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Friday, September 26, 2003
My own suicidal tendencies this week with the great big, old, DARK of the moon and all...seem rather vague after reading this letter from a friend in Portsmouth, Virginia. To most of us it is simply...TGIF tonight but to another far far away member of the Chaos General Staff it is this and all of this...

Things have been CHAOTIC for about a week but are settling down now. We lost a 100 year old pecan tree, which fell on my little Mazda Protege commuter car & crushed it like a bug. Electricity was not returned until Sunday night, and our phone is inoperative through at least Tuesday. The refrigerator also died, but we and our house were unscathed. All in all, it's only stuff. Schools have been closed for a week, so we're really behind. Don't know yet how that will be resolved. I'll write more when more settled.

Earlier in, I wrote about my displeasure with Verisign/Networksolutions...well if you click THIS you can see that I am not alone in my dissatisfaction.

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George Plimpton and Robert Palmer have both entered the afterlife. No more are they addicted to love or to long winded egotistical speeches. Must have been the dark of the moon or cocktails at the 18th Hole or cocaine.

Free Beer tomorrow

Here today
gone yesterday
come again tomorrow

tomorrow never knows
rust never sleeps
and so on
and so forth
I'm addicted to love.

© 2003

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Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset tonight and ushers in the 10 high holy days, a solemn welcoming of the new year. Highlights include blowing the shofar, praying for redemption and peace, and communal confession. Hebrews know how to partay! Capn Chaos and Jew Girl are not exactly traditional, so we like to light fireworks, too. Pretty much any excuse for fireworks will do for Mr. Pyromaniac! For a more traditional view on tonight's holiday, click here.

Every RH I pray that the new year will be at least slightly less insane than the old year and pledge to do my part to be a good person and a truth teller. I keep returning to that simple yet profound statement by Hillel that seems so difficult for so many people to embrace, "What is hateful to you, do not do unto others. That is the whole [Truth/sacred trust]; all the rest is commentary."

In that spirit we bring you this political humor news:

Last night on The Daily Show (recent Emmy winner, as was another fave, Tony Shalhoub for Monk ... Excellent!) Jon Stewart shed light on the dark of the moon night, giving the Capn's home state a rousing endorsement: After talking about California's crazy recall election, Jon said, "Congratulations to Florida! You're no longer our most damning national embarrassment." Yeehaw!

If you have a few minutes, check in with Mark Fiore's weekly animation for the Village Voice. After you view this week's take on the California election, click on "John Ashcroft's Patriot Act Summer Tour." Awesome! Also quite sad and hilarious is the previous one, "Hey Kids!"

This just in ...

Apparently the Irish love all kinds of potatoes, including the prevalent couch variety. Trinity College in Dublin is working on a "smart sofa" that will determine which person is sitting on it and then adapt the environment to the person's desires. The couch will be able to turn on and off appliances, adjust the temperature, and turn on the stereo to play the music the vegetable-slob prefers.

The end of the world is upon us!

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Thursday, September 25, 2003
Man, we people can be really cruel to each other. But occasionally someone actually says something nice to somebody else.

Last week my yoga teacher, Paul, directed me to take a place at the very front of the class. I was nervous because I didn't want others to see me as demonstrating the poses - as I can't do everything because of a back injury and I codependently fear leading anyone astray - and because I was afraid being "up there" would disrupt the "alone within a group" beauty I experience in yoga class. But after a few minutes I let go and all was well. Afterward Paul said, "You have such a nice practice," which I think is a great thing to say to a person! (In print it is often difficult to determine sincerity and sarcasm, so let me tell you I am most sincere.) I don't go to yoga to compete, to be the best, to compare myself to others and declare winners and losers. I go to yoga to escape all that and to push myself only to places that are rewarding in private ways, nice ways.

Which brings me - awkwardly - to catcalls. Most of the time these sudden attacks of whistles, car horns, etc. parading as flattery are as unpleasant as the name implies. (Ever heard cats in mating season using their very own long-distance service?) "Hey, can't you take a compliment?" Yeah, well, most of these utterances and noises are not designed to make a woman feel good about herself, but to express the noisemaker's belief that she makes him feel good (and could please him even more if he could use her ...) and that's all that matters. They're invasions, as enjoyable as you would imagine a car horn blaring in your ear to be.

