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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Here's a fun link to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Animal Loss Minimal in the (now 3.2 zillion death toll) tsunami disaster. After reading about the 'earth's ringing bell effect' of earthquakes [see below] and now reading that animals apparently ran to higher ground way ahead of their human counterparts, it makes me wonder why our most sensitive of three Schipperke dogs, Skipper, has been hiding under beds and tables and staying very close to us these last few days. And a big Happy 12th Birthday to Skipper this week. Here is a gallery of his first double digit birthday party.

Here's even more freshchaos of the worst kind:
Due to the Quaking Earth...
Earth May Wobble

Earth May Speed Rotation

Innerstin' retort from the China Daily re:Bush

Cruise Ships minimally affected. Well, thank goodness for that.

As we near the end of the world (er...year), I am happy to report that our 'page views' according to Nedstat .com (since February 28, 2001 at least) measure 10,377. Cool...heh..heh. I realize this isn't the millions of daily views many sites get but for 'JeffnDeb' coming to you from the high desert of Nuevo Meheecoe it ain't bad. Thanks for your support.

The New Mexico Lobos football team lose out to Navy at the rainy cold, wet, dismal, and fairly boring Emerald Bowl in San Francisco making the Lobo bowl record of the last three years a whopping 0-3. After being stopped by Navy on the one yard line in the fourth quarter, Navy took the ball for 26 plays, 94 yards and ate over fourteen minutes of the final quarter's clock time...Lobo super star Dontrell Moore went out early with a blown knee which did not help the Lobotomies...Well sir...on to Basketball where the news is better...

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
While we doze in the holi-dazing news of Asia's quaking, the US launches a huge offensive in Iraq. All the news about the now 77,000 feared dead in Asia kind of has softened the blows of our own dead and dying in our lost-cause military offensives. This week in New Mexico there is a move afoot to pull all National Guardsmen (and wo-men) off their current border patrol duties. Why? Well, D-U-H.

Hey, the good news in Tsunami Land is that superstar-mega-model-extraordinaire Petra Nemcova survived!! Her boyfriend and 77,000 others, perished. Undoubtedly, the Sumatran coffee bean crop might not have fared so well, either. In other snewz, Liza Minnelli fell out of her bed and has been hospitalized... Bummer. Final curtains: the intellectual, influential activist writer Susan Sontag has sadly succumbed. In much better snewz, Monty Python's SPAMALOT is a HUGE success on Broadway. Cloppity clop clop go the coconuts and be-headed, be-armed, be-legged genius comedians.

One of the U.S. Geological Survey's Seismological Survey HQ's is located in Albuquerque. They report that they still feel today the 'echoes' of the 9.0 earthquake which has caused the death of so many. Apparently, the reverberations will go on for days with the earth ringing like a giant bell in its vibrations. The seismometer in 'Burqueville is showing weak echoes of the quake every five to six minutes, according to local snewz sources. In trying to make sense of all of this horrible fresh chaos, I was inspired to get out an old Pink Floyd record album, Meddle with that amazingly long for the day (23:31 minutes) song entitled, 'Echoes'. Playing 'Echoes' quite loudly... I realize that my way of making sense out of freshchaos is a path uniquely my own. Whadda-ya-gonna-do?

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
A reader has sent in an original photograph from his adventures at Burning Man 2004. I have taken "photoshop liberties" ... The philosophy expressed is a truly helpful one and might cheer up those with a bit of the post-to-mid-holiday-blues.

"Only if you become like little bunnys [sic] shall you enter the kingdom of BUNNTOPIA."

A big white Happy Birthday goes out today to musician Edgar Winter, born in 1946. Saw him perform once. Pretty odd fellow but a whang-dang-doodler of a geetarr player.

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1323 soldiers dead (times 7 wounded for each dead one)...10,000...then 22,000...and now 44,000 wait 55 thousand in the wake of Big Asian Waves...It's the end of the world as we know it...Do you 'feel fine'?

In odd newz: George Carlin is off to re-hab for 'wine and vicodin' addictions. Grammy Award-winnner, John Mayer appears at his old high school to be inducted into the Fairfield Warde High School Hall of Fame but he is taken to the Principal's office until the ceremony is over due to security concerns. Hope they paid his airfare at least.

Bobby Vinton has rejected efforts to raise $100,000 for a 'tribute' statue of himself to be raised in Canonsburg, Pa. stating that (1) he hasn't retired or died yet and that (2) there are too many other things to spend the money on in today's chaotic world.

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Sunday, December 26, 2004
This just in ... Reggie White dies. Formerly of the Eagles, the Packers, and the Panthers, the "Minister of Defense" was 43 years old. AP says cause of death unknown. His wife says he had a heart attack.

