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Thursday, June 30, 2005
Latest Snewz of the Gay and/or Famous

_Tonight is the debut of the LOGO NETWORK, a 24/7 cable/satellite TV Network for Gay and Lesbian viewers. If they choose to do so, even heterosexual TV viewers can watch it... Surely, the world is going to end because of this new Network. Or Will (@ Grace) it?
_Spain Legalizes Gay Marriage.
_Canada nears Gay marriage OK...Here's a look at the status of Gay Marriage Worldwide.
_"How Stella Got Her Divorce Settlement"...Author Terry McMillan says she married a gay man.
_Jethro Tull's former keyboard player, David Palmer, who now calls herself DEE, has a Sex Change and lives happily ever after.

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NEW MEXICAN stamp called offensive.
This headline appears in today's online CHICAGO SUN-TIMES .The article is about MEXICAN stamps not NEW MEXICAN. Once again our state is one of the missing! Here's more: Memin Pinguin Stamps.

For the latest information on our Enchanted State of New Mexico visit New Mexico dot org...By the way, here's a truly Mexican site where you can buy the original Memín Pinguín Comics.

Memín Pinguín # 184

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
You know you have too much time on your hands when you spend way too long GOOGLING around...I just came across this quote...which is a quote from on a website somewhere out there in cyberspace: by whom, for whom, of whom, I know not (I can talk like Yoda too but only on special days like today)...
Expanding my search further, I began to include the possibility that the original couch said not "Levi Tra" but "Le Vi Tra"; a subsequent Google search for THAT phrase further concluded your wonderful "Ways to Spell" work from some time ago, as well as this charming quote from "... Will I truly LE-VI-TRA if I take it? ... A pill that makes you so LE-VI-TRA-venous , that you'll need a wheelbarrow or a lot of time for LEVTRATIONOUS action. ... "
As seen

I also Googled into a gallery I posted long ago that I had completely forgotten about...though I am just so BUSHED lately I find myself forgetting about a lot of things these days. We no longer have these fish so I am glad I long ago gallery-ed them...see : GOT FISH?. Also fun to see that we made a list of Wayne's Favorite Weblogs. Cool, man.

Life is just Google-lish-ish and joy to thee if you bought a Google stock share or two back when they were going for only $180.00.

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Who says we are not affected by our neighbors? This morning in Albuquqeruqe, the usually gorgeous Sandia and Manzano Mountains were completely invisible. They were hidden by a smokey haze that likened our smalltown burg to Los Angeles. Was there a big fire in the Bosque (forest land alongside the Rio Grande River)? Was a local warehouse ablaze?

No....the smoke was coming to us all the way from Utah, Arizona, and Nevada where a combined number of forest fires were billowing smoke into the atmosphere. The worst of these fires is apparently in central Arizona where they have been named "the Cave Creek complex fires" (odd how we always have to NAME forest fires) and have consumed upwards of 150,000 acres. Depending on the progress of the fires, we may be in for more 'morning haze' for several days here in the high desert.

So this morning it was Gloomy Town here and not such a happy place in Washington, D.C. either. The President speaks and stocks fall today as usual (though since they were alrready 'down', the fall today was 'not so much'. Plus a helicopter is downed by the Afghan hounds with more soldiers dying by the hour. W was just not so impressive with his smirking smiley faces on last night's worldwide telecast. He mentioned 911 a few thousand times but still has no exit strategy or even much of a non-exit strategy or so it seems. The whole nation seems a bit GLOOMY-TOWNED as we head toward the fourth of July. Or maybe we are all just plain BUSHED.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Forget fireworks. On July 4, NASA scientists have planned a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime celestial spectacle. They are going to
explode the billion-year-old Comet Tempel 1 and take a peek inside. Already, preliminary photos give a clue to what may await them.
Details at: Spiegel

Recent 'Harper's Index' factoids:
_Annual cost of all sixteen U.N. peacekeeping missions currently underway : $3,870,000,000 [United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (N.Y.C.)]
_Monthly cost of the U.S. occupation of Iraq : $4,100,000,000[U.S. Department of Defense]
_Revenue from Iraqi oil sales that the CPA could not account for, according to a 2005 audit : $8,800,000,000 [Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (Arlington, Va.)] From Harper's May 2005 Index

Good God Ya'll...Listening tonight to W just has me BUSHED OUT.

