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Wednesday, February 27, 2002
Tonight in Albuquerque the very full moon rose at 6:39 PM (MST).
It will cross the clear night sky until it sets at 7:10 AM (MST).
This moon is as close to earth as it gets and perhaps that closeness is what brings, for me, a heart filled with emotion and the sense that change is alive in my life...and possibly yours too?
The next full moon will be March 28th and it will be interesting to see where we are then with what matters most in our lives.
Here's to a good big wish come true for you and yours this night.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2002
Today's chaotic planetary alignment brought almost two thousand dollars of computer equipment and placed it all at our front door step. You just gotta love FED-EX-LAX. They seem to have eschewed the need to have the customer sign for something. I think the last time they came our three little schipperkes barked so much they just threw the delivery ( a lightweight and unbreakable tee shirt) into the yard. At least this time they left two computer boxes inside the gate. The delightfully new and shiny boxes were clearly marked STEAL THESE...DO IT NOW...FREE TODAY.

Speaking of FREE, we have given over twelve bunnies away in two days. Contact me if you want a live bunny...only 28 to go. More bunny info at

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Monday, February 25, 2002
My horoscope and many others seem to be in sync
with the fact that my life and your life may be full of chaos until the new moon rises on the 27th.
As a Native 'Southerner',
I am embarrassed by the happenings in the tri-state area of Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.
Well sir...that crematory thingee ain't very hot today...
Let's just bury them guys and gals out back.
Shit fire, Billy Bob, no one gives a rat's ass.

I attended four amazing years at THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH on ten thousand acres up on the Cumberland Plateau. As a native Floridian , those 2000 feet MOUNTAINS seemed mighty damn big back then... Four years at a place they call "the Oxford of the South"...Yes Sir, those were the days.
Sometimes a 'gift' can evolve into a 'problem'. Sewanee's gift is its location: on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere. Often though this 'gift' can have its dark sides.
If you wanted to buy moonshine at the local gas station you could do that...this was the early 70's. And
from time to time, there would be stories about these folks who would ride across the 'campus' standing in the back of beat-up pickup trucks with baseball bats and they would knock the crap out of a couple of college students on their way to class.
And so while reminiscing about my good old days, I realize how easy and convenient it has been for the TRI-STATE CREMATORY to bury them bodies instead of burning them.

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Call for Backup
Apple has finally joined Microsoft in the world of placing older customers/consumers into the slow lane. For all eternity, Apple's products have been easily upgraded. You could have an ancient beige longitudinal box computer and presto turn it into a G3 or whatever fairly easily.
Those days are way overwith.

I have watched Apple's stock (AAPL) rise in recent weeks...After laughing at the new LAMP or SHAVING MIRROR model iMac, many seem to be buying it and joining the NEW users of the Mac OSx system . It is a great system that was born before Windows XP. Why do you suppose they called it XP anyway?
For older more stubborn Mac enthusiasts though, it is a big leap to the OSx-ship that is pulling away from the dock. All software will need to be bought new for the new OSx. They provide you with a 9.2 OS which for a time you can still load most (?) of your old programs. Though I have discovered several that plain don't work no mo. The good news is that OSx is pretty incredible...runs smoothly and comes with iDVD, iTUNES, iMOVIE and iMASSAGE built right in. Unlike XP you don't have to buy a new computer to work it...just don't throw out your old Mac for all those other progams you have been using and swearing by or at forall these years.
This weekend, the MACDOCTOR returned my (old style) iMac with a wax ,a shine and a completely empty hard drive. A year ago it would've killed me to lose every megabyte on my harddrive...emails, address, journals, bookmarks to a zillion websites...Today I find it strangely liberating. And btw...If you know me and are reading this, I don't have your address anymore so email me!!
This morning I dialed up the MacWarehouse and cancelled my order for a new G4 with splashy thin screened monitor. I am such an old school loyal consumer I didn't know you could cancel an order once the goods were in a big brown UPS plane or truck...but hey, you can...and now I am feeling about $1995.00 bucks richer...Quick must go buy more DVDs...m u s t c o n s u m e.
At least one of our three pooters will be sporting the new OSx...the others may hang onto 9.1. And don't get me started about Netscraper or Exploder...The new OSx wants you to use Exploder...which many would agree with. And btw:Apple's default "home page' uses Netscraper. Happy trails...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002
I am writing from the space that used to hold my cute little graphite iMac. The MACDOCTOR took it away to the hospital yesterday and its fate is unknown.
All has been fairly well in my little Macworld through the years...I've had an ancient Centris, a beige G3; my wife and I share an iBook; she has a G4 ...All has been well with all the usual MacIntosh trimmings and few crashes to speak of.
All copasetic until I installed the new Mac operating system which came way before Uncle Bill's XP...Mac had a simple name ...the OSx or the osX or just friggin' osXXXXXXXX....Nothing has been the same since I tried to wiggle this bikini clad system into a one pieced babe.
The bottomline is that somehow my hard drive actually disappeared from the computer altogether.
I know it is a hard fact to fathom...but it is true...
Fact is I was never too fired up about my iMac. It came with a 500 megahertz processor and a dvd player which I never actually used....It reminded me of having a VW and installing a Porsche engine in it. Never quite the Porsche. Never quite the hard assed VW either.
And this was the pre shaving mirror iMac . Nor was it the CUBE that doubled as a computer.
Just the cute iMac that started the world loving colored plastic as it hasn't since THE GRADUATE came out.
Tonight I have ordered a new computer.