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The Year of the Monkey, which predicted many natural disasters, has now produced the world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years. Asia Quakes' Tsunamis Kill Nearly 10,000. That is a staggering number of dead people. You reach a point in numbers that become overwhelming to think about. The latest death toll of our U.S. soldiers killed in the current War for Freedom is 1323.

Speaking of horrific horrorscopes... a daily horoscope in our local paper sounds a bit odd for Aries: "The Cancer moon stabilizes your personal life and Uranus brings you to the next level of spirituality." That's one of the nicest things I've ever heard about anyone's anus. All bow down to the anus that brings one to spirituality.

Just when you thought it was safe to stop lighting candles and partying like it's 2004... HAPPY KWANZAA and lest we forget, Happy Boxing Day!!

Today also brings us a FULL MOON. Is that why I feel so fat?

One of my favorite Newsweek Magazine columns is "Conventional Wisdom." In this week's year-end issue, W gets a thumbs up with this comment: George W. Bush::::>Voters thought the country was on the wrong track and re-elected him anyway. Congrats on confounding the CW. On the flipside he is named as Time Magazine's "Man of the Year." If you just can't wait to see what the Conventional Wisdom is on Britney Spears, here it is: Number of tacky marriages: Two. Number of hit songs: Zero. Relief that she is totally over: Priceless.

Breaking Christmas 2004 news a la Fox News Channel yesterday: The Birth of Jesus and A Christmas Tribute to the Troops. On CNN, MSNBC, C-Span, BBC News, etc. we were treated to actual news stories of a current nature with the occasional 2-minute fluff piece about Christmas, such as the one on ABC Evening News in which a mathematician figured the tiny fraction of a second that Santa can spend at each house in 2004. Had to assume the world's deserving Christian children were evenly distributed over the earth's land masses in order to figure it out. I think maybe Santa lets the reindeer take care of the few Christians in the Far East so that the big guy can concentrate on the Americas.

Thinking of moving to Canada? Here is a list of reasons for disappointed blue-state types to consider: Move to Canada.

If you can believe Parade Magazine... Apparently, President Bush calls Karl Rove not only "The Architect" of his re-election, but also "Boy Genius" and "Turd Blossom." About that last one... "something is sure to pop up when Karl is around."

Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman, claims to be officially turning Texan. 18 months ago he moved to Crawford, Texas with his family. He and his wife have started a Hunters for the Hungry program, delivering venison and other game to those who need food. According to AP reports, Nugent says hunting in Crawford is great. He will soon be getting a Texas driver's license. Can Road Kill for the Hungry be far behind?

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Friday, December 24, 2004
In what is being called "The Miracle of 74th Street" Pale Male and his mate Lola are going to get their nest back... This whole ordeal of destroying the Red-Tailed Hawks' nest and then re-building it after people protested (did you think there'd be no outcry?) is really pretty insane. Here's to the birds liking their new home, same as the old home.

Santa Claus will be guided at dawn this Christmas day by three planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars. All will be hovering low in the southeastern sky. Look for the brightest of the trio, Venus, then Mercury to the left and Mars is to the upper right of Venus. Or just stay in bed and wait for the grand opening of your million and one presents under the tree at daylight.

A grocer, Whole Foods Market, is thinking of withdrawing stuffed animal toys that were designed to be MICRO-WAVED to warm them up for their children owners. Toasty Tots is their product name. What's for supper? Toasty Tots. Yum. Let's put our puppies, guppies, and kittens in the microwave, too.

Neil Young has a spanking new Greatest Hits cd out now. I am not sure that he has ever had any 'hits' exactly, but if you are too lazy to download his many thousands of 'non-hits' off the internet, this cd may become a 'hit' in and of itself.

Merry Xmas and let's keep on 'rockin' in the free world' 'down by the river' with our 'cinamon girl' and her 'cowgirl in the sand'.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
"Though your confidence may be shattered, it doesn't matter." Those words from "For the Turnstiles" by Neil Young hit me from time to time when things seem dark and dim.

My heart goes out to the girls and boys fighting for freedom in the world tonight and this day. These headlines just in: Attack In N. Iraq Leaves 22 Dead, 50 Wounded...A Pentagon official says a mortar attack hit a dining hall at a base near Mosul during lunchtime. It is hard enough to be a soldier in these Rummy Lame Duck years, but today is the shortest day and the longest night, so load em, lock em, and smoke em if you got em Kimosabi. And if you can find a photograph of Paz Vega to hang on your tent wall, it might help. (You red-blooded Dudes, that is.)

For a blog with MP3's...check out Fluxblog, a full service fan-zine kind of thing-a-ma-bob.

The New England Patriots seem set to win all their games for the next five years or so. Thank God they LOST one last night on Monday Night Football to the Miami Dolphinos. A second in a row, 'good one' for Monday Night Football.

