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Thursday, May 27, 2004
Send lawyers Guns and Money...Dad get me out of this...
Followers of the Bush Regime seem to me to be very similar if not identical to fanatics in a cult. Their leader, be it Charles Manson or W can simply do no, say no, nor be in the wrong. It's all good no matter what. And Martha Stewart isn't looking so good these days.

Families must stick together. Just tune into The Sopranos' final episode this Sunday night for your weekly does of family togetherness.
Can W count on his father's cronies to pull his ass out of the fan? Some of his rich 'Uncles' and 'Aunties' are not looking any better than Martha these days. But let's keep THAT in the family. And lest we forget, the family that prays together stays together. Visit the latest online church at Church of Fools dot com . Become an avatar, enter and do what you do in church. Say a prayer for the latest victims of our country's continuing freshchaos.

And what color code are we today? We've got floods across the nation, tornadoes, and soon a movie release sure to scare a few folks into re-cycling. The Super Storm is coming. And don't forget that sometime, somewhere the terrorists, who are already in this country according to the latest headlines, are gonna blow.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
This just in...A kind reader recommends this site, as does this month's WIRED

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Wayne's World, Wayne's World... Excellent...!

This past weekend, I was cheered out of my post vacation funk by a viewing of an old dvd (yes, make that oxyoron an OLD dvd) . It was a silly one for sure...Mike Myers and Dana Carvey doing it up in Wayne's World. I am not sure why I resonate with that movie so much but our Schipperkes, our bunnies, and most especially, my wife were ALL delighted to see me laugh and smile and LIGHTEN UP for a moment.

In all honesty, I still use some of the Wayne and Garth movie expressions from time to time. I guess no one gets them anymore . It was an innocent time back then what with that First Iraq World War and all. Anyone could go on Public Cable Access and have some freshchaos. Shaaa...try doing a website called, and just wait for the Department Homeland Security to knock at your door.

My weekend fascination for All Things, Wayne has developed further in following the current roadtrip of a soon to be former Albuquerque Blogger named Wayne Klick. He and his wife, Lucy Klick who is also a Blogger (see Beyond Exquisite Blogging), are scouting new territory in Wayne's home state of Kansas.

Wayne has come a long way from his early eighties arrival in our crossroad's town of Albuquerque. Many folks literally 'pass through' here on their ways east/west, north/south (thanks to the literal crossroads of I-25 and I-40 smack in the middle of 'burque) and do not linger. Wayne's lingering has brought him through some interesting times and personal histories. He is the only person I know to have actually met , dated, and married a partner online. She admired a website he did and presto chango, the rest is cyberspacial history. If anyone could successfully find a life partner online it is Webmaster Wayne. Wayne practically lives online. He has the latest WI-FI everything. His life connections are online. His online connected-ness naturally continues on the road as an online Kerouac. Go Wayne Go.

When I first met Wayne, he called himself a 'poet' and a 'writer'. After venturing into Republicanism and running the State of New Mexico's Republican Party website , he left behind the Poet moniker (if one can truly wear and take off the title of poet.) but as we can all witness, he remains true to his vocation as 'writer' blogging words and recently penning a 'writing project'. Now it would most certainly appear that Wayne Klick has decided to cash in his High Desert Life and head back to the silage of Kansas. Happy Trails Amigo.

So let's see the online Kerouac in action...Let's look in on Wayne's public access 'movie_blog' to witness his progressive journey toward a new nirvana...

I-40 W of OKC...I love to type while my wife is driving. For some reawson [sic] the words flow when there is a grain elevator in the near distance and telephone poles filing by on the left. We are nearing Groom, TX, the home of the largest cross in the western hemisphere. We've seen it before -- it's cool. Too bad you can't take an elevator ride up to the top of it. This could get you closer to God, you know. Hildegard von Bingen. Clouds. It's like we are driving in a great big gymnasium. The sky looks like a flat ceiling. Tractor with hay mower. Bass lines. Beautiful soprano... off Exit 68a in Amarillo has an interesting arrangement of faucet knobs in the shower/tub. You have the usual hot and cold on either side. Then you have a twist knob in the middle. When this center control's pointer is straight up, no water flows. Turn it to the left and water comes out the shower head. Turn in to the right and the H20 comes from the tub faucet...This is cool because you can leave the temperature adjustment just like you like it, and it will be there when you come back.

