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Wednesday, January 29, 2003
In 1982 I went to the Be Safe Roommate Referral Service in Tacoma, Washington looking for a roomie to share the house I lived in. They sent me a guy who called himself Andreas Werner.

Andreas paid cash for the remainder of the month and seemed awfully clean, neat, and smiley faced. I said I liked barbeque. He said he'd help me build a bbq grill out back. I said I was from Florida. He said he went there often and I could come with him. In fact, he was a complete YES man. Just the kind of roommate I was looking for! So attentive to my needs. Paid cash. Yes... Yes... Yes. Thank my lucky stars for the Be Safe Roommate Referral Service. (fyi: That's its real honest to god name; it no longer exists that I know of).

Five days after Andreas moved in and met my then girlfriend and seemed comfortable with life in the shared home, he vanished. Completely vanished. It is a long story after that and, in fact, I wrote a whole first draft novel about what I imagined happened to my 'friend' Andreas. If you are a publisher, please contact me asap.

I reported him missing to the police. I was concerned about him. Only several days later did I discover checks missing from the middle of my checkbook. My expired passport was also missing along with my Social Security card, which I stupidly carried in my wallet.

A month later a phone bill arrived with lengthy and pricey calls to Saudi Arabia. I then went to the FBI and Secret Service offices to report this occurrence. Fortunately, I saved all my meeting notes, reports and correspondence with these officials.

Several years later, when applying for a gas company credit card in my new home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I was denied credit. This was odd. Turns out YES MAN Andreas had assumed my legal name and had charged up a big storm of bills in several states, the most recent being Minnesota.

Andreas was claiming to be me while a prisoner in the Minnesota State Penitentiary!! Andreas had been arrested earlier in ROME for using my doctored passport. I discovered that MY name had been listed on Interpol for two full years as an 'arrest on sight' candidate. Thank god in those years I was not stopped for a traffic violation and didn't have enough money to travel abroad.

My experience with Andreas, whose real name is Mohammed _______, was quite a painful and lengthy lesson about the value of one's social security number and identity. I had to get a new SS#, which is NOT fun. And just as recently as a month ago here in Albuquerque I had to go to the SS Offices and match up my two SS numbers to get proper credit. Several jobs listed for ME were in cities I have never even visited.

The lesson of Andreas for me was also about YES MEN and TWO-FACEDNESS and simply how easy it is to be taken in by the ultimate con. Everyone wants to hear agreement to his opinions, wishes and needs.

Why do I bring my Andreas adventure story up today? Truth is, I was pleasantly surprised last night by the smoothness and yesness and smiley-facedness of our Commander in Chief's speech. As I drifted in and out of listening to The President's delivery, I was deeply reminded of three things:

1) From Charlotte's Web: Templeton the Rat. My Movement Analyst wife pinned down W's mannerisms a couple years ago as being just like those of the narcissistic rodent in the animated movie. Our President looks and moves just like a cartoon rat. Smirks and all. Lately, more than one person has told me, "I just can't watch Mr. Bush on TV." Think R-A-T.

2) RONALD REAGAN really came to mind. Amerika loved Reagan. He was smooth and seemed compassionate in the SOUND of his voice, no matter what his actual WORDS were. RAYGUN was around for a very long time. I think Mr. Bush will be too. His speech performance has improved greatly. He is in his groove as Mister Smooth. Amerika is so blessed to have this compasionately conservative SOUNDING man as President. He is even bringing back RAYGUN'S STAR WARS, among other things.

and 3) George W. Bush is perfect in his role as the ULTIMATE CON MAN. His speech was fantastically wonderful. He's gonna build hydrogen cars and save Africa from AIDS. His laundry list of white-hat-good-guy-deeds is as great and wonderful as the man behind the curtain,THE WIZARD OF OZ. He is The Emperor with No Clothes, full of nicely sounding words but, sadly, with little 'heart.' What he SAYS he has done and will do is just REMARKABLY great.