Up and coming books, so to speak....Courtney Love is penning a gushing new TELL ALL about Frances Bean and the Kurt-ster and mostly about her, her, her. And for Harry Poitier fans, Book Six is done and on the way. J.K. Rowling reports that the last page is written signed and sealed. It's to be called Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Scholastic Inc. is her USA Publisher. They've come a long way and gotten a lot richer than when they did Scholastic Magazine.

Light up your lamps, stoke the fires, and Happy Winter Solstice 2004! Soon we are headed now for Spring.

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Monday, December 20, 2004
Amazing facts: Latest figures show that LOW-CARB DIETING is OUT. Also Christians are now up in arms (with bloody nails protruding from their upturned palms) about merchants, et al saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." All other holidays be damned! Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, and Yule may not be worth a shout-out from your local Wal-Mart greeter, but what about New Year's?

These Links just in::>
Where Aquarius Went
Black People Love Us
Some of my Best Friends are...

Two of the above links are from a Black North American reader of Freshchaos named Annetta who is off this week to SKI IDAHO.

Annetta writes: In reading on Idaho I found that: As of 2003, the population of Idaho was 1,366,332. Racially, the state is: 88% White; 7.9% Hispanic; 1.4% American Indian; 0.9% Asian; 0.4% Black; 2% Mixed race...The five largest ancestries in the state are: German (18.9%), English (18.1%), Irish (10%), American (8.4%), Norwegian (3.6%)...Religion: Idaho is a unique state religiously; it is the only state with large percenatages of both Protestants (39%) and Mormons (30%), and as with many western states, there is also a large number of non-religious people (when compared to the nation as a whole). The religious affiliations of the people of Idaho are: Protestant 39%; Mormon 30%; Roman Catholic 12%; Other Christian 2%; Other Religions 1%; Non-Religious 13%. The three largest Protestant denominations in Idaho are: Methodist (6% of total state population), Lutheran (4%), Baptist (4%).

There may be more Blacks on the slopes now than when I used to ski, but it strikes me that Blacks are not a majority on the slopes. I asked Annetta how Blacks were treated on the oh so white slopes. She responded:

Thank you for reminding me of a story, circa 1973, my freshman year at the University of New Mexico.

I went to Salt Lake City for the first time in the spring of 1973. I went basically to help a friend drive who had just converted to Mormonism and was going to move up there after school was over. This person was a white, fairly confused, and a "searching for religion" type who I met in a music class. She also was struggling with the fact that she was in her late 20s with no prospects for a HUSBAND. In thinking of this I smile because I just went on this road trip because I wanted to ski Utah and my goal was to ski as many places in the West as possible. I was 18 and fresh out of prep school- idealistic (and ignorant) about the West. Well, we arrived in Salt Lake City and stayed across the street from the Tabernacle.

The city was so clean and the people too happy. This also was before the revelation that Blacks were needed for the football and basketball program to succeed and Blacks were heavily restricted from participation in the Mormon Church. The first day on the slopes I was allowed to ski but I rode the lifts all day alone. It was eerie. It was crowded too. I told my friend about this occurrence and she said that it was because I was not LDS. Well they couldn't have known that unless every black person in Utah has a tattoo stamped on their forehead that signifies their membership in the Church. That was just not the case.

So that night at the restaurant a white surfer type guy came over to our table and asked to speak with me. That was sort of strange but I told him to have a seat. He, in fact, joined us for dinner. He told me that he was on the lifts with me but since he had long hair and was not a Mormon, he had ridden the lift alone also the entire day. He noticed that we both were the only people riding the double seated lift seats alone. He had skied by me several times that day but didn't know if he could approach me. He saw me on the bus from the hotel but had felt so ostracized that he just stayed alone.This was an event of cosmic proportion. It totally quieted my naive, newly converted friend from her blind acceptance of the ?Mormon word and mores.This is when I had an epiphany about that old tale "we are all in this boat together." Not only did I ski daily with him for the next three days but we rode the ski lift together.

They didn't want us to, but we said, "Although we are visitors from a distant land, we are united by our love of this beautiful powder and this being the best ski conditions in the country. We may not like it that we have to be around such 'Provincial people', but we are here and we have the common denominator of green that you so eagerly worship."

That was a revolutionary event, for sure, for the both of us. That is when I realized that the only color that matters is green.

It was righteous that several Black athletes won medals in the Olympics in Salt Lake City. I thought about their harsh treatment to me in that time long ago and hoped that things had progressed since then. They did eventually have a revelation that Blacks could raise in the ranks of the Mormon Church. This, of course, coincided with their need to have Black athletes become a dominant part of their athletic program at both BYU and Utah. I realized then that we all might be in the same boat but some of us are rowing the boat, some of us are passengers only, some of us are clinging to the side and some of us have been thrown over the side and are swimming frantically to just keep from drowning.