But one day this summer - three months of record-breaking heat and drought that had everyone in a bad mood - I was walking through a parking lot and a man leaned out the window of a slowly passing truck, tipped his cap, and said, "God bless you!" Dear readers, that is a compliment! I was able to hold my head high as I walked into the bastion of evil that is WalMart on my mission to support the hardworking people of Communist China at unbeatably low prices.

Speaking of the Mart of Wal, I have to say that on a death-defying trip to that store of stores on Labor Day weekend, (aaaaahhhhhhh!) the esteemed Capn Chaos and I noticed a new display of Christmas merchandise. (Labor Day - when hearts and minds turn to Christmas?!) Among the offerings was a small ornament of a priest. For the low, low price of $1.83 you can replace your dashboard madonna with your very own, made in China, pedophile priest hanging from the rearview mirror!

Dark of the moon time

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Comedy Central's Reno 911 is one of the most FRESHLY CHAOTIC tv shows on at the moment. Each little faux COPS scene is very well done and with a chaotic flip the switch mentality that takes it over the edge. Last night's episode has three of the Reno cops en route to the Burning Man Festival outside of Reno. Words fail to describe the chaos that ensues. The horror.

Another scene depicts a 'bust' at a head shop. There is a hilarious in 'code' dialogue between the buster and the bustee about marijuana without using the word 'marijuana'. It is finally revealed that the whole headshop is a DEA front. The irony. Guess you had to be there or catch the action next Humpday.

By the way, Lt. Jim Dangle (pictured above in shorts) is a frontrunner in our Freshchaos Elections '04 poll. Go Lieutenant

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
This just in===> There have been a rash of virus emails floating around the internet recently saying that they are an update from Microsoft. These emails ARE VIRUSES. Microsoft does not send updates through email and no matter how convincing the email may look, it is a virus and should be deleted.

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This little note goes out to any of you who may be 'webmasters'. If you ever want to own your own domain (ie: go to register the name), please have nothing to do with Verisign/Network Solutions. In the old days of cyberspace 'fun' this was one of the only places to register your domain name. Now it is a huge unforgiving and no-fun-at-all cyber-giant. And there are other places to fry your fish.

Take your domain name and check in at a delightful Canadian group called, .

If your site(s) is/are currently signed on with Networksolutions....welllllll...Good Luck on getting out of their net. I have just this day completed what has amounted to a six month email and telephone battle to loosen our Mothership from the sticky fingers and inept hourly wagers at Networksolutions. I will spare you the details but if there was a national BBB to report my travails to I would do so if I thought it would help anything.

We own 8 websites and all of our business on and with each site will now and continue to be with the Canadians.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Happy Autumnal Equinox !!

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Monday, September 22, 2003
For example...:::::>this just in...These lines from an article are just plain SSAAADD. Sorry had a convulsion at the thought of seeing the prez in front of the real troops saying things like this...

"You've made history,'' Mr. Bush went on. "You've made our nation proud... " And he presented the Third with a Presidential Unit Citation for "extraordinary heroism" in action.

Again, the applause seemed to lack a certain enthusiasm usually found when the president speaks to military groups. After the speech, Pvt. Kenneth Henry, 21, a Third Division radar operator with a field artillery unit, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying of Mr. Bush:

"He likes war.
He should go
fight in a war
for two days
and see
he likes it."

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A lot of 'General Staff' members are sending in extremely innerestin' stuff this week. For example...:::::>

this just in...These lines from an article are just plain SSAAADD. Sorry had a convulsion at the thought of seeing the prez in front of the real troops saying things like this...

"You've made history,'' Mr. Bush went on. "You've made our nation proud... " And he presented the Third with a Presidential Unit Citation for "extraordinary heroism" in action.

Again, the applause seemed to lack a certain enthusiasm usually found when the president speaks to military groups. After the speech, Pvt. Kenneth Henry, 21, a Third Division radar operator with a field artillery unit, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying of Mr. Bush:

"He likes war.
He should go
fight in a war
for two days
and see
he likes it."

