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Friday, November 30, 2001
The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be darkening on a dark horse for fans of EXCITE@home.This is one evening I am happy to still NOT be a dsl subscriber.

And tonight's full moon brightens the paths of those left in the dark with the gloomy news of the second Beatle's passage.

Recorded in 1968, While my Guitar gently Weeps
has always been a favorite tune of mine.

While my Guitar gently Weeps

I look, at you all, see the love, there that's sleeping,

while my guitar, gently weeps.

I look, at the floor, and I see it needs sweeping,

still my guitar, gently weeps.

I don't know why, nobody told you, how to unfold your love.

I don't know how, someone controlled you, they bought and sold you.

I look, at the world, and I notice it's turning,

while my guitar, gently weeps.

With every mistake, we must surely, be learning,

still my guitar, gently weeps

I don't know how, you were diverted,

you were perverted, too.
I don't know how, you were inverted,

no one alerted you.

I look, at you all, see the love, there that's sleeping,

while my guitar, gently weeps.
Look at you all...

Still my guitar, gently weeps.

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George Harrison joins Ken Kesey
in the Great Kingdom Beyond Om...

Very saddened to hear that
perhaps the greatest Beatle, George,
died yesterday at age 58 following his
fight to the death with DEATH.

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Saturday, November 24, 2001
Stay tuned for a remake...
And you don't wanna miss Anthro Animal Art.

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Thursday, November 22, 2001
And now, for a look at Self Recognition...
the weirdest of the weird
Freshchaos Galleries.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2001
What are you thankful for ?

A brief list of my 'thankfulness' includes:
My life partner...
Friends who have become 'family'...
All the beautiful mother, mother oceans of the world...
Computers and RAM...chocolate...champagne...
Ice cold beer...fresh chaos...NFL' high maintenance vehicles that hug the road...
HDTV...cordless phones...NOT living in a war zone...
My currently good health...
travels past and future...joys of writing...dreams...
Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the New Orleans Saints...
Notre Dame football games.
And of course, the three components most seen
in 'Best Sellers' sex and money.

Also the world's greatest cat...

No, it's not our Thanksgiving Turkey;
it is our cat-in-a-box , PUMA!

Happy FreshChaos ,
Thanksgiving 2001

Billie Bob bags a big bird.

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Sunday, November 18, 2001
Sunday Night feverish Blues

When your target ripe environment changes ,
it can cause plenty of FRESHCHAOS.
Having enemies can actually be a good thing.
You can hate them and direct a lot of inner angst
against them while having great excuses
NOT to sit with your own demons.

And those are your real enemy.
I have been through some stress lately...
( and you?)
For me, stress is no longer job related,
just everything else...
Somehow it all seemed easier when it job related.

My new found stress is losing myself
in the chaos of deciding what to do every day.
How to be most CREATIVE. How to RESPOND with PEACE.
Self-employment/self-realization blues, you could call it, I suppose.
It bugs me that people need to 'name' things. That ironically is a gift I have...
titles, names...I find it way easier to create
a new name entirely than try to
remember someone's name.

Truth is I am losing myself...
Finding other-selves...Being put upon...
not really whining here
coming close...yet...
The things I work hardest at seem the least recognized...
and that is the key word to it all for me
when I am most vulnerable...recognition.

For some reason I very deeply crave it
Want it and have convinced myself that I need it....
I also need to daily create.
That really is the bottom line to where I am now.
No longer a 'starving artist'...
but the 'starved inside' parts still call out
as much as I thought I had appeased them long ago.

I kneel alone...while united you stand.
And tonight the world still turns...
America proudly drives the deserts fast and gritty.
Overhead, the jets scream with
that sound of freedom.

I contemplate getting on a plane again.
Checking out the
Pulling in the sheets of my sails...
Allowing them to fill with
the changing winds of Thanksgiving.
Ready to fly off with the pull of a new tack
under a new moon with hope that
even enemy-less people are deserving of recognition.

God Bless us all .

