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Friday, April 30, 2004
I am so happy for George that things went so swimmingly well this week with he and his buddy Dick. Go 911 committee Go. Kerry gets a Newsweek thumbs down this week...there are so many crucial issues of surrealistic importance, let's not bicker over the meaningless ones and, Dude, get a campaign manager with some foresight, strength, and courage.

If this past month has been hectic, CHAOTIC, and confusing for you and your loved/hated ones, it may or may not have something to do with Mercury being in what those in the Know call retrograde motion...Well, Mercury goes out of retrograde. Clarity shoud come washing over us all like the soothing waters of ____(please insert something soothing). Thank the gods, planets and spiritual mothers.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
This just in... A moment of freshchaos entertainment Dick's Ducks.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004
A friend of freshchaos sent in a picture that has been going around the www for a time ...I have put it onto a page linked here called Bush Monkey : Comparisons.

This week's Sopranos is one of best ever. This week's Deadwood is one of the grossest ever; the number of times the word "cocksucker" is used though, hit an all time low of only about five utterances...

A weekend spent outside avoiding tv news shows. I'll plug my head back into the world's mainstream tomorrow (as Scarlet might opine in Gone With The Wind: 2004) . What do we have to look forward to this week in the world of televised disasters, wars of our 'fathers', and more injured soldiers to fill our children's Veterans' hospitals? Can't wait.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Check out J.F. Kerry's military records.

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One of our Enchanted State's Republicans, County Clerk Victoria Dunlap made national news by allowing gays and lesbians (is their a 'lesbian' who is not 'gay'?) to register for marriage licensure. She has this week been censured by the State Republican Party. While this is not surprising news, the manner in which this was made public in both print and tv news services with a quote from Richard Gibbs a high ranking N.M. Republican, makes it a HATE 'news event'. It is not the media's hyping that is the problem it is the words, sentiment, and mean-spirited angst of this Richard guy that is INSANE...He's quoted as follows:

Other than ASSASSINATION, all we can do is censure her.
Richard Gibbs

This pushes my W arrogance buttons. It also touches on my anti-NAZI stance. On my anti-murder for pleasure stance. It touches into my anti- WE ARE RIGHT and the rest of the world is wrong stance. Is this not a direct threat? Can this Richard guy not be arrested asap? Is he a licensed gun toter (and you can legally carry concealed weapons in our fair state)? Is he a licensed driver ready to run down gays, lesbians, and whoever else might get in his way?

How does the stance of this man compare to the general stance of the Republican Party and all the little Republicans of that Grand Old Party? Do they ALL feel this way? Certainly our arrogant go-to-war-for-me-and-my-Dad-President probably feels he has Jesus, Mel Gibson and this Richard guy on his side while spending 47 billion dollars a month in a war that is not a war and shortly will cost even more than that.

So let me just say that Other than ASSASSINATION, all we can do is ELECT KERRY.
Joe Democrat

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Click to check out this Presidential IQ report...

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Monday, April 19, 2004
Somehow Monday, I managed to miss seeing any NEWS SHOWS all day long. I was not as depressed as a result. I did spend time at the dentist's office and am glad to report that my refusal to floss has had some damning results. Sometimes being a rebel, refusing to do what they tell you to do (Don't tell ME to floss you Bastard!), just turns out to be a losing proposition.

Monday morning there was a solar eclipse and a new moon...Now that you know this, maybe it will 'make your day', yesterday or tomorrow. Sunrise, sunset...the light and the dark. Can't have one without the other. So many people want to deny this yin-yangy factoid.

Lately my largest anchor on the weekly spin, is Sunday night's Soprano Deadwood combination knockout punch. Only problem is the need for taping The Simpsons. The world should have such 'problems'. Too bad for Deadwood fans that Wild Bill Hickock has died and gone to heaven. His portrayal gave the show a nice balance between the 'meat'-eating pigs and the extraordinary usage of the term 'cocksucker'. This 'term' is used so often it should be made into a TV fan's drinking game. If you had a shot of hootch with every utterance, you might not make it to work come Monday.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004
A freschaos-not-to-be-missed-tv-show::> Chris Rock : Never Scared on HBO. Catch his new material from the Black Ambition tour at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. Sometimes laughing at the truth hurts even more than the truth... Truly, a freshly chaotic look at today's world. No one is spared. Most of all the good old U.S. of A.

