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Saturday, April 26, 2003
A lot of well wishers have said lately, Wow...Easter must be a really big thing for you all at Bunnytown, huh?

Well sir, last year we were featured on local television and that was pretty doggone cool. But as the TV spot was about to come on the evening news, the TV anchor said, "Coming up next...a story about folks who experience Easter Every Day!"

So true. Easter this year was somewhat of a non-event for us but in the weeks leading up to the Big Jellybean and chocolate Bunny fest, we gave away a lot of our Bunnytown crew to eager takers in the neighborhood. There is a 'bit of Bunnytown' spreading joy far and wide.

We are working actually IN Bunnytown which takes time away from the cerebral worldwideweb reportage herewith of Bunny activities....and really none of it is 'work' but...

We have taken a lot of Bunny Compost and started a garden outside 'bunny-reach'. With all of the Bunny tunnels dug for nesting and watching Bunny TV sets and doing Bunny Stuff underground, Bunnytown itself becomes in the Spring, like an aquarium with too much water in it. The perfect solution is bunny compost.

This process is also helped by our dumping bags of leaves that neighbors discard in the fall all throughout Bunnytown. Bunnies love the leaves and the compost that is ready in Spring is oh so rich (and when dug up, a bit 'fragrant').

So the cycle continues.

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Monday, April 07, 2003
On my 40th birthday just this last Friday, I delighted in the fact that everything still works pretty well, watched bunnies explore the new planet that is Bunnytown, and read from one of my presents, Zen Judaism by David M. Bader. We recommend this gem for Semites and Goyim alike. If bunnies could write, then this would be one of theirs: (BTW a nosh is a snack.)

"Though only your skin, sinews, and bones remain, though your blood and flesh dry up and wither away, yet shall you meditate and not stir until you have attained full Enlightenment. But first, a little nosh."

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