For those of you who have never sailed...
sheets= ropes that pull up or tighten a sail.
Actually a 'halyard' pulls up the sail...but 'sheet' is a word for 'ropes'.
Three sheets to the wind is a term for drunken sailors.
It indicates that there are ropes flying around and that the sails
are loose and flapping and that you've had way too much beer
and are passed out on the bottom of your drifting sail boat.

tack= you can't go 'into the wind' on a sailboat.
You must 'tack' back and forth, drawing ever closer to your goal.
Each 'tack' is a journey in itself offering new vistas and adventures
but not putting you at the dock.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2001
Some Comedic Quotes amidst the daily FRESHCHAOS...
sent in by my amazing spouse
who very much enjoyed watching an old video of the great Lily Tomlin recently.

"I refuse to be intimidated by reality any more.
After all, what is reality any way? Nothing but a collective hunch."

"Did you know what most distinguishes us humans
from lower animals is our desire to take drugs?"

"What's the point being a hedonist if you're not having a good time?"

(paraphrased) I believe humans
became upright to free our hands for masturbation.

- The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe,
written by Jane Wagner, performed by Lily Tomlin

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A good friend in Washington State writes:
I feel a great loss at the news of Ken Kesey. He was a great writer and
gave of himself freely ... a true revolutionary and visionary. Sigh.

I can't agree more. Another friend leaves today for a three week sojourn
to Austrailia. this the day after another American planes crashes to the
ground in flaming terror. Despite all the travel bug is scratching my neck as well.
You gotta trust our airlines. Fares will not rise now as they had expected. But...

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Monday, November 12, 2001
I am saddened about Ken Kesey's passing...and today
much saddened too by yet another airplane crash,
ironically in NY.
More on that to follow as it unfolds...

Meanwhile here is a narrative poem
which I wrote in 1994 with an homage
to Ken Kesey...
I wrote it while a Teacher of the Gifted at one
of Albuquerque's most misunderstood High Schools,
Rio Grande, a school I loved being a part of for six years.
if you would enjoy seeeing my writing about teaching
click to a website I named after Rio Grande High School,
The Big

On The Bus

Ken Kesey used to say that you are either on the bus
or else you is
off the bus; but, it ain't the sixties no mo'
and today folks we is on the bus....
Here we go waving goodbye
swinging wide
out onto Tapia
then a turn onto historic Atrisco.

The wheels on the bus go round
and round as we hang out windows
like children set free at day's end
oohing and ahhing all the way
fascinated with this,
this free bus ride field trip
through Albuquerque's South Valley ;
more fun than the Disney Monorail
this journey through Ravenland
where falcons fly phonelines over alfalfa;
where ranchlands, mesas , rivers , farms,
and miles of family traditions go deep
to make this a truly rich land
where we have come to teach and to learn.

The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish
and hey, a pit bull used to live in that house;
my grandpa got his first haircut
right there and see that used car lot ?
Well, when I was a kid a family lived there
in a nice old house and one winter
they plumbed in their own furnace
and before that first spring came
the whole damn place blew up !

And that little square house...
it used to be a candy store.
I remember the man who owned it.
He sold candy to all of us kids.
The weird thing was though, he had no fingers !
And look at that old adobe place,
it's over a hundred years old;
used to be a swinging dance hall.
You know, a whole lot of families
got their start there on a
sparkly summer night and they all
reminisced about it the next day
at St.Anne's, St.Edwin's or Holy Family .

And the wheels on the bus go round and round and round
down Central to Bridge out onto Sunset
where good quality students grow up
and the world's oldest Blake's Lotta Burger bakes...
Here , homes stay within families and land is
passed down family lines and all of our relations
live without sidewalks or big city rules
but when it rains out here , watchout for the mud !

The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish
through Five Points where the largest stores
used to be and where a bank lost big bucks
one day to a bomber who blew up its wall !
And we all got our first pair
of glasses over there at Lovato's.

The horn on the bus goes toot toot toot
and the horses and cows and rabbits run
where houses still use coal and wood
to heat by in this land of old turfs :
Armijo , Southside , Five Points ,
and chile verdeis roasted
where Jesus is Lord and
families hang together
like old socks too comfortable
to toss aside and
did you know old Bob used to flip his own burgers ,
and now, he owns
four burger places
Bob's Burgers no less.

