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Viva SCHIPPERKES!! Schipperkes Unite!!


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Four Schippeteers Gallery

"Be tolerant of THE SKIPPER who disagrees with you... The Schipperke has a right to his Ridiculous Opinion."

Our 'Skipper'

A New Mexican Schipnic

Schipperke Roundup in Roundup, Montana; summer 2000

Skipper's 10th Birthday Gallery

Friday, January 25, 2002
is one amazing Christmas card for dog lovers.
Have more patience than me...calmly let it load.
Have fun and thanks to Sandy and Warren at the Oleo Ranch.

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Monday, January 21, 2002
Sorry I haven't written any good Skip-tales in a bit.
I did successfully turn fifty one which is pretty exciting.
The three schips are in awe.

It's all about JORDANO.
Today, I secured the very last fifteen feet of
what I had thought to be unleapable fence
for the JORDANO.
We have a very small section of fence
next to our wonderful neighbors.

Recently, one of them, an elderly man came home
to find JORDANO at his gate greeting him.
I happened to be there so I walked calmly over
and carried JORDANO home.

HAH...can't do that again after today!

JORDANO actually wouldn't go anywhere
after he would leap next door.
He kind of liked it in fact.
Whenever the great air JORDANO would do this ,
Skipper and Melanie would stand by
as if nothing out of the ordinary
had happened....which I guess has been true
since , after all JORDAN is in fact the great and wonderful, AIR JORDANO!!

A second Skippertale...
Have you ever known a dog, any dog,
doesn't even have to be a Schipperke...
a dog that likes broccoli?
Have you ever known a dog, any dog,
doesn't even have to be a Schipperke...
a dog that likes carrots?
Have you ever known a dog, any dog,
doesn't even have to be a Schipperke...
a dog that likes cabbage?

The Great and Wonderful

It helps that his good buddies at BUNNYTOWN
also like these items. Maybe it is a competition thing
between the species, after all, The Great and Wonderful
AIR JORDANO does participate in inter species romance
(see earlier Skippertale regarding the antics of A-J and PUMA the cat).

Anyhow, The Great and Wonderful
AIR JORDANO loves to zip over the wall to Bunnytown
and bring cabbage, carrots, or broccoli
out into the yard to munch on.
As odd as this may seem or appear to the passerby...
Is that a dog eating cabbage...
No dear it's a SCHIPPERKE...

This habit of The Great and Wonderful
AIR JORDANO is so much more tolerable
and healthy food item
than that of Miss Melanie's
favorite outdoor snack.

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Friday, January 04, 2002
Skipper, Melanie, Jordan, and Puma would get a kick
out of your clicking over to the new digs for
Airdance New Mexico.
Jeff and Deb wouldn't mind either!!

Miss Melanie's latest 'life mission': No trash cans unturned.
Jordan's latest 'life mission': No fences unleapt .
Skipper's latest 'life mission': No biscuits uneaten.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Today is the first day of 2002

as well as SKIPPER'S Birthday!!

For his birthday The Great Skipdip received his
favorite things: an extra long chase around and around
the house, private cuddles, a "kill the rat" (shaking and
slapping a toy) session, a couple bites of croissant
(high brow taste), and the rare gift of getting to clean
out the catfood can (low brow taste).

At one point I thought The Amazing Skipperdoodle
also had a mouse. Skip was concentrating on a corner
of the laundry/pet room and Mellie was right behind
him, seemingly staring into the corner. Lo and behold,
Skip was protecting his sparkling clean catfood can
and Mellie was lost in envy.

And now
here comes THE MAN, himself. Carrying, as always,
a friend. Just can't go out the door without a friend ...

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