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Monday, February 28, 2005
Hope for America:thoughts on 'Oscar'

I am greatly surprised that "Million Dollar Baby" which I went to see just yesterday [see entry for 2/27], was such a winner at the Oscars. I felt that it should be on many levels but 'my voice' is too often in the minority these days. The zeitgeist of being blind-sided broad-sided knocked out of contention...loss of relationship...parents, children, brothers, sisters who do not speak to one unfair war...unspoken cheating folk...white folk and all of us aging...times are changed and is is brief a candle that burns bright brief and down to nothing...

The BIG 'Jesus' and '911' movies of '04 were not even in contention...something ironically good about those movies being out of the picture...Last night's Oscar awards (not the Show itself but WHO and WHAT got awards) gives me some hope. There is room in America for a giant grieving; a true admittance of loss...'losing' in America is not what we are supposed to be about...yet we lost Vietnam and no matter what we hear, we are worldwide 'losers' in Iraq...unfair fighters of shock and awesome killing that is all too unnecessary...

Go see 'Million Dollar Baby'. We feel for the poor fighter who raises up from her roots and gains strength courage and wisdom only to cruelly broken like so many Super Men and Women who die or end up in wheel chairs or worse...We are the lost children of our parents; we are the strong who have become weak...There are zoos in America giving birth to all the animals we have killed with our pollution...There are aquariums in America that are home to the few tropical fish left that are not on sale at the Wal*Marts of the world. And there a few good movies left to see with popcorn, kleenex, and a big fat cold beverage.

There are the Eastwoods and the Scorses. There still are movies without gunfire or pyrotechnic computerized gizmo images and there are those about eccentric Millionaires wanting to be aviators or Millionaire babies from the backwood hills with unkind relatives fighting for their lives. RAY and MILLIONAIRE BABY are two movies that should not be missed. They both present a side of America that seems to me has been sorely lacking in the public eye of the past 4+ years.

Life is short. America may rise above the grief of its empty consumeristic patriotism yet. © 2005 Jeff Hartzer

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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Million Dollar Baby may or may not do well at the Oscars tonight but it sure hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw it at the theater today. Kudos to Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and especially to Hillary Swank for a movie of outstanding IMPACT. It is certainly not Rocky nor does it have anywhere near a Scooby Doo ending or middle for that matter. It is a powerful and deep love story on many levels as well as a movie about boxing and relationships. And it left me wanting to 'stay alive' and get on with my life. Good and Bad things can come and go in all too quick a flash.

I also hope that the movie RAY is a winner one way or the other. Jamie Foxx WAS Ray.

Been thinking of old Hunter S. Thompson and these lyrics of a 'NEW' Lynyrd Skynyrd song called 'The Way' fit my mood of the moment:

Well, the sun don't shine like it used to
and the angels are hiding their heads...
People don't listen to their hearts anymore
the good men are dead...
There ain't no right no wrong or no in between
That ain't the constitution that they wrote for me
Got our heads stuck in something overseas
standin' ass deep in hipocracy

Well I found myself out on the open road
heading out into the desert
looking for another world that's waitin' on me
that none of us can see.
I keep thinkin' to myself as I move along
where do we all come from?

Is there religion or another dimension another place and time
When my life is over and done
finally made my way through it
another life has just begun
(is this the way to it)
looking in the eyes of the man in the moon
He's staring down at me
wonderin' what he is thinking
what he knows
please let me see
life is like an open door we're all walking through who knows the answers
no one knows the truth 'till we all walk on through
When my life is over and done
finally made my way through it
another life has just begun
(is this the way to it)

Walkin' on the world upside down
it keeps spinning round and round
world upside down
I'm so tired of all this bullshit goin' down
finally made my way through it
When my life is over and done
is this the way to it?

Virus Jokes spreading in cyberspace:
The George Bush Virus - Causes your computer to keep looking for viruses of mass destruction.
The John Kerry Virus - Stores data on both sides of the disk and causes little purple hearts to appear on screen.
The Clinton Virus - Gives you a permanent Hard Drive with NO memory.
The Al Gore Virus - Causes your computer to just keep counting and re-counting.
The Bob Dole (aka Viagra) Virus - Makes a new hard drive out of an old floppy.
The Lewinsky Virus - Sucks all the memory out of your computer, then e-mails everyone about what it did.
The Arnold Schwarzenegger Virus - Terminates some files, leaves, but will be back.
The Mike Tyson Virus - Quits after two bytes.
The Oprah Winfrey Virus - Your 200 GB hard drive shrinks to 100 GB, then slowly expands to re-stabilize around 350 GB.
The Ellen Degeneres Virus - Disks can no longer be inserted.
The Prozac Virus - Totally screws up your RAM, but your processor doesn't care.
The Michael Jackson Virus - Only attacks minor files.
The Lorena Bobbitt Virus - Reformats your hard drive into a 3.5 inch floppy .. then discards it through Windows