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Having a bad day? Well one of the richest men on the planet had a worse day yesterday when he and his ultralight aircraft crashed and he, Wal-Mart heir John T. Walton , died unable to take his multi-billions to heaven or hell. The only constant in life is change...

Counting down the minutes and minutia to hear how great IRAQ WAR II is going according to our President on National TV tonight. Usually Wall Street tanks after he addresses our nation...seeing how it has tanked daily since last Thursday, maybe that won't happen this time around; although the market is up as i write this, so down again tomorrow may indeed keep up the trend. Will it take a Major Recession to turn this country around? We certainly seem to be headed in that direction.

Astounding joblessness...huge (unpaid for) SUV's with empty gas tanks...massive military spending but not so much for our men and women in the trenches (or on the streets of Baghdad town)...depression becoming a widespread USA epidemic...We discover that Viagra makes you blind...things are looking a bit low for the Prez and his cronies who will no doubt be blamed for our current and rising state of disaster....more hurricanes on the way...earthquakes...but a strangely quiet TORNADO SEASON...a calm before the storm or is it due to the prayers of the right-winged in the heartland, like, say in Kansas?

Undoubtedly, later this week the terror color schematic will shoot to CODE RED for the Big Holiday Weekend.
Stay tuned for more freshchaos.

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Monday, June 27, 2005
Here's a link to more than you could ever want to know about the TEN Commandments ...Here's the latest newz about the SUPREME BEINGS' decision today to Ban all 10 from Courthouses. And, just for you American Atheists out there, here's dessert for your plate. By the way, why is the American Atheist group represented by the symbol for Atomic Energy and/or the Albuquerque Isotopes???

Hey...Happy Birthday to :H. Ross Perot born 1930 ; Actor Bob 'Captain Kangaroo' Keeshan born 1927; and Ms.Helen Keller born 1880

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Sunday, June 26, 2005
These links just in:

Drug Hysteria

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Friday, June 24, 2005
U.S. ain't too popular...Well, duh...but it is worse than you may think. Even long time allies are now thinking CHINA is not as bad a place as the United States. What's OUR problem? Well, where to begin (?) is the big question; and how many more days of the BUSH REIGN are left? Even Congressman Walter Jones the man who invented FREEDOM FRIES now thinks we should re-evaluate our position(s) in the Iraq War II.

I am not making this up (as Dave Barry would say)...: Bush Approval Rating LOWEST EVER for ANY U.S. President at this point in term two. Note to JEB: LET TERRI GO, already.

Two days of falling stocks...even the rich may turn agianst the Bushmeister. HUGE losses in 48 hours. $60 a barrel ain't helping. Thank God for this quick and easy war over WMD and that sad man still in his underwear. But alive and well along with O'sama's mama.

JOHN DEAN on the DAILY SHOW! Our hero, not so much. At least he is talking and not politically correctly neither. But the person to save the day may truly be Hilary (skip the Rodham) Clinton.

War of the Worlds coming soon worldwide as are about five thousand other movies all about trouble and 'end times' for the planet. Seems to be a theme these daze. At least there is one movie ahead that looks promising and perhaps fun and positively fourth street....The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe . This link is on 'Disney Time' s-l-o-w. "Things are always better in slow motion," says Dave Chappelle. Maybe. Maybe not so much. Also what's up with the weird new Comedy Central show called STELLA???

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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Oh, the Humanity or lack there of.
My wife and I just spent three hours with about five other people watching the latest (make it stop!!) STAR*BORES at an actual Theater. No, I didn't really see the references to our evil President or his Iraq War, the second.More to the point though is the fact that there was no humor, wit, or the site of Princess Lea's cleavage. Use the key board, Luke, and get a freaking life.