Although I am a tolerant person I still to this day have some misgivings about the Mormons. I generally keep these thoughts to myself but in this climate of conservative, judgmental nonsense, it is time for us to remember these things and strive to keep the government and religion separated in this country. It has been in this recent time that I have been seeing many things that I saw as a child in the 60's. That backward trend alarms me. It is my hope that it will stop and we will move ahead into the 21st century creating a better world with justice for all.
Numerous times I wonder if this will take place. I presume that I should follow Gandhi's advice - 'be the change you want to see in the world'.

In closing this tale, I remember the words of Martin Luther King:

First, we are challenged to develop a world perspective. No individual can live alone, no nation can live alone, and anyone who feels that he can live alone is sleeping through a revolution. The world in which we live is geographically one. The challenge that we face today is to make it one in terms of brotherhood.

There is another thing closely related to racism that I would like to mention as another challenge. We are challenged to rid our nation and the world of poverty. Like a monstrous octopus, poverty spreads its nagging, prehensile tentacles into hamlets and villages all over our world. Two-thirds of the people of the world go to bed hungry tonight. They are ill-housed; they are ill-nourished; they are shabbily clad. I've seen it in Latin America; I've seen it in Africa; I've seen this poverty in Asia.

[taken from: 'Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution'
Delivered by Martin Luther King,Jr. at the National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., on 31 March 1968. ]

Letters such as these can also be placed directly at the Freshchaos Forum/Message Board FREE of Charge, so Take Charge and get in an opinion or two. And many thanks to Ms. Annetta for her Tale of Snow Bunnying!!

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Saturday, December 18, 2004
This just in - a reindeer writes:
Read in the 'NY Times' yesterday that Abe Lincoln was a queer. Is that what we've come to? Remember this guy was an original Republican, not A Log Cabin one, but he was born in Log Cabin so did he f--k guys or get f--ked in a Log Cabin? Why couldn't the Democrats have used this before November?

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Friday, December 17, 2004
Many folks fly off their handles and head out onto the roadways of Christmas Cheeriness this day; so in their honor and in honor of all those spending the day hiding out in Iraq, Iran Afghanistan, and the million other places our armed forces of peace are hanging their laundry, let us say...

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
For those of you keeping count, today is the seventh day of Chanukah ... or if you are reading this after sunset it's the beginning of the eighth and last day ... (Add that whole sunset to sunset thing to the what's wrong with Chanukah list of December 10.) But as the nights are getting longer in these waning days of Chanukah, they are also getting brighter. If you don't get that, then you probably think there are fireworks on Jewish New Year and dancing on Yom Kippur. So ... you may not understand all that is in the following rockin' tribute to the Festival of Lights, but it's worth a look-see anyway: Jew-Heyya

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Monday, December 13, 2004
Monday Night Chaos
Finally, a Monday Night Football game that was worth watching. The five and eight Chiefs won a big one in a high scoring game with flurries flying 'round Music City, Tennessee. (87 points total:final score 49-38) . Sad for the Titans that their main man, Donovan McSnabb is out for the season.

Nice to see a 'toenail' new moon hanging in the twilight over orange tinted mesas this evening. Out of darkness comes more light.

A new Poet's Corner follows:

POET'S CORNER by Jeff Hartzer

#007: December 2004

Permission Granted

Poets, writers and “artistic” types, no matter their race or creed, love to be heard; they love to send out their words and family pictures this time of year. Those “newsletters” that come with a Holiday Greeting may have been written by one of these “cultural creatives.” We all have an innate need to connect with others in this the “darkest season.” You've probably already mailed off your Holiday Greetings and Gifts. Hanukkah's Festival of Lights began on Pearl Harbor Day this year and the Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe is long gone. Soon it will be 2005, the “Year of the Rooster” in Chinese astrology.

Some days, it seems as if our whole world is jump-started by seasons, holidays, and the simple “rush” to rush around and get it done. Our first Christmas card arrived this year on December First! Being the first to mail out Holiday Greetings might be one of that family's holiday traditions. Perhaps they spend Christmas in Paris or maybe they just set really overly responsible goals for themselves. Reminds me of those folks who go shopping at Four a.m. the day after Thanksgiving. Congratulations for your promptness and there are savings to be had, but Golly Gosh, permission is hereby granted to r-e-l-a-x a bit.

Making a chore out of the Holiday To Do list sucks the life out of the season. Someone has to wrap those presents and ship them off to the relatives and those Holiday cards ... you think they just write, lick, and stamp themselves? Well no, but ease up a bit on Holiday “responsibilities.” Make those things that seem like chores become more like true gifts. Have some fun. Be kind with your self-imposed deadlines. Give yourself a gift like cutting down your card list this year. Or skip sending cards altogether and make a real connection with close friends by using those “free” cell phone minutes to actually talk to them. What a concept! Don’t be so locked into the rules; if your HOLIDAY card arrives for New Year’s Day, where's the crime? There’s a War on after all. These are difficult enough times we are living in. Let the whole month be festive. Winter Celebrations don’t have to end or begin on a certain date.