This image of Wayne Klick showering while admiring the fancy doo-dads at The Travelodge reminds me that there's even a band called, The Fountains of Wayne!!...I guess I have entered a sick state of mind where I am glued to Wayne's blog', as he journeys further down the road of life, in a return trip to his Native land and family. Like staring blindly at a car wreck, I am taken further into the devastation as well as the deep mystery of someone else's life. To watch and to witness a life as it happens, is after all the appeal of blogs for the most part.

To catch the latest Wave of Wayne from his currently on the road 'plugged in' blog, click Wayne's World.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
About a week ago, Debra took the chaise lounge and I luxuriated in the big old La-zy-boy chair you see below. It looked out onto a white sand beach and a clear blue green Gulf of Mexico. Stars shone on the water at night and you could hear palm fronds fronding in the breeze. Laughing gulls winged by. Cool enough without air-conditioning. Warm enough for appropriate naked-ness. Aah. Heaven is in your mind and seemed to stay there while sitting on that seaside porch.

There is a huge part of me that just hasn't left that chair. I've truly fallen and can't get up. Writing in this world of freshchaos just doesn't hold a candle to sitting beside Mother Ocean (or Auntie Gulf ). The owner of this beachside apartment makes an annual pilgrimage to the high desert to see our Balloon Fiesta each fall. Perhaps she feels similarly about leaving the crisp and non-humid air of the high desert and returning to her beachside piece of the heavenly pie but for now...she can have the high desert. 'I just want my beachside living' for a few more minutes or so.

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Saturday, May 22, 2004
Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, a scathing indictment of White House actions after the Sept. 11 attacks, won the top prize Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Many thanks to viewers for sending in these amusing freshchaos links...

Powers of Ten

Dancing Bush

More Bush

Take back the media dot com

Environmental Freshchaos

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Monday, May 10, 2004
Too much Fresh Chaos !!
Back soon from a 'break in the action'.
type your name in that blank space above
and just go GOOGLE yourself...
Have some fun now, ya hear?

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Sunday, May 09, 2004
This just in... from a freshchaos reader...
...Had to talk with my brother a few times of his closest friends was seriously wounded in Iraq and may not make improvised explosive device hit his vehicle in what had been a very peaceful section of Iraq until the recent disclosure of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. When I think back of where this country has gone since 9-11 it is very disturbing. Evidently there is a lot of disillusionment with the president and outright disgust with Rumsfeld in the military. He appears to mimicking Robert MacNamara, another arrogant, elitist who knew better than the experts about SE Asia. Anyway, this is a large hole that our administration has led the US into and I don't know how we will get out, or when, or at what cost.

I could not express a current worldwide 'mood' any better than this email does. The war that is not a war now affects many who thought they might go UN-affected. Another friend, became a Grand Dad this week; and yesterday, we gave away 25 bunnies and have even more left over! (see BunnytownUSA! )

BIRTH/Life goes on stridently like the ocean waves that endlessly roll ashore whether it be day or night, wartime or peaceful times.

Happy Mothers' Day

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Friday, May 07, 2004
Four shot At Baltimore-Area High School
Police have three people in custody after a shooting that left four people wounded at a Baltimore-area high school. It's not quite Four DEAD in OHIO. The heated last run to summer builds in our no child's behind is safe public school arenas across the great divide.

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This week's latest Gallup Poll shows some figures that tend toward 'bad news' for Bush Heads. Sadly though , if Col. JFKerry can't stop talking and ruining every bit of surreal insanity that Bush somehow seems to get away with over and over again, JFK ain't got a prayer again' the man from Texass. I for one, am more and more disappointed (thus far) in and with John Kerry. I think he should take a long vacation and just let the surreal insanity roll on. Even Jon Stuart's Daily Show has come down hard on the Kerry Campaign this week. Get a life. Get a sense of humor. And stop talking for about six weeks.