Looks like it is true that Mercury is no longer retrograding and that Communication is on the upswing. Thanks mucho for the toll clock you see ticking away to your right from our friends at

I spoke to relatives near the home of our President in Bethesda, Maryland, who are still without electricity . Once the storm passes, the news shifts but many are still left in the dark. That is one heck of a sentence, pardner. It's practically poe-et-tree...

Once the storm passes,
the news shifts
many are still
left in the dark.

I have been reviewing capnchaos's trip to Florida digis and one that struck me tonight simply shows the words of a bumpersticker that reads...

"If going to church
makes you a Christian,
does going to the garage
make you a car?

I like closeups.

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Sunday, September 21, 2003 is indeed a blog. Perhaps you were unaware. BLOGS (web logs) are so popular that the masses have initiated some great FREE services for 'bloggers' and 'blog readers' like YOU...

We have just added a new thingee-ma-bob called a Bloglet... If you choose to sign up (to your left there), Bloglet consolidates FRESHCHAOS entries and sends them to YOU. Free and Easy. Sign up if you dare.

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

There is a fine line between FAMOUS and AMOS. On occasion, I pine for my long ago solitary breakfasts at a Florida food chain called Famous Amos. I was a 'regular' and the waitresses knew my order of 2 eggs up with toast and grits, coffee. Those waitresses were as close to me then as anyone, which is a sad statement. I have always been a person of 'routines' and those years found my routines to be pretty deep and dark ruts. When the high point of your day is breakfast at Famous Amos -- that's just sad.

Once again the fine line between FAMOUS and AMOS rises to the fore with yet another article on a guy that graduated a year ahead of me from a North Florida High School. He was a brilliant star ahead of his horizons by far. Gram Parsons is more Famous now than when he was alive and well and Amos-ing his way through the music industry changing the way we thought of the 'country', 'rock', or 'folk rock' genres.

The article is a good one. It begins :
WAYCROSS -- Before a drug overdose extinguished his life at age 26, Gram Parsons founded two cult bands, made a classic record with the Byrds, discovered soprano Emmylou Harris and crystallized a burgeoning country-rock movement that made many subsequent artists rich and famous.

Parsons himself never had a hit record, never became a star.

The gist is that Parson's hometown is finally awakening to the genius of one of its native born residents. Prophets never seem to be appreciated where they live, learn, and/or teach. And Parsons certainly was a great teacher in his own way. He also astutely lived the kind of life described in Neil Young's lyrics, "...better to to burn out than fade away..."

I have always liked this anonymous quote that I found on a grocery store bought 'Starscroll'...A great teacher never strives to explain his vision--he simply invites you to stand beside him and see for yourself. To me that's up there even with my favorite Chaucerian line from the intro to The Canterbury Tales in which one of the characters en route to/from the town of Canterbury states that he must...gladly learn and gladly teach.... I have always felt that when 'educators' fail to learn anything from their students it is a bad day in the classroom. All of life's creative processes are each in their most idyllic form a two- or three-way street with collaboration serving as its key traffic light.

I read an article yesterday in the Albuquerque Journal about 'Michael Drudge turning hobby into million dollar web presence'. The Drudge Report has become one of the most famous 'weblogs' of all time. Drudge refuses to call it a 'blog' per se, but nevertheless he long ago embraced the idea of NEWS (links and opinions) NOW and the blog format fit his needs perfectly. If you visit the actual web page, you'll see a whole page of links to articles not by Drudge at all. The Drudge Report began to appear not too long before and became overnight more FAMOUS than AMOS.

Parsons himself never had a hit record, never became a star. There is a fine line between FAMOUS and AMOS. Fame and Aim likewise draw attention to what it is you set out to do in your life. A true artist can not live without outlets to CREATE art. The world wide web has provided many millions of would be famous writers to be at least 'published' with the possibility, too, for an audience. We are a world of Googlers these days. Many have let go the idea of ever selling a story or a collection of poems to a magazine, let alone to the 'big publishing houses'. The latest 'mental masturbation' is to GOOGLE yourself. Type in your name on that Google thingee up at the top of our page...You may be surprised to see your name appear on the world wide web. Could be another person has assumed your identity or stolen your story or could be you are more FAMOUS than AMOS.

