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Thursday, October 31, 2002

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Monday, October 28, 2002
This just in, to stir the Political Pot
Hey Jeff,
In view of your recent post ... just a word to the wise: take everything Michael Moore says with a very large grain of salt. He adjusts the facts and statistics to suit his arguments. His "documentary" Roger & Me was disqualified for Oscar consideration because the Academy found that it wasn't a documentary. Moore changed the timeline of the story. In other words he lied.


Freshchaos Lyrics of the Day
from THE BYRDS' Goin' Back

I think I´m going back to the things that I learned so well in my youth
I think I´m returning to those days when I was young enough to know the truth
Now there are no games to only pass the time
No more electric trains, no more trees to climb
But thinking young and growing older is no sin
And I can play the game of life to win

I can recall the time when I wasn´t ashamed to reach out to a friend
Now I think I´ve got a lot more than just my toys to lend
Now there´s more to do than watch my sailboat glide
And every day can be a magic carpet ride
A little bit of courage is all we lack
So catch me if you can, I´m goin´ back
Now there´s more to do than watch my sailboat glide
But every day can be a magic carpet ride
A little bit of courage is all we lack
So catch me if you can, I´m goin´ back

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Saturday, October 26, 2002
Some Sporty Chaotic Athleticism:
Today's 'Meeting on the Green' saw the Irish wallop the Seminal-Noles. Tonight's Meeting on the Mound is brought to you by the dead cowboys society of Puyallup, Washington.

How many of you even know who Gene Autry was? His team tonight pulled some miracle punches. What a finish to Game Sixaroonie. Now, I know why those women are wearing Halos in the stands. They're angels. Oh yeah. See ya tomorrow for "Lucky GameSeven"...

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Friday, October 25, 2002
Latest FreshChaos in the New Mexico Governor's race...

John Sanchez has 'come out' with the news that his campaign will now be clean as a whistle. It used to be when devotees of Bill Richardson clicked BILLRICHARDSONFORGOVERNOR they were zoomed out in cyberspace to a John Sanchez site. For the moment anyhow, when you click BILLRICHARDSONFORGOVERNOR you get what you are clicking for. Perhaps John

has indeed cleaned up his act...Interesting.

This Letter just in from Michael Moore, author and filmmaker, most recently noted for his film Bowling for Columbine -- hopefully in a theater near you.

Yes, It Was a Bushmaster
October 25, 2002
Dear friends,
Yesterday, Larry Bennett, a 16-year old, was shot in the head after he was
involved in a minor traffic accident. You probably didn't hear about it
because, well, how could he be dead if he wasn't shot by The Sniper?

Yesterday, an unidentified woman was shot to death in her car in Fenton,
MI. You probably didn't hear about it because she had the misfortune of not
being shot by The Sniper.

Two nights ago, Charles D. Bennett, 48, an apartment security guard, was
shot to death after confronting two teenagers in his parking lot in
Memphis, TN. You probably didn't hear about it because the sniper was too
busy sleeping in his car that night, and thus, poor Charles was not shot by
The Sniper.

Yes, The Sniper has apparently been caught, so we can go back now to NOT
reporting the DOZENS of gun deaths that occur every day, the ones that just
aren't newsworthy because they happen in all those old boring ways --
unlike the ways of The Sniper, who was interesting and creative and
exciting and scary! He played so much better on the news.

Of course, had Congress not caved in to the NRA we would have known after
the first HOUR of the first day of the killings three weeks ago that those
bullets were coming out of a rifle that belonged to John Williams/Mohammad.
How would we know this? It's right there in the state records in New
Jersey: this gun was purchased this past July, under the name of John

Many more people died needlessly in the days and weeks after that first
hour of the shootings, and every one of their deaths could have probably
been prevented had we had a national ballistics fingerprinting data base.