And the bus driver says SIT YOUR BUTTS DOWN
as the Kinney Brick neighborhood flies by
and we come screaming around a turn
and our good Queen, Veronica, almost takes a big spill !
Soon we pass by Joy Junction
and are happy knowing we have our own homes to live in.
And then there's Manny Aragon's castle home ;
what, it's only been twelve years since he started it ?
Still under construction and not a single orange barrel
in this politician's driveway !

Still , the wheels on the bus go round and round
and round again over acecias ,
beside dairies and horse farms
out toward sacred pueblo lands
where the sky widens over ancient hornos baking bread ,
and children so alive
their smiles dance along ahead of them.
Down by the river fisherkings fly
and rivers widen into fields fresh
and ready for harvest time
with thanksgivings and corn
and the many blessings of the seasons
passing on one after the other.

And the wipers on the bus go swishy swishy swishy
through this land of culture clashes
where dropping out seems to be an option
and where trusting the bus
in the morning is hard to do
but all of those extracurricular activities call
and still students come
to Rio Grande High
where the Ravens fly.

And ever so slowly the wheels
on the bus begin to go squeak squeak squeak
as we pull in for a stop
at Jerry's Market in this rich valley land
where no Circle K's stand
amidst the trees of Los Padillas.
So let us sing for the Patriots of Polk Middle School
and shout Hooray for the Harrison Roadrunners ;
March onward we shout for the Ernie Pyle Warriors
and please ,
say a quiet prayer for the children
of all ages in this big house of Angels,Casa Angelica,
this valley so grand.

The wipers on the bus go swishy swishy swish
through Valley Gardens just like a little city
here in the county neatly groomed
yard after yard house after house
at home at work at play
and I gotta go potty...AREN'T WE THERE YET ?

And the driver says sit your butts down
but whereever you go
there you are
and boom bang we bump up
over the curb
as our field trip comes
full circle back to
the Rio Grande home of the Ravens
home to cowboys and Indians,
LA RAZA and anglo-americans,
big kids and little kids ,
teachers and students,
moving on
into one beautifully big Raven family;
culturally and racially rich,
talented strong and proud;
and our bus door
stands wide open.

Jeff Hartzer
copyright 1994

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Sunday, November 11, 2001

God thinks you'll be interested in this

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Saturday, November 10, 2001
Doktor X has passed on the news
that the Ultimate Chaos Agent,
Ken Kesey, is in critical condition
following liver surgery.
For more click: Excite news story

The Mermen return next week
to Abq's premier rock-n-roll hangout, The Launchpad.
Last time they were here other than losing my hearing for a few days,
a good time was had by all...what? Can't hear a thing except for surf music.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2001
Many thanks to the folks at for sending me
information/lyrics regarding that song I just couldn't get enough of last night.

Treetop Flyer
By Stephen Stills

I could be a rambler from the Seven Dials
I don't pay taxes 'cause I never file
I don't do bid'ness that don't make me smile
I love my aeroplane 'cause she's got style

I'm a treetop flyer
Treetop flyer

I fly any cargo that you can pay to run
The bush league pilots, they just can't get the job
You've got to fly down the canyon, don't never see the
There's no such thing as an easy run

I'm a treetop flyer
Treetop flyer

I fly low, I'm in high demand
Go 15 feet over the Rio Grande
I blow the mesquite right up off the sand
I'm seldon seen, 'specially when I land

I'm a treetop flyer
Born survivor

Now people been askin' me where'd you learn to fly
that way
Was over in Vietnam, chasin' the NVA
The government taught me, and they taught me right
Stay down below the treeline and you'll be alright

I'm a treetop flyer
Born survivor

So I'm comin' home, I'm runnin' low and fast
Promised my woman this is gonna be my last
I get the ship down, I tie her fast
And then some old boy wakes up, and he says, "Hey son,

wanna make some fast cash?"

