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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Unplugged: to swim with fishies

Well, not much has changed in one week. "W" has not choked to death on a pretzel but his hand holding with that cute Saudi still carries a bit of flack. My brotherJonathan Hartzer is actually quoted in a world news story for being part of a gay-hating Church in Midland, Texas. No wonder he and I haven't spoken in years...See Episcopal bishop tells dissidents to leave. SO GO THEN.

China Rises: while the rest of us sleep..."in 25 years China has moved 300 million people out of poverty and quadrupled the average person's income"...says "Newsweek". 'The House of Flying Daggers' is one great thing the Chinese produced last year to name a few thousand. Our own farmlands are disappearing daily. We continue to import more than we export. As Capn' Kirk once uttered, ' How long, Spock...For just how long?'

It was interesting to visit a foreign country [ Cozumel, Mexico ] this past week and see that Mexico remains one of the few countries where the USD (U.S. Dollar) can still rack up a peso or two above it's current value here (11 pesos to the almighty dollar...but a EURO gets you 13 to one)...The United States is headed downhill folks and there's no getting around it. We are all so used to the idea of Global warming and high gas prices and being lied to, over and over that we are numb to the fact that WE ARE LOSING in the battle for numero uno...And why not go ahead and put Bolton in at the U.N...Can it get worse? Three more plus years to go...yes it can.

Thank god for a week of floating with fishes in the most beautifully clear and turquoise waters I have ever swam in (including Hawaii, Florida, Bahamas, Puerto Vallarta) and realize that things go on underwaer no matter how many U.S. Submarine sonar units are causing chaos for dolphins or how the Northern and Southern Polar Ice Caps are melting or how Bolton may yet lead out nations U.N. delegation or how, my own brother makes news in a gay bashing sort of way. Way to go world.

Thank the Lord of the Republican/Christian Hey-Sus, Allah, G-d, Great Spirit, Buddha, Krishna, Baal, Quetzalcoatl, Zeus,Thor, Ixchel, Isis, and Alan Greenspan that my wife and I had the funds and where with all to take some time OFFLINE and swim away from the FRESHCHAOS that just piles up day after day after day around the planet.

I took time to read the most moving book which I can easily recommend to the masses and apparently I am one of the last people among the masses to have read it as it is a huge best seller; it is Alice Sebold's "THE LOVELY BONES". Very, very moving on deep levels. Thank the gods also that we have found a 'house sitter' who loves our BunnytownUSA rabbits, our tropical fish, house plants, and our three maniacally 'gifted and talented' , Schipperke dogs (who are a handful). Perhaps we will journey away from home more than once a year now.


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Monday, May 02, 2005
The authors of are in:

We'll be back online before Friday the Thirteenth. Ya'll come back now.

The 10th anniversary of my mother's passing occurred recently. I have a poem I wrote that seems appropriate to share at this time called, "In a private place of trees"...Be sure to enjoy each and every Spring that you have left to live...!!

In a private place of trees

I am alive
for me
and for you
I am alive that I may breathe
and eat sweet cookies
And though
I am not a bird
I am alive that I may fly
To love the art of flying
And love the way
the earth breathes
and is alive
in this private place of trees

I am alive and today
I leave you behind
in all of your private places
while I begin my climb walking right up
through these trees on this rope ladder to the sky
I walk right up
from the arms of this earth
bare tree limbs calling to Spring
I walk right up
from the earth that moves beneath you
like a giant sleeping bear
about to awaken from sleep

I am alive
and I climb right up
from your opened arms
into the breath of this perfect sky

Jeff Hartzer
© 1995

in memoriam

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