Thank you, Mr. Heston for this unnecessary carnage. Thank you, Mr. Bush,
for supporting Mr. Heston and his group's agenda -- which protects only the

And thank you, Bushmaster Firearms, Inc., for providing the gun used to
shoot the 13 people in the DC area. Bushmaster's president, Richard E.
Dyke, was the Maine finance chairman of George W. Bush's 2000 Presidential
campaign. According to Business Week, Dyke had to step down as Bush's
finance chair "after reporters began quizzing him about his business
dealings. Bushmaster Firearms Inc., is notorious for using loopholes to
sidestep a 1994 federal ban on assault rifles." Bush and Bushmaster. Too
tragically perfect.

If everyone reading this letter (and you now number in the millions) would
share this fact with just one person who is thinking of skipping going to
the polls on Nov. 5th, I believe that on Nov. 6th, Mr. Bush will have
neither the Senate nor the House doing his or Heston's bidding. Americans
don't like people who assist serial killers in being able to ratchet up
their kills because The Sniper knows that his bullets are prohibited by law
from being traced to his gun.

That, in a nutshell, is what the NRA is all about -- and I implore all
responsible gun owners and hunters to join with me in putting an end to the
NRA agenda once and for all. Don't give Bush his majority on November 5th.
He's already seen to it that his cronies in big business have wiped out
your 401 (K), and they are doing their best to see that you are left with
no pension at all. That alone should be reason enough to NOT pull a single
lever for a Republican on Nov. 5th. Send a message. Do something brave.

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Sometimes all a person can say is, "That’s SOOOO Albuquerque!"

An example for those of you who dwell outside our fair city: Our new AAA baseball team, scheduled to debut next spring, is a member of the Pacific Coast League, although it is the farm team for the Florida Marlins. Albuquerque lies in land-locked, high-altitude scrub desert. Are you geographically confused yet?

And the new name for our guys commemorates proud, albeit ethically consternating, moments in our state's history: The Albuquerque Isotopes Nothing like nuclear physics to really get a person root-root-rootin' for the home team, eh?

Well, I got to thinking and came up with the following list. For those of you who care to review the science of it all, please visit the Berkeley Lab Isotopes Project.

Here now, the top ten rejected slogans for the Albuquerque Isotopes:

10.  We will radiate you!
9.   Feel the glow!
8.   Unstable and proud of it!
7.   We will electrostatically repulse you!
6.   Particle emissions are the least of your worries!
5.   We will contaminate our surroundings!
4.   We may have radicals!
3.   Watch out for spontaneous fission!
2.   Get ready for a meltdown!
1.   We will slowly decay!

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Monday, October 21, 2002

Guns kill people -- and pot and the NRA kill common sense.

I’ve kept quiet about those Public Service Announcements that proclaim various activities, including militaristic control over one’s teenager, as being “the anti-drug.” Most are annoying; others are laughable. But one I saw last week involving marijuana and a gun is ludicrous.

In it we see two adolescent boys smoking pot while looking over a gun. Then one boy points the gun at the other, says it’s not loaded, and the screen blacks out as we hear the shot. The tag line is something like, “Marijuana impairs judgment. Vigilance: the anti-drug.”

As Eddie Izzard would say, “Jeezy Creezy! ‘Guns don’t kill people; people do.’ But I think the gun helps!” Did the NRA fund this propaganda? Playing with Daddy’s gun is fine, as long as one isn’t kicking back with an illegal substance?

So, if these two idiots had not been smoking pot, then what? The one guy would have pointed the other way? He would have checked to see if it was loaded? He would have had the safety was on? He wouldn’t have picked up the gun? He wouldn’t have been curious about it in the first place?

Get a grip! How many times have we heard a news story about a child or teenager getting shot because he or his friend was playing with a gun as if it were a toy? I have heard several. And not one of those stories involved drugs! I have heard several stories in which an adult shot himself or a companion because he (I have yet to hear one of these stories involving a female) mixed alcohol and guns.

I’m not denying that marijuana impairs judgment -- it does. So does alcohol. So do half my prescription drugs. Impaired mental status is a basic effect of many drugs, legal or otherwise. Cigarettes seem to only affect one’s judgment about ... well, smoking cigarettes. Apparently the makers of this PSA seem to have been on something to present us with the message that pot is evil, but guns are OK.