I'm a treetop flyer

Well there's things I am
And there's things I am not
Yes I'm a smuggler and I could get shot
I ain't gonna die, I ain't going to get caught
You see I'm a flying fool, and this aeroplane is,
whoo, hot

I'm a treetop flyer
Born survivor
Workin' alone

on Stills Alone [1991] - Stills, Stephen
on Daylight Again Video [1983] - Crosby, Stills & Nash

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I found this picture tonight.
I have always loved to stand around NAKED.
Isn't that really what it is all about?
I didn't used to think that way when I lived in Washington, State (1981-84).
I did meet my wife there...but it as always a bit too cold for nudity
Except for mosquitos, Florida, my birthplace was THE place for nudity.

I have always been moved by the song SWAY
by the Rollingstones. My back as a kid and as now,
is pretty damned 'swayed'. There are reasons for that.
But I have made it to the New Millennium as have you, reading this, have also .

There have been many days I wasn't sure that I'd make past Jesus's 33.
But despite bombs, anthrax, depression, and SELF-EMPLOYMENT,
I live on...

Thanks for joining us for a moment or two here at!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2001
Not long ago the first ever New Mexico Schipperke Picnic took place .
You probably did not read about it in Newsweek Magazine.
But it's your lucky day cause now you can see the photo album yourself by clicking:
NMSchipnic Pix

Hippy Dot Com
Wish I had thought of that...Great site sent in by a friend of Freshchaos!

Mother, mother ocean ...I have heard your call...

Speaking of dying breeds, I am as a FLORIDA NATIVE and a middle aged dude,
kind of having a JIMMY BUFFETT renaissance of late. Most of his cd's are
steal this cd cheap these days. Our New Mexican Indian summer
and my new confirmed love of bottled beer ice cold, also add to my
JB renaissance. Plus it looks like an ocean out on the desert at night.
All those little twinkly lights on the far reaching horizons.

Tree Top Fliers!

Emergency... I need help locating MP3zzzzzz
for a song by Jimmy B. on the cd Banana Wind.
It is the truly hidden track that mysteriously comes on at about ten minutes into
track/song #12, called False Echoes.

Oddly, there is no mention of it in the liner notes. Who wrote it?
It is a GREAT song. Ten minutes into track #12,
there is this fairly funny and a-la-Tom-Petty voice-over of Buffett
looking for the 'hidden track'.

Ramos where's that hidden track?
I want a zillion versions of this song.
I LOVE it...I'm a tree top flier...a born survivor....

This could be what will finallly take me over
the edge of FRESHCHAOS and make me buy the new Apple iPod,
so I can become an MPthree-er!
Or not. But you can see that the possibility is suddenly there.

Speaking of tree top fliers...born survivors.......
tonight is the grand RE-opening of the
at our Mothership...
Aquila Arts.


OK...what a friend, WAYNE
reports instantaneously to me, that I am a total dork-a-mundi-for-not-using-the-web-and-seeing-that-the-writer-of-that-song
was none other than STEPHEN STILLS who is my favorite poet/song writer, Neil Young's NEMESIS...
But Wayne's info has me on my way to even more info and isn't that the way of the web....?
You find out one little thing and then you find out another....

Meanwhile...the biggest bombs that the USA has to offer are dropping into hills like gasoline into ant hills somewhere so far, far away...And it is all sort of legal; sort of good.

You got your American Flag flying ? I have put a bumpersticker on my car. It says,

I like it; yet, I sort of want to add ...Respond with peace and a bomb or two.

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Sunday, November 04, 2001


Sends in his latest FRESHCHAOS
Conspiracy Theory

I have a Conspiracy Theory. And I feel pretty darn good about it!
I've never really had a conspiracy theory before, nothing more than a vague sense
that the government was sort of evil, and only wanted everyone to be happy all the
time so they wouldn't notice all the evil things they, the government, were doing.

Me, I wish on my dying mother's grave that I could be happy all the time, and I wish
the government would hurry and invent Soma.

Anyway, enough about me. Here's my conspiracy theory, which is being written BEFORE the end of the World Series.

I believe that the United States government has decided that it will be better for a
majority of Americans if the New York Yankees win the World Series.
And not as swaggering First-Four-Games Conquerors, but as scrappy survivors,
rising strong and true in the bottom of the ninth, victorious and proud.

To this end the government has orchestrated the ENTIRE World Series,
culminating in the Yankee's hard-won victory.

For more details on the Theory feel free to email me.