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Can you feel the uplifting ?
Can you dig the new found sense of truth and light?
Is your communicable path more open to light and love?
Well, however and whatever it means, today that dubious planet, Mercury is no longer in its interminable retrograde motion., good. Aaaah.

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Friday, September 19, 2003
A Chaos General Staff Member writes:
Technology. Yay! or argh?
Both [of my daughters] would have been incommunicado (another Buffett song) w/o cell phones
[yesterday as both were in path of Isabel and without electricity].

As one of the three remaining people on the planet without a cell phjone, I am again thankful to have myself NOT been in the path of yesterday's Izzy Fest.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Here in the High Desert on what used to be an ocean floor, hurricanes (monsoons) are a good thing. Their remnants sweep in from Mexico during what we call the 'monsoon season'. This year, there was no monsoon-y season and our drought continues while Isabel pounds inland to a land already soaked.

I recall living in Jacksonville, Florida the week Hurricane Dora hit our town. We had no electricity for ten days. And odd part of this was a lack of hot water. Small cuts or scrapes easily became infected. My father cooked out/barbequed our meals and his morning coffee. Cooking on the outdoor grill was never the same after those ten days.

Lyndon Johnson flew in for a visit as did THE BEATLES who were disappointed at the small crowd in what used to be called The Gator Bowl. Most folks went downtown just to pick up dry ice from the Red Cross centers. The Beatles took second stage to the storm. High water causes all the snakes, rats, squirrels, and delightful sewage to rise to the surface. Flooding is not fun . It was a tough ten days for all.

Here in New Mexico, we are under a 'severe weather watch' today for high winds and a cold front passing through. Meanwhile, crystal sky blue skies and unlimited visibility are on this morning's weather picture.

Our best wishes to all on the mid Atlantic states this week.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Let there be peace on earth,
and let it begin with God’s love in my heart.

There are times when you just have to turn it over to The Powers. I like the quote above. It is from the Unity School of Christianity. They have an online prayerline I have utilized to bring in the miraculous in dark moments.

Below and to your left, we have a new poll ELECTIONS '04 for you to fiddle with if you for as many candidates and vote as often as you care to do so.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
For the latest on ISABEL click our Hurricane Flags =-->

Could be the gully washer swallows Okracoke,N.C. and heaven to Betsy knows what else. Metaphorically, I think it is headed after our President in DC ; sadly, he isn't the only resident there.

So Mercury goes out of retrograde soon (9/20) and that is a good thing for communications supposedly. Gotten a lot of odd wrong numbers and more spama-sores than usual of late. Odd dreams...strangeness. The world will end in a puddle of hurricane water that sits calmly in the eye of the storm. Also feeling that it should be Friday but it is only Tuesday eve. Go Mercury!

A staunch Republican has sent in an article link to stir our political pots. He writes,"I agree with this opponent of the Iraqi war; unlike most articles these days, a thoughtful, balanced read." Enjoy...

Four Star General Wesley Clark(Ret.) is in the race for President. Eggsellent. Click to catch an early website for THE GENERAL.

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Friday, September 12, 2003
This just in...J.Cash and J.Ritter both dead.

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Thursday, September 11, 2003
Proportion- Today the columns, weblogs and airwaves will be full of people instructing us that we must "never forget" what happened in New York City, Washington DC and the sky above western Pennsylvania two years ago. As if any of us could or would forget the despicable acts that took place that day, the heroism, the damage, the wasted lives. What they really mean is not "remember," but dwell. Obsess. Lingeringly finger the scab. And most of all, fall in line when assured that some grand policy, however wise or unwise, is put forth in the name of that day and the atrocities that marked it.