What next? Reverse the assault weapons ban so that every household can protect itself against a military coup that would enslave us and deny us our god-given right to riddle various lifeforms and unsuspecting, rusted-out trucks and the like with bullets? Hey folks, just look at what uzis have done for the lives of Israelis and Palestinians! Reality: my anti-gun!

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Saturday, October 19, 2002

There is a a full moon coming for Monday Night Football and then a dark of the moon November 3rd... a bombingly dark sort of night after Halloween , All Saints Day, and the The Day of the Dead. How appropriate. Gonna be dead people in the desert soon. And their bones will dry a soft bleached white just like us Republican NRA dudes and dudettes who no longer have to fear a National Draft . Kill them dudes...let 'em bleach in the sun.

It's all gonna happen' or is it?...Why is the media downplaying the incredible protests happening world wide to bring a bit of truth to killing a gazillion folks in a desert land of empty space and large palacial compounds.

And our own, Senator Peter Dee, says at a recent debate that the desert of New Mexico would be a great place to drill for oil . Who gives a crap about the delicate environment of a desert place ? It's better than bombing it, I suppose. Besdies, later on when Saddam or the other Evil Ones call us the Evil Ones (hmmm..that just happened) we can set all the oil wells on fire and scream in comedic 'Simpson like fat boy bully high voice' HA HA!

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It is surprising the amount of time a man will spend trying to get just the right sound in every room of the house, garage , garden , studio and back yard; not to mention, the car or the bath tub or you name it, we need sound to be sound.

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Thursday, October 10, 2002

THE LAST DJ has arrived. It is the best Petty I 've heard in a long time. If you can swing the extra few bucks, buy the deluxe with DVD edition!!

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002
My college roommate's son authored this speech and it is a good one...

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, delivered the following statement today on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in opposition to the proposed resolution authorizing the President to use military force against Iraq:

"Mr. Speaker, I rise before you today with a high degree of frustration as we consider the grave prospect of authorizing the President to send our uniformed men and women into military action in Iraq.

"I believe I speak for all Members of Congress when I say that I am awed by the moral weight of this decision. We all know that any
military action will likely lead to an immediate and substantial loss of human life and have untold implications on the security of our
nation in the years to come.

"Mr. Speaker, no one desires to be on the opposite side of our President in times like these, but I regret to tell you that I am unable to
support this resolution in its present form. I'd like to add to the record the statement issued by the Congressional Black Caucus outlining
specific principles we believe must be addressed before military action should occur:

"We oppose a unilateral first-strike action by the United States without a clearly demonstrated and imminent threat of attack on the
United States.

"Only Congress has the authority to declare war.

"Every conceivable diplomatic option must be exhausted.

"A unilateral first strike would undermine the moral authority of the United States, destabilize the Mideast region and undermine the
ability of our nation to address unmet domestic priorities.

"Further, any post-strike plan for maintaining stability in the region would be costly and require a long-term commitment."

"Mr. Speaker, I believe the President has failed to address these principles.

"There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein's regime poses a threat to the Iraqi people, to his neighbors in the Middle East, to the United
States, and to the world at large with his biological and chemical weapons and his nuclear program. In the face of this legitimate threat,
I cannot unequivocally count out future military action.

"However, I strongly believe that the most effective way of combating this menace is by solidifying the support of the international
community and acting within the auspices of the United Nations, not by acting unilaterally.

"In the 1990's, we made significant progress in conjunction with our international allies through the United Nations weapons inspection
program. This program led to the destruction of 40,000 chemical weapons, 100,000 gallons of chemicals used to manufacture weapons, 48
missiles, 30 warheads and a massive biological weapons facility equipped to produce anthrax.

"Inspections are a proven, non-violent, and internationally-supported method of thwarting Iraq's acquisition of weapons material and
technology. What's more, a clear majority - 63 percent - of the American people want us to give inspectors the opportunity to work before
we take military action.

