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Friday, February 28, 2003
This JUST in: I have a celebrity disease! Our dear Dave Letterman is suffering from shingles, aka herpes zoster. For over a week now, The Deb here has also been miserable with this nasty bug. Misinformation about shingles abound, due to that "herpes" part. In truth anyone who's had chicken pox can develop shingles, as they're caused by the same virus. The difference? Herpes zoster tends to occur in adults and it hurts like hell! I feel your pain, Uncle Dave.

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"What is essential is not what's visible." Fred Rogers once said that, remarking that it may sound strange coming from a man who made his living in television. It is a simple message of astounding depth. What was so remarkable about Mr. Rogers is that he said many a profound statement with sincerity and humility.

Yes, he was pretty dorky in that sweater and sneaker combo that wasn't in fashion during any of the 4 decades his show aired. Yes, at times I wondered if he had a barbituate habit. But without him we wouldn't have had some of the best parodies of our time, most notably Ned "okeleedokelee" Flanders of the Simpsons (same pitch and cadence) and Eddie Murphy's inner city version of the "hood."

Unlike my not-my-generation husband, I grew up with Mr. Rogers and I believe I am a better person for that. I was never much impressed by his Magic Kingdom (although I liked that Fred had surreal conversations with a whistling trolley) or his whiter-than-Wonder-Bread singing. What impressed me was his uncompromising love for humanity and especially for children. We're not talking about Michael Jackson here. This was a man who believed in acceptance of all peoples and integrity. He was brave, speaking honestly with children about difficult subjects such as death and being one of the first people to televise children with deformative diseases and other not-so-photogenic types. More importantly, he practiced what he "preached," although it never felt like preaching. Mr. Rogers never told me that I had to convert or indeed do anything in order for him to love me. I only had to be. Thank you, Mr. Rogers!

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Thursday, February 27, 2003
This has been a bad week for David Letterman. On Monday night's show, he had a horribly disformed eyeball, not unlike a Ralph Steadman caricature. The only other sick days for Uncle Dave was after his quintuple bypass surgery.This week he seems to be yet another victim of WAR not A WAR eyeball stress. Bruce Willis did a bang-up job subbing for Dave in front of a plastic-sheeted and duct-taped set. Paul Schaeffer was absent as well Thursday night and a not-so-funny Tennis baller was host, John "Big Mc-n-Roe" row row your boat right out of show biz. GET WELL SOON, Uncle Dave!

And if you are otherwise UNAWARE , we are now in a puddle of banana pudding with whipped cream on top according to Mr. Tom Ridge, who has lowered our cholesterol STRESS ALERT level to a creamy and ooh so mellow YELLOW.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Latest bothersome SPAM 'subject lines':
Your account has been compromised and Undeliverable Mail...Have to admit those 'subject areas' made me look. B A S T A R D S !!

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Not a good week for FRANCE...Bernard Loiseau, an esteemed culinary pioneer, apparently committed suicide on Monday "plunging the gastronomic world into mourning."

Yet another reason to skip HEROIN...
Howard Epstein (the former base player for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) who got arrested here in Albuquerque (6/26/01) along with his companion, Carlene Carter (step-daughter of Johnny Cash) for driving a stolen vehicle at a high rate of speed with 3 grams of black tar heroin in their possession, died Monday in a Santa Fe (The City Different-oh yeah) hospital from what is believed to be a heroin overdose. This is one parenthetical story (isn't it?).

Today emailers perform their patriotic duties in the first ever Virtual Protest (against the War that is not yet a war despite aerial attacks and so on and so forth). First reported on 2/21 here is a freshchaos repeat...Is it still not to late to NOT go to war?

The New York Times reports that "global anti-war protests have put the White House on the defensive." We've marched in the streets of New York. We've marched in over 600 cities around the world. On February 26th, you can join a massive march on Washington without leaving your living room. Just go to: Move on: Win without War

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The up and coming war is really just not very funny anymore, not that it was ever, but tv commentators and dudes on the street are making jokes and all too soon kaboom and we zoom. The War looms...
Anyway, these lyrics just in...