And if you believe it, you will be as blind-sided as I was from my little yet long-lasting Andreas adventure. It is human nature to BELIEVE WHAT WE WANT TO HEAR. I have spent a lot of time and energy learning that this is not always the way to go.
© 2003
Jeff Hartzer

This just in...
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 12:16:00 -0800
Subject: DubAmerika- The MP3

Are you disgusted with our buffoon of a president?

Worried about Gulf Wars II Clone of the Attack? Like father, like son, they say. Well we've had enough. Listen to Dubamerika to experience your frustration put to music. Feel free to link to this page and to pass this mp3 around...

Uncle Ted

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003
And now for something completely different!

God was hangin' with Adam and Eve "We will bestow upon you one last unique gift. You may choose between these two. The first is a penis ..." Immediately, Adam grabbed the penis and ran around, whooping with earthly delight, "It's mine; all mine!" God, looking divinely perturbed, turned to Eve. "We feel badly that Adam didn't see the other choice, but ... guess it's yours, Eve." Eve, remembering that whole horrible pain in childbirth business, cautiously asked about the gift. And God answered, "Multiple orgasms."

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This a.m. on Native America Calling, one of my fave radio programs, several callers said they had very low expectations for tonight's State of the Union Address and refused to listen to it or watch it. According to many Native speakers I've heard on the program this past year, this is not an Administration to be trusted. It complains about other nations breaking treaties even as it began the reign of Bush the Younger by undermining arms pacts, resurrecting Star Wars (remember Reagan's "ballistic pie in the sky" project?!), and seeking to strip and drill America's last frontiers (it's just empty land; nobody will miss it, said our very own Senator Pete Domenici about the delicate desert in SE New Mexico). It must feel great to be stuck in abject poverty, listening to people complain about casinos (one of the few remedies Native Americans have to their "Third World in the wealthiest country on earth" existence), while continuing to be betrayed by a government that has never truly respected your so-called sovereignty.

Last night W stated that it is not the job of the leaders to follow the people, but to lead them. Well honey, read your Declaration of Independence. At the very least, you are supposed to listen. And then you are supposed to represent! I do love this country and I feel it my patriotic duty to voice my opinion. As an American, I expect to be heard! Tonight I will join my disenfranchised brethren and boycott W's latest tirade and enjoy the Spring-like weather bestowed upon us New Mexicans courtesy of "non-existent" global warming!

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Monday, January 27, 2003
I watched the CNN broadcast of the U. N. reports live this morning and was reminded that there is no easy answer to the situation brought about by our President and his staff in personalizing the war against Saddam. Warfare is just not simple. There is no easy and fast WAR.

Actually we do know there are weapons of mass destruction there because the USA gave them to Saddam when America supported Saddam against his fight with Iran. How terribly short-termed are our memories? How easily and how desparately we need to have an enemy...a bad guy. There have been many bad guys over the course of history. In our own opinion, we are always the good guys. In this case there is a growing number of people world wide who are beginning to question this.

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Sunday, January 26, 2003
Super Sunday...

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Saturday, January 25, 2003
Scary times for the Loony Left
Good news America: National Geographic is going to have its very own Swimsuit Issue featuring the complete history of the suit. It is available for Swim Suit historians on February 1st which, as you may know, is also the first day of the Year of the Goat.

This week's cover of Newsweek Magazine blares, "Do We Still Need Affirmative Action?" Today's Abq. Journal shows a cartune from the Denver Post with Bush popping out of a cuckoo clock screaming out the hour with "Roll Back Affirmative Action! Overturn Roe vs. Wade! Trim Civil Liberties!" Are we just going to sit by while all the stuff we thought was so important for so many years is dropped in a microburst?

I spoke to an old friend this week. This is a well educated guy who graduated from Brown University and has a law degree. Let's say that he was a 'loony lefter' and 'thoroughly enjoyed' the sixties/seventies. His mind was 'very expanded'. I can't believe this is the same guy who is now cheerily telling me about all the gazillion aborted babies that have gone down the drain at tax payer's expense, how totally great the bible is and that his daughter was in his local paper for dressing up as Barbara Bush for her prep school's Halloween parade. (This prep school is in North Florida and was attended by recent graduate, Jeb Bush's son.)