Believe it or don't: A U.S. scientist claims to have thawed out a new life form, which he said raises questions about possible contemporary life on Mars.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005
Some weekend snewz:

Here's a local link to an ancient interview withHST in Albuquerque's Alibi Magazine.

If you haven't already bought a bag of Trolli Road Kill Gummi Candy then you might be too late. It's NOW off the market , as it was thought that it might cause children nightmares or, at the very least, stomache aches or cause them to be cruel to animals.

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FL.: This just in ....a lesbian who had her Yearbook photograph taken wearing a male tuxedo (is there a female tux?) has had that photograph barred from her yearbook. Greencove Springs is a teensy burg just south of Jacksonville, my home town. Green Cove Springs never was very big on lesbians or tuxedoes either that I can recall. Fishing for bream and bass with worms called 'Nightcrawlers '(also the name of a local -N. Florida- 60's band) was and undoubtedly still is more of a Green Cove Springs' kind of thing. Just check your Tuxedoes and Lesbians at the door.

A Belen, N.M. mid-school teacher has been placed on leave for hiding his students' dope when the dope dogs were on patrol. Not too many folks are standing in line to become teachers these days, I guess.

Next week: Martha Stewart GET'S OUTTA JAIL FREE. Plus she gets to wear an accessory bracelet around her ankle . It's a good thing.

The Church of England wants to break the Canadian and U.S. of A .Anglicans off from the Mother Country STAT for their take on Gays. Most especially their recent take on the election of openly G-A-Y, Gene Robinson, as Bishop of New Hampshire. By the way speaking of merrry olde England, not even the Queen will attend 'the next big wedding' of Charles and what's her name. Go England. Go 'Global Anglican Communion' .

And, Hooray for Canada!! which has JUST SAID NO to the US idea of a global Missile Shield.

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Friday, February 25, 2005
This just in ...Our readers write:
I'm sad and pissed about HST. Bastard! He should have remembered a quote from another freakazoid author, Ken Kesey..."never give up! never give an inch!" especially to this bush-wah, bush league bush smoking piece of crap called our president. I'll never give up the rant! Never!

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Pope still lives and breathes-just through a hole in his neck now.

Bird flu to kill us all in next five years (wasn't that a David Bowie song FIVE YEARS?) . Guess we made it through those 5 years, how about the next 5? (Or next '4 more' if you be a Democrat). Hunter S. Thompson remains very dead. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Cockfighting is still alive, legal and well-attended in the state of New Mexico.

'Bill 47' now in NM legislature would make it legal to kill cougars on sight or at your site. Gotta save the cats and dogs of the rich building them thar homes next to nature preserves and/or in the Mountains. Who cares about Pumas/Cougars/Bears/Mountain Lions...they're mostly a nuisance. Yeah. Right.

At least we don't live in Topeka, Kansas the latest HOMOPHOBIA CAPITAL of the World according to Time Magazine.

Advice of the day: If you own a late model Chevy Blazer or similar SUV, go buy a spare tire lock...Do it now. It is awesomely easy to screw down your spare tire and walk away with it. Happy Flyday.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
This just in from a reader:
President Bush was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nation last weekend in Arizona.  He spoke for almost an hour on his future plans for increasing every Native American's present standard of living.  He referred to his career as Governor of Texas, how he had signed "YES" 1,237 times - for every Indian issue that came to his desk for approval.
Although the President was vague on the details of his plan, he seemed most enthusiastic about his future ideas for helping his "red brothers."
At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes presented the President with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name - Walking Eagle.
The proud President then departed in his motorcade, waving to the crowds.

A news reporter later inquired to the group of chiefs of how they cameto select the new name given to the President. They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird so full of shit that it can no longer fly.

True story?

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Here is another article on HST from the Denver Post sent in by a reader. It was interesting to see the various tv news stories last night reagrding his life of daily 'freshchaos'. I liked one interview where Hunter states that once when he was with President Jimmy Carter , he signed more autographs than the President..."They thought I was an astronaut," says Hunter.