There were enough God-aweful overly numbing effects...Geeze Louigeeze. Musical score still good. Little YODA still of interest. I am just numbed out and sad that we have come so far in our 'star wars world' that all that is left is overblown effects and NO SOUL, NO HEART, NO HUMOR, NO STORY...Hollywood wants to know why no one is going to the movies this summer...Well, now we've seen the Summer Blockbuster of all time, and can check it off from the DVD "to buy" list.

And to think we could've gone to the Tennessee BONNAROO FESTIVAL instead. Manchester is a beer can's throw away from where I attended college, The University of the South in Sewanee, Tn..

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Notage for Today: the daylight hours will be slightly shorter than yesterday moving us ever closer to fall and winter...And there will be a full moon rising this evening visible world wide. Amazing and astonishing. Keep coming back; it works.

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Nature has its Heros...Lions Guard Girl after human (men) tried to abduct the twelve year old girl. Is it one more sign sign of the Apocalypse. Girl in the Lion's Den saved from Evil men...THE END IS NEAR...U.S. Anglicans Defend Gay Bishop et al. The Episcopalians stole a lot from the Roman Catholic Church (vestements, incense and ritual) seem now they need a lot of HEADLINES. But at least they are not about pedophiles. They juts LOVE or HATE gay folk and women priestess's.

Our County Sheriff, Darren White has invited the FOX show COPS back to Albuquerque after our city's Mayor , Martin Chavez poo- pooed the idea as a blot on our city...this after a John Deere Convention was moved to abnother city because the tractor drivers said there were too many COPS TV shows filmed in apparently crime-ridden Albuqueuerque. a few months COPS returns for their ride along adventures in the high desert...just with the County Mounties. Red and Blue lights, sirens and guns are about the same in the county as they are in the city. The uniforms may be different but what the heck. Fire Away. GO COPS (and robbers). Mayor Chavez is up for re-election this fall...hmm. Will COPS become an electioon issue?

This is the Mayor who is all for filming in our fine state (along with Uncle Bill Richardson who has provided millions of dollars in loans to movie and tv production companies....ABC's Family cable channel is currently showing a so far not so WILD Wildfire which is filmed in and around Albuquerque. And J Lo has been seen running wild for three weeks through our city streets with a new movie about the deaths of 100's of Mexican woman in border cities (Juarez, the main one). See J LO Net for the latest on the movie star.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Nothing surprirses me anymore about Kansas: Here is an actual Government website, the FAQ page for the Kansas Department of Revenue in which a majority of the FAQ's revolve around TAXES for the proper SELLING of ILLEGAL DRUGS. Yes Virginia and ToTo Too, there are taxes to be paid and forms to fill out , if you are selling illegal drugs in the state of Kansas. Check it out and apply NOW for your illegal drug sales' forms at KANSAS DRUG TAX STAMPS.

I did not know that the < a href="">FOO FIGHTERS were named after UFO's. They gave a concert this past week in Roswell,N.M. to celebrate the release of their new album. Apparently...."Foo Fighters is a term coined by Allied aircraft pilots during World War II. The term described mysterious glowing lights seen over German skies. Some people considered the Foo Fighters UFOs."

Not doing anything special on this longest day of the year? Then for God's sake, sign up NOW to Save The Manatees !! . Or get a free POETRY IN WARTIME dvd at The Film Connection. Actually, you can get all kinds of dvd's here 'on loan' like the PBS of NETFLIX. Start your own film club. Who says you can't have fun on The Longest Day, right before a full moon appears over tomorrow's horizon?

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Monday, June 20, 2005

SAVE NPR petition a Hoax; not a hoax?

Within you, there is a wellspring of love. Tap that source in the right way and the shakthi (energy) of divine love will fill your heart, expanding endlessly within you. — Amma

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Just in::
On NPR's Morning Edition, Nina Tottenberg announced that if the Supreme Court supports Congress, it will, in effect, be the end of the National Public Radio (NPR), National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). PBS, NPR and the arts are facing major cutbacks in funding. In spite of the efforts of each station to reduce spending costs and streamline their services, some government
officials believe that the funding currently going to these programs is too large a portion of funding for
something which is seen as not worthwhile. This is for anyone who thinks NPR/PBS is a worthwhile
expenditure of $1.12/year of their taxes.The only way that our representatives can be aware of
the base of support for PBS and funding for these types of programs is by making our voices heard.