I really don't understand where Amerika's head is lately. My old friend went on to say that 'undoubtedly, Osama is dead' ; that 'the war will be brief and kill only a select few' ; that 'the market will improve if we go to war'; and naturally, he is a supreme supporter of the NRA. It goes without saying that he is not a big fan of this website.

Last night, Dave Letterman described this weekend as a 'holiday' weekend thanks to the world's interest in the Super Bowl 'Event'. Perhaps the world is safe from the Bush Vendetta against Saddam until the fourth quarter Sunday evening. Pretty interesting that we all consider this a 'holiday' weekend...Happy Super Bowl dudes and dudettes.Watch for the Albuquerque Zoo's Polar Bears in an advertisement for Sierra Mist !

Gotta go buy chips and dip and then get in line for my National Geographic Swimsuit Historical Edition!! Oooh, baby.

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Friday, January 24, 2003
So ... polls, marches, protests, letters to the editor, etc. show that the majority of the American people are opposed to waging war against Iraq. Meanwhile, W states yet again that Saddam is re-running a bad movie and W is not going to watch. (One would think that the leader of the free world could afford some new metaphors!) Government by the people? Well, here's some food for thought:

"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."
--Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg Trials
(In case you don't know, Goering was a high-level Nazi who was sentenced to death for war crimes.)

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Thursday, January 23, 2003
For our metaphysical readers...Mercury is now out of its retrograde motion. In nine days it is the Year of the Goat...Here's to Wall Street coming out of its retrograde motion!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003
I have yet to meet a tree...

in favor of a War. Any war.

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Wayne Klick refers to the Loony Left in his weblog. He reminds me in an email not to take the term personally. Many people have called me 'crazy' over the 52 years of my life. I guess the most hurtful of these folks was my own mother who often was one of the loudest ranters about my 'craziness' . Perhaps her rants about me helped her to deal with her own areas of weakness and denial. Perhaps my unresolved issues with my mother cause me to take things like being a part of THE LOONY LEFT personally. I wish I was more healed in these areas of my own weakness and insecurity.

Last weekend in Albuquerque, I felt warmed, heartened, and a bit more hopeful by joining up with over two thousand Loony Lefters to simply say we are opposed to the Iraq War. A Universal Voice of opposition seemed to gain strength last weekend as well. A thought or two for Martin Luther King, Jr. helped. That and the fact that more and more WORLD LEADERS oppose our unbending penchant for war. Germany being the latest of the world's leaders to join France and others in their oppostition to the Bush Vendetta against Saddam. It is no accident that Bush's popularity rating went down six points on Monday. If it be Left and Loony to oppose a war then so be it , I am stand tall among The Loony Left.

I wrote a poem in 1982 called, TORNADOES. It is a poem about seeing or not seeing the elephant in your living room. On some levels it is about alcohol abuse; on others, it simply about being not listened to. Perhaps now is a time to re-visit that poem. There are certainly some mighty big Tornadoes on the horizon...and a lot of folks just don't see them at all. Let's have a big drink and buy a few SUV's before it's too late.


He says
A tornado is coming
I don't see it?
Do you see it?
Let's have a drink

He is crying
He is always crying

A tornado is coming
he says
Do you see it?
Let's have a drink
Get under the stairs
he says
I think he's crazy

A tornado is coming
he says
Let's have a BIG drink
He's crying again
He's always crying

A tornado is coming
and I am the only one who sees it
Why me ?
Always me
I always see it
It is coming across the trees
It is coming across the water
I see it
Can you see it?

A tornado is coming
It is swirling like vinegar in a bottle
It is swirling like water down the drain
It is swirling like a snake under my bed

A tornado is coming
I see it
Why can't you see it?

Look Mom !
Look Dad !
A tornado is coming
Get under the stairs
I'll save you
Can't you see it?
A tornado...

