not, but you do have DAILY DIARRHEA."
"Yeah, why'd they have to print THAT?"

All kidding aside, I myself suffer from Celiac Disease... Celiac disease is a disorder that causes problems in your intestines when you eat gluten, which is in wheat, rye, barley and oats. Gluten is like a poison to people with celiac disease, because it damages their intestines.

I am no stranger to restricted diets and DAILY DIARRHEA. I have had colonoscopies and throat scopes galore...Colon Cancer is one of the Top causes of d-e-a-t-h in the US of A. Just last month my cousin died at age 43 from colon cancer. So don't avoid the tests and probes of your Medical Doctor. Keep your photograph and life history out of the Morning Paper though!! Good vibes to you, Veronica!

73% of All Serial Killers, Vote Republican...(From The Life and Times of David Gale)

Urban Outfitters is now selling a shirt that reads: "NEW MEXICO, CLEANER THAN REGULAR MEXICO....What a world we live in...Dirty Mexicans and Clean New Mexicans...We ain't so clean here in Nuevo Meheecoo where GUSTY WINDS MAY EXIST and it's a DRY HEAT. This shirt is causing Politically Correctals to scream foul, so buy one now; it's sure to be a 'collectable tee' worthy of high volume eBay sales.

HAPPY TROPICAL DEPRESSIONS...Go GERT and FRANKLIN !! Our late Monsoon Season is this week bringing clouds and rain to the high desert where it is always cooler than Phoenix which is constantly burning up and re-birthing itself.

ALL OF THIS...JUST IN: our readers write:
_From a fellow Atomic Tourist... Just wanted to let you know how seeing your Trinity Site photo album really brought back the memories of that day. The emptiness and the creepiness of the hyper-security really comes across, as well as the beauty of that part of NM. The VLA is truly spectacular, as well as the total polar opposite of Trinity in nature, and intent. It was very good that we went there to provide some balance to what we felt at the Blast Site. It really is jarring to see the security personnel along with the Bush Kross, as well as the negative shot of the obelisk.

HOT LINKS & HAM, sunnyside up:
_ Winning Faulkner Entry

_Details of US microwave-weapon tests revealed...

_ Inside truths - from outside the box...

_ WMD, American-style : It's 60 Years Since Alamogordo...

_ Tantric Tree Hugging: Saving the Rainforest with Eco-Porn...

_ ROVE LEAK is just part of larger scandal...

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Friday, July 22, 2005
Catch Jeff Hartzer's latest online POET'S CORNER for the month of July entitled, Good For You, Albuquerque.

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A NEW online Gallery of the TRINITY SITE and the V.L.A. (aka: "'Very Large Array' of Satellite telescopes" & site of the movie CONTACT) is now posted for your viewing pleasure...Photographs were taken on July 16th, 2005 which marked the 60th anniversary of the first Atom Bomb test. Click TRINITY and V.L.A. GALLERY page to view.

Today's Special Links with eggs and ham:

7/7 'bomber' shot dead!!

US lawmakers vote to extend Patriot Act . Bastards.

See New Mexico History online...

An ATOMIC FLAME is en route to TRINITY SITE...

The NASA Space Shuttle launch is set for next week and the Russians are counting on it as they are trapped like starving mice hurtling around the planet aboard the International Space Station (ISS) . We seem to forget that there are humans in space right now as we live and breathe. Hope they can continue to do so as well.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Full Moon Fever in a time of CHRONIC INSINCERITY

London bombs part deux...Wall Street falling heavily today as it should be after a terrorist attack. The Street did nothing but climb after the fateful 7/7-05 bombings...Are we still not afraid...We Are Not Afraid dot com?

FYI: The stock market plunge today is more related to China than to the bombs exploding in London. Things at Wallie World and K-Fart may not be so cheap in the future thanks to some financial re-arranging of the bull in the China Department.

In today's gruesome headlines...Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 170 In Iraq...Blasts Hit 3 London Subway Stations, Bus... Roberts Likely Won't Face Filibuster...Sudan Security Roughs Up Rice Delegation...Relentless Heat in Phoenix Kills 18... NASA Aims for Tuesday Shuttle Launch... China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar...

And the MISSING HEADLINE is...WHERE'S UNCLE KARL hiding out? Man, did he squeak out this week or what?

William Rehnquist, chief justice of the Supreme Court, says he will not be retiring as long as he stays healthy. He sure doesn't LOOK too healthy right NOW...