To the tune of "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands"...

If you cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq.
If the markets are a drama, bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are frisky,
Pakistan is looking shifty,
North Korea is too risky,
Bomb Iraq.

If we have no allies with us, bomb Iraq.
If we think someone has dissed us, bomb Iraq.
So to hell with the inspections,
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions,
Bomb Iraq.

It's "pre-emptive non-aggression", bomb Iraq.
Let's prevent this mass destruction, bomb Iraq.
They've got weapons we can't see,
And that's good enough for me
'Cos it's all the proof I need
Bomb Iraq.

If you never were elected, bomb Iraq.
If your mood is quite dejected, bomb Iraq.
If you think Saddam's gone mad,
With the weapons that he had,
(And he tried to kill your dad),
Bomb Iraq.

If your corporate fraud is growin', bomb Iraq.
If your ties to it are showin', bomb Iraq.
If your politics are sleazy,
And hiding that ain't easy,
And your manhood's getting queasy,
Bomb Iraq.

Fall in line and follow orders, bomb Iraq.
For our might knows not our borders, bomb Iraq.
Disagree? We'll call it treason,
Let's make war not love this season,
Even if we have no reason,
Bomb Iraq."

Just not as funny anymore.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
This just in...a link to: an incredulous photo album of Albuquerque's Day of Protest against the not-yet-a-War-on-Iraq...

Leave no child behind unless he or she is in a public school near and USA military establishment, then cut their funds, dude...What a great and splendidly bit of sad but true freshchaos ...W wants to cut extra funding for schools that serve mainly children of folks in our USA Military. Nice timing. Very nice. The sweetness sickens me; it is just W

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Monday, February 24, 2003
Is it WAR yet?
Today in 1991, GulfWar I began. It looked clean, mean, and green on our tv screens. It was so cool to be at WAR on tv. It was a bit hit for CNN.

I am still holding my lucky lottery ticket for GulfWar II to begin bright and early on the Dark of the Moon: oh3-oh3-oh3...It's a date even W can remember for future hysterical history quizzes.

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Friday, February 21, 2003
This is insane. Go to

The New York Times reports that "global anti-war protests have put the White House on the defensive." We've marched in the streets of New York. We've marched in over 600 cities around the world. On February 26th, you can join a massive march on Washington without leaving your living room. Just go to: Move on: Win without War

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Monday, February 17, 2003
Movie of the week...
Last night's creamy cheese Full Moon melted down from the sky swirling together St. Valentine's and President's Day into the mix . With a bit of full moon was a night for a intense movie watching. Rather than light fair, we went for the jugular and traveled to the desert country for a taste of Cinematic WAR fare with David Russell's Three Kings. What a flick to wrap up a weekend of worldwide Bush Jeerings and Patriotoic Fervor for War.
Three Kings is not a new but the current CHAOS of Life in W's fast lane make it FRESH and thought provoking. If you own it, watch it again if you dare. It's worth the B-buster rental fee.

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Sunday, February 16, 2003
"Just because you have the biggest gun does not mean you
must use it,"

Martin Luther King III.

Good news for the NRA...Speaking of big guns Smith and Wesson is now offering a .50 calibre Magnum 'hunting revolver'. The five shot model is to be the most powerful handgun on the market and is suitable for 'hand gun bear hunting'. It has an 8 and a half inch barrel and weighs in at 4 and half pounds. Bad news...the whole world is tired of Gun Hungry Amerika and said so in Worldwide fashion yesterday...

Last night, I enjoyed watching the NCAA's NUMBER ONE Division I high scorer in person at THE PIT...U.N.M.'s Ruben Douglas was everything he is said to be and more...Sadly for UNM he is a Senior. Also sadly, they lost the game to Wyoming 103-91. Douglas had 43 points.
Win or lose, it is always pretty doggone exciting to see a game live at THE PIT.

This morning, CNN showed The Prez out walking his little black Scottie dog in a HUGE BLIZZARD. The Prez was very much bundled up and all alone in a 3D sea of white. The Prez was having trouble getting the Scottie to come to him. Apparently, even The Prez's Dog wants PEACE.