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Friday, April 16, 2004
After feeding my daily 'news addiction' by reading the latest word (word!) on the 'Iraq Situation', I need to correct all that I mentioned yesterday (see entry below) regarding the horrible things going on daily with our soldiers in Iraq (like their death and stuff). Apparently, all of the terribly fresh chaos now occurring is simply SYMPTOMS OF OUR SUCCESS.

United, I stand: c-o-r-r-e-c-t-e-d.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004
I have been in a state of cosmic unconciousness after sitting through the Bush News Conference this week. Has the man totally lost his mind or only the part of his mind that was once his own? It was embarrassing to watch him smirk and stammer his way through the questioning of reporters. His "Third News Conference on Prime Time" goes down in huge flames of his own making.

The Iraq situation is baaaad. I wouldn't want to be President. I don't know what he should do now. My small voice went down with unpatriotic fervor a year ago. I lost several 'friends' for my anti-war/anti-Bush stance. It is not easy to do, but you can click back in the FRESHCHAOS archives and see for yourself. The shock and awe wasn't much fun even on tv a year ago. And though there is no more 'war', things are worse than ever for our Commander in Chief's volunteer military slaves.

Lord knows (and maybe Mel Gibson) what is next. I do not. I am having enough trouble being an American citizen as more soldiers die in this odd war that is not a war, all to avenge Papa Bush. STAY the COURSE the younger Bush Head sez in his rhetorical punditry this week. Even this is not his own cool sound bite. How soon will he start talking about the thousand points of light?

Bush looks like he should get a gosh darn haircut along with a few treatments of Just for Him hair coloring. Too bad he can't shake out the gray from his hair and get some of the gray matter into his brain. I can only hope that he is happy with his arrogant war decisions. George W. Bush had such a great HISTORIC (one of his new-found favorite words) chance to stand UNITED with the WORLD after the horrors of 9-11. He blew it badly and the results are just sad for this emperor with no clothes. This Fall-of-Rome like Emperor with armies spread world-wide with a scarily too-thin peanut butter and too much blood-red jelly.

Bush talks already of his 'legacy'. He truly could have had an amzing legacy and another four years to create it in. His LEGACY right now is none to pleasant to look at. The whole WAR for Saddam was such a set up. Many believed wholeheartedly in our President a year ago. Quite a few now are perhaps at least beginning to peep through the veils of arrogance and self-minded righteousness that is our man without a plan but with a whole fraternity of family and Big Brothers in high places.

It is difficult for me to find anyone to BLAME for 9-11. I don't really fathom the imporatnce of the 9-11 commission except that there will always be 'commissions' in America. We love to hash over the past. Talk, talk, talk is our whole way of thinking. In my mind it is no more Bush's fault than it is anyone else's that it was apparently so easy for a group of hijackers to do what they did with those airplanes. We can not let it happen again. And it is sad that we have blindly and patriotically followed our leaders into the present Iraq situation instead of uniting worldwide against the true perpetrators of the 9-11 murders.

For three nights this week Colin Quinn has opened his Tough Crowd Comedy Central cable show with words that WW III is about to happen. It isn't so funny. Should the various rebelling factions of Iraq unite together against us, our soldiers have little chance of negotiating a 'success' without massive 'shock and awe' techniques. This will surely unite all of the non-CHRISTIAN countries of the world against us. And at the moment our 'friends' in the world are few.

Thank the powers that once a week for a few more episodes we can soak up and concentrate on the problems and mysteries of the Sopranos and Deadwood. Happy TAX DAY.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
U.S. troops have killed about 700 insurgents across Iraq since the beginning of the month. About 70 coalition troops - almost all Americans - have died in clashes. In light of all of this and last week's chaos, the Bushmaster will speak tonight. In light of this, Wall Street is Way Down-town this morning. As time ticks by, Bush's coiffure grows more and more grayishly white. Is his gray matter increasing as well?