HOWEVER, call him MR.HEALTHY AMERICAN WHITE BREAD...the President's pick to replace Ms. O'Conner could not look more healthy, wealty or WHITE ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANT-y...
Way to go Mr. Roberts!! Welcome aboard the White Man's World of Politics. And what great timing on W's part to shelve the incessant Karl Rove-ian headlines...

Summer reading: I have been depressing myself this week by reading a book all about Gram Parsons called HICKORY WIND. He was an instrumental guiatrist/vocalist way ahead of his time; playing with the Byrds, Emmylou Harris, The Flying Burrito Brothers and many more. Yet, it was not until after he died that he became the legend of rock that he is today.

Gram graduated from the same high school I attended a few years ahead of me. Knowing who he was got several friends and me backstage passes to talk with THE BYRDS after a concert in Charlottesville, Virginia (way) back in the day. Hickory Wind is testament to the fact that a lot of Legal Substances like a-l-c-o-h-o-l can be ruinous and deadly.

CHAOTIC Tidbits: Star Trek's' James Doohan dies, immortalized for 'Beam me up, Scotty'.What have we come to that there is to be a "Shamefully funny new comedy about splurging and purging"...? The show soon to be seen on FX is called STARVED...Gag me with a spoon...See how the truth goes beyond 9/11 regarding the terror strike on the Pentagon. Ya got yer FRESH CHAOS and your Not so FRESH

Visit Lost Highway Records to hear a cut or two from Willie Nelson's crossover into REGGAE called: Country man and sporting some innerestin' plants on the cover...

DUST IN THE WIND used to be an OK song....Subaru though has turned it into an achingly all too familiar tune with their new advertisement series showing full-sized SUV's becoming 'dust in the wind'... AAAH...MAKE IT STOP. It is already enough to watch people eating their KFC meals to the tune of SWEET HOME ALABAMA... And look who is going to sponsor the upcoming tour of the ROLLINGSTONES...A mortgage company (American Mortgage)...So exactly what is the median age for audience members for the Stones?

Here's an encouraging story about the current morale of our soldiers in Iraq or even those on a little R and R who don't wanna go back there...Marine asks cousin to shoot him"!!

Happy BIG HOT SUMMERTIME FULL MOON tonight...That same moon can be seen by all on the planet including those deafened by today's London bombings and by the men and women fighting a useless war in Iraq and wishing they were here...

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Thursday, July 14, 2005


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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Modern marvels of technology
I was just tuning into the NASA cable/satellite channel and enjoying the amazing LIVE shots of the astronauts getting clamped and cabeled into their cosy FLIGHTDECK, when LIVE I hear that the mission is 'scrubbed' for the day. LIVE excitement and LIVE dispappointment.

Be sure to check your local cable/satellite sevices for the NASA channel when the mission resumes. Could be worth a TIVO for the 'inside story' of the launch wheever it takes place. The NASA Channel is usually ultra b-o-r-i-n-g but today it provided a LIVE and in color world of THE REAL THING...commercial free too.

Prior to IRAQ WAR II, our other space shuttle exploded over that time I wrote a poem I call OUR FIRST SEVEN...I saw the deaths of the Space Flight Crew to be the 'first victims' of the coming war. It is historically a stretch to say that but it certainly was a horrible thing and a bad sign of things to come...

Our first seven

To see fear falling across wide open western skies...
To hear Colin talk through
the histrionics of a powerpoint war
I feel a fear of the world outside
I know a fear for the world inside
and I am unsure
what to do.
To do
to do...
Is there nothing to do ?
Nothing to do but to think and pray
about a piece of STYROFOAM strong enough
to knock us from the atmospheric sky
falling in flames white, blue, orange
at Mach 18 from two hundred thousand feet.
a piece of STYROFOAM
strong enough
to end it all
for our first seven.
Fear lives this day
Fear and war go
hand in hand
arm and arm.
Fear goes to war
speaking a sadness with goosebumps
Fear is a great mobilizer...
When the fear gives way
to buttons pushed
and masks laid down in blood,
will we think then of the first seven to fall?
No war is so casual
as to be without casualties...
When the hard times of war
take the next seven
and the next,
will soldiers die as sky soldier astronauts
tripped up by styrofoam
down into the fiery plunges
of a sky blue sky?
Will we so honor the first seven soldiers to go...
I am scared for our nation
under many Gods tonight.

© 2003-05
Jeff Hartzer

JUST IN from our readers: 'One more bit of crazee nuz from another place, another dimension...Enjoy!' Pope Opposes Harry Potter Novels Signed Letters from Cardinal Ratzinger Now Online...