Look very closely at this AP photograph from Sydney, Australia and you can see 750 naked women protesting with a heart shaped circle and NO WAR formed in beautous nudity. Hard to go to war NAKED. This photograph caused quite a stirring.

Nude or clothed, WOMEN POWER speaks again in a current theater movement proposing the showing of the anti-war Greek play
across the country on 03-03-03.

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Saturday, February 15, 2003
After LOVE DAY and before PRES DAY, there are Protests Worldwide for a peaceful end to the Big Boy issues of W and the Sandman. Figures in from AP/CNN shown below are astounding. We are not talking about crowds watching the Super Bowl here, folks. This is a worldwide condemnation of W's insane vendetta against the Sandman...Wake up and smell the napalm!! Can't wait for President's Day.

LONDON: 750,000
ROME: over One Million!!
BERLIN: 500,000
PARIS: 120,000
MADRID: 660,000
BARCELONA: 500,000
BAGHDAD: 30,000 march for the Sandman
DAMASCUS: 10,000 march for the Sandman
NEW YORK: 500,000

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Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

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Playful Dogs

This grey morning in Albuquerque,
a hawk circles over our BunnytownUSA.
Harrassed by a crow, it hovers still circles...
first to the west then higher toward the east.
Birds call and rabbits run as all the
the world stews in fear factories of our own making
and life seems to stand still on a precipice of invisible wind.

This grey morning in Albuquerque,
our lives teeter totter on a circling vortex.
Loaded with bombs of confusion and disillusion,
we are called to rise on hawk wings into a blind sky
ominous, still, and huge beyond our frail imagining.

This grey morning in Albuquerque,
after intermittent downpourings,
our ground wet is with dread.
And, on some far piece of soil
there is the blood of blessed rabbits
taken by lightning fast hawks and playful dogs
shaken in their yearnings for new toys.

© 2003
Jeff Hartzer

author's reference:

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003
I just got back from shopping for duct tape and clear plastic sheeting. I am going to wrap myself up tight for the next few days. Duct tape is one of the world's greatest inventions. And now, there is yet another use for it. Seal up the radiation and terror flowing into our homes. Hot dog!

Perhaps another use would be to wrap up the rice packs some of you might be sending to the President ( see RICE For PEACE ). Take care though, for earlier today a Chapel Hill, North Carolina woman was arrested for sending an unidentified envelope of rice with "excessive" postage to President Bush.

Dude! That Dell guy got arrested for buying a baggie of pot. A very small bag. Way to go , Steven Dude!

Ex-President Ray Guns turned 92 the other day. I saw him in person once and was inspired to write a poem about him and his entourage...Daily, I see our current President edging closer to the soft-voiced craziness of Mister Raygun....It is as scary to me now, as it was the day I saw Ronnie.

Refrain for the Corporate Puppet
(on the occasion of President Reagan's Tacoma visit)

Say a prayer for the limousined man
Say a prayer for the incubated man
The man looking backward
The man laughing at the crowd

Say a prayer for the red-faced ferrets riding limos
Say a prayer for the hospitality kitchens of the world
Street cornered and hungry factory girls and boys
Easy targets for limousined string pullers

Say a prayer for Presidents
who swing on cowboy boots
who laugh red-faced behind steel glass visions
from inside enormous embryonic cars
flown in fromthe capitals of the world

Say a prayer for the limousined man
so important he needs a gunship
to chop open the sky
wherever he goes
with Greyhounds of Press and soldiers
and televisions and all of us waiting

Jeff Hartzer

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Monday, February 10, 2003

Featuring Marty Balin and Paul Kantner, Jefferson Starship lands at Albuquerque's Stella Blue on February 28th . Eggsellent.

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"Just saw Hunter S. Thompson interviewed on CNBC by an admiring Tim Russert.
HST looked like hell (he's 65) and sounded raspy, nay graveled, and nearly unintelligible and certainly incoherent. Couldn't get any program notes on the web. Seemed to have been a rerun, but recent.