Meanwhile an uplifting spirit has hit our small (but still the biggest town in Nuevo MeheeKo) high desert burg as the University of NM Lobos Mens' roundballers (20-6) wallop # 13 Utah in THE PIT 65-54 last night with a crowd of over 17,000 howling fans. Go Lobos!!

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Monday, February 21, 2005
This just in: our readers write...

Another HST Blog

A Texan writes: It is a tough season to be a humanistic, progressive, democratic person. In my worst case scenario, it will take a new Great Depression to discredit the right winger Republicans and to open the people's minds.

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This was certainly a Queerly Beloved kind of weekend. Parental discretion is advised...

Hunter Thompson suicides over weekend this the end of the world for left winger/born againsters like myself for instance? Arthur Miller one week , HST the next. Not a good sign for bleeding heart crazies.

It's a sad world gone mad...Happy President's Day...Have you seen (2 of) the Ex-presidents (Uncle Bill and Sr. Bushie) raising tsunami funds on tv commercials? Makes for a very 'surrealistic pillow' along with the Jefferson Airplane's, 'Volunteers for America' lately used as a commercial advertising song. It really is the end of the world as we know it. And good old Gidget is dead as well. Alas for Sandra Dee.

Have you read the latest on W's pot smoking adventures ? There's quite a bit out there about the ganga-riffic President who, as we all know but do not discuss, also apparently had a DWI incident and snorted 'white stuff' all before being forgiven and accepted by the one and only Hey-sus who despite being a bleeding heart liberal Himself, still can't win an Oscar.

And not to be outdone by all this smoking news is the now famous White House reporter dude Naked Jeff Gannon...

Death O-H-H D-E-A-T-H- affects us all, and suicide has a stronger impact somehow. Not since the suicide by drowning of Spalding Gray has suicide gone down so heavily as with the news of Dr. Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson. One wonders how many other times the good Doctor must have come close to doing himself (or another) in at his Wild and Crazy Woody Creek cabin where guns, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs were a rampantly public part of his life and death.

Alcohol is a depressant; Guns kill people...With all the rest of the current 'world story' of depressing news, guns and alcohol are not a good thing to have on hand. A Wisconsin hunter might shoot other hunters while perched in a tree, kids may shoot kids in a mall or at school but for Hunter to shoot Hunter...sad, sad, sad.

Depression approaching: George W. Bush is abroad trying to make peace with the rest of the world that he personally and with great arrogance, pissed off... 80 billion a month goes for the losing March for Freedom in Iraq....the Daytona 500...(even that has become depressing when you hear that the race car drivers are being called 'today's rock stars') the endless Christian uproars...

At least there are moments of lucidity like last night's Simpson's episode with Homer becoming an ordained-via-internet "ePiscopalian" minister so he can marry gays and straights alike for money and to put Springfield back on the map...[ It was just over a year ago this week that that same news of granting marriage licenses to same sex couples put Albuquerque on the National Map--and our fine Florida Marlins' baseball farm team took its name straight a Simpson's episode, THE ISOTOPES ] Go Albuquerque.

Our world seems truly upside down and wobbling more and more. There seem to be fewer Hunter Thompsons out there who can break through top the truth of things while the number of those who build condos or big houses with no yards and sterile interiors right next to our nature 'preserves' is growing like the number of extra days spent on national sports TV shows.

The world seems mad for money and year round football; fewer taxes for the rich, less health care for the homeless or self-employed... Social Security? There is no Social Security, there is no Homeland Security...Even the crazy guy writing this can go buy an assault rifle, alcohol, and get enough prescription drugs to live on the edge of reality. Anyone, at any time, can take their own life and it sure seems like the number of life takers is way UP these days.

Suicide is a topic no one wants to talk about ; no one claims to have even 'thought about' taking their own lives but we all have at one time or another...You haven't?

A gun or a jump off a ferry boat will do it...prescription drugs and alcohol (termed 'ethanol poisoning' by the Medical Examiner) works well too. This writer's family was 'victim' to a suicide in September 2004. Things at FRESHCHAOS HQ will never really be the same because of this fact. I imagine things in Woody Creek, Colorado won't be either.

We all die alone...a simple fact . Whether by our own hand or by soldiering Iraqi 'Insurgents' [what is an 'Insurgent' anyway?] We all die alone in a crowded room or in a cabin in the woods or drowning in the cold waters of New York State. What happens afterwards is anyone's guess.