Jeff Hartzer
© 1982-03

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Sunday, January 19, 2003
"In dreams, some forget while others discover who they really are."

According to The Secret language of Birthdays, born on this
day are: Edgar Allen Poe, Robert E. Lee, Janis Joplin, Paul Cezanne,
Dolly Parton, Robert MacNeil, Phil Everly, and Jeff Hartzer.
January 19th strengths : electric, creative, and influential...January 19th weaknesses: maladjusted, unstable and self-destructive...January 19th is the Day of Dreams and Visions.

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Saturday, January 18, 2003
See a FRESHCHAOS picture gallery from Albuquerque's NO WAR IN IRAQ protest march today. Click NO WAR!

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Hummers For All

The Full Moon today tugs at my deepest depth of sadness, outrage and disgust on this, the twelfth anniversary of Father Bush's Gulf War campaign. Oh, had 'The Elder One' only gotten to Saddam then. I was a school teacher during that conflict. I had three students who had both of their parents away from home. Not a pleasant thing.

I realized two things was that the only PEACE I could try to bring about was within myself and, second, that AMERIKA fears sadness to the extreme. I found the first Gulf War very SAD. I find our current Commander in Chief's personal vendetta against Saddam to be very sad. Amerika loves to hate. Bush is the perfect President of Hate. He takes on his personal Saddam vendetta with all the hatred of a man unaware and totally bereft of true feelings of sadness and grief for our country's total unpreparedness for the insane genius of 911. And those perpetrators were not Saddam.

Where is Osama anyway ? What of that War on Terrorism? Is it lost? Is our short term memory truly that short? Do we simply crave television fireworks on late night news with missiles and smart bombs looking pretty on our twinkly little High Definition Plasma screens?

If GULF WAR II makes us forget how much money we've lost and how far our world has sunk since Dubya arrived alive in the Big House the answer is YES...Bring on death, injury, and annihilation of those mustachioed-dark-skinned-desert-peoples. GET it ON.

Besides, it will be a quick death, injury, and annihilation . Wallstreet will fall for a few days and then all will be well. Let's get more oil wells burning bright and black again. We don't have enough pollution, weather problems yet. And those fighting parents of school children VOLUNTEERED to fight. We give them clothing, medical care, room/ board and a wage. Let's use em! Get all of our VOLUNTEERS out there to do what we've trained them to do.

SO GO then... Kill! Fight! Up with Hatred. Bring on Agent Orange and GULF WAR II SYNDROME... Down with the timidity of sadness . Down with humility and the ability to listen to a majority of the world who insist GULF WAR II is asinine and unnecessary.
And don't forget, when it is all over leave no child behind.
Jeff Hartzer

I guess it wasn't so long ago...


Look What's Happening Out In The Streets
Got A Revolution Got To Revolution
Hey I'm Dancing Down The Streets
Got A Revolution Got To Revolution
Ain't It Amazing All The People I Meet
Got A Revolution Got To Revolution
One Generation Got Old
One Generation Got Soul
This Generation Got No Destination To Hold
Pick Up The Cry
Hey Now It's Time For You And Me
Got A Revolution Got To Revolution
Come On Now We're Marching To The Sea
Got A Revolution Got To Revolution
Who Will Take It From You
We Will And Who Are We
We Are Volunteers Of America

Jefferson Airplane
Volunteers (1969)

And now for something Completely Different...This utterly sick and depraved 'humorous' Optical Illusion just sent in by a reader...

Supposedly, if you look at this picture carefully, after a few seconds, you can see a boat in the background.

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Friday, January 17, 2003
Are you a Cultural Creative?
Take this quickie questionnaire...

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Thursday, January 16, 2003
Dude... make $20...!!

Some time ago the major record labels got nabbed for price fixing for $143 million that's supposed to go back to us. If you bought a cd between 1995-2000 they owe you.

The first link
explains the situation.

The second link
is where you sign up for reimbursment.
To sign up takes about 30 seconds and you don't need a receipt or anything.