There will be a few million more 'polls' before Novemeber are some 'facts' of this poll::>
Americans are more dissatisfied with the nation's direction than at any time in more than eight years and President Bush's job approval rating has sunk into a tie for his worst-ever showing... 62 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country... 49 percent of Americans said they approved of the way Bush is handling his job as president and 48 percent said they disapproved. The approval number ties the lowest figure Bush has reached as president, and the disapproval number ties the highest figure... John Kerry has moved into a statistical tie with the president for public support. In a two-way race, Kerry drew 49 percent of the support of likely voters and Bush drew 48 percent... In a three-way race with independent Ralph Nader, both Kerry and Bush drew 47 percent, with Nader receiving 3 percent... Fifty-six percent of Americans disapprove of the way Bush is handling the economy and 41 percent approve... Fifty-five percent of Americans disapprove of the way Bush is handling the situation in Iraq, and 42 percent approve... A majority of Americans - 52 percent - still approve of the way Bush is handling terrorism. However, that is the lowest figure since Gallup began asking the question in November 2001.

And today: Rumsfeld Is set to apologize to lawmakers when he testifies before congressional panels about what he knew involving alleged prisoner abuse in Iraq. GO RUMMY GO.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Happy Cinqo de Mayo or as my father used to say Stinko de Mayo and he for one deserved to call it that as today is his birthday. He would've been 87 years old today.

Capt. Joseph F. Hartzer, Jr.

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Whew..stayed up all night scanning the moon for its eclipse. Did you see it? Me either. But my brain is eclipsed this morning. JFKerry in town yesterday and this morning's newspaper with his photograph on the front got soaked in the lawn sprinkler. Could be a sign. One thing for sure is that our automatic lawn sprinkler's 'timing' is not good for paper products thrown into the yard by passing automobiles. Also not a good sign that Captain K fell off his bike (no Mountain bike for this candidate- a good old 'ten speed' racer style!) cruising through Concord over the weekend.

Hemp in the suntan lotion could set off drug test alerts for our Armed Forces stationed at Cannon Air Force Base. "There can be a chance of absorption under certain circumstances". It may also attract the K-9 drug sniffing team of dogs gone wild. Ooh Baby, pass the lotion and dose me up with THC for skin hydration.

And talk about skin hydration...The big 'go for the roses' race saw one wet horse at the end of it all. Smarty Jones was barely sweating but covered in mud on the first 'sloppy' rated race track of this millennium. It was also the first time for National televsion audiences to view advertisements on Jockey's outfits; also first time for a National Tv audience to witness before their eyes a horse owner go into cardiac arrest. The winning excitement of it all, sent oxygen-sucking horse owner, Ray Chapman, sharply to his seat. He was ok though as was Mr.Smarty Pants Jones who remains 'undefeated' in big time races including, now, the Kentucky Mudbath Derby.

Who is the saddest Soprano? a) Is it Uncle Junior lost in dementia? b) The horribly fascinating Tony? c) Christopher and/or his 'hot' wife, Adriana? d) Carmela? e) Or is it Tony's cousin who looks like Steve Buscemi? My only anchor on the whole week is Sunday night's hour of Soap-ranos. I am unashamedly deeply hooked. Reel me in, Gaad Fah-ther.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
The immediacy of 'blogging' at times is a convenient way to SCREAM aloud (in words that is)...So allow me to take a moment to join the millions each day who SCREAM at Ticketmaster. Last night's Albuquerque SEAL concert was postponed at the last minute (pretty durn literally) because his wife went into labor. Happy Baby, Seal Man. Now just try and get your money back at the box office of our beautiful but rudely-personnelled Sandia Casino Amphitheater.