At least tonight brings psychic relief with a new episode of MEDIUM. Apparently a lot of people besides me actually like this show as it has been renewed for 22 more episodes.

And Hey... Alanis Morissette is now an American citizen! Hooray. In other music snewz, we attended a sold out Albuquerque performance by new Grammy Award winners, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. If they should pass through a town near you don't miss em. They were so HOT , the newly divorced but still Honorable Mayor of Albuquerque , Martin Chavez, introduced them.

There are no 'ladies' in 'Ladysmith Black Mambazo' by the way. And in case you did not realize this, the air is blue because air molecules preferentially scatter blue and violet light, allowing the other colors of light from the sun to pass through the atmosphere to the surface.

Despite this amazing factoid of surrealistic science, Hunter S. Thompson has left our big planetary building forever.

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Blame it on President's Day....HUNTER S. THOMPSON COMMITS SUICIDE !

More STRANGE and TERRIBLE links...

Here's an innerestin' blog about the
Mainline Gonzo-ist

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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Freshchaos abounds: The Euro has worked well for the Euro-peans and the same principle is now up in our faces with a Union of Joint forces against the US of A with Syria and Iran joining into Team Bastardo. Whaddayagonnado? Move to China or North Korea...

Be bigger bastardos would be the Bush approach. Can't wait for the next nuke to come flying in. And the Bushmeisters have stated yesterday that Terror abounds...THE TERRORISTS ARE RE-GROUPING is how they put it....WHAT CAN BE DONE TO STOP THEM? The only way to fix this new fear of RE-GROUPING is to pass all of W's new budget plans. Timely advice from those in charge of what was once the greatest and most trusted country in the World.

BS: BRUCE SPRINGHEAD that is...his new cd is due out April 26th , the first since 'The Rising of the Dough' post 9/11....The new one is entitled,"Dust in the Wind", no wait ,make that DUST AND DEVILS.

In the latest Nueveo New MeheeKo DWI scandals...a Tesuque Pueblo trial judge has been arrested on a felony DWI charge that is his FOURTH arrest for DWI. Judge Fitch arrested in Santa Flush (the City Different) last week has been put on 90 day paid leave to consider why he felt it necessary to drink a bottle of vodka on the way to the Roundhouse in a State owned vehicle at ten a.m. on a week day...a Saturday I can maybe understand but...Two years back state District Judge Thomas Cornish resigned after pleading guilty to DWI and in May ought 4, 2nd Judicial District Court Chief Judge W. John Brennan was arrested for DWI and oh yeah, possession of cocaine. He resigned. WAY to go New MEXICO judgeships. I thought teachers and medical Doctors drank a lot but...The question is is this the way of the wild west and just now being brought to public attenmtion...Did DWI by city and state leaders jjust go unnoticed by law enforcement for years? Why now all of a sudden? The Patriot Act maybe? By the way Judge Fitch was/is a Republican. Bringing up the other question, why must Judges declare a political party anyway?? Seems ok to drink just not give out passes to the abortion clinics.

A new book reviewed in this week's usually ultra conservative Time Magazine, reveals that woman soldiers have been very revealing in trying to get prisoners (Muslims) to break down or get erections and then break down as Allah frowns on sexuality a bit. The book due out in May by Penguin Press is called, 'Under the bra'..actually Under the Wire. Shocking.

The City of Albuquerque is now 'selling stuff'. Want to buy a used parking meter? Go to the Albuquerque City Store . Happy shopping.

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Monday, February 14, 2005
Happy St. Valentine's Day

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Ray Charles gets his posthumous due at the Grammies and in his honor last night we finally got around to watching the wonderful movie RAY. I hope the movie does as well with Mister Oscar as did Ray's LP "Genius Loves Compnay" did at the grammies.

ESPN2 spent at least thirty five seconds showing the 8 and 1 Lady Lobos beat the Mormon wo-men at Utah for the first time in 27 games on Sunday. Pretty hard to get fired up for the miniscule shot at National TeeVee but Go Lady Lobos, now #1 in the Mountain West Conference. Long way to go to the Sweet 25 .

And now that Foo-ball (except for the silly 'arena jocks') is over, let's rally behind our new favorite team and shout out: GO SHIITES, GO !!

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Sunday, February 13, 2005
If you are a bit nervous about Howard Dean the New Chair for the Democratic National Party, and you happen to be in the Albuquerque environs, then you can attend a weekly support group that meets on Mondays at 7 p.m. called : NAIL BITERS NO MORE which offers a "positive approach for nail biters and cuticle pickers". Spitoons provided free of charge. GO DEANIACS...!!