I'd write more now, but it is ESSENTIAL that I post this missive BEFORE the end of the World Series.

Is This My Beer?

OK: The World Series is over. The first post-September 11th World Series ends with the DEFEAT of the New York Yankees.

Now, those of you who have read my previous Conspiracy Theory posting are, perhaps, snickering:
Ha Ha Ha! His Conspiracy Theory was WRONG!!!

For the last 6 months the government has allocated
EVERY SINGLE WEB-SITE IN THE WORLD in a zealous search for
anyone with the courage to breathe
THE TRUTH behind the recent Government-controlled World Series.

As soon as the government was aware of my posting they quickly relayed
the following message to the Diamondback Stadium via
Ultra-High-Speed Super-DSL connection technology:

Alert! Alert! Conspiracy identified! Engage Plan B immediately!
Diamondbacks WIN in Bottom of Ninth!
Repeat: Diamondbacks WIN in Bottom of Ninth!
Alert! Alert! Conspiracy identified! Engage Plan B immediately!
Diamondbacks WIN in Bottom of Ninth!
Repeat: Diamondbacks WIN in Bottom of Ninth!

The government can not afford the embarassment of Exposure!

repeat the following:
everything I know is Wrong....everything I know is Wrong....
everything I know is Wrong....everything I know is Wrong....
everything I know is Wrong....everything I know is Wrong....
everything I know is Wrong....everything I know is Wrong...

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Thursday, November 01, 2001
Here is a European site that makes an interesting use of 'frames'
which allows you to hit the 'thumbnail' and see the larger picture
right there on the same page. Though I can't say much for the model
( whom apparently the photgrapher calls 'Froggy'),
the site itself is unusual and when was the last time you visited a site with a url
ending in .ch?
It's called, "The wetlook"
Beware; there is a bit of 'tasteful nudity'.

Crazy police scanner stuff tonight...New Mexico's largest Emergency Room,
a place where I worked for a year while writing a novel and contemplating the rest of my life, is at this moment EVACUATING.

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You may not read about it in the morning papers....
but this just in off the scanner:
A Bomb and Anthrax threat at the Ethicon Building
3801 University Blvd. SE with a cross street of Rio Bravo;
just South of Albuquerque.
En Route is: Battalion One, Engine Two,
and Squad One of the Albuquerque Fire Department.

So that's pretty FRESHCHAOS...

Just now, Batallion One has requested
The Fire Frequency/Tac One.
That's a fairly new 900 frequency for which
my old scanner is sorely in-equipped.
This request though indicates that it is not merely a 'false alrm'.
So maybe you WILL hear about it in the paper.
And that would make it REAL I suppose.
Frankly, there is a LOT of FRESHCHAOS going on
out there that you will NEVER hear about in the papers.

Yes, I am somewhat of a scanner addict.
There are worse addictions. Beats watching
re-runs of Cops although I enjoy doing that as well.

Scanner-ing is most likely an old man thing,
except that my interest in all things CHAOTIC
(in this case I mean FIRES,SIRENS, PO-LICE, started for me when I was a kid).
It was a very strict rule that we had to BE at the dinner table at 6 pm sharp nightly.
The good news is that there was a marvelously prepared dinner each night at 6 pm.
But I didn't quite see it that way of I was late for supper (Jerry Garcia had a strangely great
song by this name btw).

The only 'allowed interruption' of this 6 pm dinner thing was if
my dad heard a siren coming over the Ortega Bridge indicating
that our neighborhood was to be visited by the flashing red fire engines.
Granted this was a rare interruption but it was the only time my mother
completely gave in to the CHAOS of the moment and would say nothing
as Dad and me and my brother piled into the car
( a three-speed-on-the-column black Chevelle)
and take off toward the screaming siren scenes of FRESHCHAOS.

Those were the days. And tonight there are three
Batallions of Firefighters checking out the scene
over at Endicon looking for BOMBS and ANTHRAX.
I miss those quiet dinners back in the daze...err...days.

At 1 AM, I am still working on a web gallery of
the first NEW MEXICO SCHIPNIC (a Schipperke picnic)
and the scanner now reports that all units are clearing the scene of
the big late night bomb and anthrax scare. Good news...nothing happened.

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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