I am not into trading cards per se but ah...this site is very interesting...


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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

What has almost always been an even better 'football day' than 'Snooper Balls Sunday' is of course, Play Off Weekend...coming up this weekend...If you aren't out helping load up our troops onto the bus or holding up Anti War signs in your front yard, maybe you can schedule in the last quarter of a game or two...
Sunday, January 19, 2003
3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) - NFC Championship Game (FOX)
6:30 p.m. (ET) - AFC Championship Game (CBS)

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Tuesday, January 14, 2003
Just surfed today's latest DVD release, Blue Crush . Photography is way beyond incredible! However like in another not-quite-great movie like oh, Showgirls, I wanted to fast forward through bad dialogue and get right to the next Surfing Scene!

The extra stuff like 'how the hell did they film that!' is excellent and too brief. Hurray for duct tape which was used to strap on cameras to boogie boards for inside the curl shots. The Sound track is ultra moderne with rap and Lenny Kravitz...I kind of miss hearing The Ventures or my favorite surf music saints,
The M E R M E N
while watching wet bikinis and fantastic Hawaiin pipe.

This just in...Poor Pete. Even if he was really doing research, he is now tarred as a
pederast or pederfile or whatever the term is.

Let's assume arguendo that he is in fact a person addicted to despicable material (which I do not, admittedly not knowing him well, in fact believe). Does (or perhaps "would" is a better helping verb) that render his oeuvre less valuable or meritorious? Does a work of art depend for its value or or worth or status upon the character or bona fides of its artist or creator?

If so, then what of the non-artistic works and deeds of non-artists? Is the 'Chapter 11 plan of reorganization' crafted for a financially distressed client dependent for its worth upon the character of the lawyer who drafts it?

These are complex questions but I want to believe that a work does stand upon its own merit, hard as it may be in some instances to dissociate the work from the creator, and thus I will continue to enjoy Baba O'Reilly and My Wife and the rest of Who's Next irrespective whether Pete might have conducted himself in a blameworthy manner on the internet. (Note: there are limits to this: one could never admire the paintings of Adolf Hitler even if he had had talent).

Many thanks for those thought-ages...

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Pete Townshend was arrested Monday on suspicion of possessing indecent images
of children. He apparently claims that he is not not a pedophile and was only doing research for an autobiography dealing with his own suspected childhood sexual abuse.

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Monday, January 13, 2003
NOT Staying Alive...
Maurice Gibb dies of a heart attack at age 53....sad.

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Sunday, January 12, 2003
This just in...from wayne's weblog world

I just thought I'd take the liberty of trying to answer a question I saw on your blog (was that a sarcastic question given the list of other people you
have there?). Greg Rolie was a member of Journey for several years and
Santana previous to that I believe. Here's a link for some
sketchy info.

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Friday, January 10, 2003
One of my favorite LP's from back in the day (1971) is an album that I feel was/is HIGHLY underrated/overlooked. It is David Crosby's very collaborative effort called If only I could remember my name.

The album features vocals and music from : the original full flight crew of the Jefferson Airplane; the original Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, David Geffen,David Frieberg,Gary Burden,Elliot Roberts, MichaelShrieve, and Gregg Rolie. Who the Hell is Greg Rolie anyway?

With North Korea dropping out of the worldwide nuclear treaty , with W's disappointment that the UN team has nt yet found a smoking gun , and just because I like the incredible vocals of Neil Young, Grace Slick ,and Jerry Garcia, here are the lyrics to song cut number 5 which is called ," What are their names?"


I wonder who they are
The men who really run this land
And I wonder why they run it
With such a thoughtless hand

What are their names
And on what streets do they live
I'd like to ride right over
This afternoon and give
Them a piece of my mind
About peace for mankind
Peace is not an awful lot to ask!"

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Thursday, January 09, 2003
While 'Googling' to locate New Mexico's former Governor, Gary Johnson's proposed organization entitled,"Americans Against the War on Drugs", the site below was the first to appear...