They are Gay Penguins; they are here (Germany that is) and they plan to stay gay.

Speaking of Gay Penguins check out the latest snewz about Prince Charles and Camilla.

As seen in the Sunday Comix: "Dr. John Caulfield a colonel and surgeon in the U.S. Army returned to active duty and is serving in Afghanistan; he is 70 years old"....Believe it or Not !

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One of the coolest things for me about NOT 'blogging' this past week is that this very morning my wife paid me eight dollars and 4 quarters (US ) to 'shut up'. So I guess the time to spill some verbage into the cyberspacial realms of are upon us.

Pulitzer-Winning Playwright Arthur Miller remains dead.

You knew it was coming especially since the guy the USA wanted most was coming in second or third, YES a RECOUNT is apparently delaying the Irqaqi FREEDOM MARCH VOTE. This has not stopped more of our soldiers from dying though. GET YOUR WAR ON and Get Out the Vote counters dudes. For total confusion read these latest Poll Results from the New kinder-gentler-more Democratic Iraq.

Locally our Albuquerque Police Department seized a record 198 vehicles for DWI in January 2005...And this past Friday Tom Fitch, Seventh Judicial District Chief Judge, wrecked his (sorry it was not HIS, but rather a State-owned vehicle) after swigging enough Vodka to register a .18 ethanol blow...then he had a heart attack. This is the second state judge to be arrested for DWI in less than a year in our Enchanted Land (the other one also had cocaine in his possession but that charge was dropped for some reason). Go Nuevo MeHeeKo...

Bill Cosby< has had a rough week with accusers coming out of the woods stating that his big hands have been a gropin'. Not funny.

The undersea photographs/images of the huge gaping holes left behind by the Tsunami causing earthquake are remarkable...According to the latest on the YEAR OF THE ROOSTER , we can expect more of the same soon.

SCORCHING HELL-FIRE, BIllie Bob...If the USA invades Iran (and we all know that could happen at any time now: 4 more years = 4 more wars), Iran President Mohammed Khatami says a 'scorching hell' awaits. Joyful news...

OH DEATH...My wife and I were part of a huge audience to see Ralph Stanley belt out 'Oh Death' and other hit tunes from the hills of Virginny , Tennesee, Kentuck, and then thar parts. Quite a master at his art...though his 'stage presence' is that of a beat up old man with his hand in his belt...and checking his watch every three or four songs was a bit odd but then a new 2 million dollar museum has been created in his honor and we were truly blessed to see the old crooner...We came home and watched "Oh Brother Where Ye Be?" on the DVD Player. Quite a gosh-dang-good-move-eye too.

And sho nuff, we are gonna pay for all this FREEDOM MARCHING by hacking back not the new-fangled tax breaks for the rich folk, but rather all the services for the poor and indigent and the rest of us commoners...Headlines this week blare RED INK COLORS FACE OF POLITICS. And RICE SAYS N.KOREA NUKE CLAIM 'UNFORTUNATE'...What's unfortunate is that we went after Iraq and still haven't gotten Osama nor his Mama neither. Iran and N. Korea have had atomic wazzuski's long before Iraq had toilets. None of the Bushmeister's great work of over four years has made a lick of sense. Ok he did get a nice new dog for Laura. Dogs are always 'Good'.

Wal*Mart closed its great big super store in Canada just as workers were on the verge of becoming the first ever to win a union contract. I'll just take my damn football and go home. Damn them Canadians...

THE POPE LIVES and Karl Rove has been promoted to 'deputy chief of staff' for the big guy in the White House. Should Uncle Karl should be the next Pope on a ropa-dopa?

"Shut Up and Eat!" is a new recipe book out by the stars of Hblow's Sopranos. Shut up and hurry up with that next season!!

Currently if you die as a USA soldier in 'the big march for freedom', your wife and family will pick up $12,420 dollars (US). If you are a survivor of a Police Officer who is killed on duty in the US, the Feds pay your family $267,494 (according to Time Magazine). Something wrong with this picture.

Speaking of cops...the Albuquerque PD has solved to date 39 of 43 homicides from the year 2004. On the other hand, Phoenix PD has solved only 93 of 208 homicides.