This link also just in::Christopher Hitchens is a columnist for Vanity Fair. His most recent book is Thomas Jefferson: Author of America. He has written an article for about H.S. Thompson that is very innerstin'.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Not being a 'Dad' myself, I spent a few moments today contemplating that fact while washing our three schipperke dogs, and feeding our rabbits.

My own father played varsity football at Notre Dame under the famous Coach Frank Leahy. He graduated from South Bend and moved on to becoming a WWII 'hero' flying C-47's across the Pacific. He earned numerous awards for his valor including the Distinguished Flying Cross.

He met my mother while in flight school at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. He survived the war and went onto selling bonds and insurance in 1950's North Florida. This dramatic change of life was faced by many military dad's of those days. Must have been quite a switch from killing to selling things.

I was the first born in the Hartzer family and was not only NOT a hero nor a big foot baller (though later, I lettered in soccer in High School and College). I was very ill as a child and perhaps a handful for the newly weds.

Both of my parents are now enjoying their 'life in the Great Beyond'. Here's to Mom and Dad on Fathers' Day 2005. And, thanks Dad for teaching me the love of flight and fishing.

#1 son and his Dad

Jeff Hartzer & bass

A college friend once commented to a friend of mine, "I can't believe Jeff still listens to NEIL YOUNG". Well, believe it I do. And on this special day here are some NEIL lyrics that seem appropriate for the day...

"Old Man"

Old man look at my life,
I'm a lot like you were.
Old man look at my life,
I'm a lot like you were.

Old man look at my life,
Twenty four
and there's so much more
Live alone in a paradise
That makes me think of two.

Love lost, such a cost,
Give me things
that don't get lost.
Like a coin that won't get tossed
Rolling home to you.

Old man take a look at my life
I'm a lot like you
I need someone to love me
the whole day through
Ah, one look in my eyes
and you can tell that's true.

Lullabies, look in your eyes,
Run around the same old town.
Doesn't mean that much to me
To mean that much to you.

I've been first and last
Look at how the time goes past.
But I'm all alone at last.
Rolling home to you.

Old man take a look at my life
I'm a lot like you
I need someone to love me
the whole day through
Ah, one look in my eyes
and you can tell that's true.

Old man look at my life,
I'm a lot like you were.
Old man look at my life,
I'm a lot like you were.


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Saturday, June 18, 2005
When it comes down to summertime chores like re-painting a house full of rooms, you just can't beat loud redneck music to help you Get It Done...Yesterday, I was painting while listening to LOUD Lynyrd Skynyrd and came across an old favorite tune with a good story line. This Dude's Dad thinks his kid is a rotten apple and USELESS...So the kid becomes a Rock Star and returns home only to find that all is left of his dad and mom are two tombstones...The singer asks himself:

Was I Right or Wrong?

Like a restless leaf in the autumn breeze
Once I was a tumblin’ weed
Like a rollin’ stone, cold and all alone
Living for the day my train would come
I never cared for school or any golden rules
Papa used to always say I was a useless fool
So I left my home to show them thay was wrong
And headed out on the road singing my song
Then one sunny day. the man, he looked my way
And everything that I dreamed of, it was real
Money, girls and cars; and big long cigars
And I caught the first plane home so papa would see

When I went home to show ’em they was wrong
All that I found was two tombstones
Somebody tell me please was I right or wrong
Oh, such a sad song
First I got lost, then I got found
But the ones that I love are in the ground
Papa I only wish you could see me now
Take a listen papa
Whoo, I learned how to play my guitar
Gonna be a superstar

First I got lost, then I got found
The ones I love are in the ground
Won’t you tell me please was I right or wrong

If there’s any way you can hear what I say
Papa, I never meant to do you wrong
All the money, girls and cars. and all the words and all the cigars
Papa, I just want you to know they couldn’t take your place