Don't listen to these people. You and I do not need their instruction in how to remember or honor our dead. Nor need we go veiled, cowed or enraged to the end of our days to prove our memories or honor. In the time of my grandparents it was the custom to mark a year of mourning for the loss of a loved one. Women wore subdued colors; men, armbands. By these signs they notified the world that they had suffered loss. It was incumbent on the notified to recognize that those in mourning were not yet "right," that they needed time and space to come to terms. We as a nation have had that time and that space. This the only anniversary item I will be writing.

time and that space
A 9-11 piece by Jim Henley.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Here's a view of the 91101 saga on 91003 from the Wall Street Journal Opinion Section sent in by a stalwart Chaos General Staff member.

Feeling odd, heavy, or light and airy? Could be today's

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Tuesday, September 09, 2003
A member of the Chaos General Staff in Las Vegas, New Mexico sent in a clue to some really great lyrics of Mister Zevon...thanks. I have never in my life heard this song until tonight. It is an amazing song; truth be told. From the album Transverse City or the 2002 compilation GENIUS... written by Warren Zevon in 1989 , it is called...

Splendid Isolation

I want to live alone in the desert
I want to be like Georgia O'Keefe
I want to live on the Upper East Side
And never go down in the street
Splendid Isolation
I don't need no one
Splendid Isolation
Michael Jackson in Disneyland
Don't have to share it with nobody else
Lock the gates, Goofy, take my hand
And lead me through the World of Self
Splendid Isolation
I don't need no one
Splendid Isolation
Don't want to wake up with no one beside me
Don't want to take up with nobody new
Don't want nobody coming by without calling first
Don't want nothing to do with you
I'm putting tinfoil up on the windows
Lying down in the dark to dream
I don't want to see their faces
I don't want to hear them scream
Splendid Isolation
I don't need no one
Splendid Isolation
Splendid Isolation
I don't need no one
Splendid Isolation

Warren Zevon
1947 until this week

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We are glad to report that our long time Albuquerque friend, Big Daddy Earl, has successfully completed (the beginnings at least) of a number of his life long dreams recently...

First of all he has produced a great cd entitled, this good life. He had a successful farewell show with his band, The Grinders, and is now alive and well in THE PLACE TO BE this week...New York City.

Follow his adventures right cheer at our Big Daddy Earl tribute page.

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Have been on a Warron Zevon song-0-holic fest since his passing. The entire cd Life'll Kill Ya is pretty amazingly tragic in the classical sense . Hunter Thompson is and has been a huge fan of WZ and I can easily see why. Kind of a miracle for Thompson that he has outlived Zevon. Next cd purchase to be Zevon's final one just out called, The Wind .

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Monday, September 08, 2003
Yes 'tis true...Warron Zevon has died quietly. Like a child into himself. A rather famous child.

My favorite song of his is not Werewolves of London but rather My shit's fucked up, from the cd entitled, Life'll Kill You. The cd I bought at Wal*Mart had that whole title edited out.Cut number nine just wasn't there...It became for me a hidden track of truth. It certainly told 'the truth' with no holds barred.

It was a good tune. No one really likes the truth most of the time. The truth may set you free but it keeps you off those famous rolls of toilet paper. At he risk of offending the Republicans and everyone else...Here are the lyrics...

My Shit's Fucked Up

Well, I went to the doctor
I said, "I'm feeling kind of rough"
He said, "I'll break it to you, son (Warren sings, "Let me break it to you, son")
Your shit's fucked up."
I said, "my shit's fucked up?"
Well, I don't see how--"
He said, "The shit that used to work--
It won't work now."

I had a dream
Ah, shucks, oh, well
Now it's all fucked up
It's shot to hell

Yeah, yeah, my shit's fucked up
It has to happen to the best of us
The rich folks suffer like the rest of us
It'll happen to you

That amazing grace
Sort of passed you by
You wake up every day
And you start to cry
Yeah, you want to die
But you just can't quit
Let me break it on down:
It's the fucked up shit

Warren Zevon

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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Well, the Albuquerque Isotopes lost their first-ever playoffs to the Nashville SOUNDS like country... I am pretty much against anything Isotopic for military usage but the symbol has been a great one for our goofy city ...Good for you , Albuququerque!! That is our official city slogan or was.

Maybe still is...slogans come and go like life on this planet.