Your comments are welcome
at our FRESHCHAOS Message Board

Another freshchaos correspondent emails from San Franciso: "The whole war thing just sickens me. I keep reminding my European friends that Dubya was placed in office by his father's cronies on the Supreme Court and does not represent the true spirit of the majority of Americans even though a majority of those polled do now say that they support him.

I point out to my foreign friends that people of any nation tend to rally round their leader in difficult times, and this is what is happening in America now. All this being made easier as one by one the civil rights and liberties that we are famous for are being removed or amended by the President in a successful, so far, attempt to consolidate his power.

Damn, damn, damn bin Laden. Without him, we wouldn't be facing four more years of Dubya destroying every decent thing for the little guy in his plan to make the already wealthy even wealthier. Just sickening.

It just frustrates the hell out of me that while Dubya was hiding in the National Guard thanks to his father's influence, I was on active duty in the Army...and as a volunteer to boot. That's when I got radicalized...or at least severely liberalized.

WWII veterans tend to be hawkish. Vietnam era veterans, in my experience, tend to be much more cautious about rushing into war. There are whole websites that track the "chickenhawks" like Trent Lott, whose duties as a cheerleader at Ole Miss kept him from military service, or Cheney, who is widely quoted as saying that he "had other priorities" than military service.

The best quote of all, though, in case you've not heard this, is from Powell's memoirs, which were published before Dubya grat his teeth and picked him for the cabinet because he needed him so desperately. Powell wrote: "I am angry that so many of the sons of the powerful and
well-placed... managed to wangle slots in Reserve and National Guard units...Of the many tragedies of Vietnam, this raw class discrimination strikes me as the most damaging to the ideal that all Americans are created equal and owe equal allegiance to their country."
(Colin Powell's autobiography, My American Journey, p. 148) I just wish I could have seen Dubya's face when somebody read this to him.

Your comments are welcome
at our FRESHCHAOS Message Board

Today's FRESHCHAOS MAILBAG concludes with this email from Albuquerque:
Regarding: COLUMBIA

If we were a less prosaic people, we might appreciate the symbolism radiating from the wreckage of the Columbia space shuttle. If we were just a tad less concrete, we might notice how astonishing it is that an ISRAELI Air Force pilot who bombed an IRAQUI nuclear power plant just got vaporized over PALESTINE, Texas, home state of George W. Bush, in an AMERICAN rocket.

If we could be just a little more medieval about this we could spout : Alas! This fiery death of a Jew over Palestine in the fiefdom of King Bush on the eve of war doth not bode well. Harken ye unto the Ravens of Portent! Anon! But we won't, because we are not a nation of Anachronism Nerds. Alas.
Instead, as we play Follow the Leader off into the moral precipice of war, we'll chat about anything along the way but the symbolic implications of the loss of the Columbia over Texas. Even if that tragedy is the topic.

Obsessing on the glitch-of-the-day suits us better, and eases the pain of losing seven fine people in a ball of fire. It was a technical problem. Ah, we slap ourselves on the forehead and breathe a sigh of relief. Of course. Science will fix it! "We will investigate the error, correct
it, and move on," as one NASA official put it.

Next, a chorus line of technocrats will perseverate on the hardware. They'll foist more plastic space shuttles at the camera and, pointing here, pointing there, they'll satisfy the material questions. Talking heads will join the fray, waxing technocratic themselves, mastering
just enough NASA-speak to satiate the public with endless details. A handful of technical phrases will eventually twist and lock into our collective psyche, like precision alloy components. You will hear your barber talking about loose refractory tiles, and descension attitudes.

These complexities will distract us, and we'll start to feel better again as we drift, almost weightlessly, farther from the truth. Even Rush Limbaugh got into the act two days after the explosion; transferring his vast knowledge of aerospace to the American public, live remote, from a golf course.

Of course, none of this may happen, either. We may drop this embarrassing topic like a hot potato in our haste to prepare for another war. Our latest plan is to drop 3000 bombs on Iraq during the first few days of the attack. I have full confidence that our computerized missiles will sail true to the mark, each time, and that casualties among Iraq's beleaguered population will be held to an absolute minimum. I know this because advanced technology never fails. Just look at the space program.

