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Saturday, September 22, 2001
The Future is Fun
The Future is Fair
You may already have Won!
You may already be there!

Firesign Theatre - I Think We're All Bozo's On This Bus

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Thursday, September 20, 2001
Infinite Justice!
With all the current and FRESH CHAOS worldwide,
I have decided to delete some of my own Chaotic web presence...
If you missed seeing MONDAY NIGHT CHAOS
or any issue of THE CHAOS JOURNAL,
then you missed out cuz
they have been whipped into the depths of
cyberspacial darkness and oblivion...
Ain't the web great?
Now you see it;
Now you don't
Was anything ever really there to begin with ??

Infinite Justice!
Yesterday, a sigh of relief was heard all across our fair Albuquerque,
when the FAA announced it has Lifted the ban on Hot Air Balloon flights.
You never know when a terrorist might crash a big fat balloon into a
neighborhood McDonald's. The Annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
is a glorious two week event the first two weekends of October.

For some Albuquerque HOT (but dry) AIR!

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Monday, September 17, 2001
Well, the dark of the moon has now
moved into a NEW moon.
Next month's HARVEST MOON
will bring a harvest of our spring
and summer's work. It would be fun
to fast forward and see what that
October Full Moon will bring.

There was a fanfair opening on the Market today.
Quite a big drop as expected at the moment...
here's to a better afternoon of trading.
Last night, held no USA sneak attacks.
Perhaps tonight...tomorrow. Meanwhile...

at times like this.
To be of an unfeeling nature,
to be un empathetic,
to be callous,
to be unconcerned,
to be too dumb to care...these are all traits I seem to lack.

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Saturday, September 15, 2001
Last full moon:
Sept. 02, 3:44PM
Last quarter:
Sept. 10, 1:01P
Sept. 17, 4:28AM

First quarter:
Sept. 24, 3:30AM
Next full moon:
Oct. 02, 7:50AM

Monday is already scheduled to be a true day of chaos
as Wall Street fully re-opens.
Many anticipate Monday to be a roller coaster day
on the market to say the least.

You've seen enough movies to know
that the darkest nights
are the best combat nights.
The dark of the moon is Sunday night.

Monday also may very well dawn
with Headlines regarding a dark of the moon
military action against evil terrorists worldwide.
At any rate, it is one dark weekend leading into Monday!

To see an actual radar screen showing
the current flight paths of Airliners
crossing North America...
NOTE: The site, at this second, is showing this note:
Due to the many requests for a complete air traffic picture of the
USA (as seen on television), we will be adding that to our web
site in the next day.
So...the cool thing I saw on TV may not
be quite ready for your viewing but it is well worth a 'bookmark'/'favorite'.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Our hearts go out to all who have perished this day...
it is a day we will all remember.
To see the pentagon and the World Trade Center
fires and to know what has gone down today is
more than humbling. And the day is young.

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Monday, September 10, 2001
Ah so...tonight the REAL year begins as the REAL
MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL starts tonight!!!
The seasons continue to change.

Perhaps writing up a NEW Monday Night Chaos Series is in order.
Perhaps anything FRESH and NEW is in order. I'll be workin' on it.

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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