When I went home to show ’em they was wrong
All that I found was two tombstones
Somebody tell me please was I right or wrong
Oh, such a sad song
First I got lost, then I got found
But the ones that I love are in the ground
Somebody tell me please was I right or wrong

(Gary Rossington - Ronnie Van Zant)

And if you like Leonard Skinner (Jacksonville Realtor/P.E. coach) whose name was stolen by a bunch of long hairs who hated their P.E. coach...or dig Jimmy Buffett, you'll enjoy this Palatka, Florida guy's website:: Billie Peoples Dot Com

In other snewz:
50,000 Defibrillators can't be WRONG...or can they?

The surreal state of Oregon has gone against all of the Supreme [court] Beings' recent reasoning by re-instating its own state's Medical Marijuana Program. Must be the rain or the superb growing conditions for wild mushrooms that inspires so many Oregonians to be so damn liberal minded.

Yesterday was 'day one' for one of our own existential state of New Mexico's new laws to go into effect...For first time DWI offendersIgnition Interlock Laws may cause you to pay for an expensive little blow job machine for your ignition to start the car or truck you once so loved to drink beer or tequila in...N. M. with its DRY HEAT has been notorious for its drunks on the highways and byways. Ice cold beer sems to work well in the dry-heated mile-high elevations under wide open skies with an Interstate speed limit of 75 mph. B-E-W-A-R-E...and arrive alive.

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Friday, June 17, 2005
This link just in: Hunting Bubba ...

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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Some FreshChaos odd snewzmakers:

Runaway Bride Sells Rights for Move-eye. Jennifer Lopez is in Albuquerque to make a movie this week; maybe soon maybe the "Return of the Runaway Bride actress" to be filming here as well.

Michael Jackson STILL FREE as a bird as a boy as a douchebag on fire. 'A pointy pointy bird' in the words of Steve Martin.

Saudis Say NO! to Nuclear inspection by United Nations team of experts.

The current Ban/policy on GAY SOLDIERS (No tell; no smell/ Say not; Fear not:: whatever the current unclear/unspoken poilicy is) may soon be lifted or at least discussed. A dead man or woman is still a dead man or woman gay or not gay. BTW: how many gays does it take to be a soldier with a weapon who can kill or be killed? Ah, one.

Goin' to Disneyland!! And we are going to all die there on the new Blast off to Outer Space super dooper ride. But it is deemed SAFE by experts. Tell that to the dead kid.

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Monday, June 13, 2005
Jacko Gets himself off FREE...Well, it did cost a bundle but he is a free Jacko. And FREE HE IS.

The original members of Pink Floyd will perform live in London for the first time since 1981. David Gilmour states that "It's crazy that America givers such a paltry amount to starving nations." The concert, LONDON LIVE 8, will be in Hyde Park on July 2nd.

I have been a card carrying member of THE National Geographic SOCIETY since before Pink Floyd first played on the darker sides of the moon. I am dismayed by last night's glorification of the "technical success" of the SHOCK AND AWE bombshow shown with a hot babe announcer on the National Geographic EXPLODER tv series. Not much I can do but mention it.

It was once again shocking and awful to view those fireworks over Baghdad with our Ratman President and his henchmen gleefully shocking us all. What happend to the early days, of National Geographic when Natives were shown walking around naked amidst apes and lions? Wasn't that Shocking enough? Hitler's blitzkriegs in WW I and WW II were pretty shocking and awe-full; did the Brits up and quit? Were they a "technical success"? Make it all stop. Make it all stop now.

By the way, here's a Baghdad Blog written by a woman who lives there here and now.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005
Mike Tyson "Quits on His STOOL" reads the headline...gross. In yesterday's snewz Tyson was quoted as saying, " Jesus Christ went to Prison..." indicating that prison folk can make a come back...Sorry but when you quit on a great big stool it just isn't the same as Rising from the dead and crucified. Gross.