"To this end, I am not convinced that giving the President the authority to launch a unilateral, first-strike attack on Iraq is the
appropriate course of action at this time.

"While I believe that under international law and under the authority of our own Constitution, the United States must maintain the
option to act in its own self-defense, I strongly believe that the Administration has not provided evidence of an imminent threat of attack
on the United States that would justify a unilateral strike.

"I also believe that acting alone, without exhausting peaceable diplomatic options, could seriously harm global support for our war on
terrorism and distract our own resources from this cause.

"I am disappointed that those who favor this resolution make no mention of the long-term commitment to nation-building that will be
necessary in order to maintain stability in the Middle East region following an attack on Iraq. Thus far, this Administration has not made
public any plans for our role in Iraq in the years, if not decades, to come after an attack.

"I cannot imagine that any of us believe this Administration and our nation is prepared to orchestrate and assume the entire financial
burden of economic reconstruction, democratization and nation-building that will be necessary to stabilize a post-conflict Iraq. Let us not
forget that this Congress would have to authorize aid for this long-term task at a time when we are still engaged in the Balkans and have
only recently started to help in Afghanistan.

"Furthermore, our nation's economic recovery demands our immediate attention, and I am disturbed by reports that our nation's poverty
rate, joblessness, and health care costs continue to rise at the same time personal wealth and retirement savings are being decimated. I
fear the prospect of military action in Iraq will further distract our attention from an ominous economic outlook.

"So, before we undertake military operations in Iraq, we must ask ourselves some very basic questions:

"Does a war with Iraq improve our national security?

"Does it allow the United States to make peace through the power of our example?

"Does it allow us to focus on the economic suffering of our own people?

"Mr. Speaker, I believe the answer is a resounding NO. Therefore, I regret that I cannot vote with the President on this resolution."

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Monday, October 07, 2002
Southern Culture on the Skids!!
This band is as great as grits and cheese; crawdads and snapping turtles. I love these guys and girl.
And I am happy for their uplifiting tunes like Dirt Track Date cuz before ya know it tonight, THE BUSHMEISTER tries to Speak on National TV and I am concerned on deep down levels of what can only be called more FRESH CHAOS.

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Saturday, October 05, 2002
A friend who attended the Vagina Show (see blog entry below) reports:
Yes, I'm still hearing the "V" word in my mind the morning after,
and for all the right reasons.
Last night was a time of much laughter,as well as quiet reflection.
It's striking to think that just in ourlifetime we've gone from being
able to say "bathroom" on TV, to hearing"vagina" being said, even yelled,
in any numbers of places, and mostpeople are cool with it.
Emotions were strong last night.
They took us on a journey last night,
and we are not the same after coming back.

This lucky Dude also saw the great Santini er Santana last week...he continues:
The same is true for our time with the Guitar Shaman from the other
night. Oh my, did he EVER part the sky with his guitar! His band of
followers went along, and added their musical inspirations to his.
The man was totally free in what he played and said,
and the effect was liberating in so many ways.
We just let it flow, and danced along with his tapestry of melody and rythym.
Selections from his new album just sounded great , and the freshness
energized the whole band. By far, it was the best we'd ever
heard from him, magically electric...

Today was a gorgeous day
for the first
Mass Ascension
of almost 800 balloons
over our fair city. There are nine more days of Hot Air and Gas.

Tonight marks the Dark of the Harvest Moon.
It will be interesting to see if we are raining bombs on Iraq during our next Dark of the Moon Night.
And tonight, Saturday Night Live
returns LIVE with Bruce Springsteen .

Tomorrow marks the end of Mercury being in backassed Retrograde. If your computers have been on edge and emails falling out of sorts...
blame the Winged Messenger's reversed dance,
and know that the world should start moving forward again come Monday.

So here's a rather hard to type and reach website of interest to our current Race for Governor here in
this Enchanted Land between Republican John Sanchez, a roofer and former airline steward, with Democrat Bill Richardson.