Speaking of SLOGANS, 9-11-01 TV shows are rising up to the big crescendo of this week's anniversary. Not to be left out with a losing war and a dropped dog, The President declares 911 to be PATRIOT DAY...thought he'd be more of a REDSKINS fan but guess he likes them New Englanders.
Huh, Huh, Billie Bob, you shure R smart.

The Miraculous Healing:
Turning 911 into Patriots Day

87 billion dollars
...Eighty Seven Billion dollars American...
Hey no problemo , Leroy.
W didn't even have to ask,
CHUMP change, Jack.

We already be spending that cash now
and now and now...and
we already be dying
now and
and now with our hearts full
of that heavenly burden
with our troops daily dying.

"Bush is like a lazy eye...
he gets away with stuff...
You can't say he has a lazy eye."

D.L. Hughley said this as a joke
but a truth rings clear...

Is it the huge grief and inability to speak our heart and
fears and sadnesses to our elected leaders
now rains down earth's meterological tears ?
Too far out for ya, Dude?
Blame it on global warming then...

Our hearts sing clear.
Our power is but a flash.

To see the Pentagon
the twin towers
the Pittsburgh crash
spins minds
in breezes
terror filled.
Life is a dolphin blow;
a phospherescent wave.

© Jeff Hartzer

Hey there, Billie Bob...
Go Patriots!!

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Saturday, September 06, 2003
I have noticed a new pop up that appears irritatingly when you dial in Freshchaos...I will try to eliminate this but it may may the end of the spanking new BUSH NEWZ FEED or the mostly unused TAG BOARD . I hate pop ups and this one is particularly irritating. Pardons to all who have noticed this irritant. The capn will be working on it.

A member of the Chaos General Staff who resides in Wilton, N.H. mailed in the latest Howard Dean newsletter in which Charlie Khouri, a Wilton Independent voter, has said,"Howard Dean is an Independent's Dream."

I just wish his first hname wasn't Howard and that he didn't look like a cartoon character. You can see more of Governor Dean at his website DEAN for

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Friday, September 05, 2003
Some things are hot and some things are just as cool but not as 'HOT' perhaps. Such is the case for an event that has rocked Santa Fe since 1924. No it's not the Burning Man Festival, it is the burning of Old Man Gloom called , ZOZOBRA. It is a one night affair fit for the inner arsonist in us all.

Yesterday over twenty thousand folks cheered, yelled, and orgasmed as the huge straw and paper beast of Old Man Gloom exploded in fire and fireworks at Marcy Park in Santa Fe. This annual event does not draw rave reviews at WIRED MAGAZINE nor on the National News circuit but for those who attend it is a night of complete RELEASE...after all it is the Harvest Season...Football games aplenty, cooler weather, and a turn to the Fall when we can celebrate what it is we've spent the last months growing and readying for the 'harvesting'.
I for one feel much better having released my inner GLOOM.

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Thursday, September 04, 2003
Read the Associated Press story on the Democratic debates from ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.

By the way, Howard Dean should play himself on a SNL skit. What a gonzo-riffic kind of guy.

Freshchaos now lists the direct newz feed from the President of the United States and his pal, Dick. This is a move on our part to become more truly FAIR and BALANCED.

Your comments on this or any other matter of international concern to you are always welcome; just email capnchaos anytime day or night...

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Tonight Albuquerque hosts the first Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Debate at the University of New Mexico. In typical Albuquerque Fashion 3000 tickets were given out for just 2000 seats. At any rate, capnchaos ain't got a ticket and will be forced to watch a bit of the debates on PBS. Followed by a dose of the first real NFL game of the autumnal season..

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Is it my imagination or is the whole www slowed by school children (those bastards) back in their air-conditioned computerized classrooms searching for jpg.pix of those tongue sucking kisses of famous rockstar grrls? Will there be more grrls kissing tonight on the opening of the NFL season? Could cyberspace be filled with those stalwarts buying their way back into the Wall Street? The markets are on fire this week and the fire's a good one for the moment.