All we are trying to do with this season when the nights are long and the days so short is to bring light to the darkness. Aren’t our gifts, cards, and good wishes really about that after all? Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Christmas,Yule, each is a celebration of Light in their unique ways. Is there any winter’s night that a little Light can’t help us with the darkness? And speaking of lights, permission is granted to not have the most elaborate set of blinking lights on your block of the world. And who cares if your neighbor gets the decorations up earlier than you or has fifty thousand more blinking twinklies than you. Let a few good lights be your aim. Do your best to get it out there and then, permission is granted to ENJOY it.

Enjoy an evening at the Balloon Fiesta Park or the Biological Park or take in a movie. Check out Old Town or take a drive out under a night sky of stars to Isleta Pueblo and enjoy the lights and luminarias of both city and countryside. Take time for your self. Journal about past and future Holidays. Write about the mid-winter’s view from your own private window. Bless those who have come and gone before us. Enjoy our New Mexican “incense and myrrh,” that sweet smell of piñon and juniper in the air. Fill your emptiness with light. Gosh darn it all, permission is granted to have some rollicking good fun. God Bless us all this season.

Jeff Hartzer
copyright 2004

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Sunday, December 12, 2004
I have had a lot of odd feelings about where I am going lately...Where the world is going and frankly, well this is usual for me (call me, 'Captain Worrisome') but lately my worries/concerns have been accompanied by some sort of big fear about it all. Perhaps yesterday's dark of the moon and today's NEW moon explain away some of the fear...Whether we be male, female, human or animal, the water weight of our bodies (if nothing else) is affected by the phases of the moon. It is so easy to blame my own need for antidepressanrts on the moon or on President Bush. Blame is something inherent in our American psyches, certainly in my own.

But in a larger sense with all the happenings of this particular hurricane season, this ending to this particular year, the endless warfare for what seem certainly to be 'lost causes', over 1200 dead soldiers on 'our side', a lame duck President, the new (old?) American attitudes of Cheney the World!, perhaps it is more than just ME, ME, ME, who is coming through some 'dark moon times'. The whole planet seems to be coming through an abysmally long swamp of doom with the results being neither clear nor finalized. In my own dark of the moon moments, when I read about things like 'fake elections' and this latest story of Viktor Yushchenko having been poisoned, it sure makes for that BIG FEAR to rise up in my throat and lower intestinal areas (yummie).

This all reminds me that we are still in the Year of the Monkey until February 2005. According to Shelley Wu I am a 'Tiger' and the Year of the Monkey is supposedly not such a great one for tigers. This truly has been true. Perhaps it has been a better year for our country's President who has on occasion looked quite Monkey-like ... even though he is a Dog, just like those other famous family-values types, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sharon Stone, Voltaire, and Ralph Nader!

Two months to go to the coming Year of the Rooster!

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Friday, December 10, 2004
Politically Incorrect Thoughts on Chanukah:

Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for Hanukkah Watch '04. "We're in the second day ... and reports indicate this could go on as long as 8 days!"

Celebrate all things wonderfully Jewish-American with the Jewish Fashion Conspiracy and their dreidl-themed panties and good ol' slave times inspired shirt. Yup, King Tut is about to tour again and we want credit for our pre-banker history of being on the other side of the construction business!

So, what's wrong with Chanukah anyway? Not to cause offense, but ... it's kinda like dry humping. Goes on and on without a big payoff. Yet there's the hope something will come off. Every year we expect something more satisfying without compromising the glory of candle lighting. It's the problem with all Jewish holidays. Lots of history and tradition (oh so exciting for the kiddies) and no big material payoff, fireworks, or fun pagan things thrown in for no monotheistic reason. And it's impossible to get drunk on sickly sweet Jewish wine. Biggest draws to our new year's celebration is some guy blowing his brains out on a ram's horn and lots of apples, walnuts, and honey. Hey, do we know how to party or what? On the upshot it's flu season and correct pronunciation of Chanukah can really loosen any phlegm at the back of your throat.

By the way, despite all that, Jew Girl here LOVES Chanukah! Or is it Hanukkah? Honuccah? OY!

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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Snewz briefs:
Wheels are falling off Hummers...the Hummer H2 to be exact (2003-04 models).Four drivers have reported a fracture in the steering knuckle and the occasional 'falling off wheel'...Oh, MY God. I knew there were about 947 reasons why I did not want to buy a Hummer even if you do get a 150,000 dollar tax break for your 'busy-ness-start-up-life-of-self-employment'.

The headline is enough for now...BUSH MACHINE HINTS AT JEB IN 2008.