You must go to the source the lady frownily states. Go to where you got the tickets originally and all will be well...Ahh ancient tribal medicine for white boy who buys tickee onlinee. You just try going online for a refund...hah! Eventually you will find yourself making a phone call instead and lucky for you, you anally kept the number of your order from months ago.

How many Purple Hearts can you get for continually shooting yourself in the foot?

Ah...breathe. An actual person named Maggie May talks you through the next step which is mailing your tickees from onlinees back to Virginia Beach, Virginia in a paid-for-by-you-certified-letter. And then, maybe your credit card will get an almost full and complete but not really full and complete refund. There is a service charge for returning your tickees from onlinees. AAAHHH.

In other nudes, John Kerry was in town today on a secret mission to a very small Albuquerque Public School less than a mile from Freshchaos HQ's. Problem is, he is only accepting waves from his fans as he leaves and boards his plane at a small airport outside of town. No Pubic appearances at all. As any of you readers know, I am not fond of the Surrealistically Insane W dude...but W's VIVA Bush campaign here in the Southwest did pretty well four years ago and today's secret mission of Captain Colonel JFKerry scores very few points toward November 2nd in my humbled opinion.

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Today brings us a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE. It's the end of the world as we know it. AAAHHH!
Or wait, maybe it could be the greatest thing to happen to the munchkins on earth since cream cheese. Here's a poem I wrote long ago which was sort of about 'lunar eclipses'...

lunar eclipses come and go

in tacoma
the winds of night
come to me by day

sun painted leaves
dance in the darkness
and journeys out
seem longer than going home

in tacoma
I come to you
like a man from mars
blowing horns all the way from florida

you let me walk with you to the stars

my time with you
is a dream
drawn by phantom ghosts

Jeff Hartzer
© 1981-04

Apologies for the obscure 'munchkin' refernce. I watched The Wizard of Oz on DVD over the weekend. You sure can see a lot of little details on the digital version. In fact you can see a few too many weird little details. I was taken in by many lines in the movie but one 'new' one to me was this: Only bad witches are ugly.

And then this is TORNADO Season...wrote a poem about them long ago...After first seeing the 'Wizard of Oz', I dreamed about tornadoes for years. It is a long convoluted story but this poem came out of 'my process' as writer and reamer...


He says
A tornado is coming
I don't see it?
Do you see it?
Let's have a drink

He is crying
He is always crying

A tornado is coming
he says
Do you see it?
Let's have a drink
Get under the stairs
he says
I think he's crazy

A tornado is coming
he says
Let's have a BIG drink
He's crying again
He's always crying

A tornado is coming
and I am the only one who sees it
Why me ?
Always me
I always see it
It is coming across the trees
It is coming across the water
I see it
Can you see it?

A tornado is coming
It is swirling like vinegar in a bottle
It is swirling like water down the drain
It is swirling like a snake under my bed

A tornado is coming
I see it
Why can't you see it?

Look Mom !
Look Dad !
A tornado is coming
Get under the stairs
I'll save you
Can't you see it?
A tornado...

Jeff Hartzer
© 1982-04

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Monday, May 03, 2004
Santa Fe on a Sunday
We l-o-v-e Julia Sweeney

A visit to The City Different is always enlightening, if not DIFFERENT. For some reason, I always feel DIFFERENT while wandering around there. Maybe it is the altitude or maybe the Santa Fe Style architecture, clothing, and jewelry. The this is all so much better than Albuquerque feeling of the place reminds me of the days when I would stroll through the Emerald City of Seattle and feel that, as a Tacoma resident, I had nothing to offer 'the great ones' walking beside me. Still, a visit to the City Different is always enlightening, if not DIFFERENT.

While driving through the City Different byways, we saw these interesting campaign signs...

© Jeff Hartzer 2004

Bloggers (web loggers) everywhere would be as amused as I at this political hopeful running for office. Yes, his name is B_L_O_G!! GO BLOG, GO. Not only does this fellow have an interesting name, he also has a BLOG... Kind of funny in a freshchaos sort of way... visit Tom Blog's BLOG

We took in the sights of a museum or two. I have always liked Patrick Nagatani's take on Atomic Events...