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Monday, April 12, 2004
Hoppy Easter !!
Better late than never...

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Tough week indeed for actress Carrie Snodgrass who, among other things, was mother to Neil Young's Zeke. She has died at age 57. Her heart failed her on April Fool's day.

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It was a tough week

My wife says I am addicted to doing laundry. I am constantly emptying laundry basket contents into our Sears washer. Lately, my needs for 'cleansing' have become monumental. The dirty horrors of calling myself, 'merican , after more than a year of a war that is not a war but is most certainly killing for revenge by a country where a big fat Hollywood Movie has made prayer 'cool again'. There is something inherently wrong with a headline in today's paper which says, Bush Prays for Drop in Iraq Casualties What is wrong with this headline?

Are we all Christians this day? Is Bush so sanctimonious that he kneels so publicly to The Almighty Mel Gibson god? It was a tough week he says, and he prays, ...On bended knee, I thank the good Lord for protecting those of our troops overseas, and our coalition troops and innocent Iraqis. He also prays for those who in dying have paid the ultimate price for our security. Amen, brother. Personally, I feel a bit less secure after this past week.

My wife says I am addicted to doing laundry. There are worse things to be addicted to. I love though the throbbing of the washer while I type these words. A rumbling of cleanliness is next to godliness. I LOOOOOOOOOVE doing laundry. But I make my amends. Too often I am so caught up in the joyful noise of the washer that I do not hang nor dry items prior to their horrific wrinkling. Bush blames the surging throbbing of violence on a few people trying to stop our progress toward democracy. What wrinkled progress is that ?

My wife says I am addicted to doing laundry. And today's wall street report is good despite a week of our soldiers taking it in the gut over a war that is not a war. Fifty U.S. soldiers died and some 900 Iraqis (a good Scrabble word, btw) bit the dust but reared up the body count in our favor. Like in golf , a lower score is preferred. Currently there are 129,000 US troops (aka: Men and Women of the human kind) serving Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and you and me in Iraq. It is interesting to note that Ft. Hood, the largest active-duty armored post in the military, lies just fifty miles from Bush's Western Whitehouse in Crawford, Texas. A King and His court.

My wife says I am addicted to doing laundry. Our President is growing more WHITE HAIR in the Whitehouse. He didn't look so good over this Easter weekend. Possibly a case of indigestible death. The Associated Press reports that for Easter dinner, the Bush family and Condominium Rice ate gingersnap and apricot-crusted ham; fresh mozzarella, tomato, and avocado chopped salad; green chile cheese grits souffle; asparagus; homemade yeast rolls; and lemon meringue pie. God Bless Us All. Pass me some gingersnap and apricot-crusted ham.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Got this tune in my head:
It's a nice day
for a white wedding
or maybe for U.S. Troops
to Kill At Least 40 At Mosque.

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Monday, April 05, 2004
The yearly average for rainfall in the Albuquerque Metropolitan area is 9.47 inches. From midday Friday until midday Saturday 2.29 inches of rain fell breaking a record set in 1893. Spring is always a time for bizarro weather in the high desert and we SPRUNG a leak as our clocks sprung ahead this leaping lizards year.

Sadly it was a bit wet for the sold out crowd at our new Isotopes Stadium which hosted the World Series winner (seems like an American team always wins that) Florida Marlins for an exhibition game. Isotopes won the called-in-the-seventh-inning game 9-1. Go 'topes!

So have you bought your Kerry sticker yet? Only two stupid bucks at Kerry Gear dot communist plot. It's not the two hundred cents per sticker that sucks, it's just a really UNnecessary hassle...They should be giving em away by the millions. But Nooooooooooooo. Go Dems...!