A few weeks back, I was chastised in an email by a 'professional educator' friend of mine in our fair city who said don't call me, Dude. Having been a lifelong 'professional educator' myself, I do take offense if a student were to call me DUDE or Homes or douchbag . My last name is odd enough, Hartzer, and at the beginnjning of each school year I would announce that My name is NOT Fartzer. By getting that in the open early, a lot of things were cleared up. So long after Wayne's World/Fast Times at Ridgemenont High and after moving on from Classroom Teaching, I have on occasion used the term DUDE for the fun of it. If you are a follower of this website, you can clearly see that my sense of 'hu-mah' and usage of grammar and punctuation are all a bit odd after all. That's part of the fun with 'fresh chaos'. So again , my apologies to the Dude I referred to as DUDE and now take a look at this whole article on the w-o-r-d DUDE. Easy does it...word; out; peace...DUDEs and Dudettes.

HEAVY METAL CHAOS: Four dead in Ohio? Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming?
Well, four are dead; neither Nixon nor Soldiers are coming... Dimebag Darrell, guitarist for the heavy metal band DAMAGEPLAN and three others were shot to death during the band's opening number at a Columbus, Ohio nightclub Wednesday night. It's certainly not funny but ah, I hope they have a 'damage plan'...Perhaps not the best name for a band. Then again, who would name their bearded son, 'dime bag darrell' ?

Two famous Red Tail Hawks have been evicted from their twlefth floor apartment nest overlooking New York City. See pictures of Pale Male and Lola the hawks, prior to their eviction. And here's the Full Story.

From Howl to jowl, poetry is always causing problems...Damn those Poets...


Poets are Nuts:
Shells broken, scattered.
Hard to crack,
They beg to be peeled.

© 1984-2004
Jeff Hartzer

Well now some damn Poet Laureate, AMIRI BARAKA has gone off and done it again...caused a big stink with a poem. The poem is called...SOMEBODY BLEW UP AMERICA .

Apparently this poem has po'd more folks than the Ginsburg or those Hot Country Girlzzz who were so unpatriotic.

In our local Headlines, you can't help but notice the top story in this morning's minion is Public Regulation Commisioner E. Shirley Baca arrested at Sunport on Drug Charges. GAPE ON...Ms. Baca had rolled her stash of a 'glass pipe' and 'less than an ounce of marijuana' in tightly wrapped magazines in her suitcase. The good folks of the TSA could not see what was underneath the magazines and opened up her suitcase to find 'the stash'. Haven't you read about stuffing books and magazines into your suitcases? Geeze, Shirley...

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
HAPPY PEARL HARBOR DAY... oh happy days are here again...visit Pearl Harbor WEBCAM!

And speaking of Wars...Well Sirs and Madames...whilst the Prez partied down with the troops today at Camp Pendleton wearing a snazzy jacket (the dude's gaining a bit of turkey weight), major retorts came out saying things are bad, very bad in Iraq...'twas enough to wreck Santa's charms and potients on Wall Street...whoosh...going down...We're all going down.

Happy First Evening of Chanukah!!

Going to Surf City our LINKS of the moment...

JFK Re-Loaded

Dubya does Yale

Not since Nixon

Bush considering Thomas

Justice Thomas 'an Embarrassment'

How Bush Won

Inside W's Mind

George W. channels George Orwell

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Monday, December 06, 2004
BREAKING NEWS: A U.S. consulate in Saudi Arabia has come under attack, with witnesses saying a car exploded in front ofthe compound.

Jon's Stewart's Bestselling Book is a smash hit.

Some innerestin'USA Voting Facts

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Sunday, December 05, 2004
In really important news, The Jacksonville Jaguars lost in a last minute missed 60 yards plus field goal attempt and these links of the moment thrown in for your surfing enjoyment...

Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada

Open Secrets

More Open Secrets

By the way if you missed HBO's surreal journey into PeterSellers tonight, well you missed BEING THERE then. Catch it next time it shows on Hblows. A trip into three dimensional narcissism is not a totally light pink panther.

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Saturday, December 04, 2004
Just the FAX
Who knows anymore what is truly FACT or FICTION in polls and news reports. Whether it be in the number of dead and wounded or the total number of votes for our President or the President of Ukraine or Iraq (soon) for the matter...Do you live in a RED state or a BLUE state? Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? Would it be more factual to say that your state should be designated a PURPLE state (as in the case of New Mexico where Bush 'won' the state (if you believe the facts of the vote count) but it was pretty darn more PURPLE than RED in the big picture with lots of folks going BLUE and lots going RED, hence PURPLE).

A friend sent me this article of recent FACTS about IRAQ. You can argue and or disagree about their truth or fictionality but in my opinion, if even one of these statements is proven to be true as a FACT, it is one too many...