Though interesting, I will probably not be joining this particular group of Americans. By the way, apparently DRUGS do not finance terrorism;

On a lighter note...
GO Gators!

Capn'Chaos at Gator World

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In the continuing Big Picture theme ...

Now for the Toogood case: A woman videotaped by parking lot security cameras beating a 4-year-old in an SUV. After a nation-wide, 8-day search, Madelyne Toogood came forward with her daughter. She pleaded not guilty to felony child abuse while acknowledging that she is the woman in the videotape. Her defense? Doctors found no lasting physical injury.

No obvious marks and injuries, so itís not child abuse? Kids heal quickly. What happened for 8 days? Ms. Toogood contends this was an isolated and inexplicable act on her part. Her attorney avers that young Martha is not an abused child. "She is a fun-loving, happy, very intelligent young lady and if she was an abused young girl, I think all of us could really tell."*

Itís just that simple ... NOT! Witness the priest sex abuse scandal: nothing obvious in most cases until victims years later find themselves unable to function. Abusers know how to control their victims, even as they cannot control their abusive behavior. A sudden, uncharacteristic outburst of anger does not look like 3 minutes of wailing on a child trapped in a car seat. I once hit my dog. The look in his eyes stopped me cold. Betrayal hurts a lot more than being struck. I never hit him again.

What does child abuse look like? This tape is a good example and more telling than bruises. Even as Ms. Toogood proclaims her innocence, she hopes this tape will discourage others from hitting their children. "I just hope in some way it's going to stop, maybe, the next person, because it ain't worth it."*

It would be great if this tape could discourage abuse. As a nation we decry human rights abuses abroad while we deny the horrors occurring every day here behind closed doors. I doubt this one case will address this pervasive problem, but perhaps it will make a difference in the Toogood household, although profiles of abuse would indicate otherwise.

The damage may not be obvious, but it is lasting. So many people hurt so deeply in a land that promises personal happiness if only one lives a good life. Too good to be true?! I fear the sum of these realities does not bode well for our culture.

[*As reported on]

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Wednesday, January 08, 2003
On January 11th, 1943 Professor Oscar R. Hepply spoke about an art show at Utah State University ... 60 years later his words strike a freshly chaotic chord:
"Because these are troubled and uncertain times, because so many people doubt the practical and human value of the arts, let us unite to make the 41st Annual Exhibition significant of our faith in man's creative power to lead civilization to a higher plane of existence, where war and destruction will be outlawed for eternity."

You said it, Oscar! Now is the time to speak loudly through any and all means, as the "regular" avenues of communication are not working! Our so-called respresentatives are acting for the self-interests of a minority to which they belong or doing nothing and just hoping it will all go away. We are missing The Big Picture! I, for one, have decided to step up to the plate and give it my all, as life on our planet, especially human life, deserves our sincere consideration at the very least.

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Sunday, January 05, 2003
If you are following along...yesterday certainly UPSET a few folks who love the PACKERS...and GO JETS too, you Orange-headed big bad BROWNS. How naturally peregrin FALCONS fly.

Flash..stock in UPS just went downtown with brown...if it's brown flush it down...what an ending...what a hot pitt-burgers to go!

And the most FRESHLY CHAOTIC finish of the day goes to the NY GIANTS/49er's game. Fight Fight Black and White...wild, wild...GEEZE us. 'Twas a battle, a comeback from way beyond hello operator, and goly gosh shwheweeee. The gods of kharma were watching this one. Niners by one bad snap .Shiner Bocks all around. A Giant shrinker for sure.

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Friday, January 03, 2003
Today is Stephen Stills' 58th birthday.
And we have an overtime playoff in the Fiesta Bowl.
Now, there are two mighty important facts of this New Year.

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Thursday, January 02, 2003
01-02-03...ooh... cosmic!
Fresh Chaos HQ is watched over by three schipperke dogs and a cat named, PUMA.
We'd like you to visit the 10th Birthday gallery page of one of our Schip friend's named SKIPPER.