Ben and J's Ice cream and now 'illegal spam' have both stolen the good name of the band Phish. If you've received an email falsely claiming to be AOL or VISA that requests your personal info...this has been termed Phishing. If you get phished, you can report phishing at or email .

Two other innerestin' links::> Phantom Plate offers a cover up plate for your license tags. The light diffusing plastic plate will foil traffic light spy cams in their efforts to record your license plate as you speed through those yellow or red lights. And you need one of these Mobile Infrared Transmitters ASAP if you want to pretend you are a big firetruck or ambulance zooming along through a series of red lights turning into green ones. That's what this gizmo will do by flashing xenon strobe lights at the red lights overhead in your path. Presto Chango. Illegal-lo.


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Thursday, April 01, 2004
A long and strange trip to fall...If you go to, you can BUY a bumpersticker or a tee shirt. What happened to the FREE STICKERS of old? There is no place in Albuquerque to get a sticker for Kerry yet. Get with the program dudes. I'll bet Dennis Kucinuch's are FREE (and collectable). Give it up Dennis.

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Spring is a tough time for teachers AND for students. April is the cruelest month they say. No wonder there is a SPRING BREAK. The only time I ever got kicked out of a class was when I could not stop laughing while listening to a classmate recite the famous first lines of Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales in ancient Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew, no wait...olde English. But isn't that a beer?

So Happy April Fool's Day from Chaucer and moi...

Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote
And bathed every veyne in swich licour,
Of which vertu engendred is the flour;
Whan Zephirus eek with his sweete breeth
Inspired hath in every holt and heeth
The tendre croppes, and the yonge sonne
Hath in the Ram his halfe cours yronne,
And smale foweles maken melodye,
That slepen al the nyght with open eye-
(So priketh hem Nature in hir corages);
Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages
And palmeres for to seken straunge strondes
To ferne halwes, kowthe in sondry londes;
And specially from every shires ende
Of Engelond, to Caunterbury they wende,
The hooly blisful martir for the seke
That hem hath holpen, whan that they were seeke.

Spring has been a tough time too for Commander in Chief Bush-head. Thank the 'Publican Gods that Kerry is out for a week recovering from a shoulder surgery, and that soon Richard Clarke will undoubtedly die from a 'mysterious' cia-born illness. Kudos to Jon Stuart who this week again showed some FAIR and BALANCED reportaging with Richard Clarke on Tuesday night followed by the stiffly upper lipped Karen Hughes (author of Ten minutes From Normal) a staunch Bush friend and athletic supporter on Wednesday night... Ok. I am on a sophomoric role today. Watch out I may get kicked out of class again. Bushie is not that athletic anywho. Says sophomoric Stuart in regard to Richard Clarke...he has huevos humongos. And he follows with "Robert Novak is a douchebag for liberty".

In other TVsnooze...This week's entire episode of South Park is devoted to Jews and Christians reacting to Mel's Passion. It is an amazingly out there episode as if South Park isn't always out there. A cameo by a fake Mel Gibson cartoon head is quite funny of not a bit disgusting at times. The episode concludes with the question of why is so much emphasis put on the Crucifixion rather than the rest of Christ's life? Good question.

Spring is hard on old folks as well...this week Alistair Cooke and Peter Ustinov both entered the other side of this and other lives.

Admitted I-G-N-O-R-A-N-C-E...Until yesterday I did not know that John Kerry is a Roman Catholic nor that his initials are J.F.K. Go ahead and say it...D-U-H-!.

Worst tv advertisement of Spring...the stupid advertisement where the CompUSA guy comes to this guy's house and installs stuff while the guy and his fake dog eat fried chicken and a voice over from hell speaks the verities of ChumpUSA. I have bought a lot of computer stuff over these post-DOS years . There is not a store on the planet more UNFRIENDLY than ChumpUSA in my opinion. Their ad is horrendous.

Another great Jon Stuart moment this week was posting the email address of a spammer who has made gazillions of US dollars irritating all of us. That address, undoubtedly dropped by now, is send him greetings, the BASTARD. Gotta go send him a few thousand emails.

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