O.K. I admit to a very juvenile sense of humor but you gotta laugh at something when, daily the Iraq War II Death Toll climbs faster than the rising cost of gas or the loss of our nation's farmlands to Wal*Marts or the 25,000 jobs lost just this week at General Motors. No wonder Hunter S. Thompson did himself in to get shot out of a cannon. And that isn't funny either, sorry. Well then how about these figures on the number of Iraq War II Civilians killed... Around 24,000. Funny? No.

Well, it is pretty funny to have already had a hurricane the second week of June. No? No. Not funnny. How 'bout them quakes felt yesterday in California? The Michael Jackson verdict whenever it comes in ; now that may be funny...or not.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005
Afleet Alex with Jockey Jeremy Rose wins the 137th running of the Belmont Stakes and kicks some horse butt all over the extra long race course in New York...

HURRICANE ARLENE ATTACKS...O.k., so it hasn't attacked yet but it is the season's first bit of exciting Weather Channel news . This week's special "HURRICANE WEEK" isn't even over yet; and, we're just 11 days 'into the season of the witch/bitch'. Thank God for non-existent Global warming and the freakin' end of the world that is surely coming to your town and mine very soon.
Downgraded and causing torrential rains; Arlene not so bad but the fact that she came so early on makes you wonder if Viagra is worth ot or not. Certainly a bad premature warning sign for the Hurricane Season. Meanwhile TORNADO activity nationwide is down.

Just in the nick of pre-hurricane time, Cuban migrants cross over to Miami in a TAXI BOAT...See the amazing 'classic' floating car slide show. Think you have problems, the Roman Catholic Church Men in Black Pedophiles are gonna cost the Church 1 BILLION dollars. Boy, that sucks. Way to go priestly pants' men.

I am not a big POLL TAKER especially on the website for, which tends to have a fairly conservatoive bias...However, they are currently running a poll on W's Approval Rating and the results are surprisingly stronglyagainst/disapproving of 'the man without any plan'. To me, this may indicate a true "turning of the tide". To you, maybe not so much. But take this poll and let your opinion be registered. It's easy, fun, and free.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Anne Bancroft is dead...Here's to You...

Mrs. Robinson

And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson,
Jesus loves you more than you will know.
God bless you, please Mrs. Robinson.
Heaven holds a place for those who pray,
Hey, hey, hey

We'd like to know a little bit about your for our files
We'd like to help you learn to help yourself.
Look around you all you see are sympathetic eyes,
Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.

And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson,
Jesus loves you more than you will know.
God bless you, please, Mrs. Robinson.
Heaven holds a place for those who pray,
Hey, hey, hey

Hide in the hiding place where no one ever goes.
Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes.
It's a little secret just the Robinsons' affair.
Most of all you've got to hide it from the kids.

Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson,
Jesus loves you more than you will know.
God bless you, please, Mrs. Robinson.
Heaven holds a place for those who pray,
Hey, hey, hey

Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon.
Going to the candidate's debate.
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose
Every way you look at this you lose.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio,
Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.
What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson.
Jotting Joe has left and gone away,
Hey hey hey.

A White Buffalo Calf is born at the Buffalo Crossing Ranch in Kentucky this week. Perhaps a good sign (especially to the Lakota Sioux tribe) amidst all the bad signs alive and well in these difficult times. Monday too, marked a New Moon...things should be going smoother in your world by this 'hump day' following our passage through the 'dark of the moon' over the weekend.

The loud THUNK heard outside, from inside the house turnes out to be none other than a HUMAN LEG that had fallen from the really. Eeeewwww. Gross.


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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
No MO' Medical Marijuana says SUPREME BEINGS... Well, what about non-medical marijuana?

New Cold Play CD is released June 7th. It is called, X and Y...oooh.x and y. That's cold.

Get the latest Internet Exploder Google Toolbar for your PC (not available for Mac, naturally.)

And for the latest in weird Church Snewz see The Devil's Handiwork which is actually an article copied from NEWSWEEK and pasted onto this wierd in and of itself website. The original article is unbelievably strange and horrible.