How then, do we truly honor the seven dead astronauts? For starters, by taking the essence of their sacrifice to heart. By recognizing the significance of the startling circumstances surrounding the loss of the Columbia, in relationship to the fundamental irrationality of our behavior in the Middle East.

If we attend to this event with open, balanced minds, we can reference the dark
poetry of this disaster to avoid a greater disaster -- the unforgivable slaughter
of thousands of innocent people. If we can do that, the astronauts will not die as heroes, but as superheroes.

© 2003
Zim Emig

(first published as a "much edited letter to ed" in the AbqJournal. used here with permission of author)

Your comments are welcome
at our FRESHCHAOS Message Board

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Sunday, February 09, 2003

"I don't know where,
I don't know when,
but something terrible
is going to happen".

Robin Williams as Tom Ridge, Mr. Homeland Security.

In a week to GO RED (with hearts), we go to CODE ORANGE...aaahhh!!!

Saw a Best Buy advertisement that just goes all out for LOVE..."Nothing says I love you like a center channel speaker..." Ooh baby...let me turn on your center channel and let's eat a lotta chocolate under the silky skied moon.

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Saturday, February 08, 2003

original digi courtesy MJM

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Friday, February 07, 2003
I miss Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes...this one picture from a Sunday Comic says it all for me this week.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2003
First Lady Laura Bush cancels Poetry in the White House
OOPS! It has come to our attention that this link didn't work for you "Explorers." All should be well now. First paragraph says it all - or most of it:
"Two former U.S. poet laureates criticized the White House on Thursday for postponing a literary symposium it believed would be politicized. Stanley Kunitz and Rita Dove characterized the decision as an example of the Bush administration's hostility to dissenting or creative voices."

But have no fear, you may read all manner of dissenting and creative voices here:
Poets Against the War

In honor of my own poet's heart and
in honor of our first seven
I speak out in the people's voice of p-o-e-t-r-y

Our first seven

To see fear falling across wide open western skies...
To hear Colin talk through
the histrionics of a powerpoint war

I feel a fear of the world outside
I know a fear for the world inside
and I am unsure
what to do.
To do
to do...
Is there nothing to do ?

Nothing to do but to think and pray
about a piece of STYROFOAM strong enough
to knock us from the atmospheric sky
falling in flames white, blue, orange
at Mach 18 from two hundred thousand feet.

a piece of STYROFOAM
strong enough
to end it all
for our first seven.

Fear lives this day
Fear and war go
hand in hand
arm and arm.
Fear goes to war
speaking a sadness with goosebumps
Fear is a great mobilizer...

When the fear gives way
to buttons pushed
and masks laid down in blood,
will we think then of the first seven to fall?

No war is so casual
as to be without casualties...
When the hard times of war
take the next seven
and the next,
will soldiers die as sky soldier astronauts
tripped up by styrofoam
down into the fiery plunges
of a sky blue sky?

Will we so honor the first seven soldiers to go...
I am scared for our nation
under many Gods tonight.

© 2003
Jeff Hartzer

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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Our hearts, prayers, and good wishes go out to families of those astronauts who fell to earth in flames at Mach 18 from 200,000 feet.
Jeff and Deb


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The US Space shuttle, Columbia breaks apart in flames over Texas...

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Our band suffered a setback when our regular night club went karaoke...
Doesn't that just say it all?
Is the whole world sinking into the mire?
Bring back rock and roll;
Let the good times roll...
Let's roll; Viva Bush; GO USA...Ok. Nothing is the same past 911.
Karaoke and living with the bomb go together like cream cheese and magnolia blossoms.

Today the night sky is without its moon ; it is the first day of the shortest month and the first day of the GOAT YEAR . As always we'd like to think , Today is the first day of the rest of YOUR life. Amen, brother. Hallelujah, sister. predicts GWII begins 03/03/03

Not only dark of the moon, a great and easy to remember day moniker like 911. Takes a little of the heat off those who want the UN to have more time. Everyone looks good. Many maimed and wounded just on a really cool day.
I remember it, like it was 0h3-0h3-0h3...

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