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Monday, July 30, 2001
DoctorDoom is wondering if the world as we know it
will end with CODE RED.
Thank god and the Powers for Macintosh.

Tonight I am listening to "PICKIN on LYNYRD SKYNYRD"
which is a compilation cd of Amazing mandolin, fiddle,
and so on used to go nuts with
Skynyrd lyrics.
There was this bar I used to go to In Jacksonville
that had the best fiddle pickin' I have ever heard,
except maybe at Sewanee, Tennessee's annual Fiddler Convention.

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Sunday, July 29, 2001
Rockin' Chaos
My home town's most famous band lost a member this week.
Lynryrd Skynyrd
is minus one Leon Wilkeson who died this week .
He was the 49 year old bass guitarist. He died in his sleep at a hotel outside of J-ville.
The remaining band members are supposed to be here in Albuquerque with Ted Nugent August 15th.

In brighter Rockin' Chaos,
Mic Jagger turned 58 this week.
I don't feel so old and yes, indeed I am alive. Oh yeah.

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Saturday, July 28, 2001
This just in from The Author of DAS COMICA,
Jeff Benham

I just posted the latest Das Comica, which was supposed to be for the
day before Valentine's Day - better late than never...
Das Comica

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Thursday, July 26, 2001
Spam Busters
So are you getting a few gazillion spamasores a day?
Here are two downloadable programs for a spam diet.
Naturally, neither of these programs work for Macintosh...



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Tuesday, July 24, 2001
I just spent some time at the Lama Foundation in Taos, New Mexico.
I am still absorbing what I brought back from there.
I have wanted to be here now at LAMA ever since reading BE HERE NOW a few centuries ago.
I recall Lawrence Ferlinghetti telling me that Ram Das and several hipsters put the Be Here Now
book together for sale at $3.33 almost as a joke...or at least not in the serious usual route to publication.
It has over the years sold a few gazillion copies and paid for a lot of gorgeous land at 8,000 feet over Taos.

Jeff and "The Palmetto Poets" with Lawrence Ferlinghetti
At the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

While enjoying the peace and Spirit of LAMA
I took a workshop with
Natalie Goldberg.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Tuesday this week, I had the delightfully exquisite opportunity to see a 3 d color LIVE video of a journey through my entire colon.
Spic and span from one end to the other. What the hell is 'Spic and span' anyway? Let me tell you that was the cleanest looking
colon I have ever seen; actually, the only one I have ever journied through. No cancerous polyps, no litter, garbage, or anything
to be concerned about. And no 'thing' to indicate why I am anemic. One thing's for certain, it is not my colon's fault.
Today, cutting tree limbs in the New Mexican sun got to me before it used to do. Damn that anemia.

Wednesday , I enjoyed the delightfully exquisite opportunity to be completely entombed in the marvelous hum of my
HMO's most grande latte catscan machine. I am so psyched.

Why do I get to do this you ask?
I was born and raised in a place where humidity knows no bounds.
Where sea level is a way of life (and the name of a band of ex-Allman Brothers).
My schnoz and it's varied accoutrements have suffered from the delightfully exquisite
of living the thin-aired life of a New Mexican where it really is a mile high
and a desert to boot.
May need some nose canals dredged of dried agedness.
Starting to get my money's worth out of ye olde HMO .
Self employment is a life path that suffers in the HMO department.

And speaking ofCATscans...

FreshChaos presents PUMAtronic!

So did you here the one about the ATOM bomb????

Yeah, it fell into the cool blue Atlantic Ocean...
just off the coast of Georgia in 1958.
And, so FreshlyChaotically
it is STILL THERE!!!!

And now whirling in...
en route to buffalo land...
back soon.

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Saturday, July 07, 2001
Convicted Felon, Russell Means is running
for our Enchanted Land's Governorship. Go Baby.

In 'burque tonight:The Mermen.
My friend Wayne is their BIGGEST FAN. Don't miss his weblog write up.

A cool site for music lovers...Neumu

'Remainder cd' find of the day:
Roger Daltrey's Rocks in the Head found for just $3.99.

I know,
they are DEAD...but DSO comes soon to 'burqueville.
They are about as close as ...well, you can still dream of the DEAD.

And talk about DEAD folks, my friend DOCX
just emailed this ELVIS newz of note...
DOCX: Why yes... I was here

History lesson
It has occurred to me of late that I have been so tied up
in the history's of my parents
that I have neglected my own history.
I have forgotten that the truth is we make our own history as we age.

I have also been grieving lately that 'my family' is mostly gone.
Both parental units are deceased and my only brother
and I are galaxies apart.
It is interesting at times to ponder the differences between
having children of your own or NOT.
There are advantages and distractions to both life style choices.
It is not like I am going to pass on my precious things to the Dogs when I die.
I actually am giving most stuff to the Bunnies!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2001
Hey there you INDEPENDENT Mothers of Convention...
Happy Fireworks and ice cold refreshment to you...
If you haven't already,
take our new little old poll to the right.
Name five LP Vinyls that bring the most/strongest memories good (or not so good).
And be careful with that axe, Eugene!

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Monday, July 02, 2001
I was born in a town that billed itself as THE BOLD NEW CITY of the SOUTH.
A really big river there, the St. John's, flows NORTH.

It is most famous these days
for its fancy-pantsed JAGUARS.

The city/county (for they are almagamated : all of Duval County IS Jacksonville) POLICE
are often bigshots on Fox's COPS...

There are many fine beaches and fishing spots.
There is the great little OLDEST CITY IN AMERICA,
St. Augustine just a few beers down the road.

Today, a friend has sent me a weblink to what can only be one of the most
unacclaimed aspects of Jacksonville's notoriety , J-Actionville's spiffiness...
So without further ado...let me give you this live link to that THE BOLD NEW CITY of the SOUTH's...

In news from our High Desert home...

The Albuquerque Journal,
has announced that for the incredibly low cost of only $8.00 a month
or, even better, for just $60. per annum,
you and your friends can view and enjoy the 'Journal website' from your desk, from your home office,
or even from your titanium laptop in Paris. Such a deal.

Or if you are not quite yet INSANE,
you can read the New Yorker, or the
New York Times
or Playboy
or I don't know, The Washington Post,
or for a Midwestern view try maybe
The Chicago Tribune
ALL for the low cost of
let's see, oh yeah, IT's FREE!.

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