Thank God for the New psychic MEDIUM who resides in Phoenix. NBC's new show 'Medium' is fantastic. Usually when I really like a show, it means it gets canned. Here's Hoping 'Medium' gains some strength in the ratings department.

In other TeeVee snewz: MONK now sucks without Sharona. Sorry but the new season of 'Monk' is off to a rough start and I still don't get why they dropped Detective Monk's sidekick.

FYI re:cops: Bush's new 'cutbacks' will severely cut back funding for 'local law enforcement' by the way. Also to be cut back, are funds for American Indian Schools and home heating for the poor. C'est la vie...

In more important snewz: the new French Magazine and website L'Anti-Americain is a huge, smashing success. Problem is the bastards have it all written in French. Go Freedom Fries!!

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Monday, February 07, 2005
HAPPY YEAR OF THE ROOSTER beginning Wednesday, February 9th, 2005 according to the Chinese Zodiac.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005
This just in : our readers write: RE: STEVE EARLE CONCERT
Steve Earle was a super deluxe show.[from Jacksonville,Florida] Supposed to be a 2 1/2 show-easily was 3 very fast hours. His voice was good and lost 60 lbs as well as hair.The Dukes were also one hell of a band. Superb lead guitar man. High volume energy, live versions of his songs were much better than studio dcd versions.
Started with "The Revolution Starts Now". Ended with same, but long encore set followed ended with "Sweet Virginia". Very rowdy Jacksonville looking  older crowd, especially for a radical, "as close to a Marxist as I can get" performer. [it was mentioned that....] The way to get over Bush reelection is to: 1. leave thecountry 2. fall in love 3. sing a Rolling Stones cover every day.

Ranted about Bush, war, the rich, ("Bush sincerely thinks there'' ll be no draft, but he's wrong. We're soon going to run out of the poor and minorities to send over there"... UNIONS "If you got a boss, you need a union." between every set. Talked  to the crowd ("Maybe the revolution's going to come Jacksonville a little later.") and answered dumb hecklers. "Yeah, I remember my first beer too." Great show in any event.
Check out Stevie dot com

Steve Earle one week The Freaking Soup Bowl the next !!! So tomorrow the world will be enjoying the flowing rivers and skylines of a North Florida town that is gonna be burstin' in its Lynnyrd Skynnyrd britches...Go Eagles!

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Thursday, February 03, 2005
This just in a reader writes: It's so sad that you don't have the guts to salute the success of the
Iraqi elections.
I guess it is true that I am one sad mofo then. The cost of the elections is a little on the high side with almosrt 2000 of our own men and women volunteer soldiers killed not to mention the cost to the landscape of Iraq and the loss of BIllions MONTHLY that could go to healthcare and schools and to our own problems in this country (elections included). Thanks though for writing.

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The current State of the Onion has Wall Street in a tailspin today. And the Pope on a Ropa-dopa is melting...Great shot in the news of the Pope fighting off doves that were flailing all around him during a recent speech...Sadly, the following day he is hospitalized for breathing problems. Damn Doves of Peace. How much longer can the health of our own President's Country and the health of the Pope of the World continue to fight off the flu bugs and paranoia of gaping errors and premature baldness?

RE:Pope Fights Doves...from Reuters News Service : VATICAN CITY-Two doves released by children refused to take flight, causing the Pope to take the matter into his own hands. A boy and girl released the birds...First the doves refused to leave the window ledge and when the Pope brushed them off, one flew back into the room. The Pope himself then launched the bird once more but it flew back a second time. An 'unseen aide' [ perhaps the HOLY GHOST!? ] then threw the dove out again and it flew away.

Have you tried the new A9 Search Engine? Supposedly you can find your own back yard or at least your own neighborhood hangout. Brought to you by the folks at Amazonian.

I watched the movie Groundhog Day for the fiftieth time last night. It is quite a good move-eye on many subversive levels. What if old Captain DEAN could have re-lived his great big 'ARRRRGH' day? Would he be Presdient? Punxsutawney Phil (or Phyllis as the case may be) saw his shadow and retreated back into Wal*Mart. Another six weeks of snowy shopping days ahead of us all.

Well, you know all about it, seen it, heard it, even 'been there' perhaps...Hire only Licensed Contractors. I for one have certainly heard this line before but did not heed the good advice...Our home 'stucco job' that began weeks ago is still into a mid-to-full-stream-state-of-chaos and the main dude contractor is in Jail. It's amazing this blog even gets written on more than once a week, the way the world is going. And no he did not go straight to jail for ripping off a bunch of folks in the nighborhood...Turns out all along this guy was a pretty darn good con-arteest who had 'way broken' his parole in the state of Colorado and THE MAN caught up with him here in Nuevo Meheeco. Who knows where he has hidden or spent all the $$$ I (and others) foolishly paid him. More 'freshchaos' from right here at FRESHCHAOS HQ.