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Monday, February 18, 2002
If you have not heard of the DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS, you have now. Their available-online-only double cd called, Southern Rock Operais nothing less than worth the time to download. It is the greatest thing since grits and oppossum.You know, 'pos-sum'.

Just don't try to order it as I did online. My $23.00 order turned into an order for over $800.00 dollars in some freshly chaotic way. I called the number on the website for orders and got this really nice guy on the phone who happened to be in a HUGE warehouse somewhere in Alabama. He had no pen or pencil. He said call back in an hour. I did. He said that he couldn't reach anyone at the Athens Banner Herald. This is where my $800. plus bill was from.
I sent them an email and they sent me one back stating they were a newspaper not a rock band. I sent one back to them stating that I was a human being not a clone and that my Credit Card Fraud team from NEW YOLK CITY was onto them.

The double cd is really good. I should have been happy enough with the bootleg sent to me by my good friend Doktor X...but NO I had to order a real copy.

Hey how 'bout them over 100 bodies lying around outside that crematorium in Georgia...? Another interesting moment for THE SOUTH. Kind of glad I left there in 1981 before I got sent to the crematory.

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Sunday, February 03, 2002

Enjoyed the game and seeing the stars and stripes under the coat of Mister Mister U-2 dude.
Military football is a blast.
And the miracle Patriots are just too much...
It is soon to be the Year of the Horse
Everybody knows the Patriots were always running around
dumping tea and stuff from the backs of Horses!
The Su-per-poll is over and done with.
Go Pats...and red, white, and blue miracles for all.

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Saturday, February 02, 2002
Happy Groundhog CHAOS from
a cloudy AND shadowless Albu-turkey, New Mexico.

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Friday, February 01, 2002
Now, here is a website that makes me wonder
"what exactly am I trying to do here at"?.
I don't use f-words or show breasts (male or female).
I would like to do so but always felt that proper is as proper was.
The site is called,
it is not for everyone. I came upon it by typing in weird things
on the GOOGLE image search page.
There has been just WAY TOO MUCH CHAOS both stale and fresh of late.
My random google-eyed searches for naked weirdness has served as a great distraction !

Talk about your CHAOS:
You got Janet Reno shaking like a leaf or two.
Jeb Bush's daughter cobbing XANAX scrips.
Are we going to War in the Phillipines? Earthquaking volcanoes?
Ice storms! And...
just today right here in Rio Grande City,
The Albuquerque Journal
screams headlines regarding my former boss, Brad Allison,
the Head of Albuquerque's Pubic Schools.
Turns out, not so 'Old Brad' who was 'suspended'
this week from all duties is saying his late night weirdo emails
to his upper staff infected members was alcoholically abused.
You can see Brad in digis I took last fall.
I sat next to him when 'W' came to 'burque.

Boy,those were the days. Who would've known then
that the Head of the Albuquerque Public Schools was a boozer?
Who would've suspected that 'W' would ever be known as
whatever he is known as Today?
You just gotta BE HERE NOW, take our SU-PER-POLL
and relax until the pigskin is tossed up by gee, who would've known then

The New England Patriots!!

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So little time.

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