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Monday, June 06, 2005
Labor Camps busted in Palatka, Florida. My mother and many family relations grew up in the sleepy little town of Palatka by the St. John's River in Northern Florida. I used to fish on the Oklawaha River near there for bass and bream long before Bass Fishing became the rage that it is today. So good to see things are moving right along in the free world of Palatka...

A second person has died in less than a week here in our Enchanted Lands while 'floating' the rapids of the Rio Grande in the Taos area. The river is bursting at the seams and White Water rafting fans are going nuts. Two dead in a week though is truly nuts.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005
My wife and I celebrate 18 years of marriage this coming week.

Today we drove through our old neighborhood known as "the University ghetto" to see how things look where we were married on a roof top in 1987. As we drove through our 'neighborhood of memories', a strong one was seeing what was once called and known by many as The Free Porch. Today, there were a bunch of flowers on the porch...and we immediately wondered about our old friends Evelyn and Gene Abbott who were two of the kindest folks I have ever known. We knew the flowers were either for a wedding or for a funeral in the family.

Sadly, I have just excerpted these lines from an obituary in the Albuquerque Journal from May 31, 2005......ABBOTT -- Evelyn. The "Porch Lady" has died. Evelyn M. Abbott, along with her husband, Gene, ran the Silver Street Free Porch for 24 years. She died Wednesday, May 25th in the company of her family, from complications of a broken shoulder she suffered in March. She was 84 years old. She leaves behind a strong family...Two daughters ; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Evelyn was born and raised in Tennessee, but moved to Los Lunas,N.M. in 1951, and then to Albuquerque in 1959. She spent much of her time and energy helping those in need. She was known for treating each person with the same respect whether they were students, homeless, or local celebrities. Donations in her memory can be made to St. Martin's Hospitality Center, PO Box 27258, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125

There is an old adage that you should die with your hands unclinched and fully open. To live a life of generosity with a reciprocity of both giving and receiving is 'the way to go'. The Free Porch meant many things to our neighbors and friends. it was actually closed down in a big squabble with realtors over zoning codes. Perhaps nothing is 'for free' in the USA...Time to listen to the old Joni Mitchell song "For Free" perhaps...

In the mid eighties, I wrote a poem for Evelyn and Gene about their porch and their efforts of letting things go in giant 'give-aways'...It is called, ON OUR BLOCK OF THE WORLD...

for Gene and Evelyn Abbott

there are days like this
when even grey skies are hot

these are the hot ones
say the gas men
the litterpickers
the meter readers

hot ones
they come like this in summer

there is a porch
on our block of the world
the block where we live
and on this porch
neighbors drop whatever they are done with
whatever they choose to leave behind
to pass on
whatever they choose

and when they leave something
on this porch
on our block of the world
it will be gone by dawn

it is rich
this block where we live
where we breathe and dance
and leave behind all the things
that were once so vital
so precious

and they are gone by dawn

© 2005
Jeff Hartzer

By the's a snapshot where you can catch us on the rooftop at the house Scott Momaday once lived in at 201 Princeton Street S.E. back on that lovely sky blue sky New Mexican day of 6/6/87 when we were married by the head tribal Medicine woman of the Isleta Pueblo.

Jeff Hartzer Debra Landau
Jeff and Debra: A rooftop marriage

Whatever blessings we received that day must have been powerful ones as we are still vibrantly alive, well, and much in love. Our 'down the street neighbors', Evelyn and Gene, were two genuine influences on our lives in those 'early days' of Albuquqreue life...and now they will influence us perpetually. It is a blessing most high to experience true love, both given and received.

In a footnote: here are the lyrics for Joni Mitchell's great song...


I slept last night in a good hotel
I went shopping today for jewels
The wind rushed around in the dirty town
And the children let out from the schools
I was standing on a noisy corner
Waiting for the walking green
Across the street he stood
And he played real good
On his clarinet, for free

Now me I play for fortunes
And those velvet curtain calls
Ive got a black limousine
And two gentlemen
Escorting me to the halls
And I play if you have the money
Or if youre a friend to me
But the one man band
By the quick lunch stand
He was playing real good, for free

Nobody stopped to hear him
Though he played so sweet and high
They knew he had never
Been on their t.v.
So they passed his music by
I meant to go over and ask for a song
Maybe put on a harmony...
I heard his refrain
As the signal changed
He was playing real good, for free

Joni Mitchell from Ladies of the Canyon

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Saturday, June 04, 2005
This just in: DUST DEVIL ALERT

A friend who is a nurse just called in the news to Freshchaos HQ that the Taylor Ranch Neighborhood Day Celebration on the West side of Albuquerque's mesa lands, was almost blown away by a Dust Devil the size of the Stature of Liberty.