Phishing is the not-so-latest-scam when it comes to spamming...Phishing uses YOUR eamil address to send out billions of spams and you won't even know it...Click this for the latest Anti-Phishing news. Or go the Internet Crime Complaint Center or Goverment ID Theft site to learn more and most likely get even more fearful and paranoid.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
What the President Doesn't Want to Hear
(But let's hope he's listening)
Excerpts from Jeffrey Sachs | Feb 01 '05Esquire dot com

The great contest between Christendom and Islam may have made sense in A.D. 1005, but not A.D. 2005...

President John F. Kennedy had it right when he found solace and a hope for world peace in the fact that "we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's futures. And we are all mortal." America urgently needs to regain this sense of common destiny with the rest of the world. We need a foreign policy that -addresses our fragile planet's shared risks—climate change, energy crisis, economic vulnerability, emerging infectious diseases, nuclear proliferation—rather than the us-versus-them mentality that has led us to fight, die, and kill in the alleyways of Fallujah.

AMERICA HAS A SELF-IMAGE PROBLEM, or maybe two. We imagine ourselves to be unique in the world—anointed by God, the "indispensable country," the "sole superpower..."

This viewpoint is all wrong. The U. S., surprising to say, is not the indispensable country. Traveling abroad brings home the point. We are 293 million people in a sea of 6.4 billion people. Those people are not stage props but living, breathing humanity going about its business...

The U.S. economy is about 21 percent of the world's total. But that share is shrinking over time, down from 27 percent in 1950. The reason is not that the U.S. is failing but that other countries are succeeding in mobilizing market economic forces and science and technology to get ahead. That's all to the good. The world is escaping poverty and joining the U.S. in prosperity. Our economic uniqueness is vastly overblown.

China's economy will overtake the U.S. economy in total size by around 2020, albeit with a per capita income around one fourth of ours, balanced by a population roughly four times our own. By 2050, China's economy will be almost twice the size of the U.S. economy, with a per capita income that could equal half the U.S. level.
India, too, with its one billion people, is on the rise. It's reasonable to suppose that India's economy will eclipse the U.S. economy in total size by 2050.

Our post-9/11 fears of terrorism have become a fixation wholly out of proportion to America's real vulnerability. Terrorism is real and frightening...But preemptive war by the U.S. is the surest way to the self-fulfilling prophecy of a world united against us.

If we had any historical memory in this country, we'd recognize that our national vulnerability is to "overdo it" in reacting to foreign threats. A half century ago, we faced another real threat, Soviet aggression in Western Europe. We began with brilliant responses: NATO, the Marshall plan, the encouragement of the European Community (now the European Union). But then we seriously overdid it...A decade later, we had killed two million Vietnamese, lost fifty-eight thousand American lives, and lost a war, all for absolutely no reason but overblown, irrational fear of communism. Fear of terrorism could do the very same to us today.

TAKE A TRIP TO AN AFRICAN VILLAGE and you'll see what I see over and over—an incredible dignity and beauty in the midst of suffering, hunger, and disease. Listen to foreign-policy "experts" in Washington and Africa's problems are simply its own making, a result of bloodlust and corruption. Actually visit Africa and you'll learn the truth: Hundreds of millions of people are living daily with a malaria infection that is killing them, an AIDS pandemic that they can't afford to control, soil exhausted of nutrients, and a lack of the most basic amenities—electricity, water, sanitation, roads in rural areas, motorized transport, and telecommunications.

The same is true of the places in the Andean highlands, Central Asia, and the Himalayas...These are crises of circumstance, not crises of corruption and ill will. We blame the poor for the mosquitoes that bite them and infect them with malaria. We mock their hunger, not realizing that their soil lacks the nitrogen needed to grow a decent crop.

I mention all of this because our first order of foreign-policy business as a rich country should be to help the poorest of the poor...With almost no effort on our part, perhaps thirty-five cents out of every hundred dollars of our national income for a decade, we could save millions of people every year and, even better, put a whole continent on a path to self-sustaining economic growth; emergency aid would no longer be needed.

