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Sunday, September 22, 2002
So ... the problem with writing about our bunnies is that such an activity intrudes on the time spent watching the adorable hopping ones! And viewing the buns is one of our fave things to do. Each has a distinct personality and it is a special treat to watch the little ones grow into their ears and develop their individual styles. In fact, watching baby bunnies hop and binky and eat and sleep nestled up to the adults is one of the greatest anti-depressants I know! Which is amazing if you think about it, as the above is just about all that rabbits do, other than digging, running the obstacle course that is Bunnytown, and making more little bunnies. We do have the occasional mating dance/fight, which is quite something to see. If only they would give us a heads up, we could put it on pay-per-view!

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Friday, September 20, 2002
Your careless gifts of a moment,
like the meteors of an autumn night,
catch fire in the depth of my being.

a Firefly by Rabindranath Tagore

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Monday, September 16, 2002
Bunnytown salutes this day,
Yom Kippur as seen through
the beautiful eyes of the Bunny Mistress, aka Div'rah Chanah: Jewgirl

[NOTE: Jews prefer to use "G-d" as a way around the decree against depicting a name for the Divine.]

Yom Kippur, 5763
Today is Yom Kippur, "Day of Atonement," the culmination of the High Holy Days which begin every (Jewish) year.

I love this day, which may sound odd, as it is a very solemn and serious day spent fasting and praying. But I see this as a day of joy and
beauty. It is on this day that I am best reminded that we are all One with each other and with G-d. It is on this day that we are on par with
the angels and enter the new year purified. It is also a day rife with riddles worthy of your local Zen Buddhist Temple.

In Hebrew, the word for repentance literally means "return," as in a reunion with G-d. And yet we are never far from G-d, as the soul's
essence is bonded to G-d's and that bond can not be changed by human actions, good or bad. Atonement is for purifying the soul so as to
reveal its oneness with Divinity, even though human sin can not sully that which is already divine.

On Yom Kippur Jews confess collectively for every sin committed willingly or not over the past year, taking responsibility for the actions
of each person in the community. But even though we are all one and responsible for each other, Jews believe that offenses between
humans can only be forgiven by humans. Nothing on this day supersedes earthly restitution.

I used to think of this as the ultimate guilt: It's all my fault! But then, it's all your fault, too. And we are all in unity with G-d. That pretty
much wipes out shame. Excellent! And now we commit anew to each other and the realization that we are One to really great music.

Just makes you want to get up and confess, doesn't it?

Div'rah Chanah: Jewgirl

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Thursday, September 12, 2002
Well, without too much surprise to its keepers, BunnytownUSA, survived the impact of the speaches and human relations afforded by the great Human endeavor of 9-11-02.

Fact is, it has been raining in the High Desert Country of New Mexico and all of the buns have enjoyed the refreshing cold water showerings from above.

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