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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Not being a 'Dad' myself, I spent a few moments today contemplating that fact while washing our three schipperke dogs, and feeding our rabbits. We have had a BUNNYTOWN REUNION of sorts by receiving a bunny that was given away long ago and has now returned to his Home of Origin, BunnytownUSA...The great and wonderful SNUB. And she is huge. So we are father and mother to new 'bunny bearing potential' in the great and wonderful SNUBBERS who will undoubtedly be producing miniature snubs soon.

It's summertime and the bunny misters are hooked up and keeping things cool this hot (it's a 'dry heat') Father's Day in the high desert of New Mexico.

My own father played varsity football at Notre Dame under the famous Coach Frank Leahy. He graduated from South Bend and moved on to becoming a WWII 'hero' flying C-47's across the Pacific. He earned numerous awards for his valor including the Distinguished Flying Cross.

He met my mother while in flight school at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. He survived the war and went onto selling bonds and insurance in 1950's North Florida. This dramatic change of life was faced by many military dad's of those days. Must have been quite a switch from killing to selling things.

I was the first born in the Hartzer family and was not only NOT a hero nor a big foot baller (though later, I lettered in soccer in High School and College). I was very ill as a child and perhaps a handful for the newly weds.

Both of my parents are now enjoying their 'life in the Great Beyond'. Here's to Mom and Dad on Fathers' Day 2005. And, thanks Dad for teaching me the love of flight and fishing.

#1 son and his Dad

Jeff Hartzer & bass

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