I took these shots of his 'views' of New Mexico now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe... One shows the Trinity Site, the other an Indian Pueblo home with an advertisement for WIPP on the tube (Waste Isolation Pilot Project in Carlsbad, NM).

A new and fascinating exhibit at the museum consists of the 'found art works of the deceased artist, Tony Price. Before his death in 2000, he created art works from pieces found at Los Alamos junkyards. It is an extraordinary exhibit. Calls to mind the work of 'Atomic Ed' Grothus.

The real reason we screamed up I-5 on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, though, was to see an amazing woman you may recall as the author and persona of Saturday Night Live's PAT. Nowadays, Julia Sweeney is on tour touting the benefits of motherhood, single motherhood that is. She has adopted a beautiful Chinese girl and her current 'comedy monologue' tells the extended tale of that adoption.

If you saw her last show And God said, Ha!, you may be surprised by the uplifting-ness of this show. In the last show, she was able to portray her own bout with cancer and the unsuccessful bout with cancer of her brother in an enlightening, poignant, and funny production. In this new tale of wanting to have a child of her own, despite failed relationships and physical inabilities to mother a child, she spans the globe in search of adopting a child.

Her very intimate monologue took place in an ancient adobe-walled church made into a theater in the heart of downtown Santa Fe. Minimally lit and simplistically produced, there was a true 'sharing' as well as a 'theater piece' per say. Afterwards, Ms. Sweeney was joined onstage by her new daughter, Mulan. You will learn in the monlogue that Mulan was NOT named after the movie of the same name. It was quite something to hear the tale and then get to see the totally HAPPY child dance and prance across the stage, and at the end of it all, recite an amazing poem for the SRO audience. Many thanks for a delightful and DIFFERENT afternoon. Here's a not so flattering photograph I took of Ms. Sweeney:

Julia Sweeney in Santa Fe
May 2, 2004 © Jeff Hartzer

The best part of going to and leaving behind the great and different City of Santa Fe is taking in the vistas along the way. Despite the drought-induced plague of bark beetles damaging a lot of the pinon trees on our mesas, things are still looking good out under the wide open spaces of the Land of Enchantment. Here we are, taking it all in, on a lazy Sunday afternoon:

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Saturday, May 01, 2004
MayDay MayDay
We're going down...

May First brings about an interesting freshchaos history week: Kent State and Haymarket Square anniversaries; Hold de Mayo Day among many others.

May Day began as a Spring festival long ago to celebrate the coming of Summer. Different customs have been a part of May Day festivities. Some people would gather flowers and put them by their doors and windows to keep out troublesome fairies. Some people would put out their old hearth fires and gather with the people in their village to start a new fire to take home. Cutting down a tree and putting up a Maypole in the middle of a village is another popular custom. Ribbons are attached to the tree and are woven together by dancers. One more popular custom is filling May Baskets with flowers to give away. Some people still celebrate the pagan festival of Beltaine on the first of May.

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated on the fifth day of May (duh!!). It is a commemoration of the victory of the Mexican Army over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This battle became a symbol of Mexican unity and patriotism and mass consumption of beer,tequila, and green chile enchiladas.

It will be interesting to see how this next week plays out in our present year of '04. Is what our 'National Guardsmen' are doing now in Iraq worse than what they did on college campuses in the 70's? Is Nixon worse a President than is George W. Bush? Will the Patriot Act prevent another Kent State or will mere apathy amongst college students prevail over terrorist tactic laws? Can we not speak out for Women's rights these days without being unpatriotic? Is dressing up a young boy in a bunny suit going to influence him as an adult? Will that young man create a whole BUNNYTOWN? We shall ponder these questions this week.

Happy MAY from!


Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.
Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are gunning us down
Should have been done long ago.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?
Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are gunning us down
Should have been done long ago.
Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.

Neil Young 1971

Jeff Hartzer as a 'May Fete' Bunny
Jacksonville, Fl. (long ago)

Check out these ALIEN BUNNIES

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