____The Washington Post reports that acute malnutrition among children in Iraq has doubled since the US invasion in March of 2003. After reading press dispatches, think-tank reports and public opinion polling, The Daily Outrage compiled this sampling of 'the facts' ==>

_400,000 Iraqi children suffer from chronic diarrhea and dangerous deficiencies of protein, according to a UN development report. Iraq's child malnutrition rate now roughly equals that of Burundi--a war-torn central African nation--and is far above both Uganda and Haiti.
_60 percent of rural residents and 20 percent of urban dwellers have access to nothing but contaminated drinking water.
_Hepatitis outbreaks have doubled since the war began.

_One hundred and six US soldiers died in November, making it the deadliest since April's 135 deaths. Forty-one Americans died and 425 were wounded in the battle for Falluja, raising total US killed to 1,227.
_Iraqi civilian casualties range from 15,000-100,000. John Hopkins University estimates the figure at over 40,000 with 90 percent certainty.

_According to military statistics, the number of insurgents has quadrupled since last year, from 5,000 to 20,000. A British general places the insurgency at 40-50,000 fighters.
_A confidential Marine report predicted that the insurgency would continue to grow in the run-up to the January 30 election.

_According to director of reconstruction William Taylor, security "is worse today than it was, and we are having greater difficulties" compared to six weeks ago in cities such as Bagdhad, Falluja, Ramadi, Samarra and Mosul.
_The US has trained only 145,000 of the 270,000 Iraqi security forces needed to establish order for the upcoming elections.
_The Iraqi police has only 41 percent of the weapons, 25 percent of the vehicles, and 31 percent of the body armor identified as necessary by US forces.
_Ninety of the country's 540 voter registration sites are currently closed due to violence, The New York Times reported.
_The province in Mosul shut down all 56 registration centers, and 3,200 of the 4,000-member police force abandoned their jobs after insurgent attacks.

_Of the $18.4 billion in reconstruction funds allocated last year by Congress, the US has spent only $1.7 billion.
_Nationwide electricity levels are down 25 percent since the prewar days, and 66 percent lower in Baghdad.
_The value of the Iraqi currency--the Dinar--dropped 25 percent compared to the US dollar in the past year (which didn't have a great year itself!)

Iraqi Public Opinion
_Only 33 percent of Iraqis think they're better off now than before the war, as a Gallup poll discovered.
_Just 36 percent believe the interim government shares their values.
_ 94 percent say Baghdad is more dangerous than it was before the war.
_66.6 percent believe the US occupation could start a civil war.
_80 percent want the US to leave directly after the January elections.

So those are the facts...One murder is news , the deaths of so many soldiers and starving children all becomes a big blour so let's just ignore all of that and move straight to sportz...

Our local sports mavens The New Mexico Lobos are already off to a good 'round ball' season--both the Men and the Women. In pig-skinny newz: The Lobo Football Team takes on Navy in a post season bowl game on December 30th. BTW: is there college team left who does NOT go to a Bowl Game these days? There's a pot of gold in them thar 'bowls'. The NM Men's Soccer Team had an amazing year losing in a last second 'shootout' to one of the nation's top teams in the NCAA playoffs. And the NM SKI Team took first in the region, beating out teams from surrounding states that get more snow than we do here...Bravo Lobotomies!!

Paul McCartney has agreed to appear (and sing!) at the Jacksonvillle, Florida Super Bowl (aka the Gator Bowl/Alltel Stadium/home of the Jaguars). As a Jax. Native, I recall The Beatles appearing there when I was a kid in, I believe, 1963. They came the same week as Lyndon Johnson and Hurricane Dora. The Beatles complained that the show was NOT a sell out. Thanks to Hurricane Dora pretty much being a 'direct hit' on Jacksonville, most of the city hadn't had electricity for about ten days. Undoubtedly, this year McCartney's show without any 'costume malfunctions' will be a complete sell out in more ways than one.

The Soup Bowl is not until February 6th. 'Sports' is just making more and more moolah...the NFL football season/pre-post seasons start earlier and end later each year. Go big balls and hot gridiron cheery cheesey halftime shows.

My father's alma mater and the long-his-storied Notre Dame, had another big L of a season and the coach was finally fired this week. Perhaps this is kharma for all those bumperstickers that scream 'You can't be both pro-choice and Catholic'...Why not? The kharma of the Roman Catholic Church is in need of some year maybe ND's football season will be better and who knows how much longer the Pope (not on a rope) can hang on...Pedo-priests? Let's not even go there.

In non-sportz newz: A Kent, Washington man was killed this week when his Lava Lamp exploded. A shard of oily flaming glass pierced the Dude's heart. Ouch. A local Albu-turkey family lost their entire house to a Turkey Frier Fire...I keep hearing more and more nightmarish stories about the those folks who insist on dumping a whole turkey into a gigantic vat of boiling oil (aka: a 'frier' though not to be cornfused with FRIARS). Can't you just go eat some fries at Mickey Dee's?