Here we see Skipper preparing to Party!!

Click for Skipper's Birthday Gallery

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003
Listening to THE WHO on this New Year's Day two lines come alive:
This no social crisis just another trippy day for you...and...
Who, who (who), who, who are you baby? It occurs to me that "Who are you?" is more than the theme song to CSI.

I mean, who is this guy, this man we label, The Leader of the Free World?? Some people say he is just a figurehead. Yes or no, the fact is that right now the whole world, free or not, is awaiting its fate, to be delivered by a man denoted by one badly pronounced letter. People may or may not be killed on a grand scale and may or may not cause mass destruction based on the say so of a man called Dubya, who may or may not have been elected by the popular vote of less than half the people who could vote. Let's look at the big picture, here. In any American election how can we call anything a mandate of the people when half of us who could vote (and should, in my opinion) just can't seem to break through our ennui about government by the people?!

I believe 2003 will be a very challenging year - one in which we will be faced with the choice of speaking out and acting for the greater good of the earth and our global community or wallowing in denial and self-interest. Evolution or stagnation - which do you choose? Who are you?

And so, this next tune goes out to Dubya.

Who Are You?

Who, who (who), who, who are you baby

Who's that in the corner?
Is a-standing there?
Is a mystery
Who are you baby?

Where do you come from?
Where do you live?
Where do I find you?
To you my love I'll give
I'm trying to find you

Since I've seen you in my dreams
I wanna know
Are things as they seem?

(My heart) Is waiting for you to approach me
(My life) Is in need of you so desperately
(Who) Who is in the corner?
(Who) Is a-standing there?
(Who) Is a mystery
Who are you baby

Ooh you look so lovely
Ooh you look so good
I just wanna know
Who are you baby

Now that I've found you
Everything's alright
So come on closer
So I can hold you tight
No need to worry
I'll take good care of you

So tell me baby
Am I the one you choose?

(I know) It's clear that I don't want nobody else
(Always) And forever my love will be yours yeah
Who, who (who), who, who are you baby

'Coz no one knows
(Who are you baby?)
What's your name?
(What's your name?)
Where you come from
'Coz no one knows
(Who are you baby?)
The mystery
Surrounding you and me


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Thank you; No, thank you, NOTES

"Have you written them yet?" was always the harping (no wait, SIGHING) voice of my mother...and though she is dead many years over...her voice will always be alive for me in multitudinous ways. This year, for the mostly non-denominational HOLIDAY SEASON, I sent a retired NAVY friend, two models of my favorite fighter plane, THE PHANTOM, and this is his Thank you; No, Thank YOU, NOTE :

Hot damn! Now I can use my authentic reproduction models to re-enact the furious air battles I'm sure will take place as the W exerts his
will (or is it Cheney's and Rumsfeld's wills?) to bring glory to the Motherland, er I mean Homeland (by the way, what's the difference?).
The model planes will sure come in handy.

Thanks, Commander. No; thank, YOU.

Capn'Chaos fell sound asleep at the stroke of nine p.m., high desert time, on New Year's Eve. He was awakened at 11:55 p.m., high desert time, by some mystical force. He opened wide the window at his bedside and breathed in the air of a fairly stale year passing.The Capn' called in his lovely wife to catch the scene .Together, they enjoyed the final jeers and cheers of passing 2002. Then, the intense sound of gunfire with auspicious vitrolics brought in the in the NEW YEAR over the crystalline city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Believe not a word of that last paragraph...Complete fiction and balderdash!...Capn'Chaos was out partying all night long. He did not go to sleep at 9 p.m.
Maybe it was 9:05 p.m.

May our upcoming Year of the Goat be a strong and steady climb to the top of a peaceful Mountain. And may that Mountain have a 360 degree view of many more years to come.

For a Calvin and Hobbes' classic view of New Year's C and H

And from all of us ...Happy CHAOS in the NEW YEAR .
Let's hope and pray it is the good kind of CHAOS.

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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