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Monday, February 25, 2002
Call for Backup
Apple has finally joined Microsoft in the world of placing older customers/consumers into the slow lane. For all eternity, Apple's products have been easily upgraded. You could have an ancient beige longitudinal box computer and presto turn it into a G3 or whatever fairly easily.
Those days are way overwith.

I have watched Apple's stock (AAPL) rise in recent weeks...After laughing at the new LAMP or SHAVING MIRROR model iMac, many seem to be buying it and joining the NEW users of the Mac OSx system . It is a great system that was born before Windows XP. Why do you suppose they called it XP anyway?
For older more stubborn Mac enthusiasts though, it is a big leap to the OSx-ship that is pulling away from the dock. All software will need to be bought new for the new OSx. They provide you with a 9.2 OS which for a time you can still load most (?) of your old programs. Though I have discovered several that plain don't work no mo. The good news is that OSx is pretty incredible...runs smoothly and comes with iDVD, iTUNES, iMOVIE and iMASSAGE built right in. Unlike XP you don't have to buy a new computer to work it...just don't throw out your old Mac for all those other progams you have been using and swearing by or at forall these years.
This weekend, the MACDOCTOR returned my (old style) iMac with a wax ,a shine and a completely empty hard drive. A year ago it would've killed me to lose every megabyte on my harddrive...emails, address, journals, bookmarks to a zillion websites...Today I find it strangely liberating. And btw...If you know me and are reading this, I don't have your address anymore so email me!!
This morning I dialed up the MacWarehouse and cancelled my order for a new G4 with splashy thin screened monitor. I am such an old school loyal consumer I didn't know you could cancel an order once the goods were in a big brown UPS plane or truck...but hey, you can...and now I am feeling about $1995.00 bucks richer...Quick must go buy more DVDs...m u s t c o n s u m e.
At least one of our three pooters will be sporting the new OSx...the others may hang onto 9.1. And don't get me started about Netscraper or Exploder...The new OSx wants you to use Exploder...which many would agree with. And btw:Apple's default "home page' uses Netscraper. Happy trails...

THE THREE enjoyed the company of an out of town guest this weekend. They got extra love, extra biscuits and an extra audience member to observe their antics...They also got a B A T H...They are shiny-clean and frisky to beat the band. Even Skipper admits that after the bath is over, he likes it!!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002
For the past week or so I would have to say that my own personal dark night(S) of the soul seem to be darker than usual. My computer is tonight in the hospital.Today the so-called from the Yellow Pages, MacDoctor came for a house call and left with my little Graphite friend.

Anything that can break down seems to be doing so. Little things busting loose into bigger things.Last night, I ordered a cd online for 23.00 and this morning get billed for over $800.00. This comes to me by way of my credit card security department. Little things...not like I am in the hospital nor my wife nor any of THE THREE, just a lot of deep doggy doogies seem to be piling up on an hour by hour status.
What's the point to this diatribe?

The point is that throughout the good times and the bad times, it is hard to 'stay down' for long when you share your world with SCHIPPERKES. Jordan, Melanie, and Skipper have daily maintained their hilarity, their loyalty, their Olympic antics and their love.
Thank the powers who brought us (and Me) these three rescued little souls!!

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Monday, February 18, 2002
THE THREE and sometimes a fourth are enjoying the Olympics. Check back soon.

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Sunday, February 03, 2002
THEY won...The Three get to remain NAKED until tomorrow.

Enjoyed the game and seeing the stars and stripes under the coat of Mister Mister U-2 dude.
Military football is a blast.
And the miracle Patriots are just too much...
It is soon to be the Year of the Horse
Everybody knows the Patriots were always running around
dumping tea and stuff from the backs of Horses!
The Su-per-poll is over and done with.
Go Pats...and red, white, and blue miracles for all.

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Saturday, February 02, 2002
THE THREE are all celebrating Groundhog Day in New Mexico by going naked.
If the Patriot's win tomorrow, I have promised them they can leave their collars off until Monday!!

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