Why should we care? First and foremost, because most of us already do, out of simple humanity. But more than that, we should care because -diseases that fulminate in Africa, like AIDS, spread throughout the world; because chronic hunger makes Africa a breeding ground for violent conflict, as in Darfur, and a staging ground for terror, as in Somalia; because a growing proportion of our energy needs will be met by West African oil in the next twenty years, if the region is stable and healthy enough to provide a reliable base for new investments.

Ending extreme global poverty is...the one we should commit to first, given its urgency. But other real foreign-policy challenges are harder...Stand in one of those bulging, bursting, bustling Chinese cities and you'll know immediately why. Even before you see anything, you are likely to feel the burning in your eyes and throat from coal particulates in the air. China is the leading user of coal and, after the U.S., already emits the second-largest amount of carbon dioxide into the air, the main cause of long-term man-made climate change. And China's energy needs are booming along with its economy. Within twenty years China is likely to be the world's leading energy user and the largest single emitter of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

American strategists are well aware of China's growing energy needs and at least somewhat aware of China's growing contribution to long-term climate change. They know that China and other rising powers will be contesting the U.S. for increasingly scarce oil and gas deposits in the thousand-mile radius around Baghdad, the region that includes the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. The great game for oil has begun, only it's not a game. Iraqi oil may or may not be the sole reason for our having launched the Iraq war, but there should be no doubt: Were it not for Iraq's oil and America's preoccupation with energy security, America would not be at war in Iraq today.

So here is a foreign-policy challenge much larger and more consequential than terrorism: creating a global energy system in the twenty-first century that does not lead us to war, economic disaster, or devastating climate change...Iraq was supposed to deliver $10-per-barrel oil, and an easy victory was to be followed by a flood of new oil supplies. Instead, we now have $45-per-barrel oil and Iraqi pipelines blown up on a weekly basis. Cooperation, not war, will be the key to getting through the tightening energy fix.

What should we do? We must embrace international cooperation on energy and the environment, such as the Kyoto treaty, rather than mock it. We're so intent on not having others tell us what to do with our SUVs that we are neglecting the fact that China and India will soon be changing our climate more than we are changing theirs...

Here are two immediate steps that we should take : At the G8 summit this summer, the U.S. should agree with other countries to establish the basic principle of preventing carbon in the atmosphere from reaching double the preindustrial levels, a threshold that scientists believe to be a huge risk for the planet to cross. Yet that's the extreme danger zone we'll reach by mid-century if we don't make a midcourse correction now. The summit should also launch a massive R&D effort, with India, China, Europe, and others included, aimed at finding new technologies to save on energy use, make coal environmentally safe, and develop truly renewable sources by mid to late century. I've regularly and recently discussed the idea of such a global technology effort with leaders in China, India, and Europe, and with CEOs of major companies around the world. There is startling interest everywhere but Washington, D.C. .

The Iraq war is our failed energy policy. Global cooperation on science and technology, underpinned by treaties, must become the successful alternative. But more than anything else, what we need is not so much a checklist of policies but a new mind-set. We need to view others as our hope, not our enemy. We should remember each day that there are six billion non-Americans who rise to work, struggle to feed and clothe and educate their children, and look to us as needed partners, indeed friends, in a shared yearning for security and survival.

From Jeffrey Sachs at Esquire dot com

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
What's that Smell?
My birthplace of Jacksonville, Florida will be at the top of the world this Sunday no matter what the results of the Super Smell Game of the new Millennnia turn out to be or who does or does not have a costume malfunction...Sent in by an astute Jax. resident, here is a link to a very funny look at this little burg on the North-flowing St. John's River...Bashing J-Actionville. Jacksonville once called The Bold New City of the South, always played second or third tiered shift to the Magical Mouse Kingdoms or the glamorous Miami or really just about any of the rest of the state. It is now quite a glorious place to live and gosh, I don't live there anymore.

Don't know if you caught the headline recently but here it is in bold print U.S Bookkeeping in Iraq Faulted for the loss of some NINE BILLION dollars 'not accounted for'. So what else is new?

Well, in case you haven't heard, Michael Jacksonian is on trial. Big whup. Kid of stylish glasses he's wearing these days. The better to see you with. Nice teeth too...The better to eat you with. And those lips...

Skywatch...according to the paper, "you'll notice the full hour of daylight gained" by the movement of the sun which will drift 9 degrees northward during this, the shortest month of the year. I'm feeling a bit brighter already!

Hoppy February First !!

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