Weblogger/webmaster buddy,
Wayne Klick,
has set up this site :
He set it up a bit ahead of the Democrats much to their dismay. The Dems are NOT amused by the FreshChaos. Speaking of FRESH Chaos, it was revealed this week that Sanchez did indeed inhale.
btw:Wayne Klick is the webmaster for the State of New Mexico's
Republican Party as well as for Candidate John Sanchez.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2002
VAGINAvaginaVaginaVAGINA Tonight The Vagina Monologues opened in Albuquerque. You gotta love that word. penisPenisPENIS just doesn't have the same ring to it.

What I saw tonight at the KIMO theater of Albuquerque was awe inspiring; moreso, what I heard. I didn't see any vaginas but the words dug deep into a place I know not. A minimally lit stage held the presence of three barefoot women on stools. For the next 90 minutes words came forth in turn from the three.
If a vagina could talk what would it say?...Slow down.
If your vagina got dressed what would it wear?

There were many more remarkably amazing things 'monologued about' but the minimal lighting and my awe-struck-ness kept me from writing them down legibly. That, and the fact that it was one heck of a powerful evening on very deep down levels defying logical description. Even though The Vagina Monologues has been around for a long time now, tonight's sold out show provided some plenty of heavy duty
FRESHCHAOS for the 'burqueville audience.

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Storm Surge
A little over a week ago, I had memories of a seen-long-ago PBS documentary about what would happen to New Orleans (which sits under sea level if you don't aleready know) if The Big One came. Isodore cruised in and moistened the scenery quite a bit, but fizzled as The Big One. Now LILI approacheth as a Catagory 4 Hurricane (winds 131 to 155 mph.). God save the queens and kings of old New Orleans and the surrounding areas this night and tomorrow.

I will never forget my own experience with Hurricane Dora in Jacksonville , Florida (circa: the sixties) . She came through the same week as THE BEATLES. They barely filled the Gator Bowl with a rain soaked bunch of screamers. For ten days we had no electricity. Oddly , the cold showers we had to take for a week or more resulted in infections to small cuts and scrapes. My Dad swore never again to cook out after a week or more of heating up his morning coffee on a charcoal grill. The night that Dora came through with howling winds and shingles flying off of our roof will not be forgotten. And Dora was only a Cat Three. All the flooding caused another problem that you may not hear about on the news...all those rats, snakes, and slimy underground creatures are, of course, flooded out of their homes and floating listlessly about.

My heart goes out to the thousands now fleeing from what may be almost as big a catastrophe as our now, "approved by the House", War on Iraq. And today, The Street sucked up its gains from yesterday with more losses. We made it through 9-11...and the leaves will soon be falling. What else may fall bring is anyone's gander.

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An AP story reports a bit of sad but ridiculous FRESHCHAOS today: Two navy planes celebrating their squadron's safe flying record collided over a western Indian town Tuesday and crashed in a ball of fire, killing all 12 crewman and 3 people on the ground. The accident was India's worst ever air crash involvoing military aircraft... Thank God India's atomic bombs were asleep at the time.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2002
October first; Whoo Hooeee!"
I love October. Apparently Wall Street likes it too. A good day in portfolio land.

Tonight SANTANA takes the stage at Abq's Journal Pavilion. 'Tis a cool and breezy night for his SHAMAN show. I will be attending in spirit at least. In honor of his coming I bought his first two cd's which I have had on vinyl but never on digitally enhanced plastic. Been Santana-ing about this day.

I recall listening to a QUADRAPHONIC version of his ABRAXAS lp . I have always thought that four or more speakers were better than two but QUADRAPHONICS didn't last long; sadly, going the way of the eight track and toaster ovens. Singing Winds, Crying Beasts sounded pretty great on that Quadraphonic system (owned by a roommate at the time)...and I must say it sounds pretty great on cd as well...Probably even better LIVE at the Pavilion. Oh well...

A Random Firefly by Rabindranath Tagore

The rainbow among the clouds may be great
but the little butterfly among the bushes is greater.

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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