Speaking of fires, the new-this-week-advertisements for LEVITRA that show a fiery background and this oddly shaped thing (a gold thing) that looks to me like a cross between nail clippers and , oh I don't know, some angel wings...possibly a vulva shaped candle flame...are gracing all of our print magazines with its warm glow . Nowhere on the full page advertisement does it say exactly what this stuff is for . This is geared to make you, the patient patient, feel even more stupid when you actually Ask YOUR Doctor if a FREE sample is right for you..!

"That flamey I need it? Will I truly LE-VI-TRA if I take it? Is LEVITRA-ING akin to levitating?
Oh, I see...I get it. A pill that makes you so LE-VI-TRA-venous , that you'll need a wheelbarrow or a lot of time for LEVTRATIONOUS action. And you say they are a PROUD SPONSOR OF THE NFL...Doc, I am so into this...GIVE ME MY LEVITRA."

In reading more actual articles as well as the ads, I have confirmed my suspicions that this is a chance to move Viagra
off the number one spot of the penile dysfunction circuit and that you should sell your stock in PFIZER(PFE) ASAP. You can visit to find out the secrets behind the many uses for the hot-new-product.

This just in...The missing link to the Seattle times article by AYAD RAHIM (see Freshchaos entry below from Tuesday, September 02, 2003, is right cheer: a Rahimian look at
democracy in Iraq post Iraq War II that is all over now in case you haven't heard and WE WON
. Rahim by the way, turns out has written a zillion articles and is all over Google.

Make my day...Go on, GOOGLE Ayad Rahim. You know you want to.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Because a book is a symbol of freedom, sharing and tolerance, on 9/11/03, join a "poetical happening" and free a book!

Take a book which is important for you, a book that has changed your vision on the world, write in it a dedication,  a few words, an address, or a drawing, and free it! Leave it on a roadside bench, a bus stop or in a cafe making it available for any unknown reader!

A general mobilization from Bruxelles, Paris, Florence, San Francisco,Denver, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Whidbey Island and more! Almost all over the world readers, artists, writers, poets, and publishers of vision and
heart will free books that are important for them on Thursday, Sept. 11th,2003.

Get involved and tell your friends! Readers, authors, publishers - free a book!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003
A reader of Freshchaos sent in an article from the Seattle Times by a resident of Iraq named, Ayad Rahim in which Rahim states things are much better now and democracy is sprouting and so on.

My response to this reader (and an old high school classmate) follows:

Although an interesting article and perspective from Ayad Rahim, you will never convince me that this war, which is no longer a war, is a good thing or has been a good thing if even for the fireworks show on shock and awe night.

Your political views have switched into a railyard that my train tracks don't quite go to.

I realize that my own views on Bush's vendetta-ish war have not changed in the least since before the war that is no longer a war. In the hopes of setting up a 'dialogue' here is our reader's response to my response to the original article.

He responds: Sorry; just trying to get a rational dialogue going and understand why you think or believe the way you do. 
I, for one, think a war that ends the existence of prisons for children, official rape of women, torture, mutilation and murder of citizens, and mass graves, and at the same time gives the Iraqis a chance at individual rights, the rule of law, and freedom of the press and religion, is something good. Opposition to the war, on the other hand, logically and necessarily sanctioned the continuation of Hussein's oppression and murder of his own people. 
U.N. estimates that Saddam was responsible for the deaths of approximately 60,000+ Iraqi men, women and children each year, far less than the number of civilians killed in the war, unless you count Iraqi soldiers who disguised themselves as civilians to facilitate ambushes.  In 10 years, Hussein was responsible for over half a million deaths, not counting the hundreds of thousands of Kurds who were gassed.  If he had stayed in power, you're easily talking millions ofdeaths,  Is it good or moral to allow that kind of killing to go on, or is there a humanitarian obligation to try to end that sort of slaughter and save lives, as well as engender hope and freedom?  I just don't see why we wouldn't want to save lives.
Very interesting article in First things, a Catholic journal, tracing the evolution of St. Augustine's doctrine of the Just War, placing the war in Iraq within that doctrine historically and factually, and arguing that moral relativism and a decline in a belief in "principles worth fighting for" has caused many to be incapable of comprehending the continued legitimacy of the doctrine.

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