Kids' huge bouncing balloon rides were thrown into the air. Umbrellas and stage equipment tossed around like sticks...Much Freshchaos on an otherwise lovely blue sky day here in the Enchanting Land of the high desert where if you wait long enough the weather changes and truly where GUSTY WINDS MAY EXIST.

Fortunately, there were no terribly serious injuries or fatalities, though dozens were banged up and taken to local hospitals in the freak incident.

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This is a time for commencements...A very gifted student I had the pleasure of teaching many ions ago has just graduated from the University of New Mexico. Quite awhile ago, this student let me have a number of his so called 'digital experiments'.

In his honor, I have created the online "Jason Barrett Digital Gallery". I invite you to visit it where you will see a colorful array of work that may just take your mind off the state of our nation for a few moments at least.

My congratulatons to Jason.

Without further hesitation then, here is the newly unveiled Jason Barrett Digital Gallery for your viewing pleasure.

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Friday, June 03, 2005
DOE a Deer a female deer
Jennifer Wilbanks aka the Runaway Bride's picture is again in the papers and on the news...What's with those EYES of heres? Wide open. Too wide open. Appearing to either NOT like what she sees or either is blinded by the light at the train rushing through the tunnel straight at her.

Speaking of Does and Bucks...Michael Crossland has possibly KILLED the largest Oklahoma Buck on record, or what used to be the largest Buck on record. And now he faces arrest. Ummmm...venison.

Liberty Pays! A liberty nickel sold for 4.15 million dollars (USD) yesterday. Who says you can't retire off of a nickel. This 1913 Liberty Head must have been a beauty.

Mother kills Daughter, attractive headline from the rainy Portland area...Almost as gruesome as North Korea calling Dick Cheney, a blood thirsty beast. Or the fact that Russia is now up in arms again about having military weapons in outer space. "Retaliatory steps" will be taken and "Moscow won't negotiate controls over tactical nuclear arms with nations that deploy them abroad"...Just when we thought all was calm on the falling apart Ruskie Front.

Is their anyone our current administration can't, won't, or doesn't attempt to antagonize?

California dreaming...Those huge landslides brought on by winter rains are predicted to get worse soon. Californians have been buying up new homes in the Albuquerque area as 'rental/investment' properties causing our 'new home average price' to skyrocket. Landslides may cause a few of those investors to actually move here now.

Tonight, I will read a poem as my wife flies on her trapeze at Albuquerque's Tricentennial Dance Gala held at the Historic Kimo Theater on Route 66 in downtown 'burqueville. The poem I will read was written in our early years together as 'spiritually rich but otherwise broke', dancer and poet.

To Love A Dancer

To Love A Dancer
is to take the world
and turn it upside down

To Love A Dancer
is to love your life
in kitchens

To Love A Dancer
is to set yourself free
from country club days

To Love A Dancer
is to love that part of you
so abandoned long ago

To Love A Dancer
is to gamble on
snow and rain

To Love A Dancer
is the very thing of all things
which i most fear
To take bare feet and wings
and begin to feel

To Love A Dancer
is to hang suspended
while the dancer dances the walls
between you

And high above
the eagle soars
dances on wind
hot fever

© 2005
Jeff Hartzer

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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Thank God for the great State of California to get things off to a hot and heavy start in this new month of June...First comes the Laguna Beach landslide and then comes the NEW and IMPROVED S.F. 49ers video with plenty of hilarious nudity and freshchaos galore.

Oh and Happy NEW and IMPROVED HURRICANE SEASON which began officiously on June 1.

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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