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Thursday, October 31, 2002

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Friday, October 25, 2002

And here is a tale in which the lives of the ever-so-entertaining Belgian dogs of Skippertown intersect with our loving lagomorphs ...

Jordan appears to know that he is a mammal - but which kind? He often thinks he is a dog, albeit a very special one. Often he thinks he is a human, as exemplified by such behaviors as walking upright behind Daddy when food is being carried and sleeping under the covers. Occasionally he thinks himself a cat and mimics our kitty Puma's behavior. (Of course, Puma has been known to return the compliment.) But more and more frequently, Jordan seems to fancy himself a bunny!

For a while now Jordan has enjoyed taking a flying, Air-Jordan-style leap into Bunnytown and making off with the big, crunchy balls the rabbits know and love as heads of cabbage. Jordan and Mellie roll these "toys" around the backyard, eating little bits here and there, while Skipper watches disapprovingly. In addition to being unfair to the bunnies, this pilfering is not particularly helpful to dog breath and other ... emissions.

Well, there hasn't been much cabbage lately and Jordan's breath has been worse than usual. Turns out the Doofus has been munching on the rabbits' alfalfa pellets! How do bunnies react to all this? Well ours do not run away or fight. Instead, our buns adopt a rather Gandhi-type attitude and sit back and watch as the confused canine suffers bouts of digestive dysfunction and extreme itchiness.

There has to be a bad horror movie in all this. Here are possible titles:
Revenge of the alfalfa grass!
Cabbage karma!
Return of the Doofus!
Eat your vegetables ... and itch!

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