What have we learned from the terror attacks in London? For one thing, it is absolutely time to stop over-reacting to bombings like those that struck the British capital. For another, Europe needs to decide how Islam fits in with the European identity. Read the complete article from SPIEGEL Magazine.

Wal-Mart Tweaks Willie's Reggae...Geeze.

Despite Scopes, Evolution Still on Trial.


The Singularity

The Intelligent Universe

1/2 Of An Argument

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Atomic Trinity

60 years ago this Saturday a flash of light brighter than the sun was heard, seen, and felt around the world as it BOOMED (to say the least) in the white desert sand near White Sands Missile Range in south central New Mexico. Check in with the Gov's White Sands Missile Range public website...


For the very latest on this week's space flight check in with Captain NASA at the SPACE SHUTTLE HQ's website.
Short term memory man...So am I dreaming or did we have a London bombing, Wallstreet streak, and a hurricane all last week?

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Monday, July 11, 2005
Check out this 'slipped' secret paper for British troop withdrawals...Secret U.K. Eyes Only.

And for the same story, now not so secret anymore...UK plans to slash Iraq force over the next year.

Happy Daze are here again...the hurricane...not so bad...Wall Street currently up again...Londoners are going about their merry olde way...damn the is MOVING RIGHT ALONG this day in 05. Oh, and gas is at 2.33 a gallon.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005
I woke this morning to the unique sounds of gas being blown into a passing hot air balloon in crystal blue blue skies. We don't usually witness balloons overhead until the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October so this was a pleasant wake up call. Meanwhile today, gas prices are up to $2.33 a gallon for regular as Hurricane Dennis has closed the USA oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

On Friday, the Stock Market was up 146 points after the London bombings with a hurricane bearing down on Florida. Doesn't make sense to me. But any chance to raise the gas prices is yanked on in a second. We'll see if it stays bullishly Viagra-style on Monday...And there was No One Gored at Running of the Bulls in Pamplona this year. Dennis has come ashore moving rapidly and apparently not doing the damage done by Ivan of just last year. Could've been 'mucho worser' for both Pamplonians & Floridians... Such boring calamities...but as M.Diddy would say, 'It's a good thing'.

There's an interesting bruhah stirring in a tiny town called YELM, that lies between Tacoma and Mt. Rainier in Washington State..."Speak no 'Wal-Mart'".

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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Born on this day... 7/9/1964 Courtney Love ; Kelly McGillis 1957; Tom Hanks 1956; Jimmy Smits 1955; John Tesh1952...what an odd group of famoose folk.

This week, Freshchaos HQ was visited by two old friends from high school daze... The mile high High Desert is a good place to visit in summertime where yes, It's a dry heat.

Our visitors are on board a plane back today zooming/flapping/winging their way back to the very WET HEAT state and getting wetter all the time (getting better all the time?) F-L-O-R-I-D-A...Old Jeb Bush's term has had its share of disastrous GUSTY WINDS.

This was the first year e-v-e-r for the 'main part' of tornado season (which just ended) in which NO ONE DIED in the USA...It is the first year e-v-e-r for all kinds of Hurricane Season 'records' to be broken...and obviously more 'broken records' are still to come.

There is good newz though for NASA which will Launch Shuttle despite hurricane in the Gulf...NASA is on a roll...

So is Martha Stewart aka: M.DIDDY has a crush on Jon Stewart and has a new line of clothes. Ooh baby...

9/11/01 to become a movie with Nick Cage...Joy!

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Friday, July 08, 2005
The Dow is rising this morning ('the Market' always surprises me; days I think it would fall, it leaps...days I think it would leap it ...) with the flood tides of Category Five Hurricane Dennis over Cuba and blood draining through the Tube and streets of London. Investigators have not been able to enter one of the Tube train blast sites. Things there, could be even worse than they currently appear following the G-8 summit which wasn't as 'exciting' as the LIVE 8 music shows preceding it which now all seem eclipsed by terror and mother Nature as we head into the weekend.

Freshchaos abounds unfortunately...stay tuned to five million news shows or your favorite blogs for the 'very latest'!

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Thursday, July 07, 2005
BREAKING WINDS: Initial British police say a blast destroyed a
double-decker bus in central London; casualties are reported. U.S. alert status is being bumped-up to Code Orange for transit systems in the wake of the London bombings.

_P.S... London has been selected as host of the 2012 Olympics.
_Happy Birthday to Britisher , Ringo Starr, born today back in 1940...Go Ringo, Go.
And,You know...

It don't come easy

You know it don't come easy.
It don't come easy,
You know it don't come easy.

Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues,
And you know it don't come easy.
You don't have to shout or leap about,
You can even play them easy.

Open up your heart, let's come together,
Use a little love
And we will make it work out better,

I don't ask for much, I only want your trust,
And you know it don't come easy.
And this love of mine keeps growing all the time,
And you know it don't come easy.

Please remember peace is how we make it,
Here within your reach
If you're big enough to take it.

Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues,
And you know it don't come easy.
You don't have to shout or leap about,
You can even play them easy.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
All of this, Just in:
(our readers write)-->

This may be just a coincidence, but from my vantage point it seems like religious fundamentalism became stronger in the U.S. as the space program became less important, and less successful.  Is there a correlation? I certainly don't recall any discussions about Creationism when we were successfully landing on the Moon, and planning on that trip to Mars. Yet, in the absence of this new, forward-looking science, more and more people started going back to the Ol' Voodoo, and before you knew it there were many people who believed that the Whole Enchilada was created in 6 days.
My hope is that the Deep Impact program will produce scientific data that can give us a better understanding of how the Universe was formed, and how life on Earth really began.  If it does, my other hope is that it will get our country back on the science/knowledge track to go into the 21st Century, rather than with a belief system that takes us back to the Dark Ages.  The future is too precious to be wasted on the past.
PS: The defeat of The Equal Rights Amendment also coincided with the rise of religious fundamentalism here in the US. American Taliban, anyone?

ECO CAR. Yes, but does it have a 'Satellite of Love' Radio?

How 'bout that TERMINATOR?

MEANWHILE:Tropical Storm Cindy heads toward New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain, while another storm system was forming in the Caribbean and might hit Florida later this week...No, really. It's true. Barely July and already on a storm that begins with "C"; #3.

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Monday, July 04, 2005
DEEPLY IMPACTED...Watching the NASA cable/satellite channel (with same feed on CNN) showing our latest Space Mission entitled, DEEP IMPACT, was interesting late last night. [btw: Do all military actions, forest fires, and hurricanes really need a name?] I recall watching the moon walk and I don't mean Jacko's whacko... I can also recall watching helicopters pluck astronauts from the ocean... (God I am an ancient mariner.) It was all pretty miraculous and amazing to see on live tv.

Last night though, watching the United States of America blow up a comet (or BUST A CAP INTO IT with a great deal of DEEP IMPACT) was just 'different' than the astounding cream cheese walk with the stiff flag in days of old. And it was in Black and White 'as in the days when men possessed nothing' including liquid plasma color tv sets.

Sure, I understand that we so much need to know what's inside of comets, but to blow a hole into one seems very much to fit our current Waging War and Star Whores' state of mind these weary/wary times. It leaves me once again a bit BUSHED by it all. That and the news I learned from watching LIVE 8...that Neil Young has been treated for a brain aneurism...more apocalyptic newz.

So, on this Day of Independence, July 4th, 2005, somehow I am deeply impacted...maybe a laxative might help or a tooth pull.


Now...GET OUT THERE and blow your hands and faces off with M-80's or something truly American like Roman Candles...



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Sunday, July 03, 2005
Deep Impact: I realize most folks are outside at baseball games or picnics and not dweeby enough to be reading this at this very moment less than five hours from now, NASA will implode a space craft into a comet and this link will show it to you in real time...DEEP IMPACT...
Happy July 3rd...moving into the fourth.

Timeline:Mission Events in EDT
July 3, 2:07 a.m: Impactor released into comet's path
July 4, 12:22 a.m.: 1st impactor targeting maneuver
July 4, 1:17 a.m.: 2nd impactor targeting maneuver
July 4, 1:39 a.m.: 3rd impactor targeting maneuver
July 4, 1:52 a.m.: (+ or - 3 min.): Impact with Tempel 1
July 4, 2:05 a.m.: Flyby goes into shield mode
July 4, 2:06 a.m.: Flyby's closest approach to Tempel 1

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Friday, July 01, 2005
BREAKING WINDS: Supreme Court Justice O'Connor resigns... A military spokesman says U.S. forces are using "every available asset" to find a team of soldiers missing in Afghanistan. Just 3 daze to our Independence and 13 daze to the Bastille!

TGIF: Birthday wishes go out this first day of JULY 2005 to: Actress Pamela Anderson born 1967; Track and field star Carl Lewis born 1961; Actor Dan Aykroyd born 1952; Musician Deborah Harry born 1945; And, a BIG Happy Birthday to LIV TYLER born 1977.

Visit our ancient Liv Gallery

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