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Tuesday, January 22, 2002
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Monday, January 14, 2002
BUSH FAINTS at White House, recovers...
President chokes on a pretzel watching NFL playoff game!!

ASSociated Press

Need we say more. I think not.
For a look at GW when he came to Albuquerque's Barelas neighborhood justr prior to 9-11-call-for-help-day click:
GWBUSHMEISTER comes to 'burqueville FALL2001

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Saturday, January 12, 2002
The new year continues to unfold for me in mysterious ways.
I woke this morning from a tremendously vibrant dream
with all the clarity of Scrooge on Christmas morning.
I emerge this day with some truths of my own.

Soon I will catch baby rabbits at BunnytownUSA for adoption.
We have thirteen of them in this New Year.
Soon I will knock down more walls at our Airdance Artspace
and try to begin living with the Space as a viable part of South Albuquerque's growth and development.
And now I will let one of our three Schipperke's out for a pee and poop. This is how my days go.

But for this moment I will share my FRESH CHAOS with you.

I am losing friends and gaining friends.
Shedding old books and papers ;
gaining new insight on the rest of my life.

I have led my life in a struggling journey for truth.
I have fought fights with
Educational systems both private and public.
I have been a lightning rod.
With my life partner
I was founder to People in Reality.
I have performed my truths and lived my truths.
For the last nine years
I have worked on a house and made a home out of a very dark
property in a poor neighborhood where I am a minority.
I had a hippie pony tail in my forties when
when most of my peers had one twenty years younger.

Today I awake to the fact that
acknowledgement and appreciation must come from within first.
I have looked in all the wrong places for all the right things.
My time for sqeezing juice from dried up fruits;
trying to connect with disconnected people;
wading through the leathery mud of criticism is over.

I acknowledge that there is good and evil,
black and white and a middle ground between.
I have traveled the world . I will travel more.

In this morning's dream ,
I am talking with
Mr. Thomas a man I loved.
He was a Black man, a veteran of WWII's South Pacific Chaos,
a 'true neighbor' who died last Spring.
Mr. Thomas helped me understand a great many truths.
He was a man rejected by his own son.
A man who died picking up the garbage of the neighborhood
who lived his life unacknowledged by the award givers and mainstream.
A simple man living out his own life in his own way.

In this morning's dream,
There are other Blacks in the room .
We are in Palatka, Florida, the birth place of my mother.
My mother died alone six years ago. My father two years ago.
We will all die alone, some more alone than others.
I acknowledge that my current 'position in life',
rises from my relations harvesting many
cypress trees from the water moccasin swamps of Florida.

In this morning's dream,
I see myself, feel myself, acknowledge myself
apologizing somehow to Mr. Thomas and to others in this room
for the dark sides of the entire South of my childhood.

I wake in a world
where it is ok to spend millions flying
twenty prisoners around the world to Cuba
Where we are ride donkeys to war.
Where we float in a sea of debt.
I wake in a world
where to acknowledge that there is dark and light
within each of us individually is itself
a terrorist act wilder
than that 9-11-call-for-help-day
when cave dwellers blew open not only our
twin towers but also our pentagonal constructs
of invulnerability as human beings.

I was born premature, blue and weighing in at five pounds.
My whole life has been better than my birth.
My whole life has been ahead of itself.
It is an honor to be born in the month of January.

Always older than those in my school classes.
My birth date is the same as Edgar A. Poe,
Janis Joplin, and R.E.Lee.
I like the winter.
I like the long dark hours under the stars of night.
I am a dreamer. I have run naked in rain with lightning.
I will die as alone as the day I was born.

On my cluttered desk is a saying:
The month of January produces
the most determined, productive, important,
cheerful, willing, understanding
and imaginative people in the world.

I used to go to St. Matthews Catholic Church in Jacksonville, Florida.
There was a priest who would begin his sermon by
walking away from the pulpit microphone,
go to the center of the altar and proceed
to yell at us about the many evils of ABORTION.

Each Sunday for the several years this went on I wondered as a kid
why he was yelling at us
since we were there
and not out aborting fetus's.
We were his captive witnesses.

If you are reading this then you too are here as witness.
though not as 'captive'
as I was in that Church 'audience'.
In our easily DELETED world
'captive audiences' are rare.
As a school teacher,
I knew five 'captive audiences' a day,
five days a week,
nine months a year all hooked on
Pavlovian bells and the bustle of hallways.

As author of this website,
I appreciate you being here as witness.
Thank you for tuning in.

May your own FRESH CHAOS
be enlightening without having to be a lightning rod
running naked in the rain of your waking dreams.

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Thursday, January 10, 2002
Our host for has been down for four days...Freshchaos continues. Try our football poll!

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Friday, January 04, 2002
The world's most boring bowl games are over...
for some exciting candle and tee shirt purchases click now to
featuring the work of Ralph Steadman
famed artist and GONZO buddy of Hunter S. Thompson.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2002
In Don Miguel Ruiz's book of Toltec wisdom
four 'agreements' one might make with
oneself for a better life.
They seem simple enough;
perhaps one or two might make a
suitable new year's resolution...

The First Agreement:
The Second Agreement:
The Third Agreement:
The Fourth Agreement:

Happy first day
of the rest of

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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Today is the first day of 2002

as well as SKIPPER'S Birthday!!

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Hooray, we survived the CHAOS of boomtown midnight celebrations!
Now it's time for some HOKIE football...Florida State by the way can
say one thing for today's Gator Bowl Game, it is their last game of
this awfully sad season.

Notre Dame hires on a BLACK coach after several fumbles along the way
in the Head Coach firing hiring Chaos . This guy is Notre Dame's
first Black Head Coach for any sport. You gotta love the Romans. Go Irish!

The Simpson's takeoff on Cirque de Soleil this week was priceless.
Cirque du Puree-the eighty dollar circus- was pure genius at work.
Lisa reads the program notes..."As French Canadians we don't belive
in refunds..." And three performers twirl into a kite shaped contact improv
maneuver only to fly away into a
crash landing in a tree."
Also the instant classic lines of Marge and Homer...
Marge: "How will the kids get home?"
Homer:"I don't know, the internet?"

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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