And speaking of flaming vacuum cleaners, 175,000 Sweep Vacs by Swiffer have been recalled because they seem to burst into terrifying flaming dust motes on a moment's notice. [ catch the action at flaming swiffers dot com ]

More oil was spilled this week (some 30,000 gallons) by a tanker cruising down the Delaware River. Surely that happened because Tom Ridge has resigned from his post as Transportation Safety Security Squad Leader. The Dubster had a great time fighting off his Candian well-wishers this past week. Guess he's beginning to taste some of that lame duck with his cranberries this year.

Comedy Central has bagged the Colin Quinn Show. It usually had its share of fresh chaos and will be missed by more than a few. Colin himself was Pro-Bush and often seemed leaning strongly to the right of most of his guests. Seems like odd timing to cancel that show and keep the award winning but super Bleeding Heart Liberal (ooh!) The Daily Show. But then again there are quite a few PURPLE states left on the rolls.

JOYs of 'burque-ville Albuquerque residents can look forward to six different explosions to be boomed out at nearby Kirtland Air Force Base between now and February.These test-y explosions (each having the strength of 1200 pounds of TNT) are being put on by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. I can't wait. Must go shoot off bottle rockets asap.

The band from Georgia named after our midnight tendencies toward Rapid Eye Movement, was another recent JOY of 'burque-ville. The Albuquerque stop was their last show in the USA before their 'European Tour' which begins this weekend in Mexico City (kind of European). It opened with a three man band called simply 5/8. It was unclear, even at their after the show autograph signing adventures, whether they were in fact named after a 'fraction' or just 'two numbers with a slash'. They were a bit silly but apparently THEY had a lot of fun. They shared with the $65/45 a seat audience members that they had been snow skiing in Taos while in our Enchanted Land. The best part of the band 5/8 was that they didn't play for very long.

Rapid Eye Movement did not spend long pontificating on their political stance; however in one pre-song story, it was revealed that Michael Stipe is a Native born Texan. They played a great deal of music from both the old and the new. Behind them a series of 'tubular' lights mixed with strings of strobe lights made for great effects as well as cause for pain to migraine sufferers. "Wake Up Bomb" and "Permanent Vacation" were two well done oldies among many.They did not do "Orange Crush" damn it all, but a new song (unreleased) called, "DeeJay at the End of the World" made up for this with lyrics that included the lines: "Death is pretty final/I'm collecting vinyl/I'm going to DJ at the end of the world."

Other highlights..."if you believe they put a man on the moon..." and a newer song, "My Rooftop World" were both introduced with "We are R.E.M. and this is what we do." They did what they do for over two hours. Two things occurred to me as they were singing or introducing songs...The words "I am not afraid" were spoken or sung several times and the words "I don't understand" as well. During the set, there was a sense of loss and defeat about the current state of politics but along with this came a strong affirmation that I/we/they/us are not alone in our current feelings of sadness about a country run by so few and by folks with apparently such a small life affirming conscience about humanity, the ecology or the fact that we share our planet with others besides the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove Families. That there is a 'paradigm of hope' in this time of 'hopeless negativism' and 'unreasoning options'. And, "if you believe they put a man on the moon..." this may or may not be "the end of the world as we know it".

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This just in a few days back... a reader writes:
I thought your comments really direct us to the conclusion that we have lost "something(s)" in the course of the last few years. Having seen both the Festival Express and the Airplane video really makes that observation resonate in the mind. It may take more extremities before enough people wake up to try and make a positive difference for their world. It's certainly much more than nostalgia that you're feeling.

Some say that the 60's movement was an effort to reclaim the sense of hope that was lost when Kennedy was shot. Of course, the tide of negatives became overwhelming by the end of the decade. (Nam, Nixon, King, and the Kennedys) That's what led to the relative lightness of the '70s. I do think there is a general feeling out there to reclaim the goodness once again, but people don't know how to do it, or where to start. Probably that change will take place one person at a time.

Here are two lines from one song taken from the musical HAIR...
Facing a dying nation...
Let the sunshine in

Is our Nation dying all over again?
Is there a cycling to the right that will turn us completely and rightly upside down? A hanging bat is a metaphor for a complete going within to a place of complete re-birth. What ever happened to that long-coming Harmonic Conversion, the hands held across America, the Y2K runs to the basement when the power grid was going to fail and we were all going to die or at least not have email?
Is our Nation dying all over again? When you read about the improvements to the artificial limbs supplied to our injured soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital this very week which are so magnificent that those armless and legless men and woman can go back and fight some more, what do you think? Is that a living nation, a re-cycling nation, or a dying nation? Let the sunshine in